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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I usually have cereal for breakfast. On my bike ride to work, I pass by at least 2 places that smell like bacon. In the words of the famous american philosopher, Amy Schumer: “Why is my life the worst???!!!”

  • gotryit

    Rant: More prostitution on the side street early yesterday AM. Footage from the cameras is… not something PoP would allow to be posted.
    Rave: The clear view of their license plate. (MD plates – hah)
    Rant: MPD won’t do anything about it since they didn’t catch them in the act. WTF? Why can’t they be arrested based on video evidence?
    Any group wisdom on websites to upload it to shame the F-er? Or is that just overly cruel?

    • Andie302

      Sounds like a tweeting to the city might get some additional traction. This is ridiculous!

    • jim_ed

      Upload it on vimeo. I’m pretty sure you live around the corner from me, so I’d be very curious to see if its anyone I recognize from around the neighborhood.

      • gotryit

        Does vimeo allow explicit content? If so, I’m not going to look into that at work!

        • jim_ed

          They do, to a certain extent. My understanding has always been that nudity is ok, they just don’t want straight up pornography so the site doesn’t become a fill-in for pornhub. Unless you were out there with a klieg light and a tripod, I’d think you’re good to go.

    • Sounds like you’re dealing with the same police who did not witness a bike theft but had witnesses to it and still claimed they couldn’t do anything. They at least have circumstantial evidence of prostitution and physical evidence of indecent exposure or something similar – enough to scare the john into not doing something on your side street again (I’d hope).

      • gotryit

        That’s part of what’s bugging me. It’s more than circumstantial (I think – I’m not a lawyer). You can actually see what’s going on… Maybe anon MPD or some lawyer (or lawyer wannabe) can explain why they wouldn’t follow up.

        • Andie302

          My prosecutor friend just said that it’s because solicitation is a misdemeanor and not worth their time to prosecute. Sad, but possibly true.

          • gotryit

            That makes sense – I doubt it could be proven as solicitation anyway.
            But sex in public / tossing a used condom on the sidewalk? Can’t they hit them with bioterrorism charges? That must be somewhere in the Patriot Act…

    • Gotryit, which police district are you in? Can you elevate it to the commander?

      • gotryit

        4th District
        That’s a good idea. I emailed our Lieutenant and copied the Captain, but not the Commander.

        • jim_ed

          Also, if you’re in PSA 403, the PSA meeting is tonight at Truesdell at 7pm. A good chance to publicly shame them into action, and the captains and lieutenant should be there.

  • Aglets

    Rant: People openly picking their nose in public.
    Rave: Have an idea for a fun art collab with a friend and I may have just found a cool venue for it!

    • Emmaleigh504

      agggghhh why?! I hope they didn’t eat it like that baseball player did on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

    • “Rave: Have an idea for a fun art collab with a friend and I may have just found a cool venue for it!”
      Preserved booger art? You could be the next Damien Hirst.

      • Andie302

        hahahaha my friend used to line up his boogers on the wall in a straight line as a kid. His poor mom would find them next to his bottom bunk and have to clean them off. Yuck!

      • Aglets

        i took a drawing class for non-drawing oriented artists in grad school (so like sculptors, film makers, theatre folk & the like) and this one guy brought in a ‘sculpture’ made out of plexi, Crisco, red glitter and his own semen. One had a condom in the crisco which i watched slowly slide down the panes of plexi glass in the warm room during the critique. He was so gross! Once we did a studio visit and he had a pile (A PILE) of 4×8 sheets of plexi (WHICH IS NOT CHEAP) stacked on top of each other. He and his greasy girlfriend would evidently have sex on the sheets of plexi & then he would toss some red glitter on the semen. I don’t know what was more infuriating- the cost of the plexi he was leaving his oily butt prints on or the fact this was being taken seriously.

    • Agreed on the nose-picking. Probably the #1 most disgusting thing I see on a daily basis. Open spitting is #2. (And note, I said on a DAILY basis. I’ve seen grosser, but thankfully not often.)

  • Rave: unscheduled telework!
    Rant: I hate my job so much that not going in to the office is the only thing I have to look forward to! My boss was pissy that I didn’t show up today, but there’s nothing they can do….it’s our official policy!

  • Rant: this cough that i still cant seem to shake… its esp annoying whenever i hop off of the bike because i sound like i am about to hack up a lung

    • Do you feel sort of vaguely run-down but not really sick? Does the cough happen suddenly with no warning, severe enough to make you gag, or worse? Thank the anti-vaxxers for the resurgence of whooping cough. I know a dozen people who have had it this year (including myself). I think I heard of maybe two people who had it in my life before this year.

      • Anti-vaxxers make me sick…literally and figuratively. Babies are dying of stuff because they’re too young to get vaccinated. Why is this quackery allowed to flourish? Anti-vax going to disneyland…ugh!

      • YES! Someone in my office had whooping cough last year, even though they had been vaccinated, and it took the doctor 2 weeks to figure it out. Thankgoodness no one else in my office caught it. If you haven’t been to the doctor, you should go ASAP. You can get medicine and not give it to everyone else….

        • unfortunately, once the coughing phase of whooping cough has started, you can’t really treat it other than with cold medicine. you’re also only contagious in the first few days when you are running a low grade fever…once the cough sets in you are mostly past the contagious phase.
          at least that’s what my doc told me after i broke a rib from whooping cough. it’s a terrible one, and I had let my vaccination lapse because they ran out at employee health two years running. boy do I regret not just paying for the stupid shot myself!

        • Pablo Raw

          I know I sound like a broken record, but when I’m coughing I do the neti-pot and the cough goes away. It’s miraculous, I kind of believe that the neti-pot could even fix climate change a little bit.

      • dont feel run down at all.. just have this dry cough
        sometimes it does get a little intense though, esp after riding the bike

        • GiantSquid

          I get an annoying cough that sounds horrible after biking or running in the cold. It’s like my lungs are dry and irritated. Are you able to wear a scarf/gaiter/funnel-necked thingy to cover your mouth? When I do that, it isn’t as much an issue because I retain some of the warmth and moisture from my breath.

          • yea i typically use a bandanna unless its below 15 or so… then i have a full mask i use when it gets that cold
            my mother thinks its asthma related but that has never given me coughing issues, i believe they called it exercise educed asthma(learned i had it during cross country practice in high school) that i usually just push through

          • epric002

            i also had exercise induced asthma in HS and was just diagnosed with “regular” asthma. a RX for singulair at night has totally eliminated my nighttime dry cough and allowed me to exercise outside in cold weather for the first time in forever.

        • Could be acid reflux – a dry cough is often a symptom.

        • Emmaleigh504

          and chronic acid reflux is linked to an increased likelihood of Esophageal cancer. if you have it, get it checked by a doctor.

  • Rave: ramen from Daikaya. Also overall, just having a nice date with my bf.
    Rant: Dreams about having a dog that I don’t/can’t have right now.
    Unsure: We didn’t get a snow storm.

    • +1 for your rave. love daikaya!

    • Yum! I’m jealous – I miss being able to pop in to Daikaya for lunch. Best cold/blah day food EVER.

    • If you ever want to play with a dog, I know one who’s always up for some snuggles and squeaky squirrel fetching 🙂

      • I’m having doggy withdrawals since my dog is with my family for the month. I’m just afraid I’d break your dog. My dog is 70lb…I think his toys are about your dog’s size. LOL

        • Very likely! At his weigh-in last week, my pup weighed 3 3/4 pounds. He would be borderline ridiculous if he didn’t have a big dog’s personality.

          • I think his big dog personality makes him more ridiculous, but it fits most small dogs I’ve seen.

          • Good point. It’s hilarious to see him acting haughty since the worst thing he can actually do at his size is nibble on things with baby teeth.

