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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: Dinner for her birthday at Rose’s on Thursday! Checked out the menu last night, can’t wait. What time should I really be lining up if we want to be seated when it opens? I’m thinking 4-4:30pm.

    • Your mileage may vary, but I’ve had really good luck heading upstairs to the bar if you do happen to arrive and there’s still a couple hour wait. Full menu, good service, I suppose a bit less of the whole experience…

      • Good tip. Understanding YMMV, if you happened to be dining alone, do you think it’s fairly easy to snag a single seat at the bar without a wait, especially midweek?

        • It’s certainly worth a shot. You might be in some competition for the seats, but I think the bartenders are in charge of allocating them now so I’d absolutely check it out.

      • We’ve had dinner sitting on the couch around the bar. Wasn’t the most comfortable setup, but our server was great and we ordered just about everything on the menu.

    • SouthwestDC

      4 is when I got in line on my birthday, and we were too late to get any of the seatings (but it was a Saturday). I’ve also found that the bar becomes standing room only after 6pm or so on a weeknight. Get there as early as you can, and have an alternate plan if it doesn’t work out.

    • What about a Friday?

  • Becks

    Rant: A job I had applied for and had been waiting for was cancelled. I was really hoping for that position, but that means something better must be coming!
    Rave: Carl Hiaasen has a new book out! Bad Monkey! I love his writing and can’t wait to delve into it. I must finish Good Omens first!
    Rave: Tonight at The National Shakespeare Theater, they are giving a showing of, Of Mice and Men. I am really looking forward to this show!
    Rave: I had a great time Saturday with Blithe, Emily and Lauren at the Popville Field Trip to Rockville. Thanks for coming out guys! I have enough frozen dumplings to last months!!!

  • justinbc

    Rant: Teams who win 90% of the game then fail to finish. Burned me 4x times over the Sweet 16 / Elite 8 weekend games.
    Rave: Had a great meeting with one of the designers bidding on our master bathroom remodel this weekend. Their showroom of exclusive tiles really helped my lady visualize what it is I want the designers to pull off, and their quote was very reasonable given the scale.
    Rant: The cold temps yesterday meant many of the animals weren’t out at the zoo, including the Andean bear cubs we went to see.
    Rave: Since we were up in NW we took the chance to check out El Sol, as recommended here, and had a really fantastic lunch. Great nachos, tacos, and enchilladas.

    • Second the El Sol rave. My wife was under the weather on Saturday, so I got a nice assortment of takeout tacos and brought them home for dinner. Very good (particularly enjoyed the pastor), good guac, and very reasonable. Excites to try the enchiladas and nachos.
      Justin – if you don’t mind me asking, who’s the designer? We’re likely undertaking a large renovation project in the near future, and the “showroom of exclusive tiles” is intriguing.

      • justinbc

        Sure thing, Creative Concepts Design Center:

        So far, we’ve gotten 3 of the 5 estimates back, and are heavily leaning towards them, unless the other 2 estimates come back way lower somehow.

        • I just checked their website – do you think they would work with a pretty basic kitchen reno? All the designers I’ve checked out want to do whole gut job granite/stainless redo. I plan to keep base cabinets but get new top ones, new floor & non-granite counters.

          • justinbc

            I’m sure they would consider it. They were the friendliest / most accommodating of the 5 design firms we interviewed. They even worked up full AutoCAD designs on the bathroom for us before we paid out any design fees. Case, for comparison, wanted $1K just for that.

  • Does anyone know anything about local spiders and their bite? I have a welt that looks and itches like a mosquito bite, but it’s a little weepy and in bright light I can clearly see that there are multiple breaks in the skin. I think I remember this being a sign of spider bites. Also, it’s quite hard. Red in the middle, white ring around it. It’s at least two days old, and I’m not dead, so I’m not worried about drastic consequences. Just curious.

    • Are there multiple bites next to each other? If so, could be a bed bug and not a spider bite- they look quite similar and a tell-tale sign of bed bugs is three bites next to each other.

    • If it looks like a bullseye (like the Target logo) then it could be lyme disease (from a tick byte, probably) and you want to get to a doctor very soon. It won’t kill you but if that’s what it is you want to get that cleared up right away.

      • This is exactly what my mind went to, also. The ring around it makes me think this. I’d head to a doctor to get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

      • Actually, if it looks like a bulls-eye and you think Lyme disease, just call & tell your doctor. No real need for them to see you and do a test. The best treatment recommendations – CDC et al. are to treat prophylactically with Doxycycline or another antibiotic immediately. The tests for Lyme are not terribly accurate, and they don’t register anyway for a couple of weeks anyway. Prompt treatment is the key. You doctor should be able to just call in a script and get you started right away.

        • Prompt treatment is key, and they may not even want to do a test based on my experience. I would never recommend getting and taking a prescription for a new medical condition without actually seeing a doctor, though I’m sure it happens all the time.

    • I am relieved to hear that you’re still alive. I was getting nervous reading the first few sentences there. I had a friend who was bitten by a brown recluse and within a couple hours, he was missing a golf-ball sized chunk of his calf :[ Be careful out there, people!

      • I once made the mistake of googling brown recluse bites. NEVER AGAIN. D: Those things are scary.

      • Brown recluse is terrifying, I agree. I used to flick black widows off the firewood, but if I saw anything that I thought MIGHT be a brown recluse, then it was a no-fire day.

        • Ugh, even black widows freak me out. In college my dorms had outdoor hallways and periodically we’d get an email from one of the faculty in residence saying “You’re all safe! We torched the black widow nest in [insert hallway here] this morning.” Which was funny and terrifying at the same time.

  • epric002

    rave: husband is home!
    rant: husband came home sick.
    rave: formerly foster puppy had a GREAT training session on saturday 😀
    rave: and he did ok with a meet & greet for a sweet pup we might foster sit/short term foster.
    rave: weather is improving.

