3 Little Pigs becoming Straw Stick & Brick Delicatessen on January 31st

Straw Stick & Brick Delicatessen
5111 Georgia Ave, NW

From an email:

“Thank you for the amazing three years we have been able to share with you! We have enjoyed building lasting relationships, as well as preparing high quality cured meats for you to enjoy.

We have decided to change our name to Straw Stick & Brick Delicatessen. This change will be in effect on January 31, 2015. The change in our name will allow us to develop a more well-rounded brand, and to introduce new products and services so that we can continue to grow and evolve into a better shop with even better food and services for our loyal customers.

We will be the same company, at the same location, with the same ownership, same phone number, and the same business practices and we couldn’t be more excited to take this next step forward with you! It is going to be awesome.”

Washington City Paper previously reported:

“New York charcuterie shop Les Trois Petits Cochons filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against D.C.’s Three Little Pigs Charcuterie & Salumi last October.”

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  • SusanRH

    Who is going to confuse Les Trois Petits Cochons with 3 Little Pigs??? I hope they get to repurpose their great ironwork somewhere else in the restaurant.

    • justinbc

      Especially in different cities… Same BS happened with Standard (except that was a lot closer in name). It’s funny how they tried to spin it into some positive change like they wanted to do it though.

      • PDleftMtP

        There’s an excellent restaurant in Belgium called De Drie Biggetjes. I’m putting them on the New Yorker’s ass – they clearly own the culinary juvenile pig concept.

    • Blithe

      Soooo, it’s okay for Les Trois Petits Cochons to steal their name from a traditional children’s story, but they go all big bad wolf on another store using a completely different language in a completely different city?! smh

  • Love the concept and the new name is much more clever and memorable than Les Trois Petits Cochons

  • I feel sorry for them with that infringement lawsuit BS. It’s kind of evil on the part of those jerks from NY.
    That said, if 3 Little Pigs is keeping “the same business practices”, I’m still not interested. I just don’t have time to be ignored for 15 minutes before they finally deign to take my order that will take 30 minutes to complete.

    • A-men. I just can’t set foot in that place anymore after being completely ignored (twice! shame on me) while I was the only customer in there. I don’t get it.

      • justinbc

        I’m curious how this happens? Do you not just walk up to the counter and say “I want this item”? Did they then just not respond to you or what?

        • I know, I am too–as I play it over, I wonder the same thing! But I walk in (it’s tiny) and the person behind the counter looked at me and went to the room in the back. Just turned her back and walked away before I opened my mouth. Second time, no one is at the counter, and it takes a few rounds/minutes of “hello, excuse me” called out to the back to get anyone’s attention. It’s just so weird.

    • by far the very best sandwiches in the city. And a bargain for the level of quality and size. Stachowski’s is perhaps a close second…

      • justinbc

        You’ve got to be joking. This sandwich costs $9:
        It’s a few pieces of meat on some white bread. Comparing that to ANYTHING at Stachowski’s is beyond laughable.

        • I love Stachowski’s, but if I had to choose one sandwich for lunch today I’d choose Three Little Pigs. They’re both delicious, but I think TLP’s meat quality is better.

          • justinbc

            I agree the meat quality is good, but saying that pathetic little sandwich is a bargain on size at $9 is more what I find disingenuous. There’s maybe 3 ounces of meat there, and that’s a stretch.

        • JustinBC – if you think that the sandwiches they make are “a few pieces of meat on some white bread,” then I’m pretty sure that the level of quality in their products is lost on you anyway. It’s probably best if you stick to less challenging meals.

          • justinbc

            We’re talking about the same sandwich served on plain ass white bread, right? Please lecture someone else on complexity, you’re going to lose the argument with me.

        • I have to say that your link from 2012 is WAY outdated. Justin – I think it’s time you gave this place another chance!! My boyfriend and I frequent this place on a regular basis and have had nothing but great food and good service. The place isn’t cheap, but the quality is second to none and the owners really do care about their patrons.

      • Only a bargain if your time and dignity have no value.

        • It’s a total rip. I had an Italian Sub from there, and it was good, but at $13 it was HARDLY a bargain. It wasn’t big at all either. I will say the one time I was in there the service was quick. I was helped right away and my sandwich took about 10 minutes with two other people in front of me. There were only 4 of us in the whole store though.

    • I really enjoy shopping there. They’re not fast, but they’ve never been anything but nice to me. If they ignored me for a few minutes I’d speak up, though, so maybe my assertiveness helps. I certainly wouldn’t hang around there (or anywhere) to be ignored for 15 minutes.

    • This is strange. I’ve been in 15-20 times and never been ignored and they’ve always been friendly. Mostly I get bacon or other sliced meats, so it doesn’t seem to take too long. Never had a sandwich. It’s not a cheap place, but even at $16/lb, the breakfast bacon is totally worth it.

    • Terribly sorry that the world doesn’t deign to serve your every whim at lightning speed. People with your sense of entitlement deserve nothing more than McDonalds.

  • hammers

    it took me MUCH longer than it should have to understand the new title. Oh dear. I’m ashamed…I figured they were paying some homage to some nouveau industrial farm chic decor. It is a terrible name though…let’s go eat at straw and stick. mmmm appetizing.

  • New name is fine, though when I first heard about the BS lawsuit, I thought they should change the name to “This Little Piggy”, as in this little piggy went to the market and this little piggy stayed home… Same idea of referencing a child’s story/rhyme about pigs, and the initials are the same as Three Little Pigs, which would have been nice since they used TLP as part of their branding. Perhaps it was still too close, though?

  • Why the “Brightwood” tag? It’s located in Petworth.

  • These guys are great, I go here regularly and it is definitely a slower pace, but everything is done with care and they are very sweet. Not a place to stop into if you’re in a hurry, but a great place for great meat and they definitely aim to please and will work with you on custom orders. I disagree that the sandwiches are skimpy on meat. i appreciate that the meat isn’t from disgusting factory farms and that the bread and sauces are locally sourced or made in-store. That said, i wouldn’t make a trip across town here for the sandwiches. But if you’re coming here for charcuterie, not a bad lunch option.

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