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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Snow day again!
    Rave: Picking up a side-hustle for today
    Rant: I tend to forget I’m not totally broke, so I have a tendency to not take much “me” time.

  • Rave: headed to Delhi in the summer to teach English for 3 weeks
    Rave: Popvillers sharing their advice on teaching abroad; thanks all
    Rant: novice when it comes to finding backpacks for short, chunky women like me

    • Re: the backpack? Have you tried REI? I really will take the time to find one that’s sized properly to your frame.

    • Blithe

      Re: your Rant: You might want to talk to someone at REI — I’m pretty sure that fitting customers with appropriately sized backpacks is something that they can help you with. Title 9 sports might also be able to help. Even if they don’t have quite what you’re looking for, they might be able to make some recommendations. Timbuk2, LLBean, and Landsend have backpacks that come in a wide variety of sizes — so talking with their customer service reps might be helpful as well. Happy shopping!

      • Yes, REI is great for backpacks! They’ll take your measurements and get you the right size. They have weights they put in the pack so you can see what it feels like when you’re carrying stuff.

    • I’m a short chunky woman–I love my North Face Borealis backpack…The women’s one. Agreed on talking to someone at REI.

    • Also worth the trip out to EMS in Virginia. They are *great* and if you still have a college ID, you can get a discount 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      How exciting to teach in India!

  • Rave: The Big Family Decision is looking a whole lot less scary (today, anyway). The city was wonderful, our trip was wonderful, and I think the husband and I now have an arrangement that could work for us both. What a difference three days makes. At this point, I think we have things in place that we need to make a decision once (if?) a final offer comes in.
    Rave: Walked 22 miles this weekend and saw a ton of said city.
    Rant (I suppose): So tired today. I’m going to be that guy who’s in bed at 9 PM, if not earlier. Yawwwwn!

    • Blithe

      Shawess, I’m glad that your BFD is looking less scary — and that your trip was wonderful! Yay!!!!! Your post made me thing of Dinah Washington, so I’ve added “What a Difference a Day Makes” to my playlist for today. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • Yayyy, I’m so glad that things are looking up!

    • Oh good, glad you’re feeling better about things!

      • littlen, you just reminded me that I wanted to recommend something to you and others who could use a lift right now. Tara Brach, an insight meditation teacher and author of Radical Acceptance, teaches amazing meditation classes in Bethesda and they are available as free podcasts. I haven’t been to one of her classes in person, but find that if I’m at a sort of crossroads or going through something challenging, her voice is the best one to have it my ear. There a link to the audio on her site, tarabrach.com/audiodharma.html , or you could search for “Tara Brach” in iTunes.

  • Rant – walking the dog in an ice storm. She fell on the ice yesterday and didn’t want to go outside for the rest of the day. Took a lot coaxing and treats just to get her out the door to do her business.
    Rave – It was pretty outside this morning
    Rant – waiting at the airport for more work travel.
    Rave – going to southern California.

  • Rave: Tried the 95 express lanes for the first time for an Ikea/Wegmans run to and from Woodbridge on Saturday. So worth it, felt like royalty on a private road blowing past the commoners sitting in traffic. I may have issues with the public policies behind it, but in the moment it was pretty cool.
    Rave: Chicken and white bean chili came out fantastic, and was perfect for a shut-in Sunday.
    Bonus Rave: Perfect weekend for curling up with new House of Cards episodes. Trying so hard to ration them.

  • Rant: my property taxes/assessment doubled from 2k to 4k since purchasing a renovated home last year.

    • What neighborhood? Just received my new assessment – went from 450k to 525k in a year. Yikes. Not looking forward to the new tax bill.

      • Trinidad

      • I’m in Park View (or maybe Pleasant Plains) and mine has gone up a bunch too. In two years it went from 380 to 450 to 510. It’s right around the appraised value now, so hopefully I’m done for a bit.
        FYI you may know this, but there’s a 10% cap on the amount the taxable assessment can increase each year, so your taxable assessment can increase more slowly than your assessed value.

        • Thx for the heads up. I’ll have to look over the notice more carefully when I get home. I’m receiving the Homestead Deduction, if that makes a difference.