  • Rave: All chores and laundry done this weekend.
    Rant: None of the potholes I reported are fixed. It’s been a week.
    Rave: Few days off between projects means I can get lots of stuff done.
    Rave/rant: Applied for a bartending gig (something I’d love to do in a great bar), and interview is tomorrow.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Totally enjoyed doing the PoPville meet-up with Becks, Emilie504 and Quotia Zelda. It was wonderful to meet some of my favorite PoPvillagers in person!
    Rave: Chinese sausage frittata for lunch. Yum.
    Rave: Trying to decide between finding a restaurant that has Chinese sticky rice with sausage and dried shrimp, and trying to make it myself. Maybe both?
    Rave: Setting some Spring goals. And realizing that I can move from “dreams” to “goals” to “accomplishments”. Yeah, my teacher was right: Practice makes Possible.
    Rave: No rants. Let’s see if I can manage an entire No Rant Monday. 🙂

  • Rave: Job offer.
    Rant: Not quite what I hoped in terms of salary.
    Question: Should I respond asking for more? I’m not exactly in a position to negotiate, as I’m currently not working, the offer is 10k more than I made at my previous gig, and I like the position. Does anyone have any advice? Would asking for a few K more seem petty? Unfortunately I don’t have any experience in this realm.

    • Andie302

      I don’t think it will hurt to ask, and they may be anticipating it and have additional room in the budget. I would ask for more than what you hope to end up with, they’ll likely not just say yes to your exact request.

    • Why do you hope for over 10k from the previous job? Is that an industry standard? I don’t think hinging a job you like on a few k is worth out esp. when it’s over your previous, but I’d love to hear other thoughts.

      • My previous gig had a pretty solid bonus/stock structure that isn’t reflected on the base pay, so it’s 10k over my previous base pay, but not 10k over the total package. As far as why I’m hoping for over 10k from a previous gig? Because? 😉

        • My question was poorly worded, but that all makes sense. I thought it was a pure 10k difference across the board. I’d ask for more.

        • This is 100% legitimate basis for further negotiation – total compensation is relevant. I’d be straightforward about this and see what they can do. But congrats on the job offer!

          • Agreed! FWIW, I usually include benefits/bonuses/stock options in my “salary” when a new job asks what I made at my last job/make at my current job. So if previous/current job salary is $50k, but there’s a 10% bonus every year and they included all health insurance costs (for example), I’d likely say it was around $60k after considering all factors. I’ve never had someone question it, and a lot of the time, that opens the door for them to say “well our bonus structure is X and benefits include Y and Z” which gives you a better picture of what they’re offering.
            Worst they can say is that what they offered you is their max and then you take it. Good luck!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ask for more. Worst case scenario: they say no and you still accept the offer.

      • No, worse case is they think you are greedy, and rescind offer. Not likely, but does happen. Which is why poster says they aren’t in a position to negotiate.
        I’d focus on whether you have received the offer in writing yet from HR with the salary included – they aren’t likely to rescind in that case. If you aren’t to that point yet, tread lightly. Yes, it is good to negotiate (many employers expect it – I had one where I negotiated a hefty rise from the offered salary, and they let me know they were impressed by that, but that was because our work required negotiation – I didn’t feel like I was in a position to argue, but I knew they had lowballed me – and they knew it, too – it was clear we all knew it I really, really wanted out of my then current job ASAP, but since I still had a job, they didn’t know that.) When you don’t have a job, tread lightly. Ask if they can do better. Base it not on your old salary, but on what the going rate is for what you do at their company and other competitors. You will always regret if if you don’t at least try.

        • If you’re very risk averse, sure, it’s position they rescind, but I think the OP is saying there’s a standard by which the offer can be evaluated relatively: the old total comp. The total comp at old position was X, and there is a difference of between the total comp X and the total comp Y offered by new position. So you say simply, in my new role, I was hoping to earn [X+] as my total compensation was more then the amount contained in the offer I received. This is a principled reason for asking for more money, and if a company rescinded an offer because I asked, I’d consider it fortuitous because I wouldn’t want to work there, anyway.

        • I do have a formal letter with the salary mentioned, so I think I should be fine in that regard. You’re right in that I’ll likely regret not asking for more, I’ll just have to be very careful in my wording.

    • SouthwestDC

      I don’t think it’s petty if that’s what you’re worth. If you don’t already know, there are sites that will tell you based on experience, education, and geographic location. If they still aren’t able or willing to pay that much you could ask for other compensation like extra vacation days.

    • Accountering

      You should almost always ask for more. With a few limited exceptions, you should ask for more.

    • Accountering

      Also, you are in a position to negotiate. You have convinced them they want to hire you, thats the hard part, now they have to convince you to come onboard, so ask for more! Let us know how it goes! I agree with others though, I would e-mail, reiterate how excited you are, and then broach the subject talking about your experience and value you will bring to the position.

  • RAVE: Badgers made it to the Final 4!
    RAVE: Volunteered to deliver groceries to senior citizens meant that I got to do something good and also focus on something/someone other than my stressy life for a few hours (and one gentleman answered the door in a full face of clown makeup – said he was going to work, but I was absolutely rendered speechless)
    RANT: My father is doing worse and he’s not actually telling us this (we are finding out through other means) and I hate, hate, hate it. He’s having further tests done today and we should have more information in a couple of days.
    RAVE: Got to catch up over lunch with a good friend, one-on-one. It was lovely.
    RANT: Relationship anxiety

    • Emmaleigh504

      omg I think I would have just turned tail and run if a clown answered the door!
      Sorry about your father. I hope the more information is good news.

      • I just mutely handed him the bag of groceries and backed up. That’s when he said he was getting ready to go to work.

        My father has cancer (we’ve known about that for a while) and we think it has spread – we don’t think we’ll hear good news, we’re just trying to focus on next steps at this point. I’m flying out to see him next week, and depending on what the results are, I may extend the trip.

        • I don’t know if you’ll find this helpful, but last year, we went through the progression of illness of a family member and found the book “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande incredibly valuable in aligning a treatment strategy with his goals as his cancer became more significant. In the book, he highlights how the earlier you have those conversations, the more likely you are to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks associated with treatments. Good luck.

    • tonyr

      I suggest that you go back, preferably at night, and check out his crawl space.

