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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Clearly, the weather and the fact that it’s Monday morning. Enough said.
    Rave: Great weekend catching up with a lot of people.
    Random: Anyone have a good architect and/or contractor recommendation for a master bath remodel? Or does anyone have any thoughts on which we should find first? I’m not quite sure where to start. Thanks!

    • I would think architect first if you have no idea on your design, but maybe the contractor could fill that void if you have some ideas.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have 2 suggestions for bathrooms: pink and chrome. Chrome b/c it’s lovely (it doesn’t have to be chrome, but make sure your metals match! chrome & nickle are not the same!) Pink b/c of this hilarious joke I made up when I was about 3 (yes, jokes are a good reason to choose a color):
      knock knock
      who’s there?
      paintbrush who?
      paintbrush come to paint your bathroom pink!

    • Is it a large bathroom? I ended up “designing” our reno ourselves (in our first condo) because I knew I wanted simple and it was a small project, easy to oversee. If you want a designer/arch, find them first because they’ll have good contractors to use. If you don’t need anything really moved that would require permits and heavy work, a designer would work most likely. good luck! Go for heated floors!

  • Rant: Ghost woman. I’ve had someone change their mind on being interested, but I’ve never had someone in the middle of planning a second date just disappear. She has gotten on the dating site since we last spoke. Strange!
    Rant: TV died as a result of a circuit blowing in my apt. Yes, it was in a surge protector.
    Rave: Found a much nicer tv on sale and able to pick up after work.
    Rave: Date tonight with someone who seems very up for meeting me. Hopefully, she won’t turn into a ghost.
    Rant: New roomie’s parents acted like he was going off to college and bought so much food I would be hard-pressed to find space for anything else in our fridge. Really cramps my style for planning lunches.
    Rave: He’s done more cleaning in 2 days than my old roomie did in 3 months.

    • skj84

      bummer she ghosted on you, but at least it was now, rather than further into dating.

      • I would think someone who’s job is public affairs would be better able to communicate. I’d be fine if she never responded initially, but who 1/2 plans a meeting then poof?!? Nobody does that.

        • Most people are juggling multiple dates. She might be trying to figure out her schedule before committing to a date with you. Still, as courtesy (like that exists nowadays), she should let you know what the hold up is.

          • She already committed to meeting again. We were in mid-conversation on days/times having narrowed it to 1 of 2 days. This is not a matter of someone being unsure on their schedule because she already gave me a dates to work with. Again I’ve never had someone get that far along in the process only to ghost, so it confused me greatly. I also followed up thinking my last message was lost given that her job blocks cells. I’m not stressed just befuddled.

        • Welllll, just because it’s someone’s job doesn’t mean they’re good at it. Or that they’ll do it when they’re not getting paid.

        • She didn’t use to work for a TN congressman did she? And turn red at hearing the word twitter?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sorry about your ghost woman, that sucks. Hope the new woman is awesome.
      I’m a bit envious of your dead TV. I wish mine would die so I could upgrade. I just can’t buy a new TV when have a perfectly good TV.

      • Is there someone you could give the tv to? I planned to give mine to my mother then upgrade, but the tv had plans of its own. There are great deals out there though. It’s perfectly fine to treat yo self now and then.

        • Emmaleigh504

          That’s a good idea! Maybe my niece wants to take it to college next year. Though probably not, it’s an old CRT TV. Never fear about me treating myself, I treated myself to a new handbag yesterday! A better TV is just not a priority, so I want it to die.

          • Had to google that one. Not a priority sure, but not a huge expense for a much nicer tv.

          • I am a little skeptical of non-CRT TVs — I feel like I’m always reading about people saying that their flat-panel TV has just died, developed vertical lines on the screen, etc., etc., whereas CRT TVs seem to just keep on truckin’!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I have a TV expert that is ready and waiting to help me upgrade. One day she explained to me about the lines, apparently it’s not that big a deal anymore or something. I don’t know, I didn’t pay attention.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Our flatscreen TVs are several years old and still great. After spending Christmas with my FIL’s new 4K TV, though, Mr. Zelda is pining away for a new, shiny TV. I’m holding firm.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Still great and has survived 3 children! I would ask for it when Mr Zelda upgrades (you know it will just appear one day), but I fear that TV is bigger than my apartment.

          • Saw a 60″ tv in a 700 sq ft ish apartment. Anything can work with the right motivation.

          • Emmaleigh504

            700 sq ft is a mansion compare to my place. When I say my place is tiny, I’m not exagerating.

    • Sorry about the ghost. They suck! I tell all my friends that it’s best not to ghost if you’ve had at least 2 dates. First dates are kinda okay esp if the lackluster feeling is mutual.

      • Well, I didn’t think the lackluster feeling was mutual since we were in the midst of planning another date. I’ve never ghosted, but I’m fine if someone does, but the time for that is when I text and ask if you’d like to meet again. I’m more confused than annoyed as I didn’t lose time for anything else.

        • Sorry to hear about this! Ghosting is annoying and I think the worst part is the confusion, because you don’t have any closure.

          • I am only confused because of the timing: mid-conversation planning a 2nd date. I’m fine with ghosting if you’re too chicken to say thanks but no thanks. I assume you’re not interested or you found the one. I don’t need affirmation of those things; I’m easy.

        • Sorry about the ghosting. I have this theory that after the age of 28 it just isn’t acceptable anymore. A person deserves the courtesy of at least a “it was nice to meet you, but the chemistry isn’t there” text. That’s what grown ups do (one hopes).

          • I’m totally on the same page. Honestly, this should apply to any age after college. We’re adults, we should act like it. Ugh, when did I turn into my mom?

          • She wasn’t over 28, so I guess that explains it. I agree but feel some people are always going to be cowards, so at least save me the back and forth and when I ask if you’re still up for meeting again say nothing.

    • justinbc

      People on dating sites are completely unpredictable. It causes them to lose empathy for the other party (the same stuff they do they would be raging if someone did to them, guaranteed), but knowing that you kind of have to let all those oddities roll off your back like water.

    • Could that roommate rant turn into a rave? Will he share any of that food with you? (If it’s worth sharing, I guess . . .) And yay for living with people who clean up after themselves!

      • Yes, he has offered to share the massive amount of fruit and mystery casseroles (maybe they’re labeled) which is nice, but it’s things I’ve never had like gala apples…why are those apples so small?

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Huge props to MPD 4th District officers. I know we bag on them a lot (often rightfully so), but I had to call them Sunday morning at 3:30am for a bizarre situation, and they arrived in less than 5 minutes, handled a potentially dangerous scenario peacefully, and closed the incident correctly without escalation. I was really pleased with the policing effort.
    Rave: Got catering from DCity Smokehouse Saturday. Not cheap, but was a big hit overall.
    Rant: The Wizards got absolutely torched by the Hawks yesterday after a signature win against the Bulls. No way to spin that other than being completely outclassed.

