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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Aglets

    rave&rant: I ate a handful of samoa’s in my car on the way to work this morning and I feel like my heart is going to explode.

  • Rant: Watching a bicyclist yell at a car for being stopped in the right (not bike) lane only to run the red light moments later.
    Rave: Busy weekend but rewarding.
    Rave: Had to leave dog in daycare overnight, so I slept in. I can also stay later today.
    Rant/rave: Accidentally sent resume on Google drive without the link, but company was still interested enough to ask. Hopefully I’ll snag the gig notwithstanding the fubar.

    • Re: your first rant. I saw a bicyclist yell at a car for rushing only to have to wait at the red light, which the bicyclist went right through. Idiotic hypocrites.

      • gotryit

        I’ll assume the last part of your comment was directed at the idiotic hypocrites of all modes of transportation, and not just bicyclists. Referring to all bicyclists that way would be… idiotic.

        • Not referring to all bicyclists, of which I am one. I’m just referring people who call out bad road behavior, whatever the mode, and then do something just as bad/dangerous/illegal/etc. In this case the bicyclist broke the law, the driver, as far as I could tell did not.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Last night and the night before Donna sneezed in my face while I was sleeping. I think she’s doing it on purpose.
    Rave: This week’s @Sweden likes butter. a lot.

  • epric002

    rave: working at home this morning for a conference call.
    rant: this conference call is snooze-worthy.
    rant: stayed out waaay too late sat night so sunday was mostly a waste. sat night was pretty fun though 🙂
    rave: the unbreakable kimmy schmidt! thanks for the recommendation popville!

    • I Dont Get It

      Your second rave!

    • I watched the entire first season last week based on PoPville recommendations too! I loved the show and I need more episodes!

    • OMG loved it. It was SO much fun to watch. For people with a kid, we watched it in 3 days – impressive! I love a good 30 minutes of laughter. I need it in my life. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • Where do you guys find time to binge on shows? On a non-busy weeknight I have just enough time to take the dogs out, cook and eat dinner, and maybe do a little housework before it’s time for bed. Weekends there are just too many better things to do.
      I got through the first three episodes of House of Cards but it’s been challenging finding those three hours to watch it since it was released. I want to check out KS but can’t imagine when that will happen.
      I feel so behind!

      • see I only watched one HOC episode – It’s an hour. We watched during dinner, and during baby nap times. Easy!

      • I don’t have a dog. Dogs are a huge time- and money-suck, if you’re properly taking care of them. Also, weekends tend to be less busy during the winter months when it’s generally miserable to be outside. I don’t watch much TV during the spring, summer and early fall.

        • Yeah, I guess if I rolled all my evening dog walks into TV viewing I could watch one more episode a week. But dogs are better than TV in my opinion!

        • You’re perfectly welcome to not like dogs – but I’ll call you on the time and money suck. Download audiobooks for free from the DC public library (or podcasts) and listen while you walk the dog. I’ve “read” dozens more books this way than I ever would have. And even at an average cost of $1000.00 a year for dog cost – it’s still cheaper than a therapist and a gym membership – both of which a dog provides!

      • epric002

        i have 2 dogs, and while i don’t binge watch often, i tend to watch an episode before bed a few nights a week (though we often then go weeks w/o watching anything, which is how we’re never caught up/rarely finish a season of a show- except HoC and GoT). sooo, we take the dogs around the block around 9, and then they curl up with us to watch a show before we go to bed.

      • I Dont Get It

        Hey don’t hate on the UKS bingers…since the episodes are about 22-24 minutes it was about a 5+ hour commitment. I watched it the first time Friday night; I had had a bad day at work, and then spent about 3 hours on Round 2 Saturday morning and finished Sunday morning.

  • gotryit

    rave: Peaceful bike ride into work this morning. I need to do this every day.
    rant: work
    rave (future): biking home this afternoon

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I lost my wallet on Thursday!
    Rave: No activity on my cards!
    Rant: Friday and Saturday night I had dreams where I could see my wallet edged up to what looked like a beam on what appeared to be a wood ceiling. I couldn’t figure that one out and decided it meant that I probably had accidentally thrown it away and it was next to a piece of wood in a trash bag????.
    Rave: Sunday, I was getting something out of the kitchen junk drawer, a drawer Wiccan Cub and I had checked many times, and had a premonition so I reached all the way back and in an unseen spot behind it, wedged to a wooden spacer holding up the counter, was my wallet!
    Rave: Binge-watched Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Off-beat, clever and hilarious, I highly recommend!
    Bonus Rave: Irish butter!