  • Rave: Had a pretty good training run yesterday. I got a bit sluggish at the 5 mile mark but made it through.
    Rant: Couldn’t fall asleep until almost 2am last night. Ugh.
    Rave: Had a great time seeing friends on Friday night and being crafty with my mom on Saturday night.
    Rant: I noticed this weekend that a guy in my building has started walking his two large dogs off leash. Makes me nervous since we live in a really congested area and also annoys me since the dogs, trying to be playful, come right up my dog who then gets freaked out. I should probably say something the next time I see him.

    • epric002

      ugh. 1. it is not ok to walk dogs off leash. 2. IF someone is going to walk dogs off leash, they better have the best damn recall i’ve ever seen, and the dogs should *not* approach other dogs/people.

      • Agreed. They seem to have a pretty good recall but they wander a bit in front of/behind him and definitely approach other dogs. I regularly almost get hit by cars right in front of the building so wandery dogs make me so nervous!

      • Can an exception be made for dogs who carry their lease in their mouth? I don’t have a dog, but there’s nothing cuter than a dog who takes itself on walks.

        • Er, leash. I assume a dog who is on-the-ball enough to have his own lease can be walked off-leash.

        • epric002

          there are actually at least 2 people in my neighborhood whose dogs walk themselves regularly. one of them “walks” himself by carrying the leash. i *personally* don’t have a problem with either of those dogs b/c they don’t approach other dogs, but it’s easier to just have the all dogs must be leashed rule, b/c there are way too many dogs who need to be leashed and their people just don’t care/realize it.

    • Ugh that drives me insane. There are a few people who let their dogs off leash in the park area behind our condo building. There are signs all around that say “Dogs Must Be Leashed At All Times” but THEIR dog is obviously the exception to the law. I’m glad that our dog is friendly and ok with them running up to him to say hi when he’s on a leash, but I have plenty of friends whose dogs would attack in that situation.

      • Yeah, it seems like this guy thinks he is a major exception to the rule. We live in a really congested part of Columbia Heights with a lot of other dogs on the sidewalks at all times and tons of kids walking to school in the mornings. Luckily, my dog isn’t aggressive but he gets really scared and proceeds to spend the rest of the walk trying to get back home after seeing these dogs.

    • Drink lots of caffeine today!
      I’m always baffled at how many people think it’s okay to let their dogs off their leashes. I’d be so worried about something happening…

  • Rave: I had so much fun with my family in town this weekend. My nieces are the very definition of “I can’t even” when their grandparents visit.
    Rave: my 4 yr old niece got a space suit costume for her birthday, stripped immediately, put it on, and spouted such gems as ” the president says I need to go to space today” and “my space coworkers are waiting for me.” I really want to use that as my answer to everything now, “sorry, can’t help you, my space coworkers are waiting for me.”
    Rave: I loved my birthday rental dress. Magenta and mesh Versace, always appropriate, even for playing pinball.

  • RANT: kiddo’s diarrhea continues. Poor kid. And her bum has gotten so rashy.
    Rave: She seems to be otherwise in good sprits.
    Rant/rave: She’s still asleep. She didn’t sleep nearly this late at all earlier on in this sick spell & has otherwise been sleeping reasonably normally. Apparently cried out a few times last night (I slept through it, which is unusual), so maybe she didn’t sleep well? Hard to say what’s up–her sleep patterns haven’t quite fully settled into a groove ever since the time change.
    Rave? Can get some errands done while we’re home….
    Rave: Got LOTS of Passover Seder cooking done over the weekend: soup, matzoh balls, knishes, chicken prepped for making chicken salad, brownies….and even better: it all fit in the freezer!

  • Rant: Not completely sure that everything my landlord is doing will get rid of the mouse problem (she’s doing a LOT including, she says, digging out the mulch in the back and having concrete poured….and having terminex ‘anti-rodent’ insulation put in). We shall see.
    Rant/Rave: She officially called the house, “a money pit”. Which makes me glad we didn’t buy it when we saw it for sale! But caveat emptor! This is her retirement plan, she says, so oy!
    Rave: we’re living in a hotel this week! I could SO get used to it.
    Rave: It’s on the other side of dupont circle and I never thought of it as a place I’d want to live. It’s very nice!
    Rave: husband has gotten in to 3/3 of his law schools (incl Georgetown). Still waiting on one more, and it seems like he’s less inclined to move back home, which is a RANT. I want out of here.

    • It sounds like the LL is being attentive. My experience is that periodic inflammations of rodent populations are a truly unpleasant part of city living that you pretty much have to be comfortable with responding to every so often, as opposed to expecting to “get rid of” once and for all. There are too many variables upon which you have no control (neighbors, trash collection, construction in area, sheer brilliance and survival instinct of rodents, etc, etc, etc.). It’s good that your LL sees this is a problem and is taking steps to minimize the possibility of it impacting your living quarters, but I have to say, I think you might need to adjust expectations a bit.

      • I don’t agree. I’ve lived in large condo buildings where the rodents got out of control – mice in the units, and I saw cat-sized rats in the garbage room on more than on occasion in each). When the management company responded, they got it all under control fast. And kept it that way. My guess if that the keep doing things of a preventative nature, periodically, which is what is required, rather that sit back and do nothing and wait for the next out of control infestation to occur.
        Houses require maintenance. The house is not a money pit so much as you have a landlord of the mentality, fostered by many who urge people to become landlords for the “passive” income, that she should be able to do nothing to maintain her property and just collect the rent. I’ve had landlords like that. Ones that aren’t, who understand property maintenance, are much better to rent from.

        • I’m absolutely saying they need to be aggressive and proactive in trying to prevent an infestation. But my point is, no matter how hard one works at this (and you have to work like hell), you can still get an occasional rat, often due to factors beyond your control and it’s worth keeping calm and managing expectations.