  • Rave: I had a relaxing, lazy weekend. Spent all of Saturday in my pjs on the couch.
    Rant: This weather
    Rave: New rain boots and a very effective umbrella.
    Rave: Bestie is in town this week.

  • justinbc

    Rave: 2 hour delay on a Monday is fantastic.
    Rant: Buses should have a “BUS IS FULL” message across the top instead of the route when the driver doesn’t intend to stop for additional passengers. I’ve seen us ride by so many people waiting out in the rain with an exasperated look on their face wondering why the bus isn’t stopping. I’ve also been on that curb in the past and it really sucks.
    Reminder: Happy hour this Wednesday rain, snow, or hail, at Barrel in Capitol Hill. Closest metro stop is Eastern Market.

  • skj84

    Rave: My insurance card came in! Time to start scheduling Doctors appointments! I guess I’m now officially a grown up if getting insured is one of the highlights of the year.

    Rant: Stressful friends. I feel so conflicted about a good friend, we’ve known each other for years and seen each other through thick and thin. But lately I feel like were off balance. She was supposed to come out to my happy hour Friday but canceled at the last minute because she didn’t feel like dealing with the weather. Yet I’m the one who gets shamed about “not holding up our friendship” when I choose not to cancel my scheduled plans to hang out on Saturday. This is a reoccurring theme and frustrating.

    • Cut the fat and drop her as a friend. My mother once told me that friendships are sometimes harder to maintain than a marriage and that the older you get, the less friends you have. If the work is only one-sided then there is no reason to remain friends with someone. That’s one of the two best pieces of advice she gave me.

      She also told me that when you walk into a room, assume everyone likes you and there is no reason why they shouldn’t. That’s helped me out on so many occasions when I’m unsure of myself or meeting a group of new people.

    • I’m not sure I’d say you need to drop her as a friend but maybe you need some time apart. Long-term friendships don’t need to always be close, and that’s what great about them. It may well be that you two are out of sync for whatever reason – but that’s fine and you shouldn’t try to force it back into sync. If frustration is a recurring theme then you’re obviously trying to do something that isn’t working. Give each other some space, if you are truly friends you’ll come back around naturally.

    • Is it worth having a conversation and expressing your concerns with her before initiating a friend break up?

      • skj84

        I do want to talk it out with her first. She has a boyfriend, and I feel they hang with his friends more often than me. Which is understandable, that they do couple things, but I shouldn’t be the only one reaching out to her to hang out. We’ve already had the discussion on how I like to plan ahead and she doesn’t. So I think she assumes I’m never around. But I do make an effort to invite her to things and she never responds. I think the major issue here is communication.

        • I hope your talk with her is well received and has a positive outcome. Good luck. Those are never easy discussions.

    • You don’t necessarily have to drop her, but she sounds myopic and self-centered, especially with the idea that plans (hers or someone else’s) can be broken solely for her convenience.

  • Rave: got approved to rent a great townhouse in our neighborhood for the same price (and a little less actually) than where we currently live.
    Rant: Our landlord isn’t playing by the rules. In any sense of the term. He emailed us that he, “hasn’t come close to covering expenses” and that the “best he can do” is give us more than 2 months notice that he “isn’t renewing the lease”. Which doesn’t even matter in DC – we are automatically tenants until we move out. I don’t understand why this is so difficult for him to understand – he can give us our relatively small deposit back, or he can live in a world of illegal landlording asspain. He can’t see the forest through the trees. My dad said that he probably doesn’t have our deposit.
    Rant: trying to figure out the logistics of moving. We need to do a little work to the place, we have to go home for a memorial service for my grandparents (passed away within 6 months of each other), dealing with leave from work. When one thing goes my way, another two don’t. It’s exhausting.

    • Come close to covering what expenses? Is he trying to keep the deposit for these expenses? Obviously not how that works. Not sure the notice matters ultimately if you’re willingly moving (and saving a few dollars in the process). The fine for renting illegally is more than your deposit…why is he bein so difficult and stupid?

      • “The fine for renting illegally is more than your deposit…why is he bein so difficult and stupid?”.
        Probably because he’s ignorant of the law (and stupid). There’s no use in trying to find a reason when you’re dealing with a moron.

      • So, I think part of it might be that he doesn’t have the cash on hand to return our deposit. And honestly, if it were like $500, I’d just forget it. Even though that’s a good chunk of change, my time and anxiety aren’t worth it. But it’s not – it’s significantly more. He kept saying that he simply “isn’t renewing our lease”, which isn’t legal. And “don’t worry about TOPA!” He literally said, “don’t worry about TOPA”. Um, I’m not worried about TOPA. Your ass in Dubai should be worried about it. We aren’t paying him any more rent, so there’s that. He’s screwed – ANY real estate agent will tell him to let us out so they can sell it. Pretty sure he doesn’t want a lien places against it for a few thousand bucks.
        Oh, he also said that we would get a deposit after his (87 year old) father does a walk through of the unit to make sure it’s in good condition. Other than the fact that I can leave scuffs on a wall and be entitled to all my money back, there was never a pre-move in walk through! So what is he comparing it to? Tenant Court won’t be kind to this guy.

        • A pre-move inspection is really for your benefit not his to catch anything that’s already broken. I’m not sure if (don’t think) he’s estopped from doing a post walk-through even if he didn’t do a pre. The burden may be on you to prove it was damaged initially. He can centrally do one before he returns your deposit. I’m sure you didn’t damage the place, but someone being forced to move may very knock a hole in the wall if they knew they’d get a deposit back sight unseen.

          • oh, there’s no damage. No holes, just general scuffs and picture hooks. That’s it. We can take pictures when we move out – something I hadn’t thought of.

          • I advise always taking photos when you move out no matter how nice the LL seem. Mysterious damages can always appear.

        • I’ve been following these events for the last couple weeks (though not every day or every post, I’m sure), and there’s one thing I don’t understand. When you say he isn’t renewing your lease “which isn’t legal,” what do you mean or what is the basis for that? It would seem to me that, as long as he gives proper notice (60 days here, I think), he can legally terminate the lease. He’s still on the hook for your deposit, of course, but it’s not like you can unilaterally extend the lease forever. While it’s true that leases go month-to-month following the termination of the term of the lease, this is only with the consent of both parties. That is, with proper notice, either party can terminate the lease. I don’t mean to be snarky, I just honestly don’t understand how it is not legal for him to terminate the lease with proper notice once it’s run its term. Is he trying to terminate early? (Obviously it’s illegal for him not to have the proper license, permits, etc., but that’s not what we’re talking about here.) Thanks, and good luck with the deposit and the move.

          • IIRC, the issue is that the lease has NOT yet run its term.