  • Rant: Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s market may be denied permits this year. Please go to the ANC meeting to support them on Tuesday, in particular if you are in the SMD of one of one the three commissioners currently opposing the permit.

    • When/where is the next ANC meeting? How do we find out if we’re in the SMD of one of the three opposing commissioners?

      • The ANC1d dot org website has a map that shows the SMDs, and it’s the 3 new commissioners that are being obstructionists. Next meeting (from ANC website):
        March Business Meeting, Tuesday, March 24, 2015
        7:00 pm, Mount Pleasant Library, 16th & Lamont Street NW

    • These three ANC members are being ridiculous – the ANC has routinely provided letters of support to DPR for events in the park without requiring the requester come before the ANC to explain how the event will work.
      From what I read on the ANC 1D google group, these ANC members support the farmers market but are still requiring the market manager come to the ANC meeting before they provide the letter of support to DPR.
      I’ve written to my ANC commissioner about this – one of the three – and no surprise, but he hasn’t responded.

      • Oh wow. Just found the google group stuff. Sounds like my ANC commissioner is the ringleader of the three requesting an appearance because Lamont Park is in her SMD. Well, if it’s in her SMD, how on earth does she not know how the farmer’s market works? And that it’s packed every single weekend? My wife and I will be sending emails….

    • Why the hell would they oppose the farmer’s market? It’s a huge draw for the neighborhood and a boon to property owners.

    • Pablo Raw

      When I’m working on the green documents for my projects, the ones that are in the proximity to a farmer’s market get extra points!

  • Rant: The construction outside of my office.
    Rave: I keep earplugs in my desk drawer.
    Rave: Spring is on the horizon. I am so grateful for the less frigid weather.
    Rave: Mint and blackberries flavoring my water this am. Sometimes, it is the little things that give me joy.

    • earplugs are my saving grace in the office.

      • Do you work in Chinatown like I do, Chinatown? Make. The. Jackhammering. Stop.

        • Yep. Fortunately, I can’t hear the outside noise from my office. When I go out for lunch, the jack hammering gives me a headache. My coworkers and contractors renovating the office next door on the other hand………

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus Rant: ProQuest is extra slow this morning. Might as well still be on Dialog.

    • Mug of Glop

      Ugh, ProQuest. I still remember my days in elementary school of using those stupid CD cartridges that never caught on to read some outdated article on something or other. I’m sure it’s (usually) better than that these days, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over that horrible system they had in the 90s.

      • Emmaleigh504

        They got a new platform a few years ago and it sucks for what I do. It’s not on cd rom anymore, so I guess that’s a plus. They keep futzing with it to make it better for us to use, but it just makes it worse. They need to fix the searching part of it before messing with the way the output looks. Ugh. I just hate them.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Finished the marathon! And in a respectable time!
    Rant: Time was slower than the last race.
    Rave: I can blame it on the hills and horrible weather.
    Rant: The hills and horrible weather.
    Rave: Crowds, though small, still came out to cheer us on.
    Rant: Feeling pretty sore right now.
    Rave: People saw me walking around Logan Circle on my way home limping and shivering and looking shell-shocked like some sort of refugee, and inquired if I needed any help. “Nah, I’m just a running idiot, but thanks!” Had a good laugh about that.
    Rant: Have to schedule my next race so I can beat my previous time…

    • binpetworth

      Congrats! I did the half (also in respectable but not fast time), notwithstanding getting my feet soaked in some of those damned rain-filled potholes. But Metro was only running green line trains 16 minutes apart so my trip home lasted 1.5 hours–I was a freezing wet mess!

      • Mug of Glop

        Congrats right back at ya! Yeah, my feet were soaking and cold basically the whole race. It was pretty miserable. The whole second half was pretty miserable in pretty much every way possible. The only good part was that so few people run the full that I was able to get on the train with pretty much no problem, and then pick up a bus at McPherson with almost no waiting. I don’t know why WMATA can’t plan these things with a little more foresight. Not sure if the single tracking was planned or not, but the stupid 16 minute headways were pretty ridiculous.