  • I thought I was reading the Onion, but it’s true: Metro is talking about raising fares AND cutting service. You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently, they’ve determined that the surrounding cities/counties are probably not going to cough up additional funds this year, so Metro needs to have a backup plan for making their budget work. And in other news, Downs remained as cagey and evasive as ever with the DC City Council. Metro’s hiding behind the NTSB investigation is revolting, and their lack of candor/inaction/ is just criminal. Fire these higher ups, fire everyone, tear the system down, and start over.

    • Accountering

      Sigh. So unfortunate. You have to wonder at what point it starts looking like a death spiral. It is already happening, and raising fares and cutting service just accelerates that path.

      • But what’s the alternative? Metro is going to have to get pretty egregious before most people think that spending an hour to drive five miles and paying $22 for parking starts to sound good.

        • Doesn’t need to be as stark an either/or as that. I know people who slug, van-pool, bus, bike, walk, and motorcycle to work. I know others (couples) who take a single car, but they make it worth it with time savings (public transportation would make for an even longer haul. Those of us on the margins- the ones who can take it or leave it- need to be voting with their feet. For the many who are trapped with the system, I wish them luck. In my eyes, with in-your-face lack of transparency/deliberate hiding and failed promises (see promises to do better after 2009), Metro is a criminally negligent and incompetent enterprise. People from Downs all the way down to the surly operators ought to be sacked. Until the powers that be feel the pain, the rest of us plebes will be forced to tolerate this awful system.

    • The only way I see us injecting some accountability into the system is to add personal liability to those serving on Metro’s board. That would require identical legislation in DC, MD and VA, but it’d overcome the collective passing-of-the-buck that occurs with Metro’s board. It’s not a perfect answer.

      • Accountering

        If there was personal liability, you would not be able to find employees. Metro fires everyone at the top, and offers you a $150,000/year job, but you are personally liable when things go wrong. Knowing how horribly mismanaged metro is at the moment – would you even consider accepting? I know I wouldn’t. I like my house.

        • I just mean the state-appointed board members who do nothing and hope their counterparts pull the weight. Ahem, Bowser.

          • There are also slots for riders on the board. You’d have to make an exception for them or you wouldn’t be able to fill those.

          • Good point. I just can’t think of another way to establish accountability right now. And having Bowser personally liable makes me happy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: 2 telework days in a row!
    Rave: The Fall. Thanks House in the Rear for suggesting it!
    Rant: stayed up way late watching it.
    Observation: the clothes on Charmed (shut up I’m waiting for Dean & Supernatural) are heinous. Did we really dress like that?

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Imagine if we had PoPville Chat rooms…

  • Rave: Work trip to Haiti confirmed for February
    Rave: Gin and Gardening gathering confirmed for February (8th)
    Rave: Listening to yoga nidra track at night has significantly improved quality of my sleep
    Rant: Laptop on last legs, slower than molasses internet speed, freezing browser, printer not scanning => a good day to turn it all off and go to a museum (except, I have to work)

    • Check out stuffyourrucksack.org to see if there are any charities you could drop stuff off for! I also have friends that adopted three boys from Haiti and started an organization called Foundations of Home. They provide construction training and teach cabinet making skills. You could check their website too to see if they have anything going on in February!

    • What yoga nidra tracks do you listen to? Is it a podcast? I’d be interested in trying this …

      • Shaw, I alternate between two because I love both. One is from doyogawithme . com, search for yoga nidra sleep . Jennifer Piercy is the instructor.
        The other is a yoga nidra track lead by Dr Siddharth Shah. He has a number of recordings available on itunes or Amazon. Two of his CDs focus on stress relief which includes yoga nidra, two others focus on sleep.
        And perhaps of interest to some in PoPville, another focuses on stress resilience in demanding environments (humanitarian workers, first responders, etc)

    • How do we get info about the Gin and Gardening? I’d be interested….

      • GnG, I’ll post here in R&R and also send out an email. You can contact me at sharonwdc, yahoo. I may sent up a google group which may be an easier way to let folks know when/where the gatherings take place (monthly, more or less)

  • Rant: Almost hit a biker who stopped past the crosswalk into the intersection.
    Rave: District Taco. My body is easily 25% tacos now.
    Rave: Seeing Katt Williams on V-Day thereby avoiding overpriced food in overcrowded restaurants.
    Rave: Generally pleasant roommate even if he has some quirks.
    Revel: Date 4=home cooked dinner after a long day of work. I’m a sucker for a good cook.

  • Rant: Kiddo woke up at 4:30 am & whined/babbled periodically for awhile. I didn’t get back to sleep for at least an hour.
    Rant: Figured sleep was more important than getting up early to run since I felt like crap yesterday from too little sleep so I skipped another morning work-out.
    Rave: Kiddo sorted herself out & I at least could lay awake in bed instead of running upstairs to check on her.
    Do I really want to add to my sleep struggles with another baby??? What am I thinking??? Need to decide soon if I want to alter plans….

    • KSB

      Even with just one kid, you’ll never sleep the same again, so go ahead and throw another into the mix. They’re so cute!

      • KSB

        Rant: Annoyed at myself for the phrase “Even with just one” when referring to a kid. Should have said, “Once you have a child…” There’s nothing simple about “just one.”

        • No worries, I certainly didn’t notice anything amiss with your original phrasing. It made sense in the context of the decision to try to have another.
          Though yikes – sleep will never be the same? I didn’t want to hear that! We had several glorious months of really good sleep, and now it’s a little more hit or miss, which is brutal on my attempts to get back into pre-work workouts. Argh.
          But yes, my kiddo is super cute most of the time. It’s hard to imagine loving another little being like I love her–though I know I would. Somehow once we got past the newborn/infant stage, she managed to wiggle her way into a position where my focus is far more kid-centered than I expected. Crazy how that sneaks up on you.

          • Quotia Zelda

            My aunt, who has 4, once told me that she got less sleep when they were teens than when they were babies/toddlers. Two of mine are now teens, and I suddenly realize she was right.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Doesn’t matter how old I am, when I’m visiting the old folks and go out with my friends, I have to wake up my parents to tell them I’m home. They claim they don’t sleep until I’m home safe and sound, but I ALWAYS have to wake them up. 🙂 My 20s were a fun time for them.

          • NOOOO!!!!!! I don’t want to hear that!!!! 😛

  • Rant/Rave: This long weekend was a mix of life and death. I met my new niece (who is the cutest) and attended a family member’s funeral. It was good to see the whole family rally together. I have wonderful cousins and aunts.
    Rave: Swimming this morning.
    Rant: Even after a shower, I still think I smell like the pool.
    Rave: My kitty made the Popville cut yesterday! She’s very smug with her new found fame.
    Rave: Comfy winter cardigans and fleece-lined tights.

  • Rave: Light at the end of the tunnel, workwise
    Rave: Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Carl Craig remix). An oldie but goodie this AM.
    Rave: Donburri take out for dinner. ‘Cuz I want to eat my meal with a beer, dammit. So good.
    Rant: Playing phone tag with mom for two weeks. We’re both the worst.

  • Rave: “I won both of them.”

  • Accountering

    Rave: SOTU yesterday. Was awesome to see O get back to being a damn democrat. Would have been interesting to see how mid-terms would have gone if the rest of the Dems actually ran on what they believe in, as opposed to just running on not being scary republicans. The rest of the country agrees with your ideas… Embrace them.
    Rant: Caps… That was a pathetic performance. You. Do. Not. Lose. To. Edmonton. At. Home.

    • There can only be so much mojo in the city at any one time.
      When I switched to the SOTU it was looking good. I checked the Capitals app later and it said there was 4:13 left in the shoot out, which made no sense, so I ignored it. I’m glad I did. Ugh.

    • Obama was looking good! After every big Democratic moment, people talk about how “if the party actually sticks with this instead of running scared…” but they run scared every damn time.