          • My expectation is that when I tell the LL there is a mouse, she not slow roll us for 6-8 weeks. Additionally, my downstairs neighbor told her about scratching she heard in the HVAC before we even moved in. She did nothing. So now, she’s paying the price. Literally. I completely understand the realities of city living – I have lived here for 10 years and in cities AND rural areas with mice for most of my life. But it’s her house and you’d think she wouldn’t want a mouse infestation. I also have a child that rolls around on the floor – I prefer it not be in mouse crap. And mouse poop is dangerous. Which is why I won’t hesitate to move. Again. Blech.

  • Rave: Boyfriend’s conference ended early so I hopped on a train to meet him down in Richmond. So much good food, especially the gigantic sub at The Black Sheep. Yum.
    Rant: Tripped the breaker, flipped it back on and now I only have a couple working outlets and all the switches turn on the wrong lights… I unplugged the fridge (to plug it into a working outlet) and the light near my bed turned on. So odd.
    Rave: Electrician is coming today and the landlord is letting me take a couple days off of rent.

    • Calling the electrician was a smart move as it sounds like you’ve got deeper issues, but are any of those outlets on a GFCI? It’s quite possible that you have a GFCI that those outlets are connected to that needs to be reset as well.

      • There’s one on a GFCI but the rest don’t seem to be. I think some of the wires are crossed and the whole place just doesn’t seem to be getting enough voltage..? I know *very* little about this though so I’m hoping the electrician can take care of it today so I don’t have to worry about it. 🙂

    • Mama Zu’s is friggin’ amazing. Better than any Italian in DC, IMHO. Bring cash (unless you have Amex), go early (they often sell out of certain dishes), get the lamb meatballs (!!!!!) and the cannolis.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I did not get all my chores done over the weekend.
    Rave: much ethnic fun over the weekend. (Sweden and China)

  • Rave: spring is almost here?
    Question: Anyone have any recommendations for somewhere to take Spanish lessons? I’m a total beginner.

    • I’ve done GLN for another language, and someone here is doing the graduate school (also another language). GLN can be hard to get into for beginning Spanish as it’s very popular.

    • Have you tried any spanish-speaking embassies? Embassy classes are usually pretty cheap and good for conversational language learning.

  • Has anyone done the Monday night meal at Osteria Morini in the Navy Yard? Reservations are booked up, but I was wondering about walk-in’s. What time should we arrive? (party of 2)

    • RAVE: two rounds of yoga this weekend. lots of energy afterward, craving veggies, and was doing many of the harder poses by the second day.
      RAVE: beach vacation = good excuse to buy new summer clothes and another set of surf trunks 😉
      RANT: cold and windy this weekend. Too cold to even fly my hand-made kite at the Sakura kite festival. I have wind burn on my forehead!!! 🙁

    • Didn’t have a reservation last Monday and walked in at 8pm – no wait at all! Might be risky, but I think for a table for 2, they should be able to seat you pretty quickly, even w/o a reservation.

      • Did you sit at the bar? This is the last Monday that they are doing the pasta special :-/

        • Nope, sat closer to the kitchen, but not at the bar.

          Sad to hear today is the last Monday. What a great promotion at a fantastic restaurant. Enjoy if you end up going!

    • I’ve never done the Monday special, but the pasta with ragu antica is one of my favorite foods of all time. It’s probably -the- dish that made me stop being vegetarian.
      Now I want to go to Osteria Morini again!

      • We will be there tonight – you (and T!) should stop by, if you’re free! Probably headed over early right after work 🙂

  • Rave: I had a very laid-back weekend and managed to sleep a lot.
    Rant: I’m pretty sure this respiratory congestion I have is a cold and not just allergies.
    Rave: I’m feeling on top of things at work and home these days.

  • Rave: Great run on Saturday – took a route I rarely run – great to see a different part of the city
    Rant: Snow flurries on Saturday…I really want spring.
    Rave: Cleaned the house this weekend – smells so good!

    • Please share! I’m always looking for new running routes, especially for my long runs and areas of the city I rarely visit. I try to amuse myself with themes like boundary stone visits, all three branches of government, all four quadrants, follow a Metro line, etc.

      • Well it was just Capitol Hill – I live in Glover Park and don’t usually run over there – so nothing exotic.
        I love Reno Rd/34th as it has a fair amount of ups and downs to keep it interest. The trails by the planetarium off Military Rd are also lots of fun.
        I sometimes try to run on as many state streets as possible.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Finished my tax nonsense.
    Rave: Managed to snag my newspaper before my intrepid antagonist stole it from me again.
    Rant: The crossword was in the supplement yesterday that I didn’t manage to claim early enough, so I had to iPad the crossword.
    Rant: My coffee tastes weak this morning. So sad…

    • I think newspaper stealers are pond scum – my Sunday NYT goes missing if I don’t snag it early enough, and I feel ya’ on the crossword rant…

      • Mug of Glop

        I mean, I just get the WaPo Sunday delivery because it’s about half the price of the web-only subscription because of the perverse economics of the newspaper industry, so I actually don’t mind terribly that someone’s taking it. I just like doing my crossword on pencil and paper, though, so yesterday was a Pyrrhic victory.

    • Someone here also had a newspaper stealing neighbor — poster said they got up early and and sprinkled the inside of the paper with kitty litter (not used thought), neatly folded paper back up, put it outside for neighbor to steal.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Complete meltdown on Friday
    Rave: so I took a personal day, hit the reset button, cooked a pot of soup, cleaned, and relaxed.
    Rave: Relaxing trip home to DE this weekend
    Rave: The niece is a total porker in the cutest way possible. Her poor mother bought way too many 1-3mos clothing that she’s never going to wear because she’s already grown too much.

  • Neither rant nor rave: Does anyone know what happened at the Argonne apartments yesterday a little after noon? Multiple fire engines on scene, firemen entering with hoses but no apparent smoke, then 2 hazmat trucks rolled up.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Lousy Smarch weather meant it was too cold to get any of my outdoor projects done this weekend. Can’t paint or get a power washer to fire up when it’s 37 degrees out.
    Rave: Hired Nova Express Movers to deliver some furniture, and they did a really nice job for a great price.
    Rant: It took a year, but the Brightwood Walmart has finally devolved into a complete clusterfuck. Not enough cashiers, people screaming at the staff and each other in frustration, 40 minutes to check out. Not cool.
    Rave: Went to El Sol for round 2 last night since the house was barren of groceries. The carnitas did not disappoint.