    • Congrats as well! My only goals for the half were to: 1. Not get hurt, and 2. Finish. Everything else was gravy. Felt really good on the course, kept my stride on the hills, and finished with a respectable time for my conditioning and the weather. The rain really didn’t bother me until I got to RFK, where it started raining even harder. Finish line–>gear check–>Metro were some of the most miserable wet and cold 45min I’ve had in a long, long time. I think it’s also the only race I’ve ever run that I didn’t use my beer ticket.
      Funny story: Transferring to Green line at L’Enfant, a shivering lady who had clearly just run as well looked around and asked us “Do you think it’s OK if I sit?” I answered, “Absolutely, I’m certain much worse things have happened to that seat.”
      Rave: Picked up a large Ben Franklin Parkway from Taylor Gourmet on the way home. The whole thing barely lasted 10 minutes. So, so good!

      • Mug of Glop

        Good work! I realized at about the Watergate that no PR would be had that day, and decided my goal would be just to finish the thing without walking, which I managed to actually do (if you don’t include the 45 or so seconds I stopped to go to the bathroom near the South Capitol bridge). I’d consider that a success-ish.

  • Rave – Took the dog to the Arboretum yesterday and she actually had a good time! She’s usually so nervous and alert when she’s outside, always looking for other dogs to bark at, but yesterday she ran around, played with her ball, and rolled around the in the grass. Just like a normal dog!
    Rave – Homemade shepherd’s pie for dinner.
    Rant – Work has really sucked lately.

    • Aww yay! What kind of dog is she?

    • Sounds like my dogs. My girlfriend refuses to even take them to the Arboretum, because they are too insane and ruin the experience for us/everyone within earshot.

      • The Arboretum was actually a good environment for her. There were other dogs there but people spread out and there’s plenty of space. It was easy to find an area with no other dogs around so she could relax and play. We tried taking her on hiking trails in Rock Creek Park, but quickly realized it was a bad idea because there are so many off leash dogs there, and passing other dogs in close proximity on the trail was too much for her. She needs her space!

  • Rant: Finding it harder and harder to get to work on time. I’ve tried getting up earlier but still no dice. I keep getting in at just after 8, around 8:10 or so. Maybe relying on Metro everyday has something to do with it.
    Rant: Started working on my taxes with HR Block and I need some information on some property that I sold and I can’t find it.
    Rave/Rant: Tomorrow is D-Day with the therapist. If this dude doesn’t consider my complaints about turning put downs that I experienced during my childhood into jokes, then he’s out.
    Rant: Still smelling paint on the floor that my office is on. It’s not pungent but after nearly a month, shouldn’t it be gone by now?
    Rave: Signed up for free Cousera training on R statistical software. It’s on my work computer and I really would like to get more exposure to other statistical software since I’m a statistician. I’ve been an SPSS girl since grad school and I need to spread my wings.

    • Neat on learning R! I’ll have to check out the coursera training. Have you looked into stata at all? Though at this point, R might be a better program to learn since it doesn’t require expensive software/licenses as far as I know. Therefore more portable.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Good on learning R – it is the future. Surprised to see SPSS. I thought it was pretty long gone. I’ve been a SAS user for 30+ years and love it. Also Stata is good to know and one other I can’t think of the name right now (more coffee). Any can be called from within SAS.

      • I suggested Stata over SAS because I think a lot of people are moving/have moved from SAS to stata. My agency has been having trouble finding qualified SAS programmers in recent years. In addition, I think it’s less expensive software. I was also surprised to see SPSS, but maybe it’s a function of available software. That said, also agreed that R appears to be the future. It seems to be incredibly versitile for both statistics and graphics, which are becoming an increasingly important tool for conveying analytical information.

        • I work for a government agency that interestingly enough, still relies on SPSS mainly. There are some SAS folks here and I’ve taken training on SAS. I have access to STATA and SUDAAN and would like to learn to program in these programs as well. But I’ve hear that R is the way to go for the future and I just don’t want to be limited in my skills and I’d like to be more versatile.

  • Rave: Condo went on the market Thursday afternoon….Friday afternoon had one offer. And MANY showings.
    Rave: about 50 people came to the open house.
    Rant: Still worried about the process
    Rave: Went to the movies with my husband. Without a child. My MIL was visiting (eh).
    Rant: Spent that time seeing Kingsmen. Blech. I want my 3 hours back. Ok, 2 hours. The 1 hour or so of Colin Firth was nice.