  • Rant: overreacted to the last few ‘snow’ days, including today. I know meteorology is an imperfect/unpredictable science, but some of this Bowser response has to be just political showmanship, right?
    Related Rant: biking to work this morning the wind plus the freshly salted streets equaled salt in my eyes and mouth. YUK!
    Rave: bestie bought her wedding dress yesterday and im so excited for her!

    • “some of this Bowser response has to be just political showmanship, right”
      Given that each of the recent emails about the snow response has included the phrase “Mayor Muriel Bowser [action verb],” I think the answer is yes. Definitely.

      • It’s not like she actually even deploys them herself. Every time I get one of those emails I picture her like the fairy godmother in Cinderella, flitting around with a wand, lurching snow plows into action. Or shooting snow plows from her wrists like Spider-Man.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Totally political snowmanship.

    • Blithe

      I haven’t been following Bowser’s responses very closely, but I will say that given the enormous amount of screeching there is when people feel as though the response to snow events has been inadequate — with the responsibility directed towards the mayor, I can understand the strategy of being over-prepared and pro-active and calling attention to it.

  • Rave: I just decided to to a big house purge this weekend to create the minimalist home I know I have hidden within the clutter. Writing this here to hold myself somewhat accountable. I also rented a Zipcar to take big bags and boxes of stuff to donate. If anyone can recommend places that will accept gently used books and more heavily used clothes, I’d be grateful. (I consign more lightly used clothes that I don’t wear enough to keep).
    Rant: Puppy and I didn’t do well at all on our first day apart. When I went home at lunch he was a total spazz and a bit of a maniac and I could barely calm him down. At the end of the day he was a full-on mess and acted out a lot during two full-hour “play” sessions. This morning, he was way more mellow and sweet and I hope that continues. If not, we’ll need a major Plan B.

    • Not sure if goodwill does books, but they will take the clothes. They generally just dump and go and sort it out later, so I don’t think they’ll care on the wear at drop-off. There is one on south dakota ave in ne before the highway. Ri ave, right on s. dakota ave, and you will see it on the right. Drive around back and drop off.
      I like wagtime for daycare, and they walk dogs as well. I take my dog maybe once a week just to see other dogs and let off steam. An occasional trip may do your puppy some good.

      • I’m definitely planning to go to Wagtime once the puppy has had his last round of shots and is more fully house-trained. He’s not quite there yet, but that will definitely be a big resource for us when he’s a bit bigger. Thanks for the Goodwill recommendation!

    • Andie302

      I would take both the books and the clothing to Goodwill. There is one hear Costco, just north of NY Ave if I recall correctly. You may want to check on whether they have limited times for donations…I haven’t dropped anything off at that particular location (yet).

      Hopefully once you get into a routine and the puppy gets a little older he’ll mellow out. He’s just probably freaking out because he doesn’t know that you’re coming back. Good luck!

      • I believe you can donate anytime they’re open. I’ve definitely gone morning, noon, and night.

      • They take books and clothes and other household goods too, furniture, kitchen stuff, etc. I’m pretty sure you can drop off whenever they’re open. They’re on South Dakota Ave. It’s a pretty good store too, not that you want to bring anything home in your quest for minimalism though.

        • This is really good news — we have items to donate in every room of the house. It’s probably safer for me to say outside, but that’s not likely to happen. 🙂

          • As long as you drop off more than you bring home it’s still a net negative 😉
            I used to have a rule that whenever I went to the thrift store I had to bring home less than I dropped off. I might have to reinstate that rule, I’m a bit of a thrift store addict.

    • epric002

      but it was the first day apart, right? he’s definitely going to need some time to get used to it. but there’s always a dog walker!

      • Yes, it was the first day. I’m hoping today will be better now that he knows we will return and give him food, hugs and kisses. I think Plan B is to find someone to pay a second afternoon visit so he gets plenty of attention and affection throughout the day.

    • I found the Chris Thomas book “You Have Too Much Sh*t” a short, brutal read that gave my spleen the necessary fortitude to give away and throw out some stuff.
      It’s a free read online.

      • This is really helpful and reminded me of my personal clutter downfall — presents! A good amount of the “clutter” is actually really thoughtful gifts from people for Christmas or our wedding that we will probably never use. I have no idea what to do with it, but also know we can’t display or store it all in our 1,100 sq ft house. Any advice out there?

        • Andie302

          Don’t feel bad about donating and it hopefully ending up somewhere where someone will actually use it! You can appreciate a gift, and the giver, without having to keep the gift for.ev.er. This is easier said than done. I might’ve felt a small sense of relief at a vase that (legitimately) accidentally broke because it was something given to me when my taste was very different.

          • Ha – I definitely have a few things that I’d like to accidentally break….

          • Emmaleigh504

            Do y’all do like Emily Gilmore did and store the stuff you don’t like and frantically pull it out when the gift giver comes over?

          • Emilie, I think that’s -exactly- what I’m going to do. I actually just bought clear plastic bins for that exact purpose and plan to store them in our small shed. Some stuff will have to go, but I would really hate for someone to ask about the gift they gave me on Christmas 2012 and have it be “missing.”

          • I live in fear of the day my parent sells my childhood home and downsize. They’ve let us leave a decent amount of stuff that would be nice to keep long term, but I am completely out of space.

          • Emmaleigh504

            One year I asked for donations to the International Rhino Foundation for Xmas. Nobody did it. My apartment is too small for more stuff unless it’s useful or diamonds.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Watch out when they downsize, Jeslett! There’s a madness that takes over. Be prepared to go get the stuff you want to keep b/c just telling the downsizers doesn’t seem to work.

          • I agree that well-intentioned gift-givers rarely listen when you tell them you don’t want “things.” For our wedding, we really didn’t want “things,” but ended up creating a registry after realizing that if we didn’t register, we would just get things we didn’t want (although that still happened). For the holidays this year, I said I only wanted things for the dog, but ended up getting things for the dog and myself. I honestly don’t think that people who don’t live in cities understand that small houses don’t have space for things, and that it’s okay with us to not have too many things. I realize this makes me sound like an ingrate and I don’t feel good about that. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and desire to do something nice. But the end result is me having to put these thoughtful things in plastic bins in the outdoor shed, and that’s no good for anyone.

          • “My apartment is too small for more stuff unless it’s useful or diamonds.” — Yes. Completely. I want to have the same rule for the house that I have for my closet. If I haven’t used it in two years or if I don’t need it for a specific, important function (I’m looking at you, heavy duty snow boots), it needs to go. Or, better yet, never enter into the house in the first place.

          • I told my mom a few years ago that I really appreciated her gift giving, but that I didn’t need anything ornamental because I don’t have room. I also told her it will take me the rest of my life to use all of the notepads she’s given me. For some reason giving her the constraining reasons really seemed to work. Now she pesters me for a list, but if I give her some ideas she sticks with them. I’m pretty sure she thinks buying my sheets is boring, but I use them and I appreciate them.
            Now if I could only get her to stop telling me to buckle my seat belt.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My family has gotten a lot better. This year for Xmas will use everything I was given! For my birthday my mom may give me diamonds. She NEVER wears the ring and is almost ready to give it up. almost.

          • Agreed! I have no room/desire for any more “stuff”! All of my gift giving for my family has now taken the form of disposable gifts – anything one can eat, drink, burn, or will wash down the drain – hoping they will reciprocate with the same.

      • Also recommend a video called “The Story of Stuff”

    • Lots of stuff that gets donated ends up being tossed or sent in bulk overseas to less developed countries. Not to discourage donation – I’m a big fan of reusing and recycling and re-donating – but if anything has a stain (no matter how small) or is missing a button, etc then I’d recommend just tossing it out.
      Wish there were more fabric recycling places!

    • I’m in the process of donating (a bag every few days via metro) to Carpe Librum off of the Farragut West metro on 17th Street.

    • Our trainer recommended giving our dog independence time when we’re home so she learns that she can entertain herself in our absence. We just block off part of the apartment with some toys and water and put her back there for 30 minutes (started with 15-20). I’m not sure if your puppy is ready for something like that, but it seems to be helping some with separation anxiety for our dog.

