DCity Smokehouse’s New Location will have a “Sidewalk Café with seating for 48” as it Should

2nd and Florida Ave, NW

DCity Smokehouse is currently located at 8 Florida Ave, NW. Their future corner is crying for a sidewalk cafe. Fortunately DCity Somkehouse‘s liquor license placard says:

“Tavern with eat-in dining and alcohol. Total occupancy load of 83. Sidewalk Café with seating for 48. Entertainment Endorsement.”

Hours of operation are listed as: Sunday through Thursday 10am-1am, Friday and Saturday 10am-2am and for the sidewalk cafe: Sunday through Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-12pm and for the Entertainment: Friday through Sunday 5pm-9pm, Monday through Thursday 5pm-8pm.

1700 2nd St, NW


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  • Is that the same building as those new condos? Not sure about smelling BBQ meat all day…

    • Yup, its the condo building. Hopefully since its a small condo, everyone is pretty involved in the association and ok with the commercial choice. I’m pretty happy, but I don’t have to live above it:)

      • Accountering

        Everyone in the condo association is VERY on board with the plan. DCitySmokehouse is planning on doing a comprehensive build-out to take care of the smell issues, and are going to put a good amount of money to build out the sidewalk cafe to improve that corner immensely.
        This will be a nice boost to the values of these condos.

        • How is the airbnb going for you on the unit you have there? or did you rent it out full time? What is your vacancy rate?

          • Accountering

            Not my building. I just know they were supported to the ANC and the ANC in turn supporting them to ABRA.

          • That’s strange. Earlier you told us that you/your partner invested in the last remaining basement unit there, and even linked some photos to the Air BnB.

        • That’s great! Curious, how do commercial units in these smaller condos work? Is it a unit that DCitySmokehouse is purchasing, or are they renting it from the condo association (with the rent offsetting some of the condo’s opex)?

        • Wait, is this the building where your AirBnB unit is?

  • As a neighbor directly across the street, I’m excited about this (especially the outside patio and entertainment hours). The last bar/restaurant that planned to open on this sidewalk was near Meat and Foods, and requested an outdoor DJ until 2/3am. I’m happy to see DCity requesting hours more respectful of residential neighbors. It’s a great first impression that makes me so excited to welcome them to the neighborhood!

  • I’m also really looking forward to the new location. There will soon be outdoor seating options for a few hundred within three blocks of this place — The Firehouse, The Pub and the People, El Camino, Rustik…. Bloomingdale summers are looking pretty good!

    • PoP, this reminds me — can we have a conversation about the Firehouse. That place has decent food, and solid drink options and prices, but is almost always empty. What gives?

      • I went to the Firehouse for the first time last weekend. It was fairly empty. The food was decent, but the service was pretty bad (very slow, ordered a drink that never came and had to be ordered again, etc). It was also a little creepy – the guy at the host stand was flirting with and frequently fondling one of the waitresses in front of everyone. My biggest issue was that it’s overpriced by about 20%. The burger was $14, and $16 if you want bacon. I can get a burger down the street at Boundary Stone for $11 and not watch the host-waitress foreplay.

      • It’s getting better than it was, actually–on Fridays and Saturdays, they’re often mostly full. But as another commenter said, they’re seriously overpriced for the neighborhood. I expect they spent too much on the buildout, and are stupidly trying to get it back by charging higher prices. If they lowered them to what the market will bear, and maybe cut back on the Wagyu beef expenditures, they’d be full three or four nights a week and more than making up the lost margin.

        • I agree with all these posts about the Firehouse. The service is just not good at all. Also, I have on more than one occasion experienced the bartender spending forever talking to a patron or host or whomever instead of actually getting drinks for others. It’s really, really frustrating because I want to like the place, and I do go on occasion, but it could be so much better if it just made some subtle changes: lower prices, train the staff better, and switch out the neon shelves behind the bar. The warm weather will reveal how well the patio functions.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I hope that the quality does not go down with the inevitable increased quantity. DCity is soooo good.

  • justinbc

    This is fantastic news!

  • Can’t wait for this to open. Between this, the forthcoming Basque place, and Meats & Foods, Florida Avenue is really coming together.

  • I hope they jackhammer up some of that concrete and plant some small trees or shrubs to make that corner, and the seating area, more inviting.

    • I’ve always wondered why the developers didn’t do that when the turned the building condo. It certainly would have given it more curb apeal

  • I hope they leave the salt at their old location. Saltiest BBQ and sides I have ever had.

    • I agree with this. We’ve only ordered from them once because of how salty it was. It was good, but so overwhelming that I’d have to brace myself for doing it again.

    • Last (and only) time I went to DCity I got the Brisket Champ and my tongue was in pain for days due to the salt. One of the most overrated places I have ever been to.

  • Wonder if this brand new condos are going to reek of smokehouse

  • northeazy

    Allow to me first say DCity Smokehouse is great BBQ. However, I can’t help but think that part of the appeal is that DCIty is located in a dump, giving it an air of exclusivity created by being in the “know” to your friends or family members you bring there. It is small, unassuming, and the food far surpasses any expectations the facade or neighborhood would suggest. Basically, it is Hipster.

    But now, it is moving into a shiny new place, replete with outdoor patio and drink specials. With the enhanced seating, there will not be a line out the door that no doubt added to the allure of the “secret ghetto BBQ spot” a la House of Cards. After all, the guy who owns DCity used to work at Hill Country, hardly a perennial member of the “DC must eats” list.

    I am happy they are moving to a bigger space in a better neighborhood, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their business actually suffers with the higher rent and loss of the cache that comes along with the je ne sais quoi of a hole in the wall ambiance.

    • I don’t see what Hill Country has to do with DCity. I let the food speak for itself.

    • Nah, i disagree with you. This is a good move for them. Anon is right, let the food speak for itself – all the customers and food critics alike who’ve tried it unanimously agree to their quality, regardless of location. With the move to a bigger space, they will be able to provide more output, while providing space for increased demand – specifically, people who may have been wary of going into or put off by their previous location, which was essentially a take-out joint. and really… they’re moving 2 blocks up… pretty much the same neighborhood.

  • Why are they leaving the old place? I thought that was a pretty great spot. Loved that it was a true carry out…

  • Oh, I hope they get the sidewalk endorsement and host a jackhammer party! That space needs more that a sidewalk cafe – it needs landscaping! If you jackhammer up the whole triangle that’s in the public space, you can do a nice cement or brick patio surrounded by actual dirt that has trees, bushes, flowers, etc in it. A real chance to turn that corner into a beautiful space, and, if the trees they plant grow quickly, provide some much needed shade for the sidewalk diners!

    • The property line stops at the facade of the structure. I am confident the developers did not want to spend the extra money in removal, permits, etc.. I am not sure the tenants or the BBQ will want to fork over the costs to beautify this corner, although I do agree, it is a patchwork of mismatch concrete and quite unwelcoming. Let’s hope it does beauty up!

  • I like that you can interact with the people working in the kitchen at DCity Smokehouse and I fear that will be lost in the new location. They were always really friendly and I got the feeling they liked working there.

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