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  • Accountering

    What a joke. Just tow him around the corner, and don’t charge for the tow. This is pathetic. What a waste of money… This will certainly cause issues down the road when they come back and try and patch this.

    • No, they should 100% charge for the tow and at a higher rate. This car doesn’t even have DC plates.

      • or maybe DPW should do repairs of this nature on a day that isn’t an official District Holiday. we only have the one aside from federal holidays. it’s not that hard.

  • What a waste of tax dollars. It’s directly in front my house and looks terrible. Even to come back and patch is going to look terrible. Honestly think somebody should be fired over such a stupid mistake.

  • It’s uncanny how the very block that was featured on a local TV news segment about pothole problems has been repaved so quickly. I need the news people to come to my block (which is every bit as bad as R Street was).

    • R Street is so busy it is basically a parking lot these days. Makes sense that it gets priority over some.

      • It is busy, but there a great deal of spots in the city that are just as busy and traffic-ridden that do not get the attention R Street here does because they are not in Logan Circle.

        • Asphalt jealous… lol

        • Try the intersections of P Street and pretty much any street in Shaw right now. It’s terrible.

          • Nearly every major route in Shaw is under construction right now for re-paving. This individual side street is waaaaaaaaaay busier than any side street in Shaw right now. It’s often backed up all the way to the 13th Street light.
            Do you actually have asphalt jealousy?!?! You might be whinier the people complaining about lack of bread shops

          • R Street is terrible, period. At all times. I lived on it for years. At one point they had eliminating street parking on the south side of it and that helped a great deal during rush hour. But R Street is backed up every morning from 13th to 20th, construction work or not. No asphalt envy here, but I went from Shaw to Dupont a few weekends ago in a cab and sat just as long on P Street at 7th and 9th as I did on R Street between 13th and 15th.

            Oh and I live on near both First Street NW and North Capitol, so if we want to talk about high traffic/traveled and heavily potholed streets, we can. It isn’t jealousy. It’s understanding some neighborhoods get their stuff fixed a lot faster than others. That’s just a reality.

  • Does the car’s owner live on the street? Because that could make for some pretty awkward small talk at the next block party.

    • If they do, they should have been towed and ticketed for not having their car registered in the District. Note the California plates.

    • I wish we had block parties! Hey 1300 block neighbs, let’s have a block party!

  • According to the DMV website, they got a $50 ticket on the 1200 block of R on March 23rd. They really don’t care.

  • palisades

    Weird. The first day of taking away the old asphalt on MacArthur, they worked around the cars and ticketed them. The next day, if they were still there, they towed them away. I don’t understand why they would leave the car there.

    • If it was a city holiday, there might not have been a tow crew working to tow the car.

      • I think the city usually enlists private tow companies. I can maybe understand the car not being ticketed/towed if it was a city holiday, but surely this project took more than one day to complete? And didn’t the city put up signs well in advance about the repaving project?

    • The paving crew just came through the 4500 block on the westbound lanes. I give the perpetually leaky water main roughly 2 months before it destroys the street again.

      • palisades

        Ha yeah I live across the street from all that nonsense. Crazy how much trouble that water main has been.

  • Does Muriel live on this block?

  • This is the kind of stuff you ONLY see in DC and it is beyond infuriating.

    Who cares if it was a holiday. Have someone (DDOT/DPW/CONTRACTOR/Private Tow companyh) tow the car around the block, heck 50 feet forward so they could finish paving.

    Now they will have to pay them thousands of dollars to re-mobilize the entire crew to come back out for 10 minutes worth of work. Since it will be paved at a different time, the road will now deteriorate from this section out.

    Whatever DC inspector was onsite managing this, should have the cost of re-mobilizing to do this taken out of his pay.

    • Yeah, it’s true. Hilarious.

    • “Now they will have to pay them thousands of dollars to re-mobilize the entire crew to come back out for 10 minutes worth of work. Since it will be paved at a different time, the road will now deteriorate from this section out.”
      Maybe that was their intent? I’ve seen many of the paving crews rumbling around U Street – they’re contractors.
      The best way to make money is to make more work for yourself.

  • i would have just laid that ribbon of hot asphalt over this car. what a mess!!

  • I live right here and have been going back and forth with DDOT, Jack Evans and DPW about this car. They couldn’t ticket or tow due to Emancipation Day. Unbelievable waste of tax dollars to pay the paving company to come back out instead of hiring a non-city towing company to come out for $150. Only in DC.
    As for R Street being deserving of the repaving, the potholes were as large as 20 inches across and 6-8 inches deep. My 130 year old home shook every time anything bigger than a Mini Cooper drive by. I tweeted several photos and banged my virtual drum–once Jack Evans was involved, the city came out and filled them. I was interviewed on NBC4 that day. I continued to badger DDOT and DPW (I’m hoping along with other neighbors) and here we are. If you want it done, demand it. Get Jack Evans’ office involved. Tweet. It doesn’t just fall into your lap.

    • Pathetic. Clearly there were police working on the 16th since they were all over the roads down near the IMF. There should have been a ticket written and a private company should have towed this car far away. Sometimes I just don’t understand how DC can be so incompetent on so many levels.

      • NO! why are all you people blaming this on the LEGALLY PARKED CAR???? the city was at fault here, not the car.

  • DC1

    They should charge the guy for repaving that spot.

  • About the CA plates, the owner could be military (very likely in the DC area) and not required to change their tags to the state they currently reside in. Of course, that doesn’t excuse them from not moving their car, nor excuse the city from towing the damn car around the block for paving. The city can hire contractors to pave an entire block on Emancipation Day, but not hire a tow truck to move a single car??

    • why should they move? they were LEGALLY PARKED. because it is LEGAL to park there during the day, on a holiday, DC plates or not. the onus is on the district to schedule work on WORK days, not to punish regular people for their own ineptitude.

      • Everybody understands the car was parked legally. But the city still could have moved it without ticketing. They do this all the time. My car was moved off Biltmore when the Obamas ate at Mintwood. So the person can’t find their car for 15 minutes, big deal.

  • The crews are still out in the neighborhood and the work is paid for by the city on a lump sum basis. It’s not going to be thousands of dollars to remobilize; it will be no cost out of the city’s pocket. With that said, the crew managing this work is clearly not very smart. They could have easily called a tow company- or followed DDOT regulations and posted construction and no parking signage before starting work. Unfortunately it seems that the company doing this work is exempt from the rules that everyone else must follow.

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