      • This is a really good idea. Right now he spends his day inside of a big exercise pen with his smaller crate inside, open. Soon I think he’ll graduate to staying in the fenced-off kitchen. He really, really hates the exercise pen and I hate seeing him so upset.

  • Rant: There’s no where to collect my winnings for the “I Told You So” about the streetcar. I knew it wouldn’t work from the beginning. Boondoggle.
    Rant: And, now, since I love an underdog, when it’s nearly a lost cause, I’m rooting for it to succeed.

  • Rant: Gloomy overcast day.
    Rant: Lower back pain/stiffness still hasn’t gone away. I haven’t lifted anything heavy in a while; the pain really ought to be gone by now.

    • I know you’ve posted about your back pain before and I’m sorry I don’t remember what your treatment plan has been, but I wonder if you’ve tried any exercise/physical therapy. I used to have constant lower back pain, and it’s been entirely resolved since I started doing “core” exercises, first with a physical therapist, then on my own.

      • epric002

        or a chiropractor! saved my quality of life after i hurt my lower back (bulging disc).

      • It hasn’t been a chronic thing, so to date I’ve been treating it with ibuprofen and a heating pad. Will definitely keep your advice in mind if it persists, though!

        • I hope it doesn’t! But if it does, there should be ways to treat it 🙂

        • GiantSquid

          Having had back pain to the point where I needed surgery a few years ago, it could be as simple as a back spasm that icing and muscle relaxers will clear up. PT definitely helps with the core strengthening exercises and learning good habits like sitting up straight (yes, it makes a big difference). I, personally, was not a fan of my chiropractic visits. Massage can help. Acupuncture might help. And if it really starts affecting your quality of life, do get it checked by a doctor. Just in case it’s something serious.

        • Try ice instead of heat (recommended by my back MD and physical therapist). And you might have pulled/strained something so the recovery process might be longer than you expect.

        • Try Aleve? Ibuprofen doesn’t do anything for my back pain, but Aleve is amazing.
          Otherwise, core exercises are definitely a good suggestion. It’s amazing the difference it made to my back (bridges, crunches, reverse crunches, cat-dog, cobra pose).

    • Blithe

      Have you tried sleeping on the floor for a few days?

      • No. But I have a pretty firm mattress, so I don’t think that should be the problem.

        • Try restorative yoga/good for back pose – lie with your legs up the wall (getting as close to wall as possible). Also nice to use belt or strap to tie your big toes together. have a light cover at hand in case you feel cold.

  • Rant: Ugh still recovering from the flu.
    Rant: Brain washing today at the other side of the square and we just got an email encouraging us to attend in person despite the weather.
    Rave: I still have a broken bed leaning precipitously to the left but the cat and dog seem to have new enjoyment sleeping on it.

    • Blithe

      Hope you’re feeling better soon! I’m told that a combination of Southern Comfort, honey, lemon and hot water REALLY helps with flu symptoms. And enough of it might help with the brain washing as well. 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        Southern Comfort and OJ works too. But for real cures it’s gotta be brandy (is SC a brandy? I have no idea), unless it’s a GSW. GSWs take whiskey. Don’t get GSWs IDGI.

  • Rant: Put all my info into TurboTax, double checked everything, and it still tells me I am due a $6,200 refund from DC when I paid $6,300 in DC taxes. This can’t be right. No unusual deductions, just my normal filing. WTF?!
    Rave: Taking off early tomorrow for a UVA basketball game in Charlottesville! With all the bad things that have happened over the past couple of years, it’s great to see them doing well, and we couldn’t have a better coach than Tony Bennett.

    • Maybe do your taxes by hand to compare what’s different. I screwed the pooch last year and overstated my income. Something like that the program wouldn’t catch.

      • Yeah, I think I will have to do that. TurboTax is great but it does have some quirks (though I blame that mostly on our insanely complex tax code). Thanks!

    • Did you get married? Any other major life changes? My co-worker got married last month (right before the New Year) and her spouse does not make much money. She paid taxes the entire year as a single person and is now getting a $20K+ refund (also includes her mortgage interest deduction, which includes A LOT of interest in the amortization since she only bought one year ago).
      PS – get ready to prove DC residency and all that jazz. No way DC is giving you that money without triple checking your status and making it a hassle.

      • Really curious about this residency thing since my federal agency decided to switch everyone to paying DC taxes if our office is in DC proper, even though many of us are not residents of DC…

        • What was the rationale behind the change? How is the correct place getting your money?

          • It’s part of some new federal guideline that I have in an email somewhere. I need to look into exactly how things will be sorted out, but DC and my home state have reciprocal agreements to send tax money back and forth so I’m not too concerned about it getting sorted out (also why I wasn’t terribly concerned about changing my residency in the first place). I need to start dealing with tax stuff this weekend…. Oi.

      • Nope, haven’t gotten married, so I’m still filing as single. I’ve lived in DC for 6 years now and my office has always been in the District, and I’ve never had an issue of earning income elsewhere. I still rent, so no mortgage, no student loan interest, or anything remarkable. I just have my salary and small long-term capital gains. I don’t want to pay a CPA given the simplicity of my situation but it makes me nervous that I’ll get hit with some ridiculous bill from OTR later on if I end up taking the refund. I’m going to do some more investigating before I file with TurboTax, for sure. My federal refund is calculated as $1,500 which is basically exactly what I expected.

        • Also – my deductions are standard and consistent with previous years. Some charitable donations, 401k contributions, and that’s pretty much it. My DC refunds have ranged in the $250-$750 in previous years. I’m just at a loss at the moment for why it’s looking so strange. At least I have a few months to figure it out!

          • I think maybe you double reported a deduction or credit because that’s the only way your refund could increase. Similarly, you may have put 6,000 instead of 60,000 for your income. I am guessing the second one because missing a number is far too easy.

          • Problem solved! Turns out I had entered my DC taxes paid twice, which is why it wanted to refund me almost the entire amount. Now I apparently owe DC $13, which isn’t nearly as nice as a refund, but will let me live without the fear of an OTR bill…

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: So, so tired.

  • homerule

    Rave: No snow during my walk to work today!

    Rant: Our neighbor, who smokes pot all day, every day and makes our hallway and apartment smell. Does anyone have any strategies to get him to smoke elsewhere? Our building is smoke-free, but allowed on the roof deck. We’ve tried nicely asking him, but it hasn’t changed.

    • Ask them to use a vaporizer?

    • First, ask politely (in person or with a nice note). After that, you need to start talking to your management. In fact, I might skip the nice note and just go to the management to intervene. I really don’t get how people can so blatantly break the rules. I guess they’re betting on no one speaking up, and so far that bet has been a good one. Good luck.

      • +1 — I don’t care what people do in private, but once it starts disrupting other people’s quality of life, that’s not cool. I’d go to management, too, if you’ve already tried talking to them.

        • Pablo Raw

          That happened once in a building where I lived, first was a day of hallway strongly smelling like pot, next day it was pot+perfume which apparently was the solution they tried in order to fix it.

          • homerule

            That’s pretty much what’s happening here. It’s really frustrating because my mom will be visiting later this spring and she has a lung disease, so I don’t want to take any chances.

    • Ha, the girl I’m seeing has a neighbor who smokes and attempts to cover it up with nag champa incense. Her hallway smelled strongly of incense this morning at 7am. It was actually kind of nice 🙂

  • Rave: Magfest this weekend! Should be interesting.
    Rant: Slipping off of my seat on the bus. Couldn’t tell if my butt is too big or the guy sitting next to me was being a seat hog. Sigh.
    Rant: Annoying coworker infiltrating my dreams last night. I can’t get away!

  • Additional Rant: Seeing 3 girls not older than 15 smoking pot at 830am on the way to school. What is going on with the youth these days?

