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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Unscheduled telework. I have a pretty view of the snow from my study window, but I don’t have to go out in it.
    Rave: Fun dinner last night with some new friends and some old friends I haven’t seen in a while.

  • Rave: Even though I had to be at work at the usual time today, I was able to easily get an Uber with no surge pricing. It felt like I had seen a unicorn.
    Rave: The launch of Panopoly.fm, a selection of top-notch podcasts. I’m particularly excited about the new Food52 podcast, the relaunched NYT Ethicists, and the “Happier” podcast with Gretchen Rubin. Bonus points to them for managing to avoid the word “curate.”
    Rave: The Old Time D.C. Facebook group, which had this gem today facebook.com/OldTimeDc/photos/a.409342452486329.99627.409274312493143/812976885456215
    Rave: feeling a lot less ranty today. Bring it, Thursday!

    • Bonus raves: SLEPT WELL! Woke up early, made myself and the husband homemade turkey sausage patties, snuggled the dog a bit extra and watched the pretty snow falling, all before 8 AM.

      • A little bit jealous! I’m still so groggy, but might be stuck with this for several more weeks.

        • FWIW, I full expected to be in insomnia hell for several solid weeks and then randomly slept well last night. Hope the same happens to you!

        • Lol, not an insomnia issue–just something that needs to wait it’s course. And it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. Just trying to be good about getting as much rest as I can when I can. Thanks 🙂

          • Ah yes, is your issue a small human alarm clock that goes off super early in the morning? If so, I’m a bit jealous of you too 🙂

          • She was part of the issue last night (see rant below on being up for an hour and a half last night). The real fatigue issue relates to creating another tiny alarm clock. But it’s still *super* early so I’m not discussing much yet.
            Jealous of the early alarm clock? Lol. Though she is super cute. I could loan her out to help alleviate the jealousy, lol 😉 I bet she’d LOVE Gary!

          • YAY for littlest alarm clock! I’m pretty much jealous of all human alarm clocks these days 🙂

          • 🙂 Thanks 🙂
            Well, if jindc & I manage to organize a totville group/outing (my comment on that thread is awaiting moderation for some reason?), I’m sure you’d be more than welcome to join us & play with the kiddos.

      • Btw, recipe for turkey sausage patties? Those sound yummy!

        • They’re awesome and I was able to freeze four for later 🙂 The recipe is from hucklegoose.com so behind a paywall unless you do the free trial. I’d be happy to email you the recipe or send you a referral code for $20 off. Just shoot me an email at Shawessdc at gmail.

    • Make that panoply.fm

    • I went to the link and saw that I “liked” Old Time DC ages ago, but I never see their posts in my newsfeed. Damn you, Facebook, and your stupid algorithms!

  • Rave: PoP’s brilliant photo choice for this morning’s Rant or Revel.

  • Query: Any DC residents participate in Prequel’s crowdfunding?
    Rave: Had a fun dinner at BUL last night with good peeps.

  • Rave: Snow day! This one’s especially rave-worthy because I needed a day without my students to just grade papers since progress report grades are due tomorrow at 11:59 and I do not want to be grading at 11pm tomorrow.
    Rave: Nutella hot chocolate
    Rant: Gave a friend a ride to Sibley’s ER last night. Ranting about the injury itself and that it was an ER-worthy event, rather than the fact that I had to give her a ride. That’s what “friend with car” is for, right?

  • Lesbians: We’re forming our own secret enclave for friendship, dating, etc. Please email me at [email protected] if you’re interested. Google group or email list to follow this weekend.

    • Got a good question: single or taken lesbians are all welcome. I’m much more focused on friends than matchmaking but if you get a gf out of it even better. Come one, come all.

    • The dating piece could get messy if it’s anything liky my rugby team experiences were….

      • There isn’t a dating piece persay. If someone asks you out, ok; if not, ok. I’m not planning anything remotely date oriented like speed dating. If anyone is acting silly, I can just remove them. Problem solved.

        • Fair enough. Just brought back memories of small tight-knit groups and the occasional drama that would ensue. But it was usually mostly a non-issue 🙂

          • The only drama that happens to me is because of someone else. I’m just too busy to sweat the small stuff. That makes it really easy to vote someone off the island because they can’t handle a breakup.
            I think we’re up to 7 ppl so far. One more post tomorrow then I’ll plan something.