    • That Wal-mart is terrible. The shelves are always understocked, aisles blocked by delivery boxes. We only go there for urgent purchases or late at night. Wal-mart is supposed to be super efficient, but that store shows quite the opposite.

      • epric002

        are there any wal marts that aren’t terrible?

        • palisades

          Wal-Marts are usually terrible for different reasons. Those problems don’t sound like the normal wal-mart issues. The only problems I’ve ever had with wal-marts were the patrons – usually seedy or gross individuals.

    • justinbc

      Thanks for the recommendation, we really enjoyed it yesterday.

      • jim_ed

        No problem. That place is a hidden gem, and if I’m anything in life, its an evangelist for good tacos.

  • Rave: My IVF egg retrieval procedure is tomorrow, which mean’s that this (month’s) part of the hormonal chaos is coming to a close.
    Rave: Bought this to wear to the procedure. Even though the process sucks, at least I’m still laughing. Sometimes. amazon.com/gp/product/B00PEDIS5W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Rant: Oh, the hormonal chaos. Sometimes I’m laughing like a maniac, sometimes I’m sobbing hysterically. Often within the span of 10 minutes. And my ovaries are so huge, I swear it hurts to bend over.
    Rave: Doctor seems to think my response to the treatment has been “excellent” an expects the outcome to be a good one.
    Rant: We have to wait a full month for implantation, which means another six weeks or so of waiting to find out of the outcome of round one. I don’t know how I’m going to avoid getting depressed.

    • LOL! The sweatshirt just made my day. Love your sense of humor!
      Good luck with the whole process!!

    • Good luck! If I remember correctly, you are now in the realm of trigger/progesterone shots, which are not fun for anyone. But – and feel free to tell me to MYOB – why do you have to wait a month for implantation? (Sorry if I am forgetting a part of the procedure, but it’s been a while.)

      • No worries, I don’t mind sharing this. We decided to do a preimplantation genetic screening, which allows us to “screen out” embryos that are chromosomally abnormal and therefore likely to result in miscarriage. This isn’t always a part of the procedure, and may be (I’m really not sure) something that GW offers and Shady Grove doesn’t.

        • Shady Grove does offer it; it is usually reserved for people who have an identified genetic condition as it does cost quite a bit more. Good luck with your retrieval! Since you are in so much pain, be on the lookout for OHSS.

          • Thanks, amandal! Yes, my doctors are watching me super closely for OHSS — I’m -really- responding to the meds. Sadly we are squarely in the pool of people for whom PGD makes perfect sense. Thank goodness for good insurance and our health savings plan.

          • It is done not only for that reason. It is also useful for eggs on the older side – I had a friend who had miscarriage after miscarriage, every other month, for a long time, until they did the genetic testing on the eggs, and found only 25% of them were good… eggs were retrieved a few years past age 40.

          • dcres, that is why I said usually. There are always exceptions.

          • Interestingly, PGD can also be used for “family balancing” of genders (this is not my term, or one I like, but it’s the term that’s used). Theoretically, we could choose an embryo based on the sex if we wanted to. We won’t do this, and our doctor never even mentioned this is a possibility, but I was really surprised to find out in online research that it’s possible now.

          • Infertility Lady, I actually have a friend used PGD for gender selection, but it was based on medical reasons. Her side of the family has a genetic problem that causes non-cancerous (but still debilitating) brain tumors that only present in males for some reason. Since they had to do IVF anyway, they decided that PGD was something they would pursue so they could have a healthy little girl. Most clinics do not offer PGD purely for gender selection reasons, although you will find some that do. Shady Grove was one of the clinics that did NOT do it, at least when I was cycling.

    • good luck tomorrow….are you doing PGD? Or is there another reason you have to wait for the transfer (just fyi, implantation means you’re likely pregnant…which is good! but some fertility forums get pretty technical about the terms like transfer v implantation). I had basically zero reaction to the meds (low dose), but I found the retrieval to be VERY difficult. Emotionally, it was hard to be OK with the number retrieved….and physically, I’ve never had any surgery of any kind before. So good luck! It’s an interesting journey, but many of us have been through it – you aren’t alone!

      • Yes, we’re doing PGD and yes, I meant transfer, not implantation. Wishful thinking, I guess!

        • No keep thinking! I am a pretty realistic person, so I always tried to stay realistically positive. And any embryo that makes it past PGD is a solid blast!

    • Best wishes to you. And that sweater is AMAZEBALLS, haha 😀

      • Thank you. I think I’m going to have to buy like five more of these in different patterns — My Little Pony, Pizza, Owls, etc. There are too many good options to choose from.

    • Best of luck! That sweatshirt and your sense of humor are fantastic.

  • Looking for recommendations from the PoPville nation – does anyone have recs for a closet company? I’m looking for a consultation/design/installation of a closet system. I know there is ClosetMaid and Container Store, but if there is a smaller/local company someone has used I’d be interested.

    • We love our California closets. They are neither local nor cheap, but look great and actually (I think) helped us sell our place.

    • well, I love my Elfa…..you could have someone local install it! lol

      • I also love Elfa, and they do all the designing for free. It was pretty easy to install, but you can also get others to install. Plus they go on sale twice a year at Container store.

    • We had a fantastic experience with Capitol Closets. It’s a lot like California Closets, but local. The design team was great, the installation team was great, and the price was comparable to the national chains. 10 years later, our closet is still looking good– no fading or hardware mishaps or anything. Really a quality product.

    • Thanks, all! I actually have Elfa now which my dad and I installed when I first moved in, but since then I’ve removed the wall between the two halves of the closet, and removed the tank water heater and replaced it with a tankless. I really want some professional design help since this is my only real storage space, and it has some odd dimensions given the water heater access. I’ll look into these options.