          • “but it’s not like you can unilaterally extend the lease forever. While it’s true that leases go month-to-month following the termination of the term of the lease, this is only with the consent of both parties.”
            This is not true, at all. Yes, the lease converts month-to-month automatically. But the tenant is under no obligation to leave, unless you have a valid and legal reason to evict them (you’re moving back in, apartment is being sold, renovation, etc. – these are clearly enumerated in the Tenant Survival Guide). There are certain steps and time periods for notice you as a LL need to abide by. You can’t say they have to leave in 60 days “just because.” That’s not legal. You can, however, raise the rent once every 12 months. But the rent increase must meet certain legal conditions.
            From the TSG:
            “No matter what type of lease you have—written or oral, month to month or annual—your landlord cannot evict you without a legally valid reason. In fact, after a lease expires you can continue to stay in your apartment as long as you continue to pay rent. The terms of your expired lease continue to be in effect with the exception that your rent may increase after a valid 30 day notice. To increase your rent, your landlord must file a notice with the RACD. Any increase must meet certain legal requirements.”

          • Basically what OP Anon says. He can notify us that he’s selling the unit, or raising the rent (with the proper paper work, ect) but he can’t just send an email saying, “I’m not renewing your lease”. It’s not how it works in DC. ESPECIALLY if he’s an unlicensed landlord. Because he can’t get the proper paperwork due to his lack of business ID.

          • Thanks for the comments. If the lease hasn’t run its term, that’s obviously a problem for the LL and J should definitely get compensated for being asked to move out early. For some reason I thought LL gave notice more than 60 days out that the lease would end at its 12 month term, but I must’ve missed something. OP Anon: thanks for the clarification, I know of the TSG, but I’ve never read it. But I guess that provision doesn’t apply to J since the LL is terminating with the intent to sell (he could terminate with notice and the intent to sell if the lease were at the end of its term, but apparently it’s not).

          • My understanding is that he can’t terminate a lease without cause. He is not moving back in (he lives in Dubai) but he IS selling. That’s where the stupity comes in. He told us is going to sell the unit so he won’t be renewing the lease. Which is moot in DC because of all of our rights – first refusal, not having to move out, ect. We offered to do him a favor, which would in turn make it easier to sell his unit – we will move out when we find a suitable place and not inact our rights under TOPA. He has insisted that we stay the term of our lease, after which we must vacate (so we have to vacate 31 March), but he has not done so in a legal manner (notice of rent increase, for example). He intends to put the unit on the market the first or second week of February, which I don’t believe he can do because of the notice required for the intent to sell. Lastly, if he wants to have a quick sale/quick closing, he needs the unit vacant. And we are offering him that in exchange for just letting us move out since we have found a place. With a child and a large dog, housing is ridicudlously difficult to find in this town. So we found a place, and he should be thrilled that all we want is our security deposit – no drama that will make it very difficult for him to find a buyer.

          • He needed to give a 90 day notice because he trying to sell, and give jindc first crack at buying. They have 30 days to consider the sale price. Paperwork needs to be signed. Asking jindc to say longer is bad for him and smacks of financial instability in that he can’t pay the mortgage without them. She offering him the filet mignon of deals which is I leave now, get deposit, and I’m out of your hair. I mean he’s idiot! I don’t know anything about the place, but at the right price, something in Logan Circle should sell decently quick, but that is another 1-2 months or more of having to pay his own mortgage.

      • I wonder if the remark about covering his expenses means that he’s having trouble covering his mortgage… but even if he is, that’s his problem, not yours.
        He sounds really ignorant about what his (and your) options are. It would really be in his best interest to make this easy for you.

        • Yeah, when he said that I thought, “if this is an issue, don’t become a landlord”. We moved in last April – he could have EASILY put it on the market and had it sold ricky ticky 1-2-3. Don’t be a landlord if you can’t afford an empty unit for a month or two. It’s just part of the gamble (we’ve dealt with empty units, it’s just factored in to our overall financial situation)

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Went to see the Babadook yesterday at West End. Fire alarm went off about an hour in, and by the time they shut it off, the theater could no longer accommodate folks to start the movies up again where they left off. I wanna know how that damn movie ends!

  • topscallop

    Rave: getting back into my exercise routine feels great. I was able to get to the gym three times last week and did a fairly intense yoga class on Saturday. My arms are still a little sore, but in a good way.

    Rant: yesterday around 6pm, someone pulled the fire alarm at the Chinatown movie theater. The whole building had to evacuate to the ground floor while the powers that be determined it wasn’t a real emergency. The theater actually did a fairly good job of ushering everyone back in fairly quickly, and we were told the movies would be set back 10 minutes from where they had stopped so we could finish them. Unfortunately, the operator in the theater I was in either didn’t get the message or messed it up somehow; I sat through 15 minutes of commercials before giving up and going to get my refund and a voucher for a free movie ticket. I will just have to assume that Liam Neeson saved the day in the end 😉

  • Rant: second date I mentioned last Friday ended with an awkward uncomfortable hookup session back at my place. I should have known when he made out with me at the bar and I actually flinched (that bad) that it would not go down well. Aunt flo killed my mood & the guy was clearly interested in only one thing that I could not do. He texted the next night he was not interested anymore, despite saying he was the whole week. I booty called him later but no go. Welp.

    • Anonynon

      Hahahaha wow y’all make out seshed in the bar on a first or second date? Interesting! Why would you bring hime back for further make out sesh if you flinched the first time? Something sounds off in the story telling…we need to track down this fellow

      • I knew what I was getting into with this guy. I just didn’t know he was gonna go for it multiple times in a packed bar. I was not into it. He even said that I keep pulling away. Oops. I eventually gave in and was like whatever let’s do this. Went back to my place because I thought it was the bar that was killing my mood. That wasn’t it. He just didn’t turn me on whatsoever. Seriously? He’s attractive and my type but my lady parts were were not feeling it. The kissing was also not good. He tried hard though. I will admit I half-assed (literally) that hook-up. Not surprising he said he was not interested in pursuing more. I gave him a shot to get it on for real later this weekend but he did not oblige.

        I have the worst dating stories.

        • Or the best dating stories.

          • My friend and I constantly talk about starting a blog with our ridiculous Tinder/OKC/real life date stories because they are so ridiculous!

          • I swear I don’t use ridiculous that often in real life… yikes Monday morning brain.

          • My friends and I had a long convo about our online dating experiences this weekend. I’ll give online dating credit for making brunch more entertaining.

        • Anonynon

          No this is a pretty fantastic dating story….it sounds like you maybe jumped the gun a bit, I am more of a kiss good night on the first or second date makes me want the girl even more than before (if we just made out multiple times at the bar) I don’t think my feelings would be as strong after. But I’m also not a big fan of PDA in the middle of a packed bar. This guy sounds like a total bro (am i right?)