      • I will be absolutely shocked if there isn’t at least one instance of someone running into her major ex/that girl you had a crush on from your softball league/the woman from your Phase one night stand/etc. DC is so. so. small.

        It’ll be fun! Everybody join in!

        • I’ve had a few run ins. I looked right through them and kept moving. It’s over and done with already. Hopefully these ladies can do the same.

          • Yeah, if people can’t be civil adults then that’s problematic.

            I always just find it funny how interconnected the community is. Like oh, of *course* my new fling’s BFF is my roommate’s ex! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting everyone!

          • I’ve never had that sort of interaction probably because I don’t have any lesbian friends. LOL
            I’m more random bar and someone I dated walked in.

    • Anyone who has emailed received an invite to the Google group. I couldn’t help myself with the name just for giggles.

  • Rave: Gonzaga champ game tonight
    Rave: smoke grass in the district

  • Rave: Sleeping in.
    Rave: Finally able to make a dent in the ice sheet on my sidewalk thanks to a comically small amount of ice melt.
    Rave: Stocked up on more ice melt at 14th Logan hardware. They had plenty if you need it.
    Rant: Neighbors including house for sale have done nothing.
    Revel: Ridiculously attractive man on my bus. No, we don’t all hate men.

    • You haven’t cleared the ice from Saturday’s storm yet?!!!

      Failure to clear your sidewalk from ice can result in… wait for it… jaywalking. Mid-block jay walking, the worst kind. The kind that no self-regarding human would otherwise consider. Something to ponder the next time you’re sizing up a jaywalker from the driver seat of your car.

      • Haha +1

      • I appreciate the troll, but I’ll address it.

        My downstairs neighbors were supposed to shovel. By the time I realized they didn’t do the sidewalk, it froze again. I work quite a bit, and I was unable to find ice melt…yes,I called and visited numerous places. I used kitty litter on my space and the space of the other 3 houses that didn’t shovel. I couldn’t break through the ice. I found a corner of melt In my house, so I put it out last night. The copious amount of kitty litter did make the area less slick, and I was able to walk over it in slippery sneakers easily.

        I have no problem with people jaywalking as i routinely do it. I do take issue with the shifting of responsibility to the driver when jaywalking. When I step in the street, I am aware that it’s at my own risk. I do so safety…not when lights are green, I look both ways, and don’t play chicken with cars and bikes.

        The worst kind would be looking at a light that turned green them walking out anyway or walking out without looking. 🙂

        • You said earlier that your house (?) didn’t have any kind of rotation established as far as who was supposed to do the shoveling when. So how is it that your downstairs neighbors were supposed to shovel this time?

          • I think she also said she asked them to shovel this time & they agreed to do so–but only did the walkway and not the sidewalk.

          • I asked them to shovel while I hunted for ice melt. The rotation is basically I do until I’m tired then ask them. I derided them for the laziness and mentioned all the elderly neighbors and kids who pass us daily. Maybe tugging the heart strings will kick them into gear next time.

  • Rave: Enjoying my work rotation
    Rave/Rant: No time to read PoPville at work and have been missing out on RRR for a few months. I always post anonymously but the last exchange I had here was about stepping in dog poop on my way to work and it totally ended up making me feel better b/c the responses were hilarious.
    Rant: Quitting my regular job after the rotation ends and don’t have a back-up plan

  • Revel: Better weather coming next week
    Revel: Things have been going unusually well at work this week
    Rant: I’d been looking forward to last night’s Sleater-Kinney show but instead it just left me extra depressed

    • What was so depressing about it?

      • How can a band that sounds like they’re named after a law firm NOT be depressing? 🙂 (note – I’ve never heard them, but I do watch Portlandia)

      • Kinda wasn’t expecting that they were traveling with a lightshow in a tractor trailer and nine thousand roadies to set it up and strip it down. Seeing Sleater-Kinney be that uncool now just kind of reminded me of how uncool I must be now too.

