Food Section in the Columbia Heights’ Target Sealed Off Yesterday


Late yesterday afternoon a reader sent:

“The entire section is closed off, packaged candies, alcohol, and even water bottles have the sign on them. Security is actively blocking the main food section.”

Anyone know what happened? If it’s been resolved?


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  • “apoplozies”

  • Weird. My guess is someone’s license or permit expired without it being renewed in time. Not sure what it would be though?

  • Most likely a health code violation. I’ve seen this happen recently in another DC store that sells food and non-food items, and they couldn’t sell their food items due to a rodent infestation.

  • Mootje1

    So much for going grocery shopping this afternoon.

  • tweet from russ ptacek (wusa9) last night: Health dept reports suspension 3100 14th St NW Target.
    “Presence of insects, rodents and other pests.”

  • I will guess mice. I told two employees at least a month ago I saw one running around.

  • I bought food from Target around 7 PM yesterday, and there were no signs anywhere.

    • The canned goods I bought were fine, obviously, but I’m having second thoughts about the ground beef.

    • Me too! And I bought a mix of packaged and fresh items. Should I be concerned? Should I trust everything is ok? What’s the deal here?

      • Just breathe and eat your food.

      • You should lend them some cats.

        • The Hermitage deals with their rodent problem by keeping cats in the basement. Maybe more places should be allowed to do that in the States.

      • Ask yourself, what could happen if the worst is true? If roaches AND mice were running ALL OVER every item you bought. Mice carry hantavirus. You can wash off the poop that carries it and you’re fine. Roach droppings are mainly a problem for allergy sufferers, but can also carry various diseases. Again, everything can be washed. Packaged items, obviously not a concern.
        I don’t understand this obsessive food fear, honestly. People who throw things away based on expiration dates, but don’t hesitate to eat in restaurants. People who insist on organic, but freak out of there’s a bug on their lettuce. I just don’t understand what you’re so afraid of.

        • Maybe CrazyCatLady sees a difference between an aphid in her organic lettuce and rat shit in her blueberries.

        • I grew up on a farm and own a horse. I’m not dirt or bug adverse – riding is often accompanied with the inability to wash your hands prior to eating. However, a store that had been shut down hours earlier in the day did not have the time to clean up whatever the problem was in the first place in order to restart selling food.

  • There doesn’t appear to be a recent inspection that would have triggered it (unless it just hasn’t been posted yet, which is likely if it’s only since yesterday, I guess):

  • Looks like they had to shut it down so suddenly that some poor person had to abandon their full basket of food.

  • Good! We got the worst food poisoning of our lives from panera brand refridgerated soup bought there. We were sick for months. Disgusting.

    • Are you sure it was from that? It’s really difficult to pinpoint the source of food poisoning. It usually takes several days afer you eat something….

      • +1 I originally blamed my boxed mac & chz for food poisoning only to find out my co-worker was also sick over the same time period sans mac. Depending on what strain of illness you had it can take anywhere from hours-10 days to show itself.
        Also Target doesn’t make the soup, so unless it was expired but not pulled, then they really aren’t to blame even if it did cause your illness.

        • Agreed. And frankly, if it was expired or smelled off, you should have returned it and not eaten it.

        • I apologize for splitting hairs, but I’m bored:

          I think if Target failed to properly refrigerate or otherwise safely handle it, they could be partly blamed.

          • Probably, but I’m not sure how anyone would prove that without an inspection showing that the refrigeration unit was above the required temperature. I suppose one could request an inspection if they thought thats what happened.

          • You’re right, but as F.Girl said, that would just be hard to prove and pinpoint.

      • Most cases of food poisoning are caused by something like norovirus, not the food at all.

  • So not surprised. That Target is the worst. I love me some Target, but that location is like the 8th circle of hell. Corporate should be embarrassed by this place on a normal day there.

    • Someone told me that a member of their family works at Target HQ in Minneapolis and the company basically considers this the worst Target in the country.

  • All was open as of 11 am this morning. But I will definitely think twice before buying fresh food there again if the reports are true. :-/

  • samanda_bynes

    if the food doesn’t kill you, then one of the four cashiers they have at the 300 registers might.

    • Can you really expect them to spell apologize correctly if they aren’t ever sorry for making you wait two days to make your purchase?

  • They were closing it off around 1 today. An employee cited “health department issues.”

  • I think that now’s not a bad time to point out some good government employees: those folks who do the actual food safety inspections. Per the Food Safety Hygiene and Inspection Services Division web site: “The staff for the program includes 17 sanitarians, two supervisors, a program manager, and a food technologist.”

    That’s for >4,700 establishments. So roughly 276 establishments per inspector.

  • In other news, Target has cancelled the “free mice with every grocery purchase” promotion.

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