‘Provision No. 14’ coming to former Diego space at 14th and V St, NW


From a press release:

“pro·vi·sion (verb) “supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey.” Dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows and a design that melds the nostalgia of early American charm with wanderlust warmth, set a stunning backdrop for a comprehensive program of libations and creative, communal cuisine at the soon-to-open new Provision No. 14. Occupying an impressive corner space on 14th & V NW, Provision No. 14 is the first project from the newly formed Social Restaurant Group, and is projected to open in late March 2015.

The culinary program at Provision No. 14 will well complement its energetic design, featuring a menu of communal, creative American cuisine designed to be shared at the table among friends. The menu will feature a list of updated, modern takes on classic fondues and a snack menu composed of several playful dishes. Guests are encouraged to taste a wide selection of snack plates and experience the array of fun foods. Provision No. 14’s menu will also feature a selection of daily rotating communal boards, a raw cut wood plank featuring an entrée, and complementing side dishes ideal for sharing.

Featuring 20 draft lines, a beer program that curates small-batch brewers from around the globe and large format bottled cocktails, Provision No. 14 shares a thoughtful and comprehensive beverage program with a diverse selection of uniquely dynamic libations. A hallmark of Provision No. 14’s beverage program will be a selection of no less than six large format bottled cocktails, ideal for sharing. The bottled cocktails will be 750 ml, the same as a bottle of wine, offering a fun alternative to the standard shared beverage. Provision No. 14’s beverage program will also feature two draft cocktails, two well-crafted frozen cocktails and a menu of signature cocktails.

The bi-level Provision No. 14 space will feature an energetic ambience, with a bar on each floor, a 57 seat dining room, 29 seat bar and a 61 seat seasonal outdoor patio designed by DC shop Swatchroom. The 2nd floor will offer a divers mix of 80 bar seats, couch and high-top seating overlooking the 14th street corridor. The design is a charming tribute to the time in American history when importing and exporting provisions was a new, necessary and regulated endeavor. The historically-inspired palette of the first floor includes a crisp ivory and deep steel blue peppered with textures of khaki, leather and natural burlap. Period specific architectural features such as distressed porch columns and rustic, salvaged screen-doors mix with red metal oil drums, deep indigo denim, burlap and brown paper packages.

The second floor continues the inspiration by melding the mystique ambiance of vintage cigar lounges with deeper tones and spicier textures and shadows. Custom shutters line top-floor windows, translating streetlight into stunning shadows. The design features a ceiling of diffused light from jute lanterns and the juxtaposition of victorian sofas upholstered with a delicate yet military edge.

Provision No. 14 is the first restaurant for the newly formed social restaurant group. Founded in 2014, the Social Restaurant Group melds the energy, experience and youth of a group of successful DC entrepreneurs. The Social Restaurant Group works to create memorable, communal experiences through food at creative and dynamic dining v. Social Restaurant Group’s principles Naeem Mohd, Mike Bramson and Alex Lopez combine their individual strengths and talents to create interesting and diverse social dining experiences in DC.

Provision No. 14 is expected to open in late March 2015 and is located at the corner of V Street and 14th Street at 2100 14th Street NW Washington, DC.”

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  • Was this copy written by a bot? Who is the audience for this type of press release? Do they think that a deluge of words erases our understanding of their multiples recent miscues? Is this what english majors do for a living, after a day at Starbucks? Should they just give up and let this place become a Starbucks? What does peppered khaki with a side of crisp ivory taste like anyway? …so many questions…

  • Between the hyper pretentious description and the numerous typos, this is an early submission for “Joke Restaurant PR of the Year”. Grate job!

  • A) seriously? The oozing of pretentiousness is prolific.
    B) So it will look like Le Pan Quotidien and have small plates?
    C) Share-able apps! Thank god there is something unique happening on 14th these days.

  • Imagine that—a small-plate restaurant. I will continue my boycott of these over-priced establishments even if it means I have to go to Arlington to get a “big boy” meal.

  • OK, it’s awful ad copy. But 20 draft lines so close to my house means I’ll probably give it a shot.