        • I have to say, I think this is an odd criticism. I saw them 20 years ago in a small bar in Seattle, and I didn’t find them any less or more cool now.

          • You can’t simultaneously be cool and have a touring lightshow. Those are for ’70s dinosaur bands, ’80s cock rockers, and slick prepackaged pop acts only. So which of those three types of groups does Sleater-Kinney consider themselves now?

        • “Sleater-Kinney is OVER!!!”

  • Rant: Kyle, one of my favorite foster kittens of all time got returned from a trial adoption because the resident cat didn’t like him.

    Rave: He is now available for you and comes with a beautiful buddy! Check it out.

    “Folks in 9 years of working with HT I have never seen two cats that love each other as much as Gypsy and Kyle.
    They met last Saturday at PetMAC DC and since that time have not been able to leave each others side. They sleep together, play, eat together and groom each other. I have about a dozen videos to demonstrate. What makes this odd and unusual is Gypsy is 9 and Kyle is about 5 months
    Even the bonded pairs I know are not as bonded as these two.
    I am desperately trying to find them a home together. Kyle will likely get applications way before Gypsy and so this is my valiant to try and find someone to adopt them both.
    PetMAC will offer a months worth of food and litter to anyone that adopts the pair because none of the staff can bare to see them split up.
    Please pass this along far and wide and help Gypsy and Kyle find a loving adopter together.
    If you are a foster thinking of adopting please come meet this pair. ”

    The Odd Couple

    Lori Rolnick
    PetMAC DC
    4914 Wisconsin Street NW
    Washington, DC 20016
    Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
    Cat Program Director

    • I love this story!

    • I love this story! I’m in no position to adopt kitties right now but could totally go for these two..

    • I was just reading about these two yesterday and thinking they looked awfully cute together! (I have no business looking at cats for adoption, since my cat doesn’t like other cats, but sometimes I do anyway.)

      • It’s always fun to look! And you never know when a friend might be looking for cats and maybe just needs a little nudge. I was never a “cat person” until one then another just showed up and stayed.

        I haven’t met Gypsy, but Kyle is a perfect little guy – playful, affectionate, completely non-plussed, good with my dog, no scratching, eats anything and a champ with the litter box.

      • Some of the stories are really sweet — like Frita finally being given a kitten who won’t be adopted away from her:
        Frita was so sad when her kittens were adopted. We gave her two orphans and she came back to life. After some time those two kittens also were adopted and there Frita was alone again. This time her new kitten is hers for life and they will grow old together. If you have room for a sweet Tortie and tiny orange girl please consider adopting these two.

    • What a nice story. I’m maxed out at 2 and it’s so hard to say no.

      A bit off topic, but I have about 4 lbs of Before Grain chicken flavor dry cat food my cats are now turning their noses up at, any of you cat people out there want it? I hate to just compost it. I don’t have the original bag but I can put it in a Ziploc. Victoria, since you foster you should have first dibs.

      • If Victoria doesn’t need it, I’ll happily take it! I’m finally running out of dry cat food for my cat (after having overestimated/overbought a while ago).

      • I can always use cat food – thanks! You’re the TallE from gin & gardening? Do you have my email from that list?

        • Victoria-

          I can’t seem to access the list of people in the G&G group, but I can post there and then you can reply to me directly. Happy to drop off the cat food sometime on Saturday. Sorry Textdoc! will keep you in mind next time they go through a finicky phase.

    • Ha! I hadn’t seen this yet but posted about it below. It is a super sweet story!

  • Aglets

    rave: sleater kinney last night. I was really due for some rock & roll therapy
    rant: What is up with the lights at the 9:30 club. the opening number and a few others were almost unwatchable to me because of the bright strobe lights. Am i the only person who can’t deal with the lights?
    rave: pretty snow that wasn’t difficult to drive in.

    • That was Sleater-Kinney’s lights, not the 9:30 Club’s. Apparently they are Pink Floyd Jr. now or something.

      • Aglets

        Good to know- thanks! I’ve had issues at other shows with the veri-lights so i was like ‘well, it’s probably just me’ but i spent a good portion of the evening squinting. I can’ squint like i use to- i’ll get wrinkles!

    • I loved the show. They sounded great. The lights didn’t bother me at all.

