Reader Nominated Sidewalks of Shame Vol. 27 and 28


“The Rhode Island Ave. bridge was a mess this am. Not fun with a stroller and the stairs looks bad as well. Also, the area where the buses let off people was completely clear so that doesn’t make much sense.”

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“Church at 10th and V Street, NW. The sidewalks around this church are always treacherous with ice after a winter weather event. This property really is a blight and the owners seem not to give a rat’s a## about being minimally decent members of this community. Thanks.”

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  • DDOT has confirmed that they are sending out the small plow to take care of the ped bridge today. They missed it yesterday.

  • So glad you are doing this. I had some doozies from last time that made me so mad. The neighborhood listserv seems to have shamed folks into compliance this go-round.

  • 1200 Shepherd St NW. every.damn.time.

  • Easter Seals Columbia Heights.

    They always leave a strip of sidewalk on Girard completely covered in snow, which invariably turns into a solid sheet of ice. This is dangerous because it’s a daycare center for toddlers, but also completely baffling given that they take the time to shovel the huge parking lot by hand.

  • The entire perimeter of the Washington Navy Yard. Always a mess, makes for a fun slog down M St, SE.

    • Agree! Although, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had shoveled the area between 8th and 9th on M as of 8 am today. This is a rare occurrence- I have a feeling they usually don’t do it because there’s enough ambiguity on who is responsible (base vs. city), that they have an excuse if pressed on why they aren’t shoveling/salting. It’s pretty treacherous with the brick sidewalks.

  • Indigo restaurant is terrible about this. And they’re a mostly take-out place with mostly foot traffic. I don’t get why they don’t realize that having impassible sidewalks hurts their business.

  • The folks in Petworth generally did a great job with shoveling. The vast majority of the neighborhood sidewalks are shoveled and salted.

  • The corner of Columbia Rd and 16th St NW, by the Unification Church, including the bus stop area. Never shoveled, always turns to pure ice.

  • What are the laws re shoveling sidewalks in DC? The Shell station and Muhlenberg Park (4900 block of Connecticut NW DC) near where work never shovel their sidewalks. Park seems to be part of the National Park Service.

  • Columbia Heights metro plazas on both sides of the street. There are small footpaths through, which I guess were a result of the high foot traffic and not shoveling. Would it kill Metro to plow?

    • I live right next to the CH metro and there was a path shoveled on the north side at 6am Tuesday, the morning immediately after the snow. They didn’t clear the entire sidewalk, but a big wide path was def there.
      I’d nominate the south side of Kenyon St. between 13th and 14th. It doesn’t get any sunlight and NEVER gets shoveled. It remains an ice path for a weeks after any snow.

  • Every single National Park Service park. Does anyone have a local contact for NPS? It seems like its time for a coordinated campaign.

  • Did Petworth Methodist at Grant Circle shovel their sidewalks yet? A lot of people have to walk by there commuting to the Metro Station.

  • Is it possible to ask the city to plow an alley? One that accesses driveways? We still have 4-5 inches in my alley.

  • Pizza Hut at Upshur/9th/Georgia. They are the worst.

  • The worst offenders are always the government and churches. Clearly the rules don’t apply to them. See also: parking regulations.

  • The church at 13th and Irving as well.

    • +1000. Every year I want to buy a huge bag of de-icer and leave it on their doorway with a note telling them that this is my donation for the year and some kind of Bible verse about loving your neighbor or not being a crappy neighbor.

  • The new building that just went up on 13th and Park. Three storms, sidewalks not once treated. They’ve already made that intersection incredibly dangerous by parking vehicles, a dumpster, and a port-o-potty well past the no parking signs, so pedestrians have no visibility of on-coming traffic; not shoveling is just an extra little FU to our neighborhood.

  • AHHHH the Gabonese Embassy on 20th and Columbia, which is on the corner so both 20th and Columbia are totally treacherous.

    • Repeat offenders. Called and left a message on their voice mail asking them to be a good neighbor already. They have comments on their Facebook page disabled, probably to avoid angry posts.

  • UPDATE ON SIDEWALKS AT 10TH & V STREETS: Within an hour of this posting and other outreach to the owners, the sidewalks have been shoveled.

    • Maybe they’re all reading PoPville! The sidewalk on 13th and Park is now cleared!

    • Wow. this is the first time in 6 years that they’ve shoveled. I shoveled a narrow path once or twice through there myself it was always so treacherous.

  • Ha ha… this is when Yankees realize they now live in the South. Let’s face it. DC just does not handle snow like cities further north. I hate to say it but “get used to it” though it is better than it used to be…

  • I contacted a local church that hasn’t shoveled one of their sidewalks in the 3 years I’ve lived in the neighborhood. I’m happy to report that they shoveled it for the snow for this storm.
    Try reaching out to the churches and businesses in a friendly way.

    • the church near me on the corner would ONLY shovel the parts that they used to get from curb to the door, and would leave everyone to fend for themselves. They can’t claim ignorance there, that’s just being lazy/rude/inconsiderate and is worse than had they not shoveled anything.

  • AutoZone at the southeast corner of 12th & H St NE is a habitual bad offender, as is Cusbah diagonally across the street at the northwest corner of 12th & H St NE.

    Autozone’s properly is the location of a prominent, often-used X2 bus stop though, making their lack of walk-clearing particularly annoying.

  • The Ecuadorian Embassy at the corner of 15th and Euclid. They never ever do anything to their sidewalks, which always turn into a sheet of ice.

    It’s so hard to nominate just one though, so many businesses and individuals don’t do anything to their sidewalks. It’s awful.

  • The perimeter of the dog park at 11th and Park Road in Columbia Heights. At this point, I know there’s no hope that the people that use this unofficial dogrun will ever band together to make it less of an eyesore (and yes, your exceedingly minor improvements are noted, but make zero dent in the ugly, muddy, overflowing reality of the place). But can’t ANYONE band together to shovel the walk? If the users can’t be bothered to even both with the snow, I’d support its reversion back to unusable greenspace.

    • Wouldn’t the reversion back to unusable greenspace mean that the sidewalks still wouldn’t be shoveled?

      • Shoveling the walk is, for me, one minor token that would get me to support the park. For the vast majority of us, the park comes at a neighborhood cost — an eyesore accompanied by mud flowing down the sidewalks and dirt/dung clouds blowing around the neighborhood on dry days — without providing any tangible benefits. If the dog owners can’t be neighborly about their mudpit (by simply shoveling the walk), they shouldn’t ask the rest of us to look the other way when their concentrated activity soils the neighborhood.

        No shovel = no mudpit for Fido.

        Or don’t shovel, but instead:

        install a barrier to keep the mud from flowing; OR
        start a collection/fundraiser to fund the installation of a better surface; OR
        replace the fugly plastic chairs with nice benches; OR
        DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Nothing is being done now and it sucks.

  • Who is responsible for Thomas Circle–I’m assuming the city? It’s always a mess when it snows and it’s currently covered with snow (now ice) from yesterday!

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