  • Rant: Difficult weekend that had me in tears, and I don’t cry easily. I got to my mom’s house at midnight Friday, got up at 8 to clean out my room, my dad stopped by half a dozen times, my mom got pissed that he kept stopping by, and pissed that I got lunch with my dad, and pissed that I spent almost my entire Saturday and Sunday AM in my room cleaning it out while I had netflix on in the background. She also had me trash several important mementos to me (I don’t have room for it, she’s looking for a small condo, my dad will be who knows where…). I took my family dog for a walk at one point and she was really sick (I wasn’t even aware that there could be that much blood), but my mom just shrugged it off. Sunday AM my mom got pissed that we didn’t have any “one on one time to talk” even though we grabbed dinner Saturday together and then hung out in the family room together until we both went to bed. In moving several large & heavy boxes down stairs to ship to my apartment, I twisted my knee, almost fell, and dropped a box down the stairs and smashed the light bulb of a lamp. I have a sinking suspicion that was the fragile box, too… The last thing my mom said to me as I was leaving for the airport was to go say goodbye to the dog because this might be it. My dad switched his flight to mine, so I didn’t even have time to decompress (although I hid in the airport to call boy and cry). We sat on the tarmac in DC for 45 minutes, barely leaving me time to run to the grocery store and make dessert for a family dinner, and I didn’t get much alone time with boy last night. The last thing I wanted to do today was get up and go to work, where I have 0 privacy, a job I greatly dislike, and coworkers who pry into my personal life.
    Rave: There is nothing left in my childhood room anymore.
    Rave: I somehow still fit into my formal dresses from high school, so I now have more formal gowns for any event that might pop up.

  • Rave-ish: Had a good date this weekend (I think?) We chatted for about 5 hours about basically everything under the sun. Didn’t get a definitive feel on a spark until the very end of the date when we said goodnight, so I suppose that’s a good thing? Feeling unsure. There looks like there will be a second date next week though!

    Rant: Finally succumbed to a bad head cold that has been going around my office. Merp.

  • Rave: fun-filled weekend.
    Rant: two nights in a row of crappy sleep without good cause.
    Rave: at least I got a 90-minute nap yesterday afternoon?
    Rave: wearing my new cute keen sandals. wanted to wear a skirt, but too cold this morning. but enjoying the sandals 🙂
    Rave: got some super cute shots of my daughter & wife holdings hands & walking yesterday from our trip to the park. impressed that kiddo walked pretty much all the way there and back! four blocks each direction seems pretty good for a 21-month-old 🙂

    • I own a pair of Keen’s. They are ugly-as-sin, but they are also the SUV of sandals. Great for summer trails, water activities, etc. I’m impressed that you found a pair that are actually cute! haha 😀

      • That’s how I usually feel about keens, but check these out: http: //www .rei.com/product/879688/keen-emerald-city-ii-sandals-womens-2014-closeout . And I got them for 30% off the clearance price!

        • Nice find! Those are cute. Mine are the ugly, yet totally protective pair:
          http:// epicureancyclist.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/dsc_3267. jpg

          • Oh yeah, I definitely have more than one pair along those lines. I love them. But was also totally psyched to find the ones linked above. The footbed isn’t clunky, but still comfy and supportive. Best of both worlds!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Fun photoshoot with friends that included cider, rum and and beer. Felt more like a party.
    Rave: Going away next weekend in the name of sports photography, but that means
    Rant: Missing the unofficial PoPville HH and
    Rant: Going to a place north with subfreezing temperatures and snow.
    Rave: Loving the spring so far!

  • Rave: I had a wonderful weekend. I got to see Better Than Ezra in a crowd of 20 people at the marathon finish line (also watched my friend finish), got all caught up with a friend in Alexandria (and got some job advice), and went on a lovely hike to sugarloaf mountain
    Rant: I need better hiking buddies who will go slowly with me rather than periodically stop for me, wait for me to catch up, and then go on ahead of me the entire time. Any popville takers?

  • Rave: Great weekend – party on Saturday and dinner with neighbors on Sunday.
    Rave: Put up blinds in my bedroom – curtains weren’t blocking out enough sunlight.
    Rant: 5:45 alarm came way too early this morning.