          • He really wanted to go back to my place. He went for the, “let’s pick a place near your place.” And after the not so great make-out sesh at the bar (I did tell him that I’m not into PDA and he still kept making out with me), he was like let’s go back to your place. I was hoping it would get better back at my place….and it didn’t. He’s not a bro. He’s a hipster. I need to stop dating hipsters.

          • “I did tell him that I’m not into PDA and he still kept making out with me”
            OK, as a father this sentence makes me cringe. If you don’t like it, don’t freakin’ do it! And have the confidence in yourself to tell him that and make it stick. Come on!!
            [Mental Note – enroll 8 yo daughter in Krav Maga class this weekend.]

          • dcd: I used to practice martial arts. I even told the guy I could reasonably kick hiss ass because I can.

            I will agree that I should have been more firm in my resolve about no PDA in a packed bar. See my comment on “thirst.”

          • Fair enough. You certainly don’t strike me as a shrinking violet – that must be some powerful thirst.

        • “I just gave in” and ” lets do this”– thats bizarre to me. You weren’t into it so why did you take him back to your house? Ladies don’t do this? And don’t do this and then act surprised that it sucks or worse claim you violated in some way. I guess I am old but hook up culture seems even more nuts now than it was 15 years ago when I was in my prime. this just makes me sad.

          • I never felt violated. I was 100% down to hookup and give him a fair shot back at my place. Some guys deserve a second chance or third if I’m feeling nice and if I like them. I liked this guy, but the sexual chemistry turned out to be seriously off.

          • Anonynon

            make out culture isn’t always like this…usually it flows much more smoothly and without feeling of violation! Sometime it can even be fun 🙂

    • I’m sure there have to be better hookups out there. Horrible makeout seshs shouldn’t lead to someone back and your place nor being booty called thereafter.

    • justinbc

      Flinched why? Because of the anticipation later? Or the kissing was just that bad? Some people are just terrible at kissing, it can definitely kill the vibe. He sounds like a prick though if the only reason he’s not interested is because he couldn’t get some on date #2.

      • Flinched because it wasn’t good. Range from toothy to why are you trying to eat my face. It was not sexy. Also, he wanted to take me back to his place on the first date. On our second date, he said he didn’t mind that I didn’t go home with him on our first date. However, I’m pretty sure he did mind when we didn’t truly get it on on the second date.

        • justinbc

          Sounds like he might have saved you from future unfulfilling experiences.

        • Anonynon

          LOL you know guys do care about things other than ‘truly getting it on’, although maybe this guy does not. I don’t think the majority of guys expect to truly get it on after a mediocre date with an awkward make out session at the bar….its ok just go to PoPville HH I’m sure there will be plenty of guys there #popvilledating

          • I’ve never been to PoPville HH. Sounds fun.

          • Hey, I recognize this writing style!
            [In Jim Ross’s voice]
            Tha . . . tha . . . that’s BagleBoy’s entrance music!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Whether it is or not, can we respect people’s wishes to stay anonymous and not call out their names or who we think they are, please? It’s mean to out people who wish to stay anon even if it is obvious who they are (not saying this post is obvious).

      • There are some pretty awful people out there. I went on a third date once where I thought I really liked the guy but he felt I owed him or something. When he found out I wasn’t going to sleep with him he said, and I quote “what are you lesbo or something?”.

        Yes. I am “lesbo” because I don’t want to sleep with you on date 3.

        Bullet dodged.

    • Yikes. That sounds messy. :-O
      Why did you booty call him when you cleared admitted that the Friday night experience was bad?!?

      • It could have been an off night. I liked the guy enough to give him another shot to turn me on. As my friend eloquently put it, I am “thirsty af.” The latter is most likely why.

        • He’ll probably keep you in the roladex if nothing pans out on his end for a while.

          • TBH I would not be opposed. Thirst.

          • I’ve dealt with thirsty girls before. For me, a huge turn-off. Hopefully, he doesn’t feel the same way. On the flip side, there are sites like adultfriendfinder which are just for hooking up. Seems like it would be easier to cut out the awkward dates and get down to business.

        • Haha, I love the term “thirsty.” It’s seriously the best. I understand your predicament.
          Good luck on the quenching! Hehe

          • I think this has been my favorite conversation on this thread ever. The thirst is real.

          • Anonynon

            I still don’t understand why you would give this guy another chance, i mean maybe if he booty calls you. But it sounds like he isn’t dating material. How many PBR’s did this hipster have before he started to try to make out with you in the bar?

          • We each had 3 drinks not PBRs. I gave him a shot because we actually have a lot in common. We like the same things, which is rare because I’m a little odd. We’re both v lefty liberals. I think I also might have turned him off when he realized that I had a more privileged upbringing than he did. What’s weird is that we actually shared quite a bit about our personal lives and families. I know a lot about him now. What good is that?!

      • Alcohol.

    • TMI! Is nothing private anymore?

  • Rant: Had tickets for the Tempest on Saturday. Was sick over Christmas and still have nasty cough on and off. Loaded up on codeine cough syrup, took a few puffs of my steroid inhaler, grabbed my cough drops, and headed out in hopes that I had killed my cough enough to sit through the play. But the cold weather got the best of me and by the time I got to the theater I was coughing once every few minutes. Wouldn’t have been fair to the other patrons to interrupt the play like that, so I left my friends to see the play and went home.

    Potential Rave: Luckily, since I’m a subscriber I can go standby later if I feel better. Hopefully the cough goes away before the run ends (which unfortunately is Jan 18).

    • Emmaleigh504

      You are a good person. I’m sorry you had to miss the play.

    • And just a funny story: This morning I got out to my car and noticed that my seat belt had gotten caught in my door. It was soaked from the rain. Not wanting to chance driving without a seat belt, I zipped up my jacket and buckled myself in. When I got to work, my jacket had a big wet stripe across the front. So glad I had a jacket so that it wasn’t my regular clothes! 🙂

  • giant rant: homicide in my neighborhood yesterday.
    small revel: police in my neighborhood. I contacted them about a car with a broken window and they found the owner, dropped by his apartment, and let him know so he could cover it up before it started raining last night. I know they have bigger issues to deal with (see above) but this didn’t take too long and is the sort of thing that can help build up trust in a community.

    mixed rant/revels a) singing Korean man got on my train this morning! I was in the presence of a legend. But he isn’t the best singer and I wanted to just read my book.

    b) girl on the train reading the same book I was! one of the fun moments you can’t get with kindles. But she was wearing uggs and leggings and it made me wonder if I’m more basic than I thought…..

    • Maybe you’re just basic deluxe. Came up with that one for my friend who has leather uggs.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Maybe Basic woman is less basic than she looks or had good taste in books.

      • Depends on the book. If the OP and the girl on the train were both reading Nicholas Sparks, then survey says “BASIC!”
        One of the main qualifiers of a Basic is their inability to recognize their own Basic’ness (see: Funny or Die Basic intervention video, guest starring Puddy from Seinfeld)

        • Emmaleigh504

          I was trying to be positive. And now I’m depressed; I try to forget that Nicholas Sparks exists. Thanks for the reminder.

