Major Reno begins at Slim’s Diner hoping to open in Petworth in 6 Months

Georgia and Upshur St, NW

The much anticipated project from the owner of Petworth Citizen, Crane & Turtle, Room 11, Upshur St. Books etc., Slim’s Diner, has launched their facebook page and gotten a lot of folks, me included, super stoked (thanks to all who sent emails):

“I am excited to launch our newest project. It should take us about 6 months to finish construction and we plan to open in the summer.

Look for frequent updates here and let us know if you have any suggestions. We hope that Slim’s Diner will be a gathering place for everyone in the neighborhood.

– Paul Ruppert, owner”

And holy cow do they have an awesome old photo, streetcar and all, of Georgia and Upshur back in the day:

Photo courtesy Slim’s Diner

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  • Fantastic news. Love that the Facebook page links to an article about the importance of diners in America culture, confirming my hope that this place really will be a classic diner. Also, this is not the only exciting piece of news for us in Petworth today.

  • Looking forward to this, and hoping it spurs more new places along Georgia Avenue!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for this place. Also, I wish we still had all those trees from the photo!!
    What’s the story with the city outreach center going in at the post office? I really hope it doesn’t become another blight like the Reeves center. A development there would have really helped move the neighborhood along. It would also be nice to see that terrible Pizza Hut go. It’s ugly and has the worst Yelp reviews I have ever seen anywhere.

    • Agree on the Pizza Hut. That corner could really anchor rhe commercial strip along Upshur and tie in nicely with the renovated library. I’d much rather have another locally owned, neighborhood place for families to compliment Slim’s.

    • I agree in principle, but I’ve never tried the Pizza Hut so can’t agree from experience. Also, when I’m biking home after a long day, it’s really nice to ride past the Pizza Hut and smell the pizza baking. Mmmmm, pizza.

  • Between this and the new venture from the owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar…. My head may explode. All the new restaurants in the area are crushing it. It’s no wonder there has been an influx. The neighborhood is really taking off! Exciting!

  • Blithe

    Great news! And a wonderful old photo! My Mom told me that when my parents first moved to their house on Third Street, the streetcar used to pass by. Now I have a better sense of what the neighborhood looked like back then. Thanks Slims/Thanks PoP!

  • Any indication as to the hours? Later the better! So few non-bar options are open late in this city, sometimes I want pie at 11 while I do some work.

  • That’s a great spot for a diner. Should be a great addition to that strip with its very small town feel.

  • This is great -wow- in 1 week Upshur scores 3 new restaurants/bars!
    Does anyone know if Slim’s Diner will take over the building behind the Murrell Building as well, or is it just the Murrell Building footprint?

  • Great news! Thanks for bringing a diner to Petworth. Can’t wait to give it a try. Please keep it down to earth, not a lot of gimmicky nonsense on the menu. Damn good coffee & pie please. 🙂

  • Overall, it has the aspect of a funeral parlor… that lettering.

  • Wonder what the top half brick portion of the building would look like with a fresh coat of paint? Maybe white like historical picture. Perhaps paint the Murrell Building sign on the actual brick in an old-school throw back geasture. The letters glued to the side of the building looks pretty tacky.

  • palisades

    I adore comparison photos like this.

  • let’s just hope that the ridiculous ANC doesn’t screw this up too much. a lot to ask for, i know, but i’m sure lighting, parking, noise, blah blah blah will cause great alarm for the “elected” reps on the ANC.

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