          (I’m in Truxton Circle, btw)

    • The 2k was probably based on pre-reno price because that is really low. Are you receiving the homestead deduction? If not, apply because it makes a nice difference!

  • Rave: Costco’s pharmacy. I went there for the first time this weekend. One of the meds I needed was supposed to cost around $150. The pharmacist found a coupon for me and reduced the cost by about half.

    Rant: Icy sidewalks!

  • Rant: Family member fell and was injured on the ice this weekend. Be careful out there, folks!
    Rant: I woke up feeling tired and anxious this morning.
    Rave: i made it to the gym anyway.
    Rave: Quiet day in the office so far. I’m just going to drink my coffee and try to make it through this day.

  • Rave: MPD was at Stadium Armory this morning handing out Missing flyers for Relisha Rudd. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of her disappearance. I believe the worst has happened to her, but I applaud the police for keeping up the search.
    Rant: It’s been one year since Relisha Rudd disappeared and she has still not been found.

    • The story hurt on so many levels. That poor child. The fact that as a society, children grow up in situations like that, makes my heart hurt. I’m glad they’re still looking.

  • rant: saw the 8:35 announcement of a 2 hour office delay at 8:50… in my chair at work. I had already left by then so it’s whatever really. Just mad I didn’t check OPM since we follow their schedule.
    rave: some weekend pho and a new toaster oven! Took me forever but I got a good deal. Had to traverse to the dungeon Macys in Metro Center but it was worth it.
    rant: tired as heck

    • Get the OPM app! It really works well. I’d much rather have my phone chime at 4am (or earlier) than to have to guess.

  • Rave: sorta… A know-it-all colleague learned a lesson this morning. That it’s “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” I felt bad for him, but at the same, I’m glad it happened, because our meeting would have gone even longer. Maybe he’ll think before speaking about something he has no experience with.

    Rant: I’m now running late to my dentist appt. Come on red line. No whammies!!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Two hour delay was just enough to get things melted, so I had an easy commute in.
    Rave: Temps above freezing on my morning commute felt like such a luxury.
    Rave: Registering for my 20th college reunion today.
    Rave: Fun visit with Emilie this weekend and amazing Sweden pressies.

  • RANT: The Philly airport – it smells like garbage and it is staffed by some of the most miserable souls I’ve ever encountered. Holy jeez.
    RAVE: somehow made it back to DC last night without dying. Unfortunately, I had to drive home in a rental car after a 9 hour international flight through that terrible weather. I-95 was a mess.
    RAVE: woke up early at 6am after an amazing 8 hours of deep sleep. Returned rental car to DCA, found my luggage in a pile of 500 bags (literally), and was in my office by 815am 🙂

    • +1 to your rant. I hate that airport.

    • Wait — you drove from Philly to D.C.? If so, how did your luggage end up at DCA — did you have a connecting flight from Philly to DCA that was canceled?

      • Yup, that’s exactly right. They canceled nearly every flight starting around 3pm. I was re-ticketed 3 times for different flights, all were eventually canceled, and so I eventually left. Unfortunately, my suitcase was already tagged and deep in the bowels of PHL, so they told me it will eventually end up at DCA. Between the ineptitude of the employees and sheer numbers of stranded people, there was no way to try to reclaim it. I found my bag at DCA at 8am this morning, sitting among hundreds of other bags in the public baggage claim area (of course, unattended….I could have pick up any bag and just walked off).

        • tonyr

          Was AMTRAK running? It’s only a couple of stops from the airport to the main Philly station. Better than risking life and limb while jetlagged.

  • Rant: Cross-crossed the country trying to get home last night (oregon – colorado – chicago – DC), only to have United announce about 5 minutes before boarding that we’re waiting for the pilot, then 2 minutes later that the flight was cancelled. I called and got on a flight this morning, but I had to wait in a 2 hour line for a hotel room (note – the line was longer than the flight would have been). Very long day (7 AM Pacific time – around midnight central).

    Rant/Rave: 80% of the time I don’t need my cane, but between being smooshed into a plane and running all over, my leg was killing me. I am SO glad I always travel with a folding cane, I really needed it by the end of the day yesterday.

    Rave: had a good relaxing time just hanging out with my dad watching documentaries and talking for a few days.