    • Yeah, many mornings I see a couple of young teens walking down my alley, with their big backpacks, passing a joint back and forth. And there is not a thing I can do about it. On the one hand I feel a little sorry for them. Their posture and demeanor shows how much they dread going to school. And who can blame them? Our big EOTP high schools must be misery.

    • epric002

      youth these days? i’m pretty sure that was happening when i was in HS almost 20 years ago…

    • Anonynon

      This really isn’t that shocking, coming from a highly sheltered life….kids did this at my HS all the time. Its more visible here on the streets compared to the suburbs where you probably just did it in your car before class. I would hope they try to be a little discreet and not blow smoke in peoples faces…but other than that just carry on, they aren’t hurting anyone.

    • I smoked three times per day throughout high school (age 15 to 18). I graduated 2nd in my class of 450 (damn you, Mike Wong). Mind your own business.

      • I feel like I just got to know you so much better, OP Anon 🙂

      • Interesting. The daily smokers in my class declined steadily in performance over the year. Great news for those of us who didn’t smoke, and didn’t want to work quite so hard to get to “top whateverpercent of the class” status. It really thinned the herd. In my experience.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Where you also the kid who dropped acid for chemistry class b/c lol? Charlie-Boy and friends did at my school and they turned out a-ok with bonus fun stories.

    • palisades

      I’m convinced this post is a joke. You must have lived under a rock as a teenager.

      • No joke. Never saw anyone in high school or college smoking weed. I know people smoke weed, and I had friends who did, but certainly never saw anyone walking down the street esp. so young and so early doing it. I lived under the thumb of a dictator called mom.

        • “Never saw anyone in high school or college smoking weed.”

          Just wow. I get how it could be a culture shock and possibly troubling due to the age and how brazen they are about it but this is the inner city after all. In the country/suburbs kids just smoked in the parking lot or woods but this is how any major city will be. Let accept it as part of the environment you chose to live in and let them be. They’re not causing any trouble after all.

          • Would you say let them be if they were passing a fifth of vodka on they way to school?
            Nothing good about high school kids smoking weed on their way to class.

          • I said nothing to them but took note of it because they were about to pass a heavily populated elementary school. I only knew what they were smoking because they blew the smoke in my face.
            I’m from an inner city, and it was still a first for me there or here.

      • I grew up in a small town where no one smoked weed. They drank cases and cases of shitty beer, and then raced on dark country roads, but no pot, at all, anywhere. Then, mid-HS, I moved to a larger town in a different state, and was shocked by the prevalence of it. Having grown up in a weed vacuum, I spent the rest of HS and most of college believing that to even get a whiff was enough to make you fail drug tests for the next 10 years. Not to mention get you addicted and kill all your brain cells.

        • I think that the “drug” of choice really varies a lot by place, but almost every community has something (or several things). I knew very, very few people in high school who regularly smoked pot, but it was pretty common for people to come to class drunk. One of my most vivid high school memories is of a guy barfing red wine cooler in 1st period math class. In college I was -shocked- by how common heroin and cocaine use seemed to be among my classmates. And by how high-functioning the people who used these drugs recreationally seemed to be. One women I knew in college was a high school heroin addict and she’s now a professor at a top university.

  • Rant: I want a snow day. If it’s going to be this cold, I want a day off work (we can’t telecommute) or what use is this season?
    Rave: Dragged myself for an (admittedly short) run last night, even though I didn’t really want to do it. I hate running. Staying healthy and in shape is so much work… Feeling good about getting healthier though, even if the process is a pain!
    Rave: Had my first fun Tinder conversation last night. That app kind of baffles me/stresses me out. I know nothing about them beyond picture and a sentence or two (sometimes). Swiping through pictures is fun, just trying to get the hang of the rest of it still, haha.

    • skj84

      I was totally prepped for snow this morning. I even wore my snow boots. Alas I think the worst is supposed to hit this afternoon.

      • Yeah. Siigh! It looks like we have some more snow chances Saturday (if we get a lot of snow on a weekend instead of a weekday I’ll be mildly annoyed, haha) and Sunday/Monday. Maybe we’ll eventually luck out!

    • I hope you meet some nice TinderFellas! 🙂

      • Hopefully it actually gets to the date point! haha. I gave him my number, so hopefully…

      • Tinderfellas. I like that.

        • Agreed! It’s a great phrase. Haha. Is Tinder something I should be trying? I’ve avoided because I’ve heard nothing good so far….

          • It’s… okay. I’ve had it for a few months and met up with one person. It kind of stresses me out because I’m used to OKC, where you have a lot more information about someone and it’s easier to start a conversation. Tinder is more hookup-focused, but there are a number of people looking for more as well. It may be worth trying, at least. It’s pretty easy (and kind of fun to swipe through the photos with friends, haha).

          • They didn’t work out for various reasons, but I did meet some nice/cool/fun guys on Tinder. There will be lots of gross messages you have to sort through (and some really hilariously disgusting ones), but I feel that way about other dating sites too. One thing I did like about Tinder is that people are pretty straight forward about what they’re looking for so it’s easier to weed out the ones who just want a hook up (unless that’s what you want as well, of course).
            And if you don’t want to have to weed through creepy messages, you can always try Bumble. A former (female) Tinder employee started it and it’s basically the same as Tinder but the woman has to initiate the first message in order for there to be any contact after you match.

          • i’m currently seeing someone I met on Tinder. we chatted a bit on there and quickly established a rapport. I think the fact that we were both in our early 30s and in the same life stage helped a lot compared to my other Tinder dates with younger women. we then started texting and went out on a date two weeks later.
            mind you, she had only one photo and no personal information on her page.
            when we met up, she’s was actually waaaaaaaay more attractive than her photo revealed. our first date was completely non-physical. our second date we made out like silly teenagers in public. third date was mind-blowing sex.
            she’s really awesome and I feel like I won the Tinder lottery.
            however, I still think Tinder is juvenile and a bit weird.

          • Huh, maybe I’ll take a look tonight at Tinder — and Bumble because that sounds cool. I hadn’t heard of Bumble before.

            I’ve done the OkC thing and so I’m not going to be surprised by the creepy messages. I actually had a whole long conversation with a guy who lives in my neighborhood once before I suggested we meet and his response was something along the lines of, “Actually, I’m not really looking for that kind of relationship… but something more casual, if you know what I’d mean. And I’d like that to be with you.” Classiest creepy message ever. He’s been blocked after that, and we have not bumped into each other, luckily.

          • I really want to try Tinder just for the sport of it. I know someone who met her last two bfs through Tinder. I heard it’s more about hook-ups, and that may be something I’m more interested in right now.

  • skj84

    Rant: Negative people on Facebook. I have friends of all sorts of backgrounds and beliefs, and my rule of thumb when someone posts something I don’t agree with is to ignore them. There is one person who has been replying to some of my posts with incredibly condescending conservative comments. Look I don’t care what you post on your own wall, don’t post it on mine! Yesterday an epic flame war went down with him due to some nastiness he posted. I had to delete the thread it got so bad. Someone is getting blocked.

    • I deleted someone who just wouldn’t accept my (moderate, yet strong feminist) views. Every time I posted something (like the fact that someone who gets upskirted can’t get retribution or something similar), she would post condescending comments that were purely argumentative, nothing discussion worthy. I can’t believe this girl went to my (extremely liberal at times) school. Sad to lose a college connection, but I guess there wasn’t much of a connection in the first place.

      • skj84

        Yeah. Most of my arguments were pretty non controversial.But there he was with a snide opinion. Like I needed to be told by a man about how wrong I was.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I’m fine with people who post opposing views, but if they get mean, nasty, or unpleasant, they’re gone. There’s enough unpleasantness in the world already; I don’t need it on my Facebook.

