Mastro’s Steakhouse Now Hiring – Opening in May


Finally! Thanks to a reader for tweeting us word. Mastro’s is coming to the former M&S Grill space downtown. Their website says:

“Mastro’s collection of sophisticated, classic Steakhouses and Ocean Club Seafood locations are recognized for their combination of world-class service, highly acclaimed cuisine, and live entertainment in an elegant yet energetic atmosphere. A truly unparalleled dining experience…

Mastro’s Steakhouse
Washington D.C.
Opening May 2015

13th and F Street, NW

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  • I went to Mastro’s in Laguna Beach when I was on vacation in SoCal last summer. It’s really a top notch place. Really high end (thank goodness I wasn’t footing the bill), but really high quality.

    Still though, another steakhouse? Just what this city needs!

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