  • Rave: Got married on Saturday! Super small, just what we wanted, everyone had a great time and the food was amazing. Thanks Bluejacket! (yes, we got married at a brewery)

    Rant: No time or money for a honeymoon, so we’re back at work like normal today.

    Rave: It was WARM out this morning! And I saw buds on the trees! The end of winter is in sight!

    • Blithe

      Congratulations! Mazel tov!

    • Hooray! Best wishes to you both!

    • epric002

      congratulations! see if you can find time for a weekend mini-moon. we’re coming up on three years and still haven’t done our honeymoon, but a few weeks after our wedding we went away to charlottesville for a weekend and it was well worth it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Mazel tov! I hope you get to take a long romantic vacation in the near future. May I suggest Sweden? 😉

      • Sweden would be great! Actually, we’ve been tossing the idea of Iceland around.
        However, we have a 6 year old and I’m also 5 months pregnant, so any big trips will have to wait a bit 🙂 My parents are taking the 6 year old to the beach for a few weeks this summer before the baby arrives, so we may take a weekend trip then.

        • Mazel tov on getting married AND on the pregnancy! So much love and goodness 🙂

        • I looked in to a few places near by for a pre-baby trip. Never took it but….Check out Bedford Springs and the inn at perry cabin. Also, Hotel Hershey is actually really nice. Congrats!!!

    • Congrats!

    • Is that why Bluejacket was so crowded early on Saturday evening. Not so much the dining room but the bar area was loaded. We didn’t stay. Congrats!!

      • We were only there until 3 (we did brunch, figured it was easier) and we were on that little catwalk platform upstairs. It was perfect, we ended up with 24 people and the staff did a phenomenal job. I think they’re starting to have live music on Saturdays though, that may be why they were packed.

    • Congrats…..and that sounds like a pretty sweet place for a wedding! 😀
      How did you have it set up? Sectioned off a private area of the brewery? If/when I get married, I am leaning more to doing something similar (40 people max for early dinner in a nice place, after party at a bar/lounge where I can invite more friends, etc.)

      • They have a small area upstairs (if you’ve ever taken one of the tours there, it’s where the tours start). We maxed it out at 24 people. It was great, but a little odd that other people could see us, we forgot quickly once things got going. We did brunch rather than dinner, thinking that it would save money and be easier on us since we have a 6 year old. We also didn’t want anything too formal (since you know, I’m pregnant and we were getting married at a bar! Ha!). It turned out to be easier on the restaurant as well, they weren’t as crowded as they normally are in the evenings.

        They served us family style from a pre-chosen menu (with so few people, we knew of and were able to accommodate any food restrictions), with all the tables pushed together to make one long table and brought out the food in waves, with one platter every 4 people or so. Everyone arrived by 11:30, we said our vows at 12, sat down to eat at 12:30, cut and served the cake at 2:30 and ended everything at 3. It worked really well. It felt very special, but not overwhelming.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Much needed girl-time with some best buds. And crabcakes. Life is Good! 🙂
    Rave: Realizing that my “new friends” are people that I’ve known, loved and trusted for over a decade. I do, of course, have “even newer friends”, but I’m glad and grateful that I’ve been able to build relationships that go the distance.
    Rave: I’ve done a lot of work to open up enough to change some primal archetypes for the better. MUCH gratitude and love for the people in my life who are helping me to grow. Yay!
    Rave: It’s nice to wake up not feeling Rant-y! More sunlight! More exercise! More vitamin D. More crabcakes with friends!

    • I love your updates and all of the happy raving! Is it my imagination or are many people’s updates today a lot happier? Yay for weekends, sunlight, exercise and time with good friends! Dinah knows what she’s talking about.

  • Rave: To the woman on the #63 bus this morning who didn’t escalate the discussion when the bus driver refused to let riders off in the middle of the lane while waiting for a motorcade to pass by.
    Rant: Metro, give your drivers some decision-making authority.

    • I respectfully disagree. I want the bus drivers to drive the route according to the rules of the road and pick up and drop off passengers at the designated stops. I don’t want them changing things up on the fly and I don’t think passengers should expect them to or “escalate the discussion” when they don’t.