  • Rant: There is a massive email chain going on right now of people replying all to confirm their participation in a conference call. Two people have replied all to tell everyone to stop replying all, but people continue to reply all!
    Rave: Had a great time with friends on Friday and Saturday nights.
    Rant: The rest of the weekend was pretty dull. I don’t do particularly well with a ton of down time and tend to get anxious. Need to find a new hobby.
    Rant/Rave: Super windy long run yesterday. The second half was pretty good but the wind was terrible on the way out.

  • RAVE: Got a double-whammy of good news from my sister: (1.) she is pregnant and (2.) her and hubby are moving from the West Coast to North Carolina for his work AND already put an offer on a new house. They will be within a few hours of DC! 😀
    RANT: They are buying a 4K sq foot house for $250K. Jesus.
    RAVE: spur of the moment trip to Tulum planned for late April. Tix were dirt cheap. Any recommendations on where to stay?
    RAVE: Renting a rag top 4WD Jeep in Mexico for a week is only $180.
    RAVE: Between personal and work travel, I’m out of the office almost entirely from April 20 to mid-June.

    • RAVE: Red Light Dirty this Saturday night. Anyone else going? Awesome theme! 😀

    • Oooo—I’ve heard great things about Tulum. Might need to book a trip there before June so that we can take one last flight with kiddo as a lap child 🙂

    • I stayed at Papaya Playa in a hut with a shared bathroom, which was a little annoying due to the distance. I honestly don’t remember much about the condition on the place, but it’s right on the water which was beautiful. The ocean was actually loud to the point where I used ear plugs to sleep, but we brought our own snorkels and just walked out of the hut to the beach, into the water.

    • Awesome, re: Tulum (and your sis’s news). I don’t have any recs, but look forward to hearing about it. Tulum is on my list.

    • Nice on the family news! Where in NC?

      • Near Fort Bragg. Closest “big” city is Fayetteville, I believe.

        • Volunteer to meet them in Raleigh. Fayettenam is the pits.

          • Oh, that’s kind of unfortunate. But at least they’re within easier visiting distance!

          • Good to know. I’m sure my sister will figure that out pretty quickly (she’s a tall, blonde beach bunny from Southern California).
            That said, they just bought a 5BR house. They will probably want to me to visit and stay there. If anything, hopefully I can just eat lots of good BBQ and go shoot guns in the woods with her husband 😀

        • There are lots of great festivals for families in that area, though, especially with the Beast of Bladenboro, the NC Blueberry Festival, the Classy Chassis Car Show and stuff like that.

    • Tulum is awesome. However, beware the rental car quote you received. I’m not sure where you got the quote from, but when I went, I rented a 4 door compact car from hotwire I believe. I was quoted something insane like $115 for 5 days. Well, upon getting to the hertz rental car desk, I was told that insurance was required, and somehow, my bill ended up quadrupling to $400. Unfortunately, i think getting scammed on rental cars is fairly common in mexico so you want to be sure renting a car is worth the added price.

      • That’s really interesting. The rental is with Avis, so at least it’s one of the legit big companies. I booked it through Frontier Airlines, as they were able to offer a substantial discount if you combined with your flight ticket. The prices on Kayak for a stand-alone car rental were higher. I will be sure to read through the fine print and see what it says.
        The rental agents are also under huge pressure to up-sell insurance and other “intangible” benefits, as they get commission. I wouldn’t put it past him to lie about the requirement.
        Though this is a very interesting read. Looks like one of the commenters found a way around the issue:
        www. peanutsorpretzels. com/tips-renting-a-car-in-mexico-liability-insurance/

    • a friend of mine just got a job in the Research Triangle in NC. He’s been renting the 5+ years he’s been here in DC, but is buying a newly renovated craftsman house within walking distance of his work for about $275K. Lucky bastard.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great weekend! Cloverfest was fun despite the rain, and day-drinking and then getting a ton of sleep paid off. Sunday was super productive.
    Rave: Demolition on the rear brick wall started.
    There were a couple people that expressed interest in free bricks. If so, please touch base with Dan and he can give you my email address. We had someone come yesterday and take a bunch, but the rest of the wall is coming down today, so I anticipate that there are plenty to go around.
    Rave: Impromptu Caps game last night