        • It was Americanah, so I’m going with we both have good, if not particularly unusual, taste in books. I am not particularly basic (no uggs, no leggings as pants, no pinterest) but I am a childless early-30s white girl living in DC who likes brunch food so there is probably a limit to how non-basic I could be, too.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t think loving brunch should make one basic, EVERYONE loves brunch!

          • Seriously, who came up with the qualifications of being “basic” anyway? The term is now being so overused that it’s on its way to being the next “hipster.” It was funny at first, but now it seems to be just a way to put down anyone that has any interest in or likes anything considered too “mainstream.”

    • Pablo Raw

      Can someone define “basic”? Is that a bad thing? I’m out of news!

    • Was this the same infamous singing guy who was in a photo (I forget the context) on a thread last week?

  • Rant: Rain. But at least it’s washing away the ice and snow (and as Travis Bickle would say, the scum) from the streets and I can start biking to metro again.

    Rave: Flank steak. I don’t know why I don’t cook this more often. It’s cheap, quick and easy to cook and pretty damn tasty. I grilled one last night and now have enough leftovers to put in a couple of salads and stir fries.

    • SFT

      I love flank steak! The first time I bought it, I was a little leery that it was all rolled up, but it quickly won me over. The leftovers are great for making fajitas!

    • Flank steak is terrific, we make it often. Great for leftovers. Takes marinades great, too. Most of the time we use just basic Italian dressing and it’s delicious.
      Tri-tip is another inexpensive cut that’s great for grilling or broiling, and you can make for a lot of people on the cheap.

    • growing up, my parents would alternate weeks cooking. My dad would cook the same dishes every week. One of them was flank steak (with a salad on the side). Got tiresome, but it is how you describe (quick, easy, and can be tasty).

  • Rant: No delay for me! Boo. My work doesn’t believe in delays, it’s on time or closed.
    Rave: Fortunately wasn’t too bad out, not too icy and the bus was super quiet.
    Rant: Sent an email over the weekend saying I’m going no contact to my ex. We’d been staying in touch a bit, but it really wasn’t very healthy (and he’s been taking days/weeks to respond to me, which upset me more than it should, bah). I should’ve done it from the start, but… It just makes me sad. I miss what we had.
    Rave: Baked chocolate chip cookies with a friend yesterday. Yum, yum. I almost never bake unless it’s with someone else, so that was fun to do and a good distraction.

  • Rave: I’m not into the Food Network or competition cooking shows, but I survived a Chopped dinner party last night and invented a new thing which apparently should be sold as a cereal, Twinkie chunks. Remove the filling, bake until dry, chunk, candy. Also, beets pureed in a guinness cake make it super moist.
    Rant: I brought the extra cupcakes in and between my purse, laptop bag, gym bag, lunch bag, ID, and keys, the only thing I dropped were the cupcakes.
    Rave: great weekend, fun social times, fun with the nieces.
    Rant: I was more embarrassed buying Twinkies as a functional adult than I ever was buying tampons as a teenager.

  • Rave: We have heat and water in our house!
    Rant: Need to find a more permanent solution for not having said things when it gets too cold here. Anyone have recommendations for contractors to build out underneath our sleeping porch?

  • Rant : the number of Liquor bottle memorials. First they tell us that the victim was a thug. Second they’re ugly and tacky. Clean that trash up.

    • I’m black born and raised in DC. Lived here always except three years at college. Where are you from, Matt? Somewhere people have no pride? Where leaving trash around is a sign of respect?

  • Rant: Tired. Sick. Emotionally exhausted.

    Rant: Anxiety ridden friend still anxiety ridden. Spent two days with her in Jersey then her mom disappeared and refused to help so she came to DC with me for the past two days. She’s home now with her parents again but no one’s driving the bus. No one’s making decisions for her health. I don’t know how to help.

    Rave: DC was a good distraction – we yogaed, watched movies, walked, ate, solved some financial problems. Through it all she was distracted, anxious, and paranoid but there was some enjoyment and laughter in there.

    Rave: Informational interview today and a real live job interview tomorrow!!!

    • You’re a gem of a friend! We’d all be lucky to literally have someone by our side while going through what your friend is going through. All you can do is show that you’re there – that you’re not judging – and that you care. Solving whatever personal / family issues your friend has is something that’s out of your control. It sounds like time in DC with you was a good thing for her, even if she was distracted.
      And yay for interviews!

      • Thank you for kind words – it’s hard to feel so impotent in the situation. Also hard to know what is out of my control and what is in my control. I so appreciate the positive message. Thanks!

  • Rant: Tired. Sick. Emotionally exhausted.

    Rant: Anxiety ridden friend still anxiety ridden. Spent two days with her in Jersey then her mom disappeared and refused to help so she came to DC with me for the past two days. She’s home now with her parents again but no one’s driving the bus. No one’s making decisions for her health. I don’t know how to help.

    Rave: DC was a good distraction – we yogaed, watched movies, walked, ate, solved some financial problems. Through it all she was distracted, anxious, and paranoid but there was some enjoyment and laughter in there.

    Rave: Informational interview today and a real live job interview tomorrow!!!

    • I just want to reiterate what I believe people said last week: you are a good friend. Good luck with your interviews!

    • Ditto to AJNE. You are a good friend, and keep doing what you can to help her. I’m so sorry to hear that she’s in such a tough place with her parents. Is there any way to get her out of there & into a better environment? I remember you saying she didn’t want to go to an inpatient treatment center, so that makes it tricky. I’m sorry. Sending a big hug to you.

    • Thank you so much for the support. It’s been tough but it’s nice to get some input from you all!

  • rave: weekend in nyc, had a great time and ate a tonnn. Couldn’t for the life of me get out of bed today though. Bought some basics as uniqlo in midtown and ate dim sum in brooklyn. It was my bf’s first time eating real dim sum and he was less than impressed ha ha. I think it is a rather acquired taste though, I know I didn’t really care about it at first when I was younger, but now I have a pretty solid appreciation for the dishes. Plus, it is way better than anything in DC.
    rant: The friend we stayed with in NY had the most adorable dog and it broke my heart I don’t have one yet.

  • Rave: 2 hour delay, the best case scenario.
    Rant: makes it much harder to do my job. Today’s a review day.
    Rave: finally got a new bed frame
    Rave: the rain melted much of the ice in my alley
    Rave: excited to finally make it out to the HH this week!

  • Rant: Feverish and tried to call in sick but my boss insisted that I come in because HE was out all of last week. Grrr. Sorry, coworkers!
    Rave: Emergen-C makes hot apple cider packets.
    Rave: Have three shows coming up! Happy to be seeing live music again.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: had a rave yesterday to share, but I forgot it
    Rant: made a mediocre cup of coffee this am
    Rant: the person I need to talk to to do my work is not in and I can’t understand what he wants
    Rave: unscheduled telework that I get to use lalalalala rants mean nothing!