      • This morning’s situation was innocuous, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the L’Efant train incident played out in a similar way: a metro employee is “going by the book” rather than exercising some judgment about how to handle a situation. The driver seemed mostly concerned that she would be blamed if something went wrong.. She had a bit of an attitude when the young woman asked about getting off. Of course this being DC there is the racial dynamic at play (bus driver: Black, passengers, mostly white millennials itching to not to be late for work). I’m giving credit to the white woman for not making much ado about it all, as I, honestly, expected her to.

    • The drivers have designated pick up and drop off locations. No deviations allowed.

  • epric002

    rave: dinner at rasika was phenomenal! thanks so much accountering for the reservation!
    rave: both the up and down escalators at southbound GA Ave have been working the last few days.
    rave: 2 hour delay this morning was much needed.
    rave: did not break any bones navigating the ice yesterday and today.

    • I love Rasika. We go for every “event” (birthday, anniversary, ect) and we hadn’t been in a while and when we finally went, they asked where we’d been – told them I had a kid (it was our last pre-baby nice meal, too). They gave us a bunch of congratulatory desserts on the house. LOVE.

      • epric002

        the service was impeccable and the food was amazing. rasika is definitely on our list now for future “events”, though i think we’re going to try marcel’s for our anniversary next month.

  • Rant: Lost power at 6pm. Didn’t have power by the time I left to go to work. Oh come on Hill East!

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Rant: hate delays (not work related) but this one hour delay is throwing my schedule completely off.

    Rant: I’m starving. So hungry

    Rant: I have no energy this morning and a slight headache.

    Rave: I’m alive

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Rep. Aaron Schock’s Instagram photos.
    Rave: Schock having to pay back taxpayer money for trips he took to see the Bears and his “Downton Abbey” office decor. If he opposes issues politically unlike his desire to decorate he must really be a sad hypocritical man.
    Rant: Wonder if he’ll pay back all the taxpayer money he has spent on his fancy hot photographer. Anyone who claims to be fiscally conservative and says he is against government waste, but opposes gay rights deserves to be outed.
    Revel: When will he finally come out? Come on, already. I mean, come out already. He’s 34 and not 16.

    • I have mixed feelings about this. Yes, he seems like a dbag and it’s really annoy how he opposes gay rights, but I do not believe in outing someone no matter how terrible they behave. Having gone through the process myself it’s really personal and everyone’s journey is different. 12, 16, 34, 44, doesn’t matter the age it’s a very difficult thing to do.

      • I agree. I don’t like treating coming out like a punishment or a “gotcha”.

      • hispanicandproud

        Yes, I agree about the process but there is no need to hurt those who are gay just because you can’t come out because of fear of losing votes. I like the Barney Frank rule that closeted politicians who oppose gay rights deserve to be outed.

        • Where’s the proof that he is gay? Are you assuming he is just because he has a flare for decorating and because he is single at the age of 34? What am I missing?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work uninstalled firefox while I was on vacation. I have to get special permission to get it back.
    Ran: I keep dreaming I’m with child. I think a demon is trying to knock me up.
    Rant: The Downton Abbey season finale sucked donkey d**k. Christmas specials are the worst.
    Rave: the day is early, I”m sure I can think of one.

    • I actually liked the “Downton” season finale all right, but overall, the plots in the show are becoming more and more far-fetched. Among other things: It’s not enough for ONE servant in the household to be accused of murder, now we have to have TWO??

      • Emmaleigh504

        And why is the family so trusting of these murderous people? I find them both tiresome, so I would have fired at the first hint of murder. And that stupid Xmas miracle with the the person on the lam. Gag puke.
        I’m also mad at Isobel. She is being stupid.
        I did enjoy drunk Donk 😀 He was funny.

        • tonyr

          It’s just so difficult getting good help these days.

          • I also like (NOT) how there are apparently other household staff who are never named and appear only in the background or at the periphery in downstairs dining scenes. It reminds me of the pretense on “Lost” that there are actually other survivors in addition to the core survivor cast of 12-15 (?) people.

