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  • Researched Hen Lung Laundry for a few minutes – appears the original location was at Connecticut and K as early as 1873 (when the WaPo reports Mr. Lung being beaten and robbed). Sometime before 1920, they moved to H Street to where AutoZone is located. In 1921, they moved again,, possibly to their “current” location…

  • That’s great that you got pics of Lung’s! I’ve passed by there multiple times and thought it was ‘POP-worthy’. Too bad Dila got their hands on it. They’ve done some really questionable renovation jobs in the immediate vicinity. They’re not the worst, but their architectural choices reek of opportunism (i.e. they have a template, and they apply it to every building they work on).

  • I bet you didn’t know you could launder clothes with a hen’s lung!

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