  • Rave: Short work week this week, as I leave for Florida on Thursday to see family!
    Rant: Means I’m missing the Cherry Blossom Opening Ceremony, which I was really looking forward to (forgot it was this weekend instead of next) and the PoPville happy hour.
    Rant: Of course the warm, sunny weather occurs during the work week instead of over the weekend. And it’s supposed to get cold again from Wednesday. Boo…
    Rave: Went wine tasting for a friend’s birthday on Saturday at Barrel Oak. Really fun, and they had some good wines! First visit to a winery. 🙂

  • Rant: I think I Gabe 4 nieces and nephews but my brothers won’t let me meet them. I think the oldest is 8 I’ve offered to meet, take time off work, to no avail. Neither has given me any reason why.
    Last night older bro reached out to me on fb just to say hi. I responded that I still wanted to meet them, and he read it but didn’t respond. I’m thinking it’s because I’m gay or didn’t keep in touch enough over the years. My phone # has been the same for 11yrs while theirs have changed. Why not keep in touch with me? I’m just disgusted.

    • I’m so sorry for your situation. That sounds incredibly tough. I don’t know what others would suggest. My first thought is to ask frankly about their reasons, but my second thought is to take it slow and work towards rebuilding your relationship with your siblings first. Any chance you can do that?

      • I asked for the reason and haven’t gotten any response. No, I don’t think I could. I’m just too pissed.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The college decision process is slowly killing me. Eldest Zelda thought she was close to a decision, but she’s not so sure now.
    Rave: She has some great choices.
    Rave: We took a break from the prickly teen/annoying parent dynamic last night and just had a nice, relaxed conversation.

  • Becks

    Rave: While I haven’t been able to post often, I am so glad Popville is here to keep me up to date on the Happenings around the district!!! Thanks Popville!
    Rave: I worked from home for the last two weeks and it was glorious!
    Rant: Back at the office and the computer has already shut down on me twice this morning!
    Rant: Lady Carlotta was super cute and blocking the door when I tried to leave this morning. I hated leaving her.
    Rave: I have tickets to Man of La Mancha this week. Super excited about seeing the show!
    Rave: Spring is in the air and I am getting the gardening bug!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I feel guilty leaving Donna behind (parents, how do you do it? Your kids can actually ask you to stay home!) I need to teach her to go back to bed after I get up like Ashlee did. I never felt guilty leaving Ashlee for work.
      I planted some seeds Saturday! I hope they didn’t all blow away Sunday. Fingers crossed that some of my fancy violets come up!

    • Becks

      I think being home the last few weeks has really thrown Lady Carlotta off her schedule; and add the daylight savings time. She is cute and doesn’t want me to go. She even offered me her tummy this morning! She still doesn’t like to be held but I have noticed that if I wake up in the night, she will be sleeping near me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Does Lady Carlotta let you pet her tummy? Donna offers her’s all the time, but it’s a trap! She will take your hand off if you actually touch it. It’s the only time she uses claws and bites with any force. It’s cute.

  • justinbc

    Rant’ish: Starting to get quotes in for redoing our master bathroom suite, and man are they all over the spectrum (I’m giving them all the same spec design that I created).
    Rave: Now that we’re one step closer to getting it done I’m really excited about the final product. Like most of the stuff I come up with I really don’t care about resale value, so it will be definitely be unique.

    • Yeah, prepare for pretty much all of them to be all over the place. We have received six quotes for our small bathroom and the quotes ranged from $6k-$21k! It’s funny to call some of them on the BS.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Fun weekend with friends, went to the Yona Pop-Up at G (small plates were great, Ramen was so-so, should have got the Miso)
    Rant: I had a good date thursday texted her friday saying i had fun and would love to get together again. She responded like 5 hours later also saying she had a good time. Maybe I am overthinking things, but i didn’t exactly get the response I was hoping for (and we haven’t talked since friday).
    TBD: I am going to take a shot in the dark and be confident an ask her out wednesday. I mean she told me to text her at the end of our date, and she responded saying she had a good time (so she would be interested in having another good time?)

    • I say text her and ask her out for a specific day. If she doesn’t say yes but she’s still interested, she should suggest a different day. If she doesn’t say yes or suggest a different time…I’d let it go.

    • Nice to hear your recommendation for the Yona pop up. My friend and I are going to check it out this weekend. As for the dating, you should ask her on another date more concretely. She may not have gotten the hint. Best of luck!

    • Why are you waiting until Wednesday to ask her out?
      And ditto to what AJNE said — get in touch with her and ask her out for a specific day.