  • Rant: Can we talk about potholes in this city? Is it normal in other cities to have potholes spring up every winter that literally have all the asphalt ripped out of them? Are they using bad patches or asphalt mixes for the area?

  • Rant: 2 hour delay doesn’t do me any good, since I would just have to take leave or work extra hours to make it up.

    Rave: Got in early, no problems getting to metro (didn’t even have to use my four wheel drive) and no metro delays. I was surprised by the number of people who were on the train – usually when it’s that early they’re pretty empty.

    Rave: Raylan’s quote about “a garden of assholes” on Justified this week. One of the most memorable quotes from a show full of them.

  • Rave – Enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at home and extra cuddles with the dog this morning. Making the most of my 2 hour delay!
    Rave – No delays and no crowds on the red line. Best commute in weeks.
    Rant – No ranting today.

  • Rave: I slept hard last night.
    Rave: Shrimp tacos for dinner tonight. Yum.
    Rant: I realized on Monday that I have to go to a baby shower on Sunday. I love babies, but man, I hate baby showers. They are the worst. I’m planning to put in an hour and a half appearance and then bounce.
    Rave: Visiting with lovely friends this weekend.

  • Rant: Lost my wallet on an orange line train. That feeling of pure dread when you know you have lost something important is one of my least favorite.
    RAVE: TLDR: Wallet returned to me with all contents within 30-40 minutes. I know that it’s very easy to get frustrated with WMATA and the metro, but this morning, I had a fantastic experience with the station manager of the Ballston Station. I commute out from Logan Circle and board metro at McPherson square. My wallet fell out of my unzipped pocket when I was on the metro – I keep it there for easy access to my card. As soon as I realized it was gone, I spoke with the station manager, who immediately reached out to the Vienna station and alerted them to keep an eye out for it. A supervisor ended up boarding the train I had been one to search for it. Luckily, sometime during this process, a benevolent bystander picked up my wallet it and ran it up to the conductor. The Ballston station manager coordinated with other employees to make sure the wallet made its way back to Ballston from Vienna, and picked it up from the conductor. What impressed me the most was how quickly and efficiently she acted on my missing property, while still calmly managing the flow of customers (up to three at a time) that needed help with various metrocard problems during the rush hour commute. She was an all-star, and I plan to write a nice letter to WMATA about her.

    • This sounds like the Bizarro World version of Metro! Glad you got it back.

    • skj84

      I’m glad someone turned your wallet in! I seem to be a beacon to lost stuff on the metro. Smart Trip cards, credit cards. purses I’ve found them all. I always make sure to bring them to the station manager at my stop and tell them exactly where I found the item.

    • Very cool, and I saw something similarly encouraging yesterday afternoon: Approaching the crowded turnstiles, a woman was pulling something out of her bag, and accidentally managed to unleash a cloud of small bill loose cash. People could have easily pocketed bills in the crowd and kept going, but a least a dozen folks (including me) were chasing bills and I think we managed to get every one back to her.

    • I lost my wallet on the metro and got everything back, too – nothing taken. Amazing feeling.

  • skj84

    Rant: SAD reared up its ugly head and KO’d me this week. I’ve been in a bit of a funk this whole winter. But this week? Barely functioning. I feel like i’m falling apart. Trying to find a therapist on such short notice isn’t easy either. I need to tell my work whats going on, which just makes me feel worse. I need to talk to the people on my side project, which makes me feel worse. I cannot adult today.

    Rave: My mom gave me a pep talk this morning. And a plan to get through the day.

    Rave: Went to a panel on women in business last night that was super empowering. And eye opening. It made me realize how miserable I am and that I need to take steps to improve my life. Most of the women who spoke made giant leaps in their lives and I can do it too. I think.

    • This winter is seriously wearing on my nerves. 🙁 Hope you’re able to get in to see a therapist soon. I’ve been considering getting one of those sun lamp thingies, I’ve heard good things about them…

      • Could you maybe just say that some chronic health issues have popped up, and leave it at that? That’s what I’m doing at work.

        • That sounds like a good strategy — accurate info, without having to get into the details.