      • skj84

        That was my major issue. His comment was so nasty I thought he had to be trolling. Calling a woman disgusting and a slut. Not necessary at all. I have another friend who I’m having a disagreement with and we have been able to keep it civil. We basically agreed to disagree, but posted well thought out comments to illustrate our point.s

    • The older I get the more I realize that its best to just keep social/religious/political opinions off facebook. No one will shift their views based on what they read. Most likely someone will disagree and start a pissing match. I say just do it the old fashioned way and stand on your soap box while drinking heavily with friends.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Fun fact: It’s hugging day in Sweden. Get on it y’all! Hug your friends and family!

  • Becks

    Rave: I have time to read the Raves today!!! Make it good people!
    Rave: Great three day relaxing weekend!
    Rant: My computer is slow and won’t play Netflix. If I start a movie, the sound and picture get out of sync and if I allow it to play, may shut off the computer! I have cleaned my comp, and defrag, but still it gets out of sync. I have re-installed Silverlight. I don’t know how to fix it!
    Rave: Knitting season is back! A great way to spend a day is knitting and enjoying a warm beverage.
    Rant: Bad neighbors, and the Yard of Despair. The Yard of Despair is where beer bottles, cans, cigarette butts and boxes go to die. I took out the garbage last week and my recycle can was FILLED to the top with cans and bottles (not mine). I guess I should be glad they are recycling?
    Rave: Coffee and cinnamon bun for breakfast!
    Rave: lady Carlotta is a joy and such a little diva!

    • emvee

      Can we do Popville knitting? I love knitting, but fear doing it unsupervised since I never know how to fix my mistakes.

      Re: your computer, have you tried making sure all other programs are closed? When my last MacBook was nearing age 6, it could only run one program at a time (and no more than three tabs in an internet browser).

      • I’d be in for PoPville knitting! I have a big queue of projects, including one that I have to finish somewhat urgently for a baby who will arrive any day now.

        • Becks

          Yes, let’s set up a knitting night. How about Wednesday nights at Le Caprice or Coffy Café on 14th? If anyone knows how to make socks, I would love to learn!

          • I could do this as long as it’s around 8 pm 🙂 I’ve made socks before and am happy to teach what I know. I find them a bit tedious, honestly, because the gauge is so small, but wish I had the patience for them! If I ever make them in the future, they will have to be thick winter socks.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Crochet, too? I’ve come to realize that I don’t have the coordination for knitting, but I feel like I could handle crochet.

          • QZ, I say absolutely yes. As far as I’m concerned, they’re basically the same thing other than that I have no idea how to crochet 🙂

          • emvee

            Wonderful! I need hat help!

          • Becks

            I would like to go to the Saturday Knitting group at Panera Bread, and maybe start a Wednesday group later.

    • Becks, your raves made me so happy — I think we’re having a similar week with furry companions, coffee (decaf for me), sweet treats and knitting.
      Regarding your Netflix question: I have the same problem when my computer’s battery is nearly dead, but only then. I have no idea why that’s the case, but it is. Maybe this is a clue to help resolve your issues?

      • Becks

        The computer is four years old and I use it every day. How often do you need to change a laptops battery? I leave it plugged in almost all the time.

    • It’s always knitting season!

      I’m in a knitting group that meets on Saturday afternoons at the Columbia Heights Panera from 2-3ish until whenever, so that’s an option too. I’ve been knitting for almost 20 years and always have a sock on the needles, so would be happy to help with sock knitting or any knitting.

      Is anyone on Ravelry? I’m jerdlngr there too.

  • emvee

    Rant: Completely ruined an attempt at creme brulee last night. I’ve made it multiple times before, and something just went entirely awry in the water bath. So sad. Poor heavy cream and six egg yolks. 🙁
    Rave: Was making creme brulee to celebrate the partner presenting his thesis proposal today! At least the Thai Crossing reservation won’t explode in a water bath.

  • Rave – cleaned out my master closet this weekend. I was surprised by how many of the things in my closet I actually wear regularly (when in season). I didn’t have much to give away.

    Question – Anyone know of a good place to take work clothes to donate? I’d like to take the ones I am donating to a place that will use them for people who need clothes for interviews or work. I’ll also take any recs for decent cheap place to get the clothes laundered (some just need to be washed – button-up shirts, etc.) before I take them to be donated. Thanks!

    • JayKay

      A Wider Circle provides gently used work clothes to people for interview and job purposes.

      • Thanks! All of my stuff is lightly used. Unfortunately, the stuff I’m getting rid of is either in a size I was at for a nanosecond, so it only got worn once or twice, or something I thought I’d wear but didn’t.

    • GiantSquid

      Dress for Success and Suited for Change will accept some work clothes donation. I have a pile of items for them and a bag of shoes, I just need to find time to get them turned in. I wonder if someone was free, they’d be willing to swing by and pick up stuff for a group donation?

  • Rave: Rebooted my mac with an old (approx. 1 year) backup, seems to be working great. Now just to move over the “new” pictures and documents!
    Rave: New laptop seems to be working great, except…
    Rant: SAS Studio (running through a virtualization software) doesn’t seem to want to work. I’ll need to do some extensive googling/mooching of technical skills to fix, I think.

    • Additional Rant: having to chase down previous employers for access to my W-2s. I’m beginning to think they should just be automatically mailed/emailed. I’ve had to contact 3 employers who had me on payroll in 2014 to get the ball rolling. Grr.

      • I’m in the same boat as you! It’s making me really nervous because one organization is actually rather hard to get in touch with. That and I have phone anxiety about calling, its pretty lame. I didn’t so much quit as flee this workplace so the less I think about it the better.

        • Every employer I’ve gotten in touch with has said that they’ll mail it by next week. I want it now! I have a feeling the process will be so complicated with 4 employers plus school, and a smattering of charitable donations…

          • emvee

            This! Changing jobs, moving from MD to DC, donated my car to NPR, the usual school loan interest nonsense. I just want my W2s from my old employer so I can put this all behind me. #solidarity

  • KSB

    Rant: February and March are going to S-U-C-K. Big time. Demanding work, snow days, sick days, STUFF. It’s looming and I’m bracing.
    Rave: Lots of big (hopefully good) changes coming in April. Just have to get there…

  • Andie302

    Rave: Renovations. There seems to be a lot of demo progress and I’ve had fun picking out some things to go into the house. I got a fun painted dresser in Delaware that I’m going to turn into the bathroom vanity. I’m hoping I have enough time/inclination/money for a few more of these custom projects before they need to be available for install.
    Rant: I wanted to blog about this for apartment therapy, but I never heard anything back from them.
    Rave: It’s Wednesday, and tomorrow is my Friday.
    Rant: Must.wash.all.the.things. I have SOOO much dirty laundry. And a lot of it is sensitive so there’s only so many places for it to dry at once. I need to get on it!

    • I’m so excited for your renovations! If you end up blogging about it, I would totally read it. Any why not start a blog just for that purpose? It’s so easy with Squarespace.

      • Andie302

        I thought about it. I don’t think I could swing it in real-time…which would be ideal. I will check out squarespace…I haven’t heard of it before.

      • Andie302

        And thank you!

        • I don’t think you need to worry about doing it in real time, honestly. I have a friend with a blog about her home renovations and it goes at the speed of her renovations (read: once a month or so), but every entry is just great and worth the wait.

      • +1 for starting a blog. I started one when we bought our house because we will be doing a lot of work over the years. It’s so fun to see how much we’ve done already. I am doing mine with WordPress.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Um why don’t you blog about it for us here? 🙂 I’m serious. Email me.

    • Ate you doing a full gut rehabd or just tearing down/building upfew walls here and there and bathrooms/kitchen remodel?

      • Andie302

        Well I didn’t think all the walls were coming down, but for the contractor that made more sense. So right now there’s not a whole lot left. There will be new systems, flooring, bathroom, kitchen, windows, doors, etc. Regarding layout, there just aren’t that many options, so it’s staying relatively similar with some tweaks here and there. It’s a small place.