    • Anonynon

      LA – definitely get the Brussel sprouts (those were the favorite dish). And yeah definitely get the Miso Ramen over the Tonkotsu (however its spelled). The apple/radish dish was kinda meh. I tried the Aooni japanese IPA it was great…some friends tried the cocktails and they were delicious too.

      And yeah i was going to text her this evening to ask her out for a date on Wednesday. Thanks for the little confidence boost. And definitely agree if she can’t make Wednesday and doesn’t suggest another day thats a blatant sign to move on…trying to be optimistic based on how Thursday went though

      • Well I wouldn’t be too worried about the 5 hour response time. She might have hoped for a text message Thursday night , and so felt less inclined to immediately respond to your text Friday.

        • At times ppl are afraid of appearing too eager so they’ll wait a day before getting in touch. I’m all for the did you get home ok and I’d like to see you again same night if it’s not too late.

          • Accountering

            This is spot on. When I was dating, I waited a couple of days to text after a date, and would sometimes even wait a few hours to respond to a text. Its a game, but it works 🙂

          • It can work or backfire like it did above perhaps. I think waiting too long is definitely bad if you’re interested, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when that is person to person.

        • Anonynon

          just to clarify…we went out thursday, i ended up meeting with friends after the day (which was 6-8). By the time i thought about it i figured i would text her friday morning, i did and she responded after work friday saying she had a good time. Although I said i would love to get together again and she didn’t have any comment on that sentence. I was pretty busy this weekend (as i had said in the date) so i don’t think its a big deal to follow back up monday and see if she’s up for something this week. Stay tuned.

          • Just keep in mind that inviting someone out at short notice _can_ come across as “Oh hai, I noticed a hole in my schedule for this week, so — since I have nothing better to do — wanna meet up on Wednesday?”
            Not necessarily applicable in this case, but a potential pitfall.

          • Anonynon

            I agree but I think giving her two days to figure it out is ample time, if she can’t at least she knows I wanted to see her again. Then she can decide if she wants to come up with a follow up date aka reschedule. I am kinda baffled that girls who had a good time on a first date are not willing to text at all afterwards, I feel like this one wants me to lead the way. So i will give it a shot

  • Rave: dusted off the bike and biked to work today. It was refreshing and just what I needed.
    Rave: got good customer service at CityBikes in Adams Morgan despite the poor Yelp reviews. An employee commented that I was the best customer because of my patience. I noticed he dealt with a rude customer before me, so he made me look good.. It’s warm out. Bike shops are busy. Don’t be a jerk to the employees because they can’t do a complete bike overhaul and tune up in 24 hours.
    Rave: played a bit of matchmaker with my new guy friend and my best friend. they’re going on a date! he is kinda freaking her out by over-texting though. oy!
    Rant: still can’t stop thinking about the guy who ghosted/faded out on me. get out of my head! I need a distraction and no, dating again is not a solution. prepping myself for maybe running into him tonight.

    • Hopefully over texting is his worst quality.

      Sorry you’re still hung up on this guy. Maybe do a spa day. A massage is always the cute for what ails you.

      • He’s a new friend, and I’m hanging out with him tonight. I still need to get to know him better but so far he seems like a good friend to add to our friend group. My friend will have to figure out if he’s good dating material. I don’t think it’ll be awkward if it doesn’t work out between the two of them. I hope. Spa? I am a bit too aggressive for that. It’s tennis season so the aggression is going to help my game.

  • Rant: It was between me and another person for a job that I really wanted and I received an email from the manager today that it was a really difficult decision, but they went with the other candidate who had more direct experience. Sigh, so freakin’ disappointed and this has happened a couple times over the past few months. Really down on finding a new job.
    Rave: At least I have a job and got a lot done around the house this weekend.

    • Sorry about the job. And yes, the positive is that you have a job. I’m in the same boat. I have a job but learned that this ideal job I interviewed for called my references 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t heard anything from the job. So it goes.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That sucks! Job hunting can be so soul crushing. hang in there!

  • Rant: houseguest who won’t leave. a friend of mine got dumped by his girlfriend of 8 years, and needed a place to stay, so i told him he could crash on my couch…in JANUARY. not only is it way overdue for him to get his act together, my boyfriend just came back from 3 months overseas, and it would have been really nice to have some alone time together, but there is no end in sight to my houseguest.
    Rave: boyfriend is home!