  • Rave: Back from Thailand! Had a good trip but…
    Rant: was very sadden by the level of environmental pollution and destruction. The coral reefs are being destroyed. There was trash everywhere. The air was so poor that I was sick the whole time. So so sad, made me feel guilty to be contributing to the problem.
    Rant: can’t seem to catch up at work and my boss is not being very supportive. Not to mention I am still super jet lagged, although I’ve been back for 6 days!

    • Were you in Bangkok for a long time? That’s the only place I can imagine that the air pollution would be terrible in all of Thailand. I spent 24 hours in Bangkok and GTFO immediately. Changed my flight to the south so I’d leave a day earlier. Bangkok is pretty miserable.

      • Wow. I had the opposite conclusion. I loved Bangkok, and Thailand in general.

        Tasty food pretty much everywhere. Interesting sights. Good transit. Cheap booze and massages. Little to no language barrier.

        Sure, it was crowded, traffic was insane, and it was a little dirty. But, most US cities seemed just as dirty to me and I didn’t drive at all.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved Thailand. The south and north are amazing. The islands and scuba diving are incredible. Bangkok was just skeevy, IMHO. None of the charm of Phnom Penh or Saigon, but way more polluted. And, at the time, I was living in Beijing, so I knew gross pollution.

          • what time of year were you there? I was just there in December, and found it sooo much nicer than my previous visits (may-july). No humidity, air seemed much cleaner.

            Saigon charming? Ha, I guess we all have different experiences. Vietnam is the one country in Southeast Asia I didn’t particularly enjoy. I was there a decade ago though., I’m sure it’s much different now..

          • Good point. I was there during the summer about 7 years ago. I’m sure winter is much nicer (can’t say the same for Beijing – pollution is the worst during the winter due to the increase in coal burning and winter clouds “trapping” the smog).

        • justinbc

          I disagree 100% that “most US cities are as dirty” (although you at least use subjective terms like “seem” in your wording), even the worst offenders aren’t as bad in my opinion.

          • Los Angeles has some of the worst air pollution in the US. It’s 10x better than pretty much every major Asian city.

          • Bangkok has always seemed fairly dirty to me. But what struck me the most was the number of lethargic, depressed-looking stray dogs with terrible skin conditions who were huddling under the stairs for pedestrian walkways, trying to stay cool in the heat.

    • SFT

      Have you traveled much? I feel like this is a common theme in the developing world. I’ve learned to love the smell of burning trash and exhaust fumes. That being said, most everywhere outside of BKK is pretty gorgeous!

    • Where did you dive? I was there in August, diving in Koh Tao and the coral reefs were fine. The water was crystal clear and no pollution. The water near my resort at Ko Phi Phi was a little bit dirty but no worse than the beaches around here.

      • Thailand, like Australia, is suffering from coral bleaching and coral collapse due to rising water temps that stem global warming. It’s very dependent on the location, but it’s definitely there. Our guide pointed out spots where the coral was dying or no longer supported a thriving ecosystem. The changes are happening quickly.

    • justinbc

      FWIW, after 6 days I would expect any of my employees to be fully operational. I usually give about a day to get back on track and caught up on emails or whatnot, but after that work has to go on.

  • Rant: Sick & feeling awful. I tried to power through it on Friday but it only made it worse over the weekend
    Rave: Wonderful friends who are there for me when I need them
    Rant: Flaky friends
    Rant: Dating (shocker!). I’m tired of being the girl always complaining about dating so I think it may be time for a little break from it. Probably good for the soul.

    • We can rotate ranting duties.

      • Feels like we’re doing that already! I used to really like dating but this past year has been the worst.

        • I had a good run for a couple months, but I ultimately had to take the high road and weed out the fact that the girl wanted x and I wanted y. If I was a bad person, I’d have kept up the facade for a lot longer. Until recently, I was way too busy to date, but hey, I’m giving it the old college try these days.

  • Rant: decided it was best for me to cut ties completely with a close friend of ten years who has (I think unintentionally, but carelessly) hurt me several times in the past few months. It’s really hard on me but I need to take care of myself.

    • That’s sad. Sorry for what you’re going through. But kudos to realizing you need to take care of you.

    • Agree with TammyM. Take care of yourself! I think in the long run you’ll feel so much better!
      (Also, this seems to be a common theme on PoPville lately — we’re all in this together!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Take care of yourself, and remember it’s ok to mourn the loss of a friend.

    • Friend breakups are often harder than romantic breakups. The thing to remember is that 1) there are really great memories between you two that don’t change based on the present reality and 2) the two of you are all still good people even if you are no longer friends. Sorry you are going through this – its tough and will be difficult and lengthy to get through.

  • SFT

    Rave: I’ve recently rekindled some old friendships with 3 lady-friends that I’ve known for 25+ years. We all live in different states and have different life experiences, so it’s been really cool to get to know and enjoy each other as adults.
    Rant: They all still live in the south, and are pretty caught up in being ‘southern’. It’s frustrating. They like to point out how ‘northern’ I’ve become. I really don’t like the south or identify with it at all. I feel a big divide between friends and family for this very reason.

    • “hey all still live in the south, and are pretty caught up in being ‘southern’. It’s frustrating. They like to point out how ‘northern’ I’ve become.”
      I’m from the West Coast (but have lived out east since adulthood) and I just find this whole debate between North vs. South fascinating. What does “being southern” even mean? How are you “northern”?

    • hammers

      so what does “being southern” entail? I’m born and bred in PA. (no hating, Accountering and Justinbc)

      • SFT

        There are so many things, and most of them are pretty silly. Yesterday I said the word ‘soda’ and it was like I slapped their collective mama! Apparently in the south all soda’s are called ‘cokes’. But most of the differences are about God and guns, big government, racism, and manners.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Your friends are correct about coke. It hurts my soul that my sister’s kids take after their yankee dad and say soda. Soda is all kinds of wrong, but better than pop.
          The other stuff, God guns etc, is horse poo. Good manners never go out of style (have no clue is your friends have good manners, guessing no since they are pointing out what they perceive as flaws in you).

          • Emmaleigh504

            and before anyone says etiquette and manners are used to make other people feel inferior, true good manners make everyone feel comfortable and included.

          • SFT

            Ahhh… that’s exactly what they said about pop! I think manners are subjective though. Most folks up here don’t expect you to say ‘yes sir and no ma’am’ like they do in the south. And calling someone older by their first name is no big deal here either. In the south it’s still bad manners, even at my age.

