DC Grill Express coming to former City2Cafe space on 18th in Dupont

1917 18th Street, NW

Back in April 2014 we noted that the City2Cafe space was for lease on 18th Street. Standby for DC Grill Express. Will update with menu when they open.

City2Cafe opened up in the former Lloyd’s Deli/Miss Kim’s space back in July 2010.


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  • It’s funny that I walk that block so often, but I draw almost a complete blank on anything between T St and Florida Ave. Any ideas if there will be anything distinguishing on the menu, or just another boring carry-out?

  • I always wondered how that place stayed in business for so many years. It was always empty, was only open for lunch, and was not in an area with a whole lot of offices. I swore it had to have been a front for a spy agency or criminal organization.

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