    • He has squatters rights now. I hope you can get him out soon.

    • You should talk to houseguest. I know houseguest is probably having a tough time (I’ve been there myself) but that’s not an excuse to take advantage of other people’s kindness. He’ll need some time to figure out where he’s going next and probably won’t do that without a nudge, so unfortunately I think you need to say something.

    • Uh-oh. Sounds like you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with the houseguest and tell him that you’re sorry, but he has to be out by [date].

      • ugh…yeah i know i need to do more than drop hints. i just feel so bad for him! i told him two weeks ago how excited i was for my boyfriend to be coming back and i couldn’t wait to spend more time together, and that he was planning on moving in with me (he gave up his place before he left for south america in november). i would have thought that would be enough of a hint? three people and one bathroom is tough. plus his stuff is all over the place, and i feel bad sitting on my own couch where he is sleeping.

        • Yeah, subtle hints don’t work with most (oblivious) guys.
          Why the hell has he not found a new place? Is he unemployed? Two months on a couch is crazy.

          • agreed. Although if he is unemployed too, it explains why he would be even more oblivious to her hints. Being dumped and job-less would make anyone a little “distracted” and not 100% in perception abilities.

        • People recently on the dumping end of a long-term relationship aren’t usually very sensitive to hints. You have to be clear and firm. Kind and sympathetic, but clear and firm.

        • Saying bf is moving in isn’t really telling me you want me to leave. Plenty of houses have 3+ to 1 bathroom, so it didn’t really bother him. If you don’t tell him to leave he’ll be there indefinitely. I assume he’s not paying rent, so even if it’s not perfect, the deal is pretty good for him.

        • I can’t believe you’ve been so generous to put up with a couch slayer for 2 months! Just say, “Dude, I love you and you know I feel for you, but I need to reclaim the apartment for me and [BF]. So I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Can we say by next Monday?”

          • gah… thanks. i’ll just have to suck it up and have the hard conversation with him. he’s employed, but hasn’t been going to work all that often because he’s so down in the dumps. i feel bad for him and turfing him seems like kicking him when he’s down but c’mon we’ve all been dumped, and i think 2 months is just too long. thanks for the encouragement and letting me know that i’m not crazy for wanting my apartment back.

          • it doesn’t need to be hard — just straightforward. It’s reasonable to want to have some privacy, boyfriend or not, and I hope you’ll make a strong effort to keep socializing with him and bring him out of his funk even when he’s not blending into your furniture. Just act like it’s no big deal, but he’ll need to find another place to go by next week.

  • Rant-rave: Too much going on today to post here earlier and to catch up on all the RRRR goings on.
    Rave: Awesome puppy playdate yesterday with Freya and Porkchop and their fabulous people.
    Rant: Gary was the worst in his puppy preschool class by far. The little guy would not stop barking, and that means we have to get more serious about training him not to bark so much. We usually calm him by giving him snuggles, but obviously that approach just encourages him. (So my actual rant is that I won’t get to snuggle him as much if I want him to stop barking, but I love his puppy snuggles!)
    Rant: Hormonal as hell and more grumpy than I am hormonal.
    Rave: Even more “Shaw” scuttlebutt coming (although it’s also probably not accurate to call this “Shaw” scuttlebutt, the PR nerds are saying it is, and I am not in the mood to argue).

    • If not Shaw proper, then where? 😉

      • The Shay and Atlantic Plumbing. I’d probably call this U Street, but someone has the idea that it should be called “North Shaw.” (Cue the “Mean Girls” Regina George “fetch” reference)

        • Correction: “The North End of Shaw.” Which has its own hashtag, #northendshaw. (Snickering because I wasn’t kidding about that hormonal grumpiness thing.)

          • Yea, I’d definitely call that U street, for the most obvious of reasons. Though I do think it’s somewhat funny that U st came to be “a thing” before the idea of “Shaw” took off, and now the developers are trying to market that area as Shaw.

    • keep it up with puppy preschool, I’m sure Gary will get the hang of it soon! we loved hanging out with you guys too!

  • I remember when Dupont Circle was hip and Logan Circle was dangerous, and real estate agents were trying to market locations on 15th Street as “Dupont East.”
    *waves cane in air*

    • Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to Anonymous 3:51 p.m. (regarding the “U Street” vs. “Shaw” issue).

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