  • Aglets

    Rave: had an entire weekend off- mostly due to the weather which made my side-hustle an impossibility. Hope that this is my last weekend off through not-my-choice tho.
    Rant: this month I have to figure out if i want to/should keep the side hustle. I need to if i want to do anything other than pay my bills but i’m losing the studio space where i make my stuff at the end of the month. i could fold it up or just transition into making stuff in my apartment (shhhh. don’t tell DCRA)

  • Rant/Rave: Bridal Shower went off without a hitch but I spent my weekend on a bridal shower :-(. And we got in super late last night due to ice. But at least we made it home safely!
    Rave: Joined Twitter cause my new boss is really into it. Any hints on using Twitter professionally? I don’t work in social media/branding. I’m a researcher/intl dev practitioner…
    Rant: Slacking on the book club end. Hopefully tonight I’ll move that forward.
    Rant: Major parental issues.

    • don’t use it much. I have a page, but never use it. Share things others post. If you want to use it for work-related things, share work accomplishments. If it’s personal but sharing professional, note that views are your own in your profile. I tend to the minimum on twitter though.

  • Coming up on 3 years with my girlfriend. We’re taking a trip to parts of Europe in May, but I wanted to do something this upcoming weekend. The gift I got her (or us) was an engraved padlock with our anniversary date so that we could put it on the bridge in Paris. I was thinking of having a theme when it came to places to eat…was thinking Boqueria which has unlimited tapas brunch menu and have heard good reviews (we’re going to Barcelona), and Piccolo in Georgetown (been there a couple of times, love the food, and we’re going to Rome). Thoughts?

    • Andie302

      This is so thoughtful! I hope she’s impressed…I am! I really enjoyed Boqueria for brunch. Have fun! If there’s somewhere else you’re going that isn’t covered, let us know and we could give additional ideas.

      • I will have trouble filling in the gaps between brunch and dinner if it’s suppose to snow later this week. I’ll let you guys know! We’re trying to keep it low key for the most part, and save some money for our trip.

    • That is sweet! Just be aware that Paris is not allowing locks to be put on the Pont des Arts any longer – they’ve taken them down and put up glass walls to prevent people from attaching locks.

      • I read articles about this but they were dated late 2014. I don’t know if they are truly serious about it though, a friend of mine went with his girlfriend about 3 weeks ago and they were able to do it. May have to do some digging in now.

        • My husband and I finally took our honeymoon over the last two weeks. (We were married in March 2014.) I can report that the Pont des Arts is still full of locks, and there will be no problem adding yours, as we did last Monday morning while we were out on a run. It’s a beautiful moment, and don’t forget to give your baby a kiss and throw the keys in the Seine. The panels in the middle of the bridge are particularly full of locks and get replaced from time to time. So if you want your lock to stay on the bridge longer, consider one of the emptier panels closer to the shore. (We went for the center anyway.)

          • Also, you should consider using a key lock –there are very few (if any) padlocks that I could see, and surely you will want to throw the keys in the Seine to seal the deal!

    • Just be aware that SOME girls think a trip to Paris 3 years in is a good time to get engaged and if you DON’T pop the question things could get very weird. In case you start to wonder, halfway through the trip. Happened to a friend of mine, he had no idea why his girlfriend was so pissed off by the end of the trip.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Putting the padlock on the bridge would be a great time to propose. Kneel down to lock it towards the bottom and whip out the ring. Hide some champagne and glasses in a travel bag for post proposal toasting. Sunset or sunrise in the background to make it truly movie worthy.

      • This is a good point! I agree with TropicBird that this is only -some- ladies, but it would be really sad to put in all of this work and be so thoughtful only to be “disappointing” in the end. I hope domrep and girlfriend are well aligned on the subject so this will be nothing but a happy, memorable trip!

        • Yep! No worries on that end, have the ring, just trying to nail down location. Thought about the bridge, but I’d like to pick a spot less obvious. She thinks something is up but I’ve been dropping hints about how it may not be a smart idea to bring a ring over there…security, pickpocketing is rampant etc. It got to the point where the more I talked about that, the more I convinced myself that maybe it isn’t a good idea lol. But we won’t have any problems, hopefully.