      • I am not tearing down any walls. I like the layout of our house. We put new wood floors on the first floor and we’re going to do the same on the second eventually. We’re doing a full gut on the bathroom in the next year and eventually we will rip out the kitchen and replace everything. Other projects include replacing all the windows, installing central air, staircase lift or replacement (?), rehab front deck, rip out back deck and build a bigger one. Hmm, I think that’s it for now haha.

        Here’s the blog… https://ouroldrowhome.wordpress.com/

  • I’ve become obsessed with small-footprint bathtubs. But I HATE pinterest, where people lift pictures from anywhere and then it’s impossible to track down the source.

    • have you tried using google reverse image search? I was able to track down some pinterest stuff that way.

    • GiantSquid

      Maybe also try Houzz? It’s specific to home renovation/decoration and I feel like the attribution for images is better.

    • I always check the source before pinning anything because that drives me nuts too! If it doesn’t link to the source I try to reverse image search it and then pin it properly, haha.

  • skj84

    Rave: They finally hired more women at work!

    Rant: I don’t have a private bathroom anymore.

  • Rave: I mentioned last week about wishing to finance my investment property- well just locked in at 4%.
    Rave: will pass the savings on to my tenants and not increase their rent this year. Win for me win for them.

  • Rave: National Hug Day. Now if only I had someone to hug…
    Rant: Wondered at some point in the night if my ex will end up marrying the girl he started dating a couple months after our breakup. Didn’t realize I actually thought about this until I woke up this morning. Then I felt dumb for having let the thought cross my mind twice.
    Rave: Turning yesterday’s rant into a rave — I don’t have time for relationships anyway!
    Rave: “sweet dream” by mfbty. can’t figure out why this music hasn’t caught on more in the U.S. yet.

    • skj84

      I feel your pain. I’m pretty sure one of my exes is going to marry his current girlfriend. I’m just waiting for the announcement and the ensuing breakdown I will have.

      • I’m sorry to hear that! I guess it’s just a weird life thing that happens — and I’m sure we’ll both be sad, but fine. This has actually happened to me once already — they met and married within a year of us breaking up. But it was a very short-lived thing so it was less upsetting and more just weird…

        • skj84

          Yeah. Its been hard getting over this guy. It was an intense relationship over a short amount of time and he started dating the current girl friend soon after it ended. So it’s taking me a while to move on. I’m pretty good now, but sometimes I get sad about what could’ve been.

        • I had that situation (the short-termed guy who was kind of a jerk and was married less than a year after we started hanging out). I was just glad I thought this guy was a fling on my end and watched in fascination as he proposed, gave this girl a wedding based on their shared heritage, then promised he was going to give her an American wedding, too. And then I was glad I wasn’t put on that short time span 😛

      • why would that make you break down though?
        i guess id get if it were that one ex that you though you would go the distance but multiple would make you break down?

        & either way dont let it get to you for real
        i exited a 5 year relationship a few moths ago and my ex is already living with another s/o and talking about marriage… what are you going to do about it??

        i say keep living your life and be the best you that you can be

        • Oh, no not multiple. The first one was just bizarre to find out about, I didn’t really care much. He was kind of a jerk anyway. The one that I thought about last night is the one that would make me a bit upset, just because our relationship was so different than my other relationships in such an awesome way.

          • ah ok i see…
            yea i feel the exact same way about my last relationship but at the end of the day i feel like im in a better place, enjoying the hell out of life right now, and its given me some life changing opportunities that i otherwise wouldnt have…

            always remember the great times, remember what you learned from the process(the good and bad), and live this thing we call life

      • Pablo Raw

        One of my xs got married to the guy she was cheating on me with while we supposedly had a serious relationship. The guy was actually one of my high school classmates. They later divorced. Once the pain of the breakup went away (even though I suspected about the cheating) it was great for me to see from outside that continuing with her would have been a nightmare. Thank you Jesus. (at the time, I’m not religious anymore).

      • An ex of mine that I talk to occasionally messaged me this weekend, when I was feeling super down about being alone and missing my most recent ex etc etc etc., saying that he is moving to Tokyo and getting married.

        Thanks for rubbing it in, dude! Sigh.

        • (The guy getting married is not someone I miss/would actually want to be with, but still weird to hear about! I had also JUST commented to a friend about how many people got engaged over the weekend, heh.)

        • Tokyo?! Huh!

          I’m actually really grateful for everyone’s stories today — it makes me feel like I’m not crazy, and actually, I guess my experiences haven’t been all that terrible so far…. Thanks guys!!! 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          the guy who cheated and married the chick used to call me on the anniversary of his dad’s death for YEARS. Dude, I get it, you’re sad, but you have a new girlfriend to help you through this. It’s so difficult to be a bitch when they are greiving their dad.

    • Randomly found out my ex is engaged/likely married after I checked out what she was up to on FB. I reveled in the fact that the woman wasn’t as cute as me. 🙂
      Revel in the fact that you’re better than this person, and that you’ll find someone better than your ex.

    • Andie302

      My ex-husband is getting married in the fall to a woman he started dating shortly after we split. I cannot even be mad. I am literally her in a different relationship. I try to keep that in perspective. His fiance probably thinks I’m crazy for letting my ex go, just like I think Accountering’s ex is crazy to have let him go. It was a bit of a shock at first, but honestly I hope everyone ends up being better off for it (in all cases, mine included). Life goes on. (Please don’t think this means I don’t do the occassional facebook stalking…I mean…inquiring minds want to know!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had an ex marry the chick he cheated on me with. Luckily for me they dated long enough that I didn’t care that much when the wedding actually happened. I also enjoyed the thought that he probably sang to her at the wedding and he was a crappy singer. It was his idea of romance to sing some crappy song to his bride. I’d divorce a guy who did that to me.
      Hopefully if your ex marries this chick enough time passes that you won’t care.

      • my ex husband got dumped by the girl he cheated on me with. and then got dumped by the next girl after he moved cross country to be with her. and then he got a DUI and audited by the IRS. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. schadenfreude.

      • Hahaha… Thanks, Emilie. I needed that laugh!

        • laduvet

          at least no one is living the “new girl” situation – aka – living with an ex. Because if you are, come talk to me – i am living that “dream” right now!

          • Emmaleigh504

            eek! That’s got to suck. So sorry.

          • Oh no! So sorry! I hope you at least have your own space in the house/apartment!

          • hammers

            Oh no! I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy—definately not “New Girl” lighthearted fun. I had to live with my ex who dumped me for about 4 months last year. It was awful. It was the end of a 3 yr thing, I was devestated, but he felt so guilty I had to console him on an almost daily basis–“it’s ok that you dumped me, you’re going to be fine, youll find someone to make you happy”.

          • I almost bought a home with my ex; although, we never lived together. I dodged a huge legally wrangled bullet. Since then I’ve been very leery of living with someone. These stories don’t help my fears.

          • laduvet

            actually – I am glad i did it… you learn so much about the other person and yourself. Luckily we are mature about this and are civil… its been awkward but ok for the last few months.

            I am glad i now know it wont work. I mean it could of gone much further and then its harder to get out! If you second guess living with someone, then why be with them, especially after considerable time. I took me two years. Sometimes people aren’t honest with themselves and other with who they are or what they want.

            Now i am just wondering – how can i break it to someone i may potential hang out with or date. ughhh.

          • Laduvet, are you waiting for a lease to end? If not, why haven’t you and/or your ex moved elsewhere?

    • Just to put things in perspective – here’s a good one for you: my ex got married one month after I had to dump HIM (he was too much of an a**hole to break it off with me) to the woman he was cheating with, and I found out about it from a press release on his employer’s website. And did I mention she was pregnant??

  • Rant – traveling yesterday and missed the real-time discussion of UDPie’s dark chocolate salted caramel pie. Wow, that sounds good. Can we have the recipe, please?