  • Oy vey. No offense to the proprietors of this place, who I’m sure are lovely people, but this just makes my head hurt. Enough with the buzzwords, concepts, and programs. I would love to patronize a restaurant whose press release simply says – we’re opening up a restaurant. You should come. It will serve food. Good food, in actual entree sized portions, that you don’t have to share with your dining companions. We will also serve drinks. If you care what color the banquettes are, you should probably eat somewhere else. The end.

    • Isn’t there a middle ground somewhere? Aesthetics are important. Sharing plates are fine too. I would just want to see a press release with fewer junk words.

    • Your version of a restaurant press release reminds me so much of Ron Swanson! I also just watched a weekend Parks and Rec marathon that was on TV this weekend.

  • Boooooooooooooo! I agree with every comment above except that I’m not trying it because it has a lot of draft beer selections. Everyone does now so it’s not a draw anymore. This sounds like the worst idea since… Diego.

  • “mystique” is not an adjective.

  • David

    In other news, Sarah Palin has launched a new career in restaurant PR. All menus will feature Word Salad.

  • hispanicandproud

    More small plates? Dang it. Every time I eat at one of these places I always leave wondering what am I going to eat when I get home.

  • This place is from the guys who own Mad Rose Tavern in Clarendon. Bro, do you even small plate bro?

  • Ha. I began reading this and thought the sharing idea would mean LARGE PLATES served family style. I see it is instead SMALL PLATES. eek!

    Can a beer program curate anything?

  • Ohh American industrial artisinal as a concept, how novel! Traveling back in time to 2007. Come on guys, we can do better than this.

  • Quite an overwrought press release, but I do have to give them some credit for using the correct spellings of “complement” and “palette.”
    I have to subtract points for their use of BOTH acceptable spellings of “ambience”/”ambiance,” though. They also had “principles” where “principals” would’ve been correct.

  • I barely got past opening with a dictionary definition, but then I read about “Dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows” and I could take no more.

  • Wait, so if it looks like a cigar lounge, Can I actually smoke a cigar up on the second floor. Because that would be great

  • “Period specific architectural features such as distressed porch columns and rustic, salvaged screen-doors mix with red metal oil drums, deep indigo denim, burlap and brown paper packages.”
    say what now?

  • First this:
    “The 2nd floor will offer a divers mix of 80 bar seats, couch and high-top seating overlooking the 14th street corridor.”

    Then this:
    ” Custom shutters line top-floor windows, translating streetlight into stunning shadows.”

    On the off chance I am reading this correctly, the second floor has views of 14th Street, but custom shutters insure that you do not view that view. My guess is that is allows you to devote your full attention to the “victorian sofas upholstered with a delicate yet military edge.”

    Delicate yet military?

  • Glad to see we are still in the business of replacing terrible restaurants with other terrible restaurants with pretentious marketing statements. We don’t have enough small plates and craft beers…said no DC resident ever.

  • Why does it feel like the DC dining industry is still largely stuck in about 2000? All of these small plates restaurants think they can throw in a few buzzwords about local sourcing and craft “libations,” charge $15 a tapa, pay 0 attention to food quality, and rake in the cash because DC diners have too much money and too little taste.

  • I don’t see anywhere talking about “small plates”. It keeps mentioning communal and sharing. It describes a communal board as a “entree with sides for sharing”. I think it sounds more fun family style than “another tapas place”

    • It had better be fun, given that the dishes are supposedly “playful.”
      Maybe the dish will run away with the spoon?

  • Perhaps a food fight is what they have in mind. I have nothing against tapas – but if the food is crummy it doesn’t much matter if it comes out of the kitchen in dribs and drabs. But who are we to argue with success? Barcelona got panned but they’re packed every night. Small plates and overpriced cocktails lead to a great bottom line, at least for a little while? But what do I know – I just live here.

  • I live at Capital View 14 and love how there’s all these new restaurants popping up further up 14th walking distance to where I live. I’m excited for a new goto Happy Hour place. 20 draft options, sign this girl up!

  • northeazy

    Despite the cheesy press release 20 draft lines is VERY promising. Heck I may even try one of their pretentious tapas.

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