          • Ha, my dad’s side of the family is from the south so I was raised to say sir and ma’am. People get downright upset when you call them ma’am here! I learned the hard way not to call people that.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t consider that manners so much as tradition or culture. And those people who judge you & make it known for not saying ma’am/sir or calling someone by a first name have bad manners.

          • Emmaleigh504

            And regarding subjective manners, just ask Miss Manners! Etiquette is supposed to make people welcome and comfortable and one should never point out or shun someone who does things differently. If someone is offended b/c they aren’t called ma’am/sir a) they are an ass, b) they should never show their offense.

          • I remember moving to TX when I was in elementary school and ordering a Coke at a restaurant with my parents. The waitress asked me what kind. I said, I just want a Coke. Again, she asked what kind. I was flummoxed. I finally said I wanted a Sprite and she said OK. All I wanted was a Coke and I had to drink a stupid Sprite because she couldn’t communicate. I still don’t get how all sodas can be called Coke.

          • SFT

            I had forgotten about the coke thing, until this recent text debacle. If you want an actual ‘coke’ where I’m from, you have to order a ‘co-cola’. Because actually pronouncing coca-cola is much too difficult. The lack of annunciation and slurring words together is what really drives me crazy!

          • Emmaleigh504

            You can also order just a coke. If they ask what kind, you say “plain coke” or “just coke” that works for everyone except maybe really stupid people. What’s fun is when you get into cold drink versus cokes.

          • SFT

            I feel like cold drink is a Louisiana thing. My dad is from Hammond and always called sodas ‘cold drinks’.

          • Emmaleigh504

            def Louisiana. (South) Louisiana is great b/c it’s got it’s own language and culture.

      • justinbc

        I don’t hate Pennsylvania, my thread just got hijacked by someone who does. I’ve been a Steelers fan my entire life lol.

  • Rant: Having a really hard time dealing with someone in my office. She has said some things that have really screwed me.

  • skj84

    Rave: Decided to turn my two hour delay into a mental health day. I’ve been incredibly stressed out and really haven’t had much time to decompress the past few weeks. Going to stay in bed and catch up on my reading.

    Rant: When I lost my last job in the spring I was pretty upset, but wouldn’t let my self wallow in depression. I threw myself into job hunting as a coping mechanism. Now that I’ve been with my current job for a while, I keep getting these pangs of sadness over the whole situation. Especially since this time last year I started training for my old job. I was so excited about the opportunity and the whole thing went down in flames. Random things trigger me. I should be over the ordeal, but i’m having a hard time moving on.

    • hammers

      I think you are completely justified in this feeling–lots of time heartbreak can come when expectations are crushed. Whether that’s a relationship, a job, a dream, or anything. good for you for taking a mental health day. Maybe, if optimism is your thing, you can visualize that just as you were in a completely different place a year ago, next year you could be in an another exicting place.

  • hammers

    Rant: Long Distance Relationships. They become so serious so fast, but you don’t have the presence of space and time to make sure you are really interested in continuing on the “serious” fast track.
    Rave: In this because I think the guy is pretty swell (understatement).
    Rant but will become a rave once its done: On day 6 of doing a bastardized version of the Apartment Therapy cure–was up till 1 AM cleaning my kitchen. I found a broom holder at target, and I got the great idea to make a small pot-rack for skillets above my stove and it looks awesome, and was so simple!
    Random: I had typed “LDR” and “AT”, but I realized I hate superfluous abbreevs.

  • Rave – New dog!!! We adopted her from the Humane Society and took her home Saturday evening. She’s doing great so far, she’s not destructive, goes potty outside, plays with her toys and snoozes most of the day while we go about doing laundry, cooking and cleaning.
    Questions for PoPville dog parents – Her foster mom says she was good in her crate alone for most of the working day. But when we put her in the crate she cries. We’ve fed her in the crate, leave treats in for her, and started confining her during the day when we’re home for short periods of time. But after she’s in there for a few minutes, she starts whining and crying. My SO is working from home today so he’s going to leave the apartment for short periods of time to see how she does, but are we doing it right? I wonder why she was good in the crate with her foster mom, but not for us? Maybe she’s still adjusting to us. Poor thing still seems nervous and confused.

    • epric002

      did you adopt may??? email/call her foster mom and ask how she managed the crate. it could be that she’s just nervous in a new place. here’s what we did with a foster who didn’t like his crate: put the crate in a main living space (if it’s out the way in a bedroom or something it can become a type of punishment b/c it’s away from you). make it an appealing place for her (toys, blanket, etc.) EVERY time she goes in the crate on her own, reward her (or click & treat if you’re doing clicker training). only feed her in the crate. consider getting kongs, a kong wobbler, or feeding puzzles so that she is focused on the food and not that she’s in the crate. you can give her a very small meal first thing in the morning and then walk her/let her out, but save her primary meal to put in the crate when you’re leaving, so that she is hungry and focused on getting the food. start closing the door of the crate when she is in there and VERY slowly increase the amount of time you keep the door closed. ignore the whines. only let her out once she is quiet. if she knows sit or down you can even ask her for a sit or down before you let her out. basically, all the good things in life happen when she is in the crate- the yummiest of treats, her meals, rawhides/kongs/bully sticks. etc. good luck!

      • epric002

        oh, and sometimes quiet music or the TV in the background while you’re gone can help both the dog/the barking.

        • emvee

          +1 to this. My dog got over his anxiety when I first brought him home thanks to reruns of Full House and his Thundershirt.

      • We adopted May! We met her on Friday and fell in love with her sweet little face and she was a good match for us. I’ll ask her foster mom about her crate. We already feed her there, but that’s a good idea about closing the door slowly while she’s eating and feeding her before we leave. We’ll put her Kong wobbly thing in there too. She hasn’t gone in the crate on her own but she’s good with eating her meals and getting her treats in there. The crate in is in our living room, in a corner between the couch and the chair so she can see us. Wednesday will be her first day all alone because we’re both going back to work, so I hope she’ll start doing a little better by then. Thank you for the advice!

        • epric002

          congrats! i saw the photos on the WHS foster fb page and wondered if it was you 🙂 you can even feed exclusively out of the wobbler/kongs/treat puzzles for now, so that it takes her longer/more focus on the food. are you feeding her once a day or twice a day? we feed twice a day, and i think that helped with andi (who hated the crate) b/c the morning meal was in the crate by himself as we were leaving, but the evening meal was in the crate at the same time we had our dinner, so he got used to having to wait quietly in the crate while we finished dinner. if she won’t go in the crate voluntarily yet (even to get a toy?) you can randomly throughout the day toss a little kibble in the crate to entice her to go in there. we saved the super yummy high value treats (hot dog pieces) to reward him whenever he went in by himself. and be patient- to start with i was closing him in the crate for (literally) about 3 seconds at a time, and slowing increasing the time from that point. it might take a little while, but you should definitely see progress. and if you’re not, please reach back out to WHS or a trainer who can help you with some more specific ideas. congrats again to you and may! (are you keeping the name?)