  • laduvet

    Rave: 6.5 mile run…. ahhh i feel great!!!
    Rave: Dinner with fellow artists at Ris this evening… nom nom nom.. can’t wait!
    Rant: communication clarity

  • Rave: Ended up going on a date on Sunday – and it actually went really well! Unfortunately the guy lives all the way out in Manassas and is trying to move out west so I’m not looking too much into it, but still had a really great time. Yaaay. 🙂 We were texting this morning and he said he definitely wants to meet up again.
    Rave: Overall fun, low-key weekend with good friends as well.
    No rants this morning!

  • Rave: weather in Denver is simply amazing
    Rave: plenty off cool factors here that wish DC could have
    Rant: why can’t a place like DC sustain a healthy selection of boutique shops/stores when so many other cities have such a large variety

    • I’d be curious what you’re talking about (cool factors). I’m from Denver and while I miss the sunshine, the mountains, the beautiful outdoors… I don’t really miss much about Denver as a city. Hard to get around, sprawling, boring, homogenous. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some “cool factors” I just wasn’t ever cool enough to know about? I’d really love to hear what you mean!

      • The metro/light rail system seems to extend a good bit into the burbs. The streetcar system seems to run pretty smoothly (dedicated lane). The 16th street pedestrian only mall is pretty cool. (This is how gtown should be. They have tons on indoor/outdoor bars/restaurants/cafes that goes on forever and in multiple neighborhoods that aren’t all glossy and polished (and did I say cheap well made drinks)

  • Rant: Done with winter. Just done.
    Rave: Seeds from last year’s crop are sprouting, true first leaves have appeared! Need to plant them this weekend.
    Rant: Read DCUM’s forums this weekend – just got sucked in. Felt poor – so much discussion of income!. Decided to appreciate our current good health, beautiful baby, great family.
    Question: does anyone have any links to websites featuring creative use of small backyard spaces? I’d love to have someone do a redesign our backyard, but we don’t have the money at the moment. So I must use the interwebs for inspiration. I was thinking a pallet garden – anyone have any experience with those? They look really neat!

    • KSB

      Oh, the DCUM time-suck is real. And people are just nasty on those boards! I avoid them usually, but occasionally find myself wandering over for a read…
      Are you in Pinterest? I’ve completely rekindled my interest in trying some new small backyard decorating ideas from all of the amazing Pins that keep popping up. Might be a place to start. Good luck!

    • Quotia Zelda

      DCUM is full of horrible, horrible people. Don’t get me wrong – I still read there – but it definitely makes me appreciate all the sane, normal people I know IRL.

  • RANT: learned on Friday that our two best friends are moving to Wisconsin in 2 weeks. going to miss them like crazy!
    RAVE: spent all day with them yesterday doing very DC things: eating brunch, browsing stores on 14th, beer at garden district, & the drum circle.
    RANT: my parents have to put their sweet beautiful dog to sleep tomorrow. He had some weird accident and can no longer walk. This dog is like my dad’s 3rd child (he’s a german shepherd & followed my dad everywhere) and he’s heartbroken. Please send good thoughts their way, PoPville, & hug your furry babies a little extra tonight.

    • special_k

      I’m so sorry about your parents’ dog. May he rest in peace and your parents find solace inthe years they had together. 🙁

  • skj84

    Rant: Rejections all around. From job applications. Found out the guy i’m into is dating someone else. Despite leading me on.

    Rave: Bon Jovi in the morning. Living on a Prayer is getting me through this morning.

  • rave: coffee
    rant: lots of food options in chinatown but a good chinese noodle place? craving some beef chow fun.
    how is chinaboy?

  • Rant: I keep making poor choices in the romance department.
    Rave: Happy to have a great job that I can throw myself in to and forget about that stuff for a while
    Question: I’m one of like 20 people who still get a perm (caucasian hair). I used to go home, but my long-time hairdresser just moved so I need to find someone here. Any suggestions?

  • Rant or Rave not sure which: I’m baaaack!
    Rave: Incredible wonderful amazing trip to Chile and Argentina with great friends, food, hiking, and cities.
    Rant: No PoPville t-shirt pics cause I don’t have a t-shirt.
    Rave: Back at the office despite the best efforts of Dulles and Copa to mess with us.
    Rave: Happy to be back in our beautiful city! Plus I get to pick up my gorgeous new bike bag I’ve been waiting for forever.

  • Rave – Had a fun weekend visiting family in NY. I spent time with my adorable nephew. I picked up my wedding dress AND picked out bridesmaid dresses with my sister and best friend, which was a lot harder than I thought.
    Rant – I think it’s so weird that I have to tell adults how to dress at my wedding. I don’t care what my bridesmaids wear! There’s only 2 of them and I want them to wear what they like. But my mom acted like me having mismatched bridesmaids would ruin her life, so finally we agreed that I would pick a color and the bridesmaids would pick whatever dress they wanted in that color. But still, I feel bad making them get dresses they will probably never wear again.

    • “But still, I feel bad making them get dresses they will probably never wear again.”
      Any reason why the dress they pick can’t be in that color *and* something they can wear again? Or can’t you pick a color that they both already have dresses in (decent chance since there’s only 2 of them.)

    • You sound like a fantastic bride. I’m sure your bridesmaids are glad to be able to pick their own dresses. What color did you go with?

    • I felt this way too. I ended up saying “anything you want in navy blue” and all three picked dresses that not only looked fabulous together, they’re all dresses that they can wear again. If you’re leaving the dress decision up to them, it’s really only their fault if they then pick something they’ll never wear again! I’m sure they appreciate how laid-back you are on it. Don’t stress over it! That’s part of what we expect when we say “yes” to being a bridesmaid.

      • FWIW, I think having bridesmaids wear different dresses is becoming a trend. I have seen it a few times. We just picked a color and then said they could order whatever style they wanted, as long as it was in the same color and material. I also emailed them links every time the dresses went on sale. The dresses they bought are definitely something they can wear again!

      • I wanted to do something like this, to tell them to pick anything they wanted in navy. But then I might end up with bridesmaids in different shades of navy (the horror!) My mom insisted the colors needed to be the exact same shade. So I picked a color (ended up going with a dark purple/plum color) at Davids Bridal and they picked their own dresses.