        • skj84

          That’s what I’m probably going to end up doing. I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow for my physical and I’m hoping I can get some sort of note. Or Anti-depressants.

    • Yes you can!!!!
      Also, do you really need to tell your work about it? Is it really necessary? Even if it’s impacting your work I don’t see why you would have to give details. But do you what you think is best!

    • Happily, the end of daylight savings time is only 10 days away!

    • Perhaps you work in kinder areas of expertise than I have, but in the areas I’ve worked in, you would say nothing, nothing at all, unless you absolutely had to (like, as in had to take time off work for awhile) due to any illness, physical or otherwise. They’d use it against you. Unless you really need to take time off, advice in places I’ve worked would be to just power through, do what you can get done, and do what you can do to make it better as soon as you can. Been there with physical stuff that caused massive fatigue… feel for ya … my comment is kindly meant.

  • Rant/Rave: Pulled away from PoPville via JOB responsibilities…N.B. that I miss you all and cannot wait to get a second to prep for our first book club meeting!
    Rave: Beautiful bike ride in the snow to the new office.
    Rant: Waterproof pants proving for the second time they’re NOT waterproof. Looked like I pissed myself (in the back not the front) due to snow.
    Rave: Nearly managed to sneak to get tea and breakfast from the kitchen before anyone saw me…
    Rant: Caught by my new boss. Great. Day Four and he thinks I’m weird.
    Rave: Brother quoted Billy Madison when I texted about my above complaints…

  • Rave: Almost the weekend!
    Rant: Snow/Winter–go away
    Rant: Central Air install. It took longer than planned due to the weather. Fine, but their communication was poor. Serious lack of attention to detail. Cut one of the holes for the duct too big. Why? They didn’t clean up their mess each day so every day I came home from work I was cleaning up their mess. They left big chunks of dry wall/debris on the floor. Final straw: this morning I found scuffs and marks on our hardwood floors!!! Grghhh, got most of it out, but this is not what I expect from a professional company.

    • Care to share who you used? Lessons learned? We are going through this in a week.

      • Polar Bear Heating & Air. They have great reviews on Angie’s and actually came recommended by a few PoP people. I was very impressed with them up until install. We’ll see. Who are you using?

        • I used them for an install after a recommendation here and that went great, but then I was using them for annual maintenance and had a lot of problems with them about a year or two ago. I think they got overextended or something and went downhill. I switched my service contract to Cropp Metcalf and have been happy with them so far.

  • rave: excellent dinner at Rose’s. Waiting was unecessary though as they still had space after they opened. Wednesday in the winter is the secret.
    rant: bf missed a ‘no parking during rush hour’ sign and got a ticket that was like another dinner bill :/ Why does the parking app let you pay even though there’s no parking allowed in that zone? That seems terrible to me.
    rave: easy commute with the delay.

    • I tried going on a Tuesday recently, on a night when bitter cold winds were slicing though the city, and they only have standing space at the bar left by 6pm. I guess Wednesdays are better? I feel like I should try it someday since I live two blocks away, but I’ve never been successful at getting in.

      • It could have been a super fluke as well, and the restaurant did fill up very quickly, but it was that window between maybe 5:30-5:55 I saw a few tables and spots at the kitchen counter. Best of luck to you!

    • I think it would be too difficult to work in all the various parking restrictions. Rush hr, street cleaning, loading zone at some times, etc. All those things have signs.

  • Blithe

    Query: Is there a “Topic” or a compilation of the official and un-official PoPville meet-ups? I’m thinking that there’s a brunch group, and maybe a knitting group, and maybe even a bird watching group — but I’m wondering what I might have missed.
    Rave: I got up early to go to a class that got cancelled. Which meant that I got a tiny taste of frolicking in the falling snow.
    Rave: Almost time for Daylight Savings Time again. Thanks George!

    • I think we need a sledding group next.

    • I think the only established groups so far are the happy hour group (once a month), the brunch group (once a month, but was on hiatus for the past few months), the “Gin and Gardening” group (about once a month), and the infertility support group (not sure if this whether this is an e-mail group or an in-person group — also not sure whether this is a PoPville-only thing or draws from beyond PoPville).
      UDPie is organizing a book club, but it hasn’t actually met yet.
      Anon Spock was launching a lesbians group yesterday, but other than that, I don’t think there are any new groups.