      • if you are proposing or want some pictures, a friend used this photographer in Paris. http://lamourdeparis.com/

        • This is awesome, thank you! I’m trying to find location and a photographer, I haven’t really been looking as much as I should since the trip is a couple of months away but I guess I should start doing a harder search. Thanks!

  • Rave: Arriving home yesterday, no weather delays and less than 30 minutes from arriving at the airport gate to walking in my front door.
    Rave: Flying into National from the north/down the Potomac & seeing the monuments from the air
    Rave: A week of 80+ degree weather, interesting work plus spending time with a friend that I’ve not seen in at least ten years
    Rave: Gin basil, which gets it’s own rave. I’ll propose this as the official drink of the PoPville Gin and Gardening group!

  • Rave: Had a fun weekend trip with my mom. Great food, good shopping, and excellent company.
    Rant: Keep forgetting to take my meds in the mornings. I think I need to start setting a reminder on my phone.
    Interesting: The Post’s “8 things millenials want– and don’t want…”… I can’t say I relate to most of the list. I agree with wanting to be healthy and appreciating nice athletic gear but after leasing in the city for a couple of years, I do want a house and a car (though wanting a car is probably a result of dealing with WMATA all the time).

    • re your meds: I put it right by my bathroom sink (either behind the faucet where I’ll see it or in the way of my toothbrush). I’m bad at taking it exactly at the same time, but it helps as a visual reminder (just hide them when you have guests over and take them out after).

      • I think I need to do this. I had them out on the kitchen counter right near my breakfast stuff but had to move them when we had people over a couple of times and just got off track. I’ll try the bathroom idea.

        • You can also set an alarm that goes off on your phone at a time BEFORE you leave the house to remind you to take them. I use that trick a lot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I keep my morning meds where I will see them first thing in the morning and have a stash at work, because of course I forget to take them at home even when I look right at them.

      • A stash at work is an excellent idea! My brain doesn’t really turn on until 9:30 or 10 so this would probably be best.

    • epric002

      do you have to take them in the morning? i’m also bad w/pills in the morning so i take as many as i can right before bed.

      • One of them will keep me awake unfortunately. I take most of my meds at night though and that is never a problem. I’m so not a morning person.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Work did not delete all traces of firefox from my computer and I found a hidden copy. woo hoo saved passwords! (work has disabled saving passwords on chrome and IE b/c they hate us.)

  • Rave: Went out dancing with friends this weekend, danced with a cute guy. Just a fun night that I needed. Don’t think I’ll ever hear from the guy again, but meh – had a good time and I’m focusing on that!
    Rave: Started being able to sleep again. Hooray sleep, I love you.
    Rant: My inconvenient work location. 15-20 minute walk to nearest metro, 15 minutes up to convenient buses. The only bus line nearby is unreliable and comes rarely. Makes getting to doctor’s appointments and that a pain, takes so much extra time to get anywhere.

    • Great raves! 🙂

    • Afternoon rant: Back to the drawing board in therapists, since our schedules don’t work. Trekked up there and she gave me a list of a few other people… Didn’t really see the point in going back up there for that, but oh well. Have to make myself actually follow through and schedule with someone else now, part of me just doesn’t want to deal with the hassle.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: freezing rain, so I had to spend my Sunday
    Rave: getting ready for my first wedding of the year
    Rave: kitchen is clean, laundry was done
    Rave: planning the future, photography tours to tropical places, hostals…

  • Rant: another day, another cold. Up on and off all night with a sore throat/cough.
    Rant: coughing is currently triggering my gag reflex/nausea/something. Yuck.
    Rant: day care is closed because not enough teachers could make it in. however,
    Rave: babysitter is also a teacher at daughter’s day care–so she came to babysit so I can go to work! everyone was excited about that plan 🙂

  • Rant: Saw 50 shades of grey yesterday – I knew it was going to be bad, but I was hoping for a so bad its good. No such luck.
    Rave: Saw it with a friend I don’t see often enough – I was really glad to spend some time with her.
    Rave: 6 month anniversary with the boy last night. We trekked up an icy hill for amazing Lebanese food and wine – and helped out some poor trapped souls along the way (Boy’s steel-toed work boots FTW!).
    Rave: Slept in an extra hour and a half – boy getting up at 5am (rant) made me check OPM and reset my alarm. Boy’s street was still a little icy, but barely tweaked my knee on my way to work.
    Rave: Having a key so I can sleep in even when he has an EARLY flight 🙂

  • Rave: Popville!

