File Those Property Tax Appeals Soon – April 1st Last Day to Submit

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From the Office of Tax and Revenue Real Property Tax Administration:

“The Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA) strives to assess property at 100% of estimated market value. Estimated market value is generally defined as the most probable price that a buyer would pay a willing seller on the open market. As the property owner, you are given the opportunity to dispute the assessment of your real property through a formal appeal process. The process involves three levels of appeal, beginning with the First Level Administrative Review(First Level). Subsequent steps include appealing before the Real Property Tax Appeals Commission and DC Superior Court. You must, however, start at the First Level before proceeding to the next levels of appeal. Please complete the following information in order to file the First Level appeal of your property.


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  • I’m appealing mine, which is $117,000 more than it was last year, making my new assessment $747,000. Oddly, my townhouse – which is an end unit – is assessed $268,000 more than the identical unit at the other end of our group of townhouses.

  • My Hill East house was assessed a 10% increase both this year and last year–the maximum allowable increase. From what I’ve seen, however, selling prices in the neighborhood have cooled versus the previous few years. Is anybody else getting dinged like this?

    • They can increase your assessment more than 10% in a year. They just cap the portion that’s taxable at 10%, if you also claim the homestead deduction. My 2015 and 2016 assessments both had an increase of greater than 10%. Last year it was up 16%, and this year it is up 13%.

  • Ally

    I’m a Hill East homeowner and mine went up 10% as well. I debated challenging it, but with the new development starting up at Stadium Armory soon, I figured that might account for the jump from last year.

    • What new development is starting up at Stadium Armory soon? I live a couple blocks away and I don’t recall reading about any definitive development.

    • I’m also in Hill East and noticed a sizeable jump in our assessment, enough that my husband and I actually had a bit of a laugh over it. We’re appealing but from the comments I don’t have much hope.

  • Mine is actually way DOWN in Columbia Heights

  • 10% you say? Mine went from $384k to $482k just this year. Sure, its still a bit below what I would call market price, but holy hell! I contested merely on the basis that $100k is a ridiculous jump.

    • Just to be clear you contested even though you admit you are wrong and it is still below market value?

      My assessed value has gone from about 350 in 2013 to 575 or so this year, but you know what that is still below market value, so I am okay.

  • Our house’s assessment in Bloomingdale jumped 54%, yep over $200k from 2015 to 2016. Thankfully, the 10% cap on taxable increase saved us. I think at some point, the taxable value has to be at least 40% of assessed value, so that may get us in a year or two.

  • I appealed last year and the response I got from RPTA is that they affirmed the assessment was correct. They also stated that if I chose to bring my appeal towards RPTA commission, they had every right to actually raise the assessment even higher. I chose not to risk it, but I always felt that I was getting extorted if I chose to appeal further.

  • I’ve contested 2 of the last 5 years. Both years, the assessments were out of line with reality. This past year, my condo was assessed at a higher value than a larger unit in the same rowhouse that has one more bedroom. Each year that I’ve contested, including last year, the appeal was denied but the following year’s assessment was much lower. Strange, but I can only conclude that there is some incentive against allowing appeals to win, but they try to make up for it the next year. I’ve also concluded that the city should lay off all it’s assessors and just use a Zestimate. People have issues with that, but it seems far less arbitrary to me.

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