Republic Kolache Coming to the District – First Pop Up in Bloomingdale

Republic Kolache C_dc
Photos courtesy Republic Kolace Co.

Republic Kolache’s website says:

“Kolache, noun • [koh-lah-chee]: a sweet pastry filled with delicious fruit or savory fillings. Originated in the Czech Republic, perfected in Texas, and available soon in the District.”

The owners tell me via email that their first two pop ups will be:

“in Bloomingdale and Arlington. We’ll also be hitting some of the local farmers/flea markets when spring rolls around as well as exploring wholesale options, then we’ll be figuring out our longer term retail plans from there.

Updates when the exact details/dates become available.


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  • Where in Bloomingdale will this new pop-up be located? This is the kind of pop-up that we get excited about! Not the pop-ups that remove our iconic turrets and tower over our houses. 😉

  • VERY important question: Will you have pecan rolls?

    • Where I come from (Northeast Ohio), we call the nut roll kolachi. There are far more Slovaks (and Poles, Croats, Slovenians, and Hungarians) than Czechs in the area, so maybe that has something to do with it. Regardless of what it’s called, though, NUT ROLL NEEDS TO BE AVAILABLE IN DC!!!

  • This Texan with Czech heritage loves kolaches! Sometimes I make my own and I’ll be sure to czech this place out. (sorry, couldn’t resist…). Please come to the Mount Pleasant farmers market one day. And if things go well and you like the area, why not a permanent location in the old Heller’s Bakery space?

  • Kolaches! I’m a Texan and extremely excited about this. Thanks for the news.

  • HOOOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My Czech grandmother would jump out of her grave and smack someone upside the head if she saw this. Kolaches are round, with a visible filling (like a Danish, only with a dense dough). Definitely not square, definitely not a filled bun. Something definitely got lost in translation here. Also, to be completely pedantic, the singular is kolach.

  • Yay, Bloomingdale 🙂 Can’t wait to find out more! I’ll definitely be visiting. Great neighborhood choice. – A totally unbiased Bloomingdale resident.

  • Egad

    Fantastický! I come from a Czech family and grew up making and eating kolaches in Iowa, which also had a large influx of Czech immigrants and is home to the National Czech and Slovak Museum.

  • Another Texan here from a Czech family… this announcement just made my month!

  • I’m originally from Texas, also. I love breakfast kolaches!

  • Dearest kolache saviors, please bring forth a jalapeno sausage kolache so that we may rejoice in thy glory

  • I am beyond excited about this. I can still taste the kolaches we would pick up at the Czech Stop driving through West, Tx when I was a kid.

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