This Line Will be Epic – Free Lobster Rolls Tomorrow

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ben Crosbie

From an email:

“Thought your readers would like to know that D/CITY is collaborating with both Red Hook Lobster and DC Slices food trucks to give away free lunches to the first 100 people beginning at 11:45 AM tomorrow (Thurs) in front of Nellie’s Sports Bar; corner of 9th & U St. NW.”

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  • justinbc

    I don’t know about “epic”, it’s not really a central business hub during lunchtime.

  • I recently saw a line at least 80 people deep waiting for free chain pizza, in freezing rain. The number of people whose dignity and comfort is worth less to them than $7 is simply staggering.

  • D/City is that fake magazine printed by the real estate developers right? If so, then giving away 100 lobster rolls seems like a fairly small price to pay to lure young renters to 9th and U at noon on a weekday.

    • Yes and yes. I also sort of hate myself for saying this, but I kind of like D/City even though it is a fake magazine by developers. I read the issue I saw cover to cover and thought it was pretty okay.

  • Yeah, but if you’re spending an inordinate amount of time in line, they aren’t really “free”, are they?

  • I still read D/City after learning that JBG funds it. How is it fake? It’s real news, real people, real local businesses and neighborhood-driven. Better than the stupid glossy pages of Washingtonian.

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