        • I figured that my ladies were smart and capable enough to figure this out on their own and collaborate. Totally different situation for you, if I’d have had a pushy mother or MIL it would have been different. Two of the three ended up going to Alfred Angelo and getting them that way (so they were the same shade of navy) and the third ordered a custom made dress from an Etsy seller that went very nicely with the other two.
          Don’t you hate it when everyone else seems to have an opinion on things that are for YOUR wedding? I was so happy when it was all over to be honest. I’m sure your bridesmaids don’t mind, though, DB is very affordable and has a wide range of options for them to choose from!!

    • Your mom is being fussy. “Pick a dress in X color” is very accommodating and makes you an easy-going bride. If you pick a common color, they will probably already a dress in that color.

      • She is being fussy! She’s very traditional when it comes to weddings. Her favorite saying lately is, “it’s your wedding! You can do whatever you want! But you must have matching bridesmaids dresses/wedding favors/welcome bags/day after brunch/etc.” Gah! I love her but I’m happy she lives 5 hours away.

        • “Do whatever makes you happy! It’s YOUR day! Except when it comes to literally everything except your vows, because this is about more than just you, too!” LOL

        • Nooooo! NOT the day after brunch! I am sorry, but weddings have just gotten ridiculous. From just the wedding day to welcome parties, the actual wedding, and brunches. Is your mother paying for the wedding? I thought you were? If she’s paying then I think it’s fair that she gets a lot of say, but if not then I’d just say thanks for the recommendation.

          • Andie302

            I booked honeymoon airline tickets to avoid this.

          • We’re paying for the actual wedding ceremony and reception. I told my mom if she wants a day after brunch she’s free to plan it and pay for it herself, because I won’t.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Ugh, the day-after brunch. I was present for an awkward conversation between my SIL and my MIL where my SIL was insisting that her parents (who had already dropped 50K on her wedding – and it was still a good 4 months away) MUST pay for a day-after brunch. My poor MIL was bewildered and kept saying, “But we don’t do that in our culture?”
            Eventually, SIL got her way and her day-after brunch. She’s not normally an entitled princess, but her wedding sure did bring that out.

        • saf

          Favors, welcome bags, day-after brunch… all of these were not ‘tradition” when we got married, and I am grateful. Really, “tradition” just keeps growing every year.

          • We did welcome bags and favors – we got married on Purim, so we had wrapped up hamantashen at each place setting. And welcome bags, I think when you have people coming from OOT, you give them a nice map, a list of area things to do…and we filled it with snacks from where we great up (tasty cakes and peanut chews) and stuff from here (old bay chips). I loved putting them together but CERTAINLY wouldn’t expect this from anyone else ever.

          • saf

            I would be willing to bet that you were married a lot more recently than we were.

    • I too felt weird about “telling” my closest friends what to wear, even though I had no problem doing this for this for their weddings 🙂 I decided to offset it it by buying their dresses for them so I won’t feel terrible about them having to shell out for a dress that was my choice (they are all wearing the same dress). My fiance did the same thing with the tuxes for the guys. It was an added expense but I wanted to do something special for my closest friends who are already shelling out $$$ for travel, hotels,etc. so I felt that it was worth it.

      FWIW – my mother was not happy about this decision, but it’s coming from my budget, so it’s happening 🙂

      ps. yay on the AWESOME color choice, it’s mine too 🙂

  • Rave: Feeling extremely well-rested for a Monday.
    Rave: Absolutely nothing scheduled for any day after work this week. Hello cooking dinner at home every night and having leftovers for lunch every day!
    Rave: First full paycheck from new job tomorrow, plus getting paid out for the few days of vacation time I had at old job tomorrow, plus Mr. Eggs’ first full paycheck from HIS new job on Friday = paying down credit cards. Wish that was more fun but I like paying down debt too!

    • Accountering

      That’s awesome! That is a great rave, and hooray for paying down debt!

      • I get way too excited about budgeting and planning to pay things down. I recently found out that a lot of my friends make fun of this behind my back (in a loving way!) when a few of them realized that they needed to do it, too, and wanted help.
        Recently realized that one of the Mr’s credit cards will be totally paid off in four months and that made my day. I’m such a nerd when it comes to that stuff.

  • Red Panda

    Rant: I’m sick at home when I have a ton of stuff to get done in the office.
    Rave: Being at home means that I actually have time to participate in the RRRR for the first time in a while!
    Rave: Binge watching The Wire all day. And ordering pho for lunch!

    • Ooh! Do you know a good pho place that delivers?

      • Red Panda

        I’m pretty sure Pho 14 delivers, but it’s only two blocks from my house so I feel guilty if I just don’t suck it up and walk there even when I’m in a disgusting state.

  • palisades

    Spotify is the best. Mad Men’s complete soundtrack is a playlist. So much awesome music from the 50s and 60s.

    • justinbc

      Unfortunately it’s blocked at my office, the one time I would really love to take advantage of it.

      • Do you have the app on your smart phone?

        • justinbc

          I don’t at the moment. What’s the average data usage for an hour of listening? I already run dangerously close to exceeding my limit most months.

        • palisades

          The app is really only worth it if you pay for it. Also, unless you have wifi, it destroys your data. I don’t understand people that are willing to pay $10 for unlimited streaming but then you can really only enjoy that perk if you have wifi, or are one of the 12 people left with unlimited data.

          • I assume you mean one of the 12 not with Sprint and maybe T-Mobile. I listen to music a lot, and I’m rarely over 2gb.

          • If you pay for the app, you can download songs to your phone, they compress small with no quality lost so I have hundreds and hundreds of songs and playlists wherever/whenever I want, love the app!

          • T-Mobile doesn’t count music streaming against your data plan usage. It’s friggin’ awesome, considering Soundcloud and Spotify are 80% of my data needs. And yes, I’ve paid for the Spotify app for the last 3+ years (the ability to download the songs to your phone’s hard drive for “offline use” is great).

