The Dabney posts a Liquor License Placard in Shaw

1216-1226 9th Street, NW

The placard says The Dabney will be a:

“New full-service restaurant serving American food. Recorded music. Occasional live entertainment for private events only. Total occupancy load of 180. Summer Garden with 18 seats.

Hours are listed as Sunday through Saturday 8am – 1am.

9th Street across from the Convention Center

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  • yes yes yes.

  • They’ve done a great job with the renovation. Looking forward to enjoying this place.

  • If this were 5 years ago I would’ve been thrilled but now how on earth can all these restaurants coexist? Coming within the next year are Convivial, Dabney, The American, and Bacaro and they all sound quite the same. This is alongside Baby Wale, Rogue 24 and Corduroy (granted a cut above), Table, and Thally and not even counting the restaurants further down 9th and at Marriott and CityCenter. The old ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t work any more; they’re just taking customers from each other. Somebody needs to cater to the needs of the neighborhood, rather than their own ‘dreams’. They’re pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars to buildout and decorate rented spaces to the ‘9’s and crow about 15 year leases when they’re lucky if they survive 3 years.

    • The nature of business, yes? May the best (or best marketed) restaurant win. I am loving what’s going on in 9th Street in general. Like 11th Street in Columbia Heights, hopefully it will evolve into an alternative for us adults wanting to escape the 14th Street bro scene.

    • Lisa, There are two more hotels going in on 9th and L, one on NY and 6th, and a Hilton Conrad on 10th & NY. There are also at least 7 more residential buildings being built within a quarter mile of this area as well. Adding another 5 – 7K people to the area will certainly keep these restaurants busy.

      • Point taken. I just look at this stretch of 9th at any time of the day or night and any day and it’s more often than not a wasteland, currently, despite City Market etc. And I feel for the existing restaurants who came in when the area was not yet ‘hot’ and are poised to capitalize on the increased density only to have it snatched away. I am also reflecting my own biases towards what I want the area to become- a lively pedestrian oriented place of mixed retail, office, arts, etc. Daytime businesses. Affordable eats. One can dream, cannot one?

        • “I just look at this stretch of 9th at any time of the day or night and any day and it’s more often than not a wasteland” — I live pretty closeby and would disagree. Even if they streets aren’t always filled up, the establishments usually are, especially (but not only) on weekends. And I think the emptiness I sometimes see on the streets has more to do with the bitter cold than the lack of people in the area. On the few warmer days recently, the streets around here have been absolutely hopping.

        • Yeah, I am always surprised how little foot traffic there is on 7th and 9th streets. Even with the Convention Center Hotel and the O Street market opening, there hasn’t been as much of a pick up as I would have expected. Perhaps this will change as new retail is added, but I think we still need a lot more density in the immediate area to prevent Mt Vernon’s success coming at the success of other neighborhoods.

    • There’s a very good chance that The Dabney will be in the “cut above” crowd. This is arguably the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year, with Langhorne coming from the same cooking tree as Aaron Silverman (Rose’s Luxury). We’re talking about a place that’s been the subject of a 4 part, 4,000 word series in the Post before they even installed an oven in to the space.

  • this renovation is gorgeous! And to Lisa’s point there are thousands of new hotel guests and residents pouring into this neighborhood who will support these restaurants. I’m sure some will get thinned out but who would have thought lower 14th street could support anything like the restaurant capacity it now has a couple years back?

    • Agreed. With the new hotel capacity near the convention center, and all the condos and what not being built out in the greater Shaw area, I think that these restaurants will have enough hungry ppl around to support them. Think of NYC or San Francisco–not every strip can be 14th street, but you have a lot more quality options that currently exist in that part of town, imo.

  • So excited to see this! I definitely think there will be more than enough people to keep restaurants busy. Looking forward to a 14th St alternative with good dining and less of a bro scene.

  • I love Dabney Coleman’s work, so this place should be really good.

  • This is such a gorgeous row, right across from the Conv. Center. So glad it’s been renovated so nicely and that places are leasing. Wishing the new restaurant the best — I’m definitely looking forward to giving it a try!

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