  • I Dont Get It

    Question: Any recommendations for a white noise machine? The party outside is starting to interrupt my sleep and one of my dogs loudly paces at night..

    • Honestly, I just use a fan pointed away from me to block out noise, but it depends on how loud it is.

    • maybe some soothing music that you have scheduled to turn off in an hour or two… ideally you fall asleep while the music is on but it doesnt run all night

    • I just use simplynoise online

    • epric002

      i just use a free app on my phone/ipad- have you tried one of those before buying a separate machine?

    • There are white noise apps. If using a phone/ipad is an option, maybe that could work.

    • Blithe

      I’m with FridayGirl. I’ve tried apps and a couple of different white noise machines, and I’ve found that using a fan blocks the noises without adding intrusive-to-me sounds to the mix.

    • I also sleep with a small fan on my nightstand, pointed away from the bed. I tried iPhone apps but I just end fiddling around with the app and I didn’t like the sounds they used.

    • I use a Homedics white-noise machine. I also have an free white-noise app on my iPod Touch; I use it when I travel.

    • hammers

      If you use songza, try “Tranquil Landscapes” I like it more than white noise, because I can usually hear sounds behind the white noise, this has enough variation that background noise just blends into it. It just sounds…sleepy and sparkly.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Lovely evening with my parents, made bulgogi for dinner, sat in front of the fireplace, brainstormed name ideas for brother’s incoming daughter, and educated them on what hipsters are.
    Revel: the snow
    Rant: feel restless, like I’m ready for a change. Mr. Squid’s in a similar brainspace. Tired of sitting on my butt in front of computer screen all day, every day. Still trying to get Mr. Squid to move out to NoVA country but really not sure what’s the next step for us.

  • jumping on all the tax questions, does anyone have an accountant they recommend? Mine died. 🙁 My taxes are relatively straightforward but since I was only a part year resident, had two different jobs, and own property in another state, and have been lurking reading peoples’ horror stories about getting taxed by DC even though they haven’t lived here for a full year I thought I should get professional help. I work downtown so bonus points for an accountant nearby.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Phone interview with Capital One didn’t seem to go well, I think the position was above my experience level…so I’m not sure why the recruiter contacted me.
    Rave: Forgot how awesome I am at making people laugh, feel comfortable, and happy. Date went well last night, although it was kind of cut short because El Chucho closed early because they had no hot water (side rant: why do you need hot water to cook mexican food). She said she wants to go to the movies this weekend which could be fun. Not use to having a girl run the show. but I’m going with it.
    Rave: Another date tonight, with a redhead ^.^

  • Blithe

    Rave: Had a delightful afternoon yesterday with several people who are very different from me in many ways — age, race, ethnicity, interests…… Wending our way to common ground. Yay people!!!!!! 🙂
    Rave: Pretty puffy snowflakes! And admiring them from the warm side of the window.
    Rave: Takeya water bottles. They might just possibly be perfect.
    Rant: So tired of people who criticize — without either suggesting solutions or making any efforts to improve the problems/ issues that they’re criticizing.

    • Blithe, I think you’re my favorite 🙂 I like every one of your rant/raves. And that water bottle is beautiful! If I weren’t downsizing my stuff, and if I didn’t already have a glass water bottle, I would order one stat!

    • Blithe

      Awww, thank you Shawess! You’ve totally made my day!!! 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Donna keeps purrring in my ear and kissing my cheek. Because she wants food, but I’ll take it!

  • Rave – Found a new favorite recipe from the Smitten Kitchen blog. Baked pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe. Plus it makes great leftovers!
    Rant – My office doesn’t have telework. I’m so jealous of all you telecommuting feds.
    Rave – I’m noticing that our pup is wagging her tail a lot more now compared to when we first got her. I think she’s finally starting to feel at home. 🙂

  • Allison

    Does anyone know a place in D.C. where I can purchase a small amount of food grade lavender? I’ve been dreaming about making something lemon-lavender (and perhaps poppy seed?) flavored for a long time, but I usually only shop at safeway, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t carry lavender.

  • Rave: thinking about doing something for Artscape this year.
    Rant: Artscape is always the hottest weekend in the history of hot weekends.

    • What’s the difference again between Artscape and Artomatic?

      • emvee

        Artscape is in Baltimore every summer. It’s the largest free arts festival in the country. It goes for three or four days, they get some pretty great bands to show up, and its an explosion of creativity.

        Beau, you should do it!

        • Thanks for the support! I had two installation pieces there in 2011 and one in 2010. One of the 2011 pieces was vandalized, which was frustrating. It looks like they have more indoor spaces this year, so ideally that won’t happen again.

          • Nice! Any pics of your previous installs?
            I’ve never done Artscape, but it’s on my calendar for this year!

          • I don’t think I have any of the 2010 one. Because the exhibit was in a garage, I took advantage of that for a multichannel audio setup using two cars parked back to back. Not too hard to imagine, right?
            In 2011, I did one 8-channel audio set up (think of a cube with speakers in each corner) where a local visual artist covered the walls of the exhibit with art. That was the vandalized one. I don’t think I have any photos, though – except maybe on facebook.
            In 2011, my cousin and I hacked an xbox Kinect and used it to control a series of loops in Ableton with a computer monitor set up so people could see that what they were doing changed the based on where in the 2D map they placed their limb/whatever. I thiiiiiink there’s a video on the old youtubes of it, but without this explanation, I don’t think the video makes any sense.

        • artomatic is a volunteer run art event that happens periodically in DC when there is the volunteer energy and an available building. it’s been in every quadrant of the city and in Crystal City virginia.

          it’s non juried, you just have to sign up, pay money, and give them 15/20 hours of your time. you can show whatever you want.

          importantly, both artomatic and artscape let you walk around drinking and looking at art.

  • Rave: 166 comments on the families with kids exodus-or-not & DC public schools thread. It says a little bit to the slightly evolving demographic mix in Popville? How did it not make it to the “Most Commented This Week ” box?
    Rave: snow is pretty.
    Rant: There was no justification whatsoever for the daycare’s 10am delayed opening this morning. What was the director thinking? We’ve known from any weather info outlet since 9pm last night that snow wouldn’t be starting until late morning today.

  • Late Rave: I got accepted into an intensive summer language program! I was frantically applying to just last week to meet the deadline. Now I have to wait for funding decisions. BUT I’M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS.

  • Rave: It’s 3:10 and I’m at home because they let us go early because of snow
    Rant: The county decided to give all third-graders in title one schools a chromebook for use in the classroom. Lovely except I have 23 kids and 22 chromebooks. Kids are all supposed to have their own personal one. So I was going to have one kid (a responsible one) rotate and use the absent kid’s. He didn’t understand this means he’d still get to use one every day (and use mine when everyone’s in school), got really upset, and I had to explain it to mom. Kid was still really upset so I asked for a different volunteer to rotate between the Chromebooks. So now it seems like everybody’s happy for now. But good god, they really botched this. It’s frustrating knowing that any decision I make will be the wrong one.
    Rave: Leftover Vace pizza from the party! Also a ridiculous amount of cheap beer.

    • I think you handled the Chromebook thing really well! I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with issues like that on a daily basis. I don’t think I could ever be a teacher in the U.S.

      • At first I was going to just have this one kid use a desktop, but he was really upset about it (and rightfully so, when everybody else gets a shin new toy). I felt so terrible about it, that then I decided to make another kid a floater, but he was confused and upset, so then I asked for a volunteer. She’s getting an A in social skills (for other reasons too)!

  • Late-in-the-day rave: Ran a quick errand a short while ago, and all of the snow-dusted trees made for a magical sight. Winter wonderland!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the micro manager wants to take away my ability to do unscheduled telework. I do not need to be on site to do my job. He just can’t stand a contractor having any perks he didn’t have when he was a contractor.
    Rave: I’m going to fight it and make the poor new person go into the office when no one else is. They won’t be able to telework for a couple of years anyway. (We have stupid rules.)

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