    Rant: Lately I’ve only been able to get on once a day for a quick scan and sometimes a post. I’m the Anon who posted the “life-changing” rave about suddenly being debt free on Friday. I couldn’t sign on at all after I posted to thank everyone for the well wishes 🙁 A belated thank you to all who congratulated me 🙂

    Rave: Now that I’ve got more disposable income, I’m looking at taking some serious trips. Somewhere tropical in May and thinking Europe/Iceland for 10 or so days in October.

    Rave: My new travel plans are really motivating me to get back on track diet and exercise wise. Exactly the motivation I needed!

    Rave: the food suggestions from Popville over the past few weeks! The prince himself suggested salt and pepper grill for Indian delivery, which did not disappoint, and I also saw someone posted about galley food delivery service which I’ve used a few times now and had great experiences with.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think trips is a great plan for more disposable income! Now you MUST get a popville shirt if you don’t already have one so we can see the sites with you!

    • I like Galley – great healthier alternative. Can’t get my husband on board, though – he’d rathe have Great Wall every night.

  • Rant: defective liquor bottles. Every time I buy a bottle of bourbon or vodka it ends up being empty within a day or two! I think they’re leaking or something.

  • Rave: Installed new rain shower head over the weekend – I didn’t want to get out of it this morning.
    Rave: Downton Abbey Finale and news that Maggie Smith is sticking around for one more season.
    Rant: Slipped and fell a few times taking the trash out last night – lets hope all that ice melts today – will hack at the back steps with snow shovel to make it less like an ice rink and more like a path/stairs.
    Rave: Short week this week – only a Monday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I just experienced the rain shower shower-head last week on vacation. So amazing! I am quite jealous of yours.

      • Since I spend too much time at Marriotts – I had to have one of my own. Best $100 spent in a while. I need to get a new sheets/duvet and mattress topper and then its like I never have to check out of Marriott!

  • Rave: Went to Beau Thai’s new spot with another couple. Very lovely, they weren’t irritated that we had kids, and the food was really excellent. YAY!
    Rant: Didn’t get my cooking done for the week
    Rave: Everyone seems to no longer be sick. So that’s good!
    Rant/Rave: Trying to stay calm about selling the condo. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly! I mean, someone HAS to want it! Plenty of people with pets complain about no housing that takes dogs, so there’s at least that!

    • FWIW, I consider your first rant a quasi-rave. even if you don’t :). Maybe a bit of a sabbatical from meal planning and prep could be a blessing in disguise, letting you save cooking for when it brings you joy rather than when it’s a chore?

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 I took a cooking sabbatical for about 3 weeks due to laziness/dread and vacation. Yesterday I had so much fun planning my weekly menu, shopping, and cooking. It was great!

      • It’s always a chore because I don’t have the time to enjoy it like I used to. I DID manage to make my own play dough for my son, though…who was then completely freaked out by it. So that was a bust! lol

      • oh and I’m considering the whole “once a month meal” thing….I just can’t seem to get motivated to believe any of their selections sound tasty! Maybe I just need spring/summer produce and my farmers markets back so I can get motivated

        • That’s totally possible. And if not, I think that’s perfectly okay too. Seriously, frozen meals have come a LONG way just in the last few years and there a lot of options that could fall in the sweet spot of easy, affordable and healthy. There’s no shame in, say, microwaving a bag of rice, some beans and some vegetables along with something else that makes you happy. Or making individual frozen meals. If you haven’t tried this lately, you might be pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety out there now Extra bonus is that all of the nutritional information is _right there_..

  • Rave: 1st day in new office on new floor. The renovation looks really good with new paint and new carpet.
    Rant: got lost going to the ladies room.
    Rant: Ice on the sidewalks and Metro platforms. Saw folks nearly falling all the way to work.
    Rave: signed up for French class that I’ve been wanting to take forever.

