Uptown Tap House closes in Cleveland Park, Will Reopen under new management with new menu in the Fall

3412 Connecticut Avenue, NW

The ups and downs continue at Uptown Tap House in Cleveland Park (RIP 4Ps). I had heard rumors that they’d be closing after New Years but their facebook and website are still active so I thought it might be false but last night a reader sends an update from RuninDC:

“Uptown will be closed until the fall while new management takes over and a new menu will be created.”

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  • This makes me happy. That bar was gross – hopefully something worthwhile will move in.

    • It was weird. It was white tablecloths and oyster bar and DJ and cheap beer. Like it couldn’t decide what to be. It’s a great space and a great location, so hopefully something good comes in. I miss 4 Ps. It got bad toward the end, but it was a great bar in its heyday.

  • I wonder if it will really reopen. I don’t know anything about the company that owns this place and McFadden’s, but I read a comment somewhere the other day saying that McFadden’s in DC might not reopen at all.

  • That place was disgusting. 4 Ps was much better and had that classic dive charm. I just laughed when I went into “Uptown Tap house”. The renovation was as generic as the name and the food looked too gross to order.Im glad I didnt too as they closed for food code violations soon after i went.
    This whole changing management and menu bit will never work. It needs to be scrapped and redone entirely. Put it back up for lease and get someone who knows what they are doing.

    • I loved the 4Ps and went to trivia night every Wednesday.

      But cleanliness was not one of its strong points either.

      • maxwell smart

        Sure, 4P’s was kinda gross. But they weren’t trying to pretend otherwise. That was always the problem with Uptown – it was still kinda gross but was trying to pretend otherwise.

  • maxwell smart

    Isn’t this the 2nd (or 3rd time?) that Uptown Tap House has closed due to “new management?” I recall a similar thing happening shortly after they originally opened.

    I agree with others – this place couldn’t really decide what it wanted to be and therefore never found an audience. And for somewhere called “Tap House” the actual selection of beers on tap were pretty much the usual bar offerings. The location has a lot of potential – it’s on the side of the street with large patios (read: no useless service lane) and it’s a stone’s throw from the movie theater which draws a good sized crowd. An actual decent food / drinks place that was open late that wasn’t a sports bar (CP B&G has that covered, thanks) would be a great addition.

    • The parking situation around there sucks, though. Virtually no commercial parking and spaces on the side streets can be difficult to snag (and are zoned for locals, anyway).

  • Went once, never went back. I’m no germophobe but that place was disgusting. It’s a great space and location but needs to be gutted.

  • Shlda called Bar Rescue

  • Well I’m glad I didn’t buy the Groupon for them that was advertised today!

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all – especially after two health department closures. This place never figured out what it wanted to do and the idiots behind the bar spent more time BS’ing and flirting than doing their job. Food wasn’t any good either. I truly hope this “new management” opens with something better and more fitting for the neighborhood and not a re-branded McFaddens, again.

    • laduvet

      With Fat Petes (good food and beer) and Nanny’s across the street, I think this area needs a good Cafe. Something like Open City. CP is lacking a good casual, brunchy yet will take someone on a date place.

      • I was pleasantly surprised by Fat Pete’s. Thought the food was really tasty.

      • maxwell smart

        Ted’s Bulletin Cleveland Park perhaps?

      • Yes – a decent cafe or coffee shop would be fantastic. Like a Room 11-type place – coffee in the morning, cocktails at night? Please please?

      • maxwell smart

        @laduvet – have you been to Lillies? I has passed it many times and had never ventured in until one day when the wait at Open City was ridiculous. Very much a hidden little treasure between WP and CP

        • Eh – Lillie’s isn’t terrible, but I went there for brunch with a group a few weeks ago, and all 4-5 orders of eggs benedict had absurdly overcooked eggs. It’s not THAT hard to poach an egg.

      • maxwell smart

        You should totally check out Little Red Fox if you haven’t already. It’s in the block with Politics and Prose and Comet – great little coffee shop / cafe ala “something you expect in SoHo but not at all in DC let alone upper NW DC.”

    • Yeah, that food was really bad.

      Last time I ventured into the bar, it was next to impossible to get a drink. Half-empty and hard to get a drink does not equal success.

  • this place was awful. just terrible. every time I got the courage to give them a try they managed to disappoint. beers were warm and tasted ‘off’. the food was downright inedible. and the service was laughable. every time my friends and i would go there for trivia we’d crack up at how poor the service was. You’d sit down and order drinks and it would be 40 minutes – no joke, actually 40 minutes – before you’d get your drink despite the place being near-empty.

    One time when this happened I caught the waitress sitting in the back playing on her phone while on my way to the bathroom. She had completely forgotten us despite being one of only 5 tables in this place. Eventually the bartender came over and asked us what we wanted.

    4Ps was no excellent bar but it was far more authentic feeling than this sad place where dreams of a casual, fun night out, go to die.

  • Why am I not surprised. I actually went there for their opening weekend. The service was so bad that we ended up getting our entire bill comped. That was pretty awesome, but it was clear the place was in pretty bad shape. Went back a few times after that, but with similar results. You just can’t replace an institution like the 4 Ps with a place this generic. It was like a boozier TGI Fridays.

  • Totally not surprised! The food was horrible and I agree with others that it seemed to have trouble deciding what it wanted to be.

    It would be amazing if a Ted Bulletin/Open City type place opened in CP. It’s crazy there isn’t one of those already…those places totally appeal to both younger-ish people and families. Or even a DGS deli type place (but with lower prices)…with the large numbers the synagogue seems to draw, it’s surprising there is no Jewish-deli type of place.

  • Anonomnom

    I just want to second the commenter who mentioned the idea of pitching to the Murphey’s owners moving in in this space. That would honestly be a dream come true! Never hurts to hope…

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