    • I think there’s a book club and Anon Spock posted above about a lesbian group. So many choices!

    • There’s going to be an unofficial karaoke meetup March 11! 😉
      I know there’s a gin and gardening group too (although as gin doesn’t agree with me and I have a black thumb I don’t know much about that one).

    • Blithe

      Thanks everyone! Nice array of real-life PoPville meet-ups !

    • Pablo Raw

      And let’s not forget the “Unofficial PoPville Orphans meet-ups”, usually on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • I think there should be a Popville Totville event – kid friendly….cuz I don’t drink 🙂

      • You could go to happy hour and not drink.

        • I brought my daughter to one of the happy hours, but it was a little tricky to keep up with her running around Jack Rose. A totville event would be great! At a playground, perhaps?

          • Kennedy? It has a splash park!
            I don’t want my kid around drinking at THAT young of an age. It’s just not our….culture? And bars tend to be loud for tiny ear drums.

          • I don’t have a problem with it on occasion, but it’s definitely something where reasonable people can have different opinions and preferences.
            Where’s Kennedy? Splash parks are great for once they open again! I’ll try starting a poll below to get a sense for where interested parties are located & perhaps we can try setting up a first gathering for sometime in March or April.

        • Yeah….The point was also to be able to go as a couple. And there many others with young kids that might enjoy something like that. I just don’t go because I don’t like being around a lot of alcohol and I don’t want to pay $20/hr for a babysitter. I’m sure they’re great, though!

  • Rave: checked into my flight to Florida! Girls weekend thaw out, here I come.
    Rave: It’s going to be a long, sucky day, but I am going to get all my big hairy projects done (including the one my boss saw a draft of and said it was “awesome!”), and I’m going to feel great heading into vacay.
    Rant: why did we only plan this for four days? We should have taken the week.
    Rave: Wednesday night spin class and sister hang out time has turned into an excellent and restorative weekly event.

  • Rant: No two hour delay for me. Jealous of all of you who get to enjoy it!
    Rave: I finally slept last night! Popped a nyquil to do it (I’m super congested/fighting off a cold)… but I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before and not much more than that for quite a few days in a row. I’ve been tossing and turning for hours with my mind going like a gerbil in its wheel, it’s been terrible. Having a proper night’s sleep feels glorious.
    Rant: I wish I could have a cat (I live in a pet-friendly building, but one of my roommates is allergic/doesn’t like pets, boo). Kitty cuddles would definitely help with the rough days. I miss my fat old thug of a cat who is back home with my parents. Someday!

  • Question: Does anyone know of bars that are showing the Cricket World Series?
    Rant/Rave: UMD delays opening, then re-delays opening after folks (including me) are already on the road…poor planning!

  • Rave: Wonderful night with friends playing a boardgame last night.
    Rave: 2 hour delay caused a bad night’s sleep to be not so bad.
    Rave: Trying out a few new hobbies this weekend, including a type of dance/martial art.
    Rant: (Inspired by littlen) –I miss my cuddly dog. I really need to make it out to my parent’s soon.

  • Rant: Kitties HATE riding in the care.
    Rant: Kitties engaged in ongoing catfights. It’s like the Crips versus the Bloods in here. They have to live together for at least the next year. Can’t we all just get along?

    Rave: Late start to work, of course.

  • Rant: Kiddo was up for an hour and a half last night. Poor kid has a cough, so that might be part of it. Yuck.
    Rave: Two hour delay–>everyone could sleep in. Yay! Yesterday I had to wake kiddo up at 8; this morning I could let her sleep until 9.
    Rant: Still feel so freaking foggy. This might be from something besides the lingering effects of the cold.
    Anyone interested in adopting a pair of cats? Homeward Trails has an “odd couple” of cats that have bonded like crazy despite being very different ages (5 months & 9 years). For information on adopting this pair, see: https ://www .petfinder.com/petdetail/31536574/. There may be a free bag of quality cat food thrown in for anyone willing to adopt them together. Pass the info along! Thanks!

