Arts Park coming to Brookland/Edgewood


A reader writes:

“These were being handed out to neighbors yesterday. I wish Dance Place would address their parking issue but otherwise this is pretty exciting. It seems to be that it will be located in the empty asphalt space between the Artspace Lofts and Dance Place.”

3225 8th Street, NE

Close ups of the letter and brochure after the jump.



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  • What’s the “parking issue” the OP mentions?

    • No idea. I’ve never had issues finding parking anywhere in Brookland/Edgewood except for maybe 12th Street in front of the CVS or on Monroe in front of the new mixed-use development. And if oen has trouble with street parking there’s a new garage.

      People get really wacky about this stuff.

    • Hi! The parking issue is that when Dance Space is having classes, the roads surrounding the place, where I live, pack with people without permits, which causes those of us who live there and have the appropriate permits to have to park blocks away. It’s a drastic difference between when they are not having classes and when they are and it occupies several blocks from Monroe to Hamlin on 7th and 8th. Maybe this is the ex-suburbanite in me, but I feel like if they’re going to have that many people coming in they should have some sort of dedicated parking? Or at least encourage their dancers to park at the new garage on Monroe. I guess another solution would be DCPD actually issuing tickets for people who park in zone parking without a permit, but I don’t want people to be getting expensive tickets if they don’t need to. I guess its more of a personal annoyance than a problem, per se.

  • PoP – the org/building is Dance Place, not Dance Space.

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