    • epric002

      where are you taking your french class? husband and i are getting serious about practicing on a more regular basis so we a) are going to get together with some french neighbors to practice and b) bought a label maker and are in the process of labeling every object in our house en francias 😛 i had way too much fun with the label maker this weekend.

    • OOOO I’d love to relearn French – where are you taking classes? And mind saying how much they cost?

    • I’m not the OP here, obviously, but can highly recommend the Alliance Francaise. I don’t remember the cost of the classes I took there, but they were several hundred dollars per module — less than at a university, more than Rosetta Stone — and very well adapted to fits the skills and interests of the students. The classes I took were in Penn Quarter but they also have a space in Dupont.

  • Rave: Two-hour delay today!
    Rant: On Saturday, I went to PetMAC (a pet-supply store affiliated with Homeward Trails), hoping to see the “odd couple” Kyle and Gypsy (4-month-old male kitten and 9-year-old female cat — https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/31536574/ ) in full cuddling action. But they weren’t there, because…
    Rave: They were adopted earlier that day!
    Rave: Was able to play with two beautiful adolescent tabby kittens (Velvet and Venus) instead.

    • Andie302

      It makes my heart happy to hear they got adopted!

      • +1. And I think it’s awesome that you (Textdoc) went to play with the kitties!

        • I needed to go there anyway, and I figured as long as I’d paid for parking, I might as well play with the kittens. 🙂
          They were soooo cute. And both were unusual-looking and beautiful. One was a marbled tabby (also known as “classic tabby”) with white. (Marbled tabbies are common in the UK, but in the U.S., striped tabbies are more common.) The other one was a tabby with some stripes but mainly lots of spots, like a Bengal (I think?).
          It made me a little sad that my cat doesn’t like other cats. (I also felt slightly like I was cheating on my cat!)

          • Great update! Maybe by highlighting those two they will be quickly adopted too! Funny, I feel guilty too when I visit adoptable cats at Petco but I’m at n+1 and maxed out. My #2 came from PetMac as well, she actually attended my coop board meeting last night (not in my unit) and made it nicer for all.

          • Emmaleigh504

            A kitty at a meeting is a great idea! Did people fight over her?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Great raves!!

  • Rant: Winter
    Rave: Wedding is about 80% planned so I am focusing on the honeymoon now! Has anyone every stayed at Frenchmans Tortola in BVI?

    • Didn’t stay at Frenchman’s, but what I wouldn’t give to be at Cane Garden Bay in Tortola right now!! You may also want to check out Little Dix Bay resort in Virgin Gorda.

  • janie4

    Rant: The boiler person for my renovation recycled my newish hot water heater and my old boiler. I was planning to sell them to make up some cash or donate them for a tax deduction. Instead, they went to someone else. Not happy. He discussed this with me and my general contractor, so this was a massive oopsie.

    Rave: had a great time at a friend’s wedding this weekend.

    • Accountering

      He likely got cash for them as well. When this happened with my old contractor, I assigned a value to the items $75/radiator) and I asked for it in cash. I don’t think you would be unreasonable to do the same here.

    • This is basically theft. I guarantee that this guy sold them for scrap or to someone else. Not cool at all. Your GC should be liable, since this was his subcontractor.

  • Rave: Great weekend hanging out with friends, finishing Parenthood and binging on House of Cards.
    Rave: Fantastic first meeting with the therapist. Seems to really know his stuff, and has evening appointments available, which is good.
    Rave: OPM keeps giving us 2 hour delays. Love it.

  • Rant: royally messed up a synthesizer last night when attaching the final piece. It’s fixable, but going to be a huge pain. If I’m ever going to make a side business out of it, I need to think farther ahead – this mistake was due to soldering too short a cord to a switch.
    Rave: the new job still rocks – the people here are so nice!
    Rave: John Cheever-themed party went over well. I printed up five quotes of his, juxtaposed with clip art, and taped them to construction paper to put up around my apartment. My little sister made an amazing carrot cake (I will have leftovers for the week!) and I made bijou(x?) and negronis for those in attendance.

  • Rave: Nice weekend at home snuggling by the fire.
    Rave: 2 hour delay! Love sleeping in and the kids did too…everything was safely melted by 10:30. Hubby covered the car with a tarp so when it was time to go, Pop! the car was ready!

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