  • special_k

    Rave: Eleanor & Park. Such a sweet, sad, lovely story.
    Rant: Hard to believe, but you can eat too many Girl Scout cookies.
    Question: Any good suggestions for a book club book? I think my turn to pick is coming up soon.

    • I loved Eleanor & Park. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Are there any guidelines for your book choice or can it be whatever you want?

      • special_k

        It was the first book by Rainbow Rowell that I’ve read and I can’t wait to try Fangirl next.
        Probably posting too late in the day for anyone to see this, but we have no restrictions. Usually fiction, but not always, and we try to pick things that are available in paperback and at the library.

  • Rave: Two hour delays really are the best. Your alarm goes off and you’re like “YESSS more sleep!” and then…
    Rant: you have a child, who never sleeps past 7. And rarely past 6:30.
    Rave: said child SEEMS to be feeling a little better and ate a lot at breakfast. I got to do breakfast and play without rushing, and ot to walk to the metro with my son (and nanny) while they left to go to Harambe and me to work. It was nice to see his sweet toothy smile before work.

    • So glad you had a lovely morning! Hope your kiddo has fun at Harambe! I think my daughter is equal parts overwhelmed & amused by it when we go on the weekends. I can’t blame her because I feel the same way 🙂

      • 9:30, I think, overwhelms my son….10:30 was a little better. I think during the week it’s better – fewer people (one child and one caregiver ratio helps). I like going so I can get some Room 11 goodies!

        • Yeah, I was figuring that the weekday sessions are probably a little less intense. I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t packed on President’s Day when we went.

          • On President’s Day we went to Busboys in Hyattsville for their Rise and Rhyme – I told them they NEEDED this at the 14th St locale and they were like “eh, whatever”. WHAT?!

          • Rise and Rhyme? I’ve never heard of that. That sounds like fun!!
            Btw – a lot of libraries have various kid-friendly activities on weekend mornings. The Mt Pleasant library has open lego/duplo time from 10-noon on Saturday mornings, for example.

          • yeah we try to leave libraries for the nanny. Sunday JCC story time is something we aim for, too. Are the legos/duplos apart (my kid will eat a lego)? This is all part of my “indoor place space” business idea, which will never happen because I’m broke LOL

          • Oh yeah! We haven’t been to the story time at the JCC in ages, but totally loved it when we went. It totally fell off our radar–thanks for the reminder!

  • Rant: the Exxon at Connecticut and Porter just refuses to shovel. The sidewalk alongside the gas station on Porter is particularly terrible. I am not sure if Federal Realty also needs to plow in front of the Petco emergency exit and the dry cleaner because I just don’t walk down there (in part because Exxon didn’t shovel their part).

    • YES! I saw some poor girl eat it big time in front of the Pepco the other night. But really, for someone who’s livelihood depends on cars being able to get in there, you’d think they’d be really diligent about shoveling. The other side of the street is fine – the synagogue and the apartment complexes there are wonderful about shoveling early.

  • Rave: My dog tolerates wearing booties that protect his paws from salt, etc. (pawz specifically).
    Rant: Two walks this morning and he still didn’t poop.

  • Rant: junior lawyers who are doing document review/contract work, unhappy about it, think they know it all, and refuse to pass up an opportunity to demonstrate to everyone around them that they know it all. They don’t, and being insufferable doesn’t improve job prospects, or make people want to be around them.
    Revel: Sold house! Well, ratified contract, at least.

  • Rant: over the snow. I almost typed “Snowver it” but figured I’d keep the puns to a minimum. No delay or telework for me, either, but luckily have an understanding boss and arrived only 30 minutes late thanks to untreated streets.
    Rave: got my tickets for James Bay at 9:30 (in May, but still) – it seems like he’s everywhere now, so I’m glad I was able to claim tickets before he gets too too popular!
    Rave: I also ordered my first frivolous online purchase for 2015: 2 summer dresses. I’m hoping that warmer weather will arrive when they do.

    • Yeah, the one day off work was nice, but I am so over the bitter cold and messy commute and mud/salt everywhere. Just want spring!

  • Adding a rant: getting nervous about putting our rental property on the market. It’ll be a quick turn from move out to on the market (like 5 days), but I just don’t like uncertainty…..I’ll be happy to sell it because I don’t want to landlord anymore. But still!