          • I need to amend the prior post. I regularly use 10gb+. Thank god for unlimited data.

          • Sprint!!! <3 Unlimited <3

          • justinbc

            Good to know about T-Mobile unlimited streaming. I’m about to dump Verizon when I get my next phone anyway.

          • palisades

            These responses have completely changed my life. I’m still on AT&T because i’m part of my family plan. Time to get off it I guess!

          • Justin, I’d highly recommend T-Mobile. I dumped AT&T for them in late January and haven’t looked back. T-Mobile also offers free unlimited (2G) data and texting while overseas in 120+ countries. It’s been a godsend for my overseas travels for work. You can’t stream music or video, but it’s fast enough for turn-by-turn maps, internet browsing, Yelp, social media, emailing, texting, etc. Really good for when I want to find a place to eat, check out the tram schedule, or look up the hours at a museum.

          • justinbc

            Wow, that’s a huge bonus! There were times in Morocco I would have killed to have an internet connection.

          • I stream Spotify w/ AT&T all the time and I rarely go over 4gb total data in a month. They also now have roll over data which helps.
            I would switch to T-mobile but I don’t want to lose coverage once I leave the city and the interstate. I guess it’s cheap for a reason.

    • skj84

      Adding the playlist! At least to my laptop.

  • Rant: Nasty migraine yesterday.
    Rave: Eventually it went away, thanks to migraine medicine…
    Rave: The migraine medicine contains caffeine, which gave me some much-needed energy.
    Rant: It also kept me up until 2 a.m. or so.
    Rant: Feeling zonked as a result.
    Rave: It’s sunny and things are blooming.

    • Feel better, Textdoc! Today’s a much nicer day than yesterday was 🙂

      • Thanks, Shawess! Yes, it’s beautiful outside — a significant improvement even from this morning!

    • Are your daffodils blooming?

      • I Dont Get It

        My miniature daffodils (Minnow?) are blooming…not that you asked me but it made me happy this morning to see them!

      • MPinDC — My daffodils haven’t actually bloomed yet, but they’re in various stages of coming out of the ground. The batch that came up first looks like it’s be blooming soon.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The daffodils in my neighborhood aren’t blooming yet either. I can’t wait! I love all the cheery yellow.

        • Yay for daffodils coming up and getting ready to bloom (and blooming in the neighborhoods)!
          IDGI – I love the minature daffodils – they are particularly cheery

    • Ack! Migraines are awful. 🙁 But yay for it warming up! Look like it’s supposed to start getting more seasonably warm now – at last!

  • Rave: waiting on formal offer from new job. can’t wait to put in notice at work. certain my team will be sad/upset.
    Rave: Twin Shadow and Lolawolf tonight. Sold out show.
    Rant: feeling kinda lonely lately. all my friends are doing well in terms of romance/dating, and here I am alone. comparison is killing me.

    • Anonynon

      don’t compare…the couples want to be us and we want to be them (sometimes)

      • Yeah, comparing will get you nowhere! I love hearing my friends stories about first dates/kisses/new relationships/etc. It’s a little sad to think about never having another first date or first kiss (you know, assuming no divorce/death is in our future of course and that we’ll live happily ever after forever, yadda yadda yadda).

  • Rave: Pulled off an epic birthday surprise for husband – his two BFFs flew into Seattle from DC on wednesday night. We had a wonderful long weekend exploring the city and Bainbridge island.

    Rant: still miss DC every minute of my life. when can i start planning a move back?

    Rave #2: said friends brought every DC souvenir in site as a gift. 🙂

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Nervously reading Rants here to see if I am mentioned because yesterday
    Rant: I saw two young ladies walking two fat little dogs and I said
    Rant: “Look at that sausage fest!”
    Rave: Wiccan Dog sitter has a date with an Ophthalmologist tonight! I can get him out of my house plus free eye exams! Win-Win!

  • Rave: Watched the Going Clear documentary (read the book last year). I still have a hard time understanding Scientology intimately, but I find it kind of terrifying. HBO did a great job on the documentary. Recommend!
    Rant: There’s still a foot of snow at my parent’s house in northern New England where I’m going this weekend, blerg.

    • yeah, we watched it last night too and it scared the crap out of me.It’s just shocking that they are “religions” that force people to cut ties with their parents and children.

    • Ah I am DYING to watch it. I’m so glad they’ve finally just gone ahead with it. They had a lot of lawsuits from the “Church” that slowed it down quite a bit.

      • It’s crazy as f#ck. And totally fascinating.

        • We DVR’d it because I “wasn’t in the right state of mind” to watch it last night. Seriously feel like I’m gonna need to take a Percocet before I watch it.

    • topscallop

      +1 on your rant – I’m heading home to my parents’ house in MA for Passover/Easter this weekend, and there’s 18 inches of snow in the backyard. At least there will be matzo ball soup to warm us up!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fun weekend!
    Rant: My doctor is moving to the west coast. I like the other doctors in the practice fine, but I really liked her.
    Rave: Now that senior year is almost (almost!) over and she’s made her choice for next year, life with Eldest Zelda is so much better. Last night, she showed me the dress she wants for prom and we had a nice conversation.

    • My primary doc just left her office as well. Super bummed and afraid to take my ridiculous medical history to someone else. She literally saved my life after multiple MULTIPLE doctors ignored my symptoms for years. Ugh. Anyone have any recommendations in NW DC? Preferably female.

    • yay for decisions made! where is she going?

      • Quotia Zelda

        She is taking a gap year and then going to LSU. Emilie approves. 🙂
        During the gap year, she will and do a little traveling. She’s hoping to find a paid internship of some kind, but at a minimum, she can keep her current (food service) job.

  • Rave: Winter is over as of today (declared the Capital Weather Gang), lots of gardening accomplished over the weekend
    Rave: Pete’s Apizza for lunch (last Monday for 50% off)
    Any gardeners interested in some chionodoxa (glory of the snow) bulbs? I have too many now in my front yard

    • I need someone to teach me how to garden without it looking a hot mess. Or, to just do it for me so that I can walk outside, admire it, and then go about my day.

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