April Christmas Tree Sightings

11th and D St, SE

I feel a bit bad being arbor day and all but here’s a few readers have sent in from April. I’m still holding out for July…

11th street in Columbia Heights

christmas tree
15th and V St, NW

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  • For people who know where these are: Please report them to 311. They aren’t going to get picked up unless you do.

  • I passed a very small one on the corner of Independence and 9th SE the other day and thought REALLY? I guess it wasn’t the last though it wasn’t as brown as this one.

  • In Mt Pleasant yesterday, saw a sickly pale pine wreath propped on a hydrant. Still had ribbons and ornamental fruit, such as berries and apples (also fading to pale). Maybe it was buried under the snow, now reemerges? You can sweep problems under the rug but… etc etc etc.

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