    • Good luck! If I’m thinking of the right place, from what you have told me, this should go quickly 🙂

      • oh, THAT’S not the place we’re selling! Given that the Holm is going rental, it makes our property more valuable – esp because it has parking!! 🙂 Selling a place in between Dupont/U St.

  • epric002

    rant: at home again today, more from this stomach thing than the snow, though that certainly decreased my motivation to drag myself in to work.
    rave: i have some work i can do from home so i don’t have to take another full day of sick leave.
    rave: 1200 shepherd st shoveled early!
    rant: but based on past behavior the shepherd market and the apt bldg on the corner of 13th & shepherd are going to be the new non-shoveling glassbowls.

  • Rant: I’m sitting at home, grading these nonfiction texts my third graders were supposed to write. They’re so lucky they don’t get graded on the accuracy of their facts, because according to my kids, dolphins can live in caves and the sand, and snakes are mammals.

    • ?: I was shoveling the sidewalk of my group house, and the housekeeper next door asked me if I needed to hire someone to clean the house. It felt weird to have people think I have money!

      • For a monthly cleaning split up amongst 5 ppl isn’t expensive. Many grouphouses have a maid. That’s why she asked you….big house.

  • Rave: Weed’s legal!
    Rant: I don’t have any 🙁

  • Rave: Been doing really well on my efforts to eat more healthily, just reinforced by an email from my neighborhood Pizza Bolis with the subject line, “We miss you!”
    Rave: Looking forward to an evening with the man tonight – he’s been out of town
    Rant/Rave: So sick of February/it’s almost over!

  • Additional Rant: Desire of some ppl to beat a dead horse. Yes, I stand by what I said yesterday if you don’t agree, that’s cool. And we’re done.
    Additional Rave: Packed lunch 3 days in a row with snacks as well. Feeling pretty good that I can keep it up if I bulk cook Sunday.

  • skj84

    Rave: As bad as I have been feeling this past month, at least I have a good support system. I don’t fear talking to my family and friends about my problems. Or seeking out help. Too many people are stuck in the depression is a stigma mindset, and I’ve moved past that issue a long time ago.

    • Andie302

      This is a wonderful rave and great that you recognize how lucky you are! I hope you start feeling better soon! This winter has been brutal.

  • Rave: Snow day sleep in!
    Rave: The frozen Potomac and tidal basin view from my office window
    Rant: New office director is not a strong manager and its been shitty for a few months – feeling isolated trying to manage one of our highest profile portfolios while not being invited to key meetings….
    Rave: had a frank discussion and things should be on the right track – oh and I just took on $10M of more work to manage…

  • CALLING ALL POPVILLE PARENTS!!! (particularly those of younger-ish kids?)
    If you’d be interested in a gathering at a playground/park once it gets a touch warmer/less snowy, can you list your neighborhood? I’d like to set up a gathering for folks with kids to hang out & let kids run around and would try to make it roughly convenient to as many people as possible at least for the first time. Thanks! As my moniker likely makes obvious, I’m in Mt Pleasant.

    • Aha! I always thought you were President of the Mountain! 🙂
      Great idea, though I don’t have a kid…

      • Yeah, I failed to enter capitalization when I first registered & now I can’t change it without adding a new email address. Oops. So it does look like president of the mountain (or of Montana) rather than Mt. P resident, which was what I intended. But I suppose those are fun alter egos 🙂

    • jim_ed

      I think my wife and I would be interested. We’d like to meet more parents of kids around our daughters age. At 14 months, she’s more of an indoor runner than outdoors at this point, but that’ll likely change by the time summer rolls around. We’re in the northern parts of Petworth.

  • OMG! LLamas on the lloose! abc15.com/live

  • RANT: I’m on this train sitting across the aisle from the French version of Pizza the Hut (from the movie Spaceballs). He reeks of cigarettes, is audibly wheezing like he is about to die, is yelling in French into his dumb-phone, and he doesn’t silence the ringer. Guy is driving me up the wall.
    RAVE: Just found out my May will consist of going to Switzerland and Japan for work. Sayōnara, DC!

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