From the Forum – Call for Witnesses – Cyclist hit by White Range Rover Sunday Feb. 1 near HowardU

Call for Witnesses – Cyclist hit by White Range Rover Sunday Feb. 1 near HowardU:

“I am a cyclist and, while trying to turn left, I was hit from the back by a White Range Rover on Superbowl Sunday at 10:30 PM, on the intersection of 4th St. NW and Bryant St. NW. The driver lied about the incident, saying that I ran a red and cut him off, and the police report reflects a ‘he said/she said’ account, which isn’t enough to pursue compensation from the insurance. In other words, I need eye witness testimony to help prove my case. My bicycle is destroyed, I was bedridden for 9 days, and I have sustained multiple injuries to my back, neck and head – I can barely stand or walk for more than a few minutes. The driver has not been cited and he may not be unless I get further witness accounts. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated

Any witnesses, please reply


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  • That’s really terrible. Front and rear video cameras really are the best insurance policy when riding in DC. Hope this gets sorted somehow.

  • DC1

    Have you tried researching the area? Any businesses with outdoor security cameras might be able to help.
    Remember, it’s not what you know but what you can prove…. consider investing in a gopro or similar ‘action cam’ for the future.

    • It’s on the Howard campus — probably best for the OP to check with Howard (maybe starting with campus police?) to see whether they have any cameras around that area, and if so, whether they still have the footage from Feb. 1.

  • As a cyclist who got hit by a driver cutting across my lane – my sympathies go out to you. Good luck! I was lucky enough that witnesses collected information while I was knocked out/being put in the ambulance.

  • Does Howard have any cameras up? Is there a good way to put this inquiry out on campus?

  • This is terrible. If you had been hit while driving a car, you would have more rights, whether or not you contributed to the collision (fyi I’m not saying that you did.)

    Fortunately WABA is working with the DC Council on this very issue. Whether or not you cycle, please consider writing to your Councilmember in support of this bill:

    • I’m no fan of contributory negligence, and support WABA’s efforts. But why would he have more rights while driving in a car? Contributory negligence still applies, no?

  • Sorry to hear about your collision. I hate to say this, but without proof, you’re kinda fucked in DC. My wife was hit by a car a few months ago and the driver was not cited by the police, despite my wife having a helmet cam video of the incident! It worked great for the insurance claim, but my point is that cops in DC have a long history of siding with cars when reporting cyclist/car collisions. If you cannot find a video or eyewitness of the collision, I’d suggest hiring a lawyer. Making a claim directly to the insurance company may lead to a settlement on their part. Also, if you can get a affidavit from the Range Rover driver, I’d bet that he will make a statement that directly contradicts his story to the cops or at least he’ll say something that is totally inaccurate and easy to disprove. It can be really difficult to keep a consistent/plausible story when you’re making shit up and lying.

  • There seems to be a security camera in the grass on the corner of that intersection. Any luck in getting that footage? I imagine too much time has passed by now.

  • I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope that you can find someone who witnessed this.

    I once had a very close call with a road-raging driver of a White RangeRover in that very same area (like within a block of there). Maybe just a coincidence, but I’d hate to see that (very very irrationally angry) person get away with something like this and continue to harass cyclists.

  • Hey all, I’m very moved by all of your responses, tweets, suggestions and support. Fortunately Howard Campus Security has a camera at the intersection and they were kind enough to go through it and found footage of what happened, verifying that what I said was true. It took a lot of persistence on my end – the police barely helped me and I had to do all the work myself to get the video and to find witnesses, even though there were many at the scene. And I had to do it all while injured! One witness already came forward from this and I would appreciate hearing from any others – every bit of information helps! Grateful for all of your help

    • gotryit

      Congrats on getting the footage. I hope things take a turn for the better for you. It may help to take it up the chain of command with MPD – sometimes the lieutenants get it better than the patrol officers.

      A rear impact is pretty scary to me since there’s not much you can do to avoid it.

    • I’m really glad things are falling into place with the evidence. I know it’s not your “job” but I hope you pursue the police “attitude” about the incident up the police chain.

  • Great that the Howard U police were able to help, even if they did so reluctantly. DC police will not even give a ticket if they didn’t see the accident, even if what happened is obvious. I would go back to the scene, perhaps with flyers to hand out. There is a new dorm on the corner and some of the students may have heard someone talking about seeing the incident. You might also try contacting “The Hilltop”, the Howard campus newspaper – they may be willing to do a story about the incident. But I would say you are in a very good position legally at this time. I would engage a good attorney (no I am not a member of that profession).

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