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  • The bat is mounted to the wall, right? Not precariously balanced on the little white plastic box?

  • Maybe Bat Man lives there.

  • hammers

    I had a dream about this baseball bat. There was another one in another part of the country and they were portals for two lovers separated by space and time. I forgot until I scrolled through this morning. Weird.

  • This is like leaving a note, “Dear villains, If you must attack me or my house, please do so with the provided bat.”

  • Fortunately it’s screwed to the wall, and judging from the average intelligence of our local criminals, if they were capable of understanding how a screwdriver functions, they probably wouldn’t be trying to steal other people’s stuff.

  • Girlfriend said “absolutely not” to mounting a Nats commemorative baseball bat on the wall INSIDE the house.

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