          • We’re keeping her name! We couldn’t think of another one and just kept calling her May. We feed her twice a day in the crate. She only went in the crate once voluntary to get a toy, otherwise she doesn’t go near it unless we feed her or give her treats in there. We’ll try closing the door while she has her dinner tonight. Thank you for advice and support! I think we just have to be patient with her, and we’ll reach out to WHS if she doesn’t make any progress.

          • epric002

            y’all can do it! i can’t wait to see may in an afternoon animal fix 🙂

    • Congrats on the new dog! It sounds like you are doing everything right and she is testing you and/or is nervous in her new home. My puppy wailed to the point that I cried when I started crate training her but ignoring her cries really worked. I apologized to my neighbors in advance and by the end of the week she markedly calmed down. Good luck!

      • Oh that’s good to know, thank you! That makes me feel better. We’ve already told our neighbors that we just got a dog and to tell us if her whining gets out of hand.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Having a weekend with friends, witty banter, and good home cooked food!
    Rant: I am absolutely obsessed with “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift – the song literally turns me into a singing, dancing fool, i can resist the urge! “But I keep cruising
    Can’t stop, won’t stop moving
    It’s like I got this music
    In my mind
    Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

  • Rave: Going to Portland (OR) to visit friends this week! Any suggestions on must-do places, especially day hikes?
    Rant: Cops parked in bike lanes, grrrrr.

  • Rave: Five day work week then three day weekend!
    Rant: Window replacement quote! Ameritech quoted us 21k and their sales techniques are high pressure. Plus I don’t get it…he started at 28k and came down to 21k. Now that I’ve said no he is trying to offer other incentives. This is for 15 windows, and I know windows are expensive, BUT 21k seems about 6-8k too high.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: street photography weekend with a friend, I learned something.
    Rave: we went twice to Sidamo coffee
    Rave: one of the (beautiful) employees of Sidamo IMO looks like pharaoh Akenathen; being highly caffeinated, I gave my friend a lecture about Egyptian history.
    Ra(ve)(nt): Coffee talk about relationships, past, recent, lack there of.

  • Rave: Weather and two hour late start – best way to start the week
    Rave: Great run on Saturday in the cold – times are where they were when I PR May ’14 marathon – can’t wait for spring races and seeing where I can be.
    Rave: Doughnuts

  • epric002

    rave: ukranian christmas was fun and tasty and i tried every dish!
    rave: bad saint pop-up dinner saturday night was really yummy!
    rave: made super easy and tasty chicken tikka masala in the crockpot last night!
    rant: took all the christmas decorations down 🙁 (except the xmas cards- i couldn’t bring myself to take them down yet).

  • Rave: Had a great date on Sunday. Still no exclusivity talk, but spoke about plans next weekend, and really were acting like a couple (completely sober meal, sharing everything, holding hands). Decided I might need to relax a bit about having the talk and enjoy the moment more.
    Rave: Found a great apartment, in my price range to purchase. It has been on the market for a while, so I don’t feel the need to make an immediate decision, but it makes me nervous to wait too long and let it slip away. Big decisions are frightening!

    • Anonynon

      I like your first rave: enjoy the moment and just communicate with him (or her) and you’ll be golden. Sober meals is a good sign 😉

    • Take some time, but even if it’s been out there, stock is slim, so if it’s pretty nice someone may get it sooner rather than later. Longest place on the market that eventually sold on my list was over 6 months, but the minute I was ready to go for it, it was gone.

    • Your first rave made my heart flutter. That’s so sweet. Glad someone could grave this thread with a successful dating story.

    • I agree – take your time! I’ve been dating someone for four months and we haven’t had “the talk.” For a while I was feeling (internal) pressure to bring it up, but then I realized that we are having a great time together, seem to be on the same page, and I’m really happy, so what’s the need? It will happen eventually naturally (I think…)

      • I think 4 months is a long time to not solidify where you are even if labels aren’t used at this stage. I’m glad you’re happy, though.

        Pop poll: Do most people have a talk or do things just go exclusive naturally and on to love and marriage? I feel like maybe I’m abnormal for having a talk; although, I know some others have too.

        • Emmaleigh504

          There always seems to be a talk with me, but I never initiate it.

        • I definitely have the “sexclusive” talk. I don’t usually initiate making things exclusive/official beyond that, but it does tend to come up after a month or two.

        • In all of my long term relationships I have always had an explicit “define the relationship” talk except with my husband. I think it was implicit from the beginning that if we were doing this (dating) it was exclusive. We did have other relationship milestone talks over the years (just never an initial “we are exclusive” talk).

        • epric002

          iirc, i usually had “a talk” when i was dating, i think who initiated it varied. on a related note, when now-husband and i had “the talk” in my mind it was just for sexclusiveness (i’m stealing your word sparklykitty tacos!) and he interpreted to mean that i wanted to be called his girlfriend. so he started calling me that. A LOT. it totally caught me off guard :). communication/interpretation is funny that way i guess.

          • I think many people put sex exclusive=relationship/labels. Nothing wrong with that, and I guess I mostly agree; although, you could very easily have a sexexclusive hook up while you’re dating others. I think if you’re having sex the person should be upfront if they’re sleeping with other people or if they decide to do so afterward. This way you have the choice to continue or not knowingly. Exposing someone else to risks isn’t fair.

          • epric002

            oh i agree anon spock! i suppose i just take longer to come around/get used to the boyfriend/girlfriend label. he used it so easily and so quickly it definitely surprised me.

          • Well, he’s your hubby now, so maybe he had already figured out something you initally missed. 😉

        • In other relationships I’ve definitely had the talk earlier, but this one seems different – maybe it’s just being older (we’re both 45+). I do think it will come up soon, though I kind of intentionally didn’t want to bring it up over the holidays, and then I was on vacation. I guess my thinking is if it is going to change the relationship (for better or worse) I wanted to wait a little while since I’m content with how things are currently.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: There is pretty much nothing good going on in my life today.
    Rave: Leftovers for supper, so at least I don’t have to cook.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Off to Pennsylvania today and tomorrow with bestie to be an extra in a movie called AWOL! Can’t wait to get all fancy for restaurant scene.
    Rave: Fantastic weekend with running friends and met new people at house warming party.
    Rave: Super sore from bootcamps and Friday long run. Almost at 100 percent! Hill work tomorrow!
    Rant: Denver Broncos losing.

  • Rave: Great weekend, largely spent with friends.
    Rant: Up for three hours in the middle of Friday night
    Rave: I think teething may be the culprit. Ibuprofen before bed does the trick the last two nights. Damn teeth.

  • Rave: Went out dancing with Babette and Gypsy this weekend. It’s either flattering or creepy how many handsome young men are interested in shaking it with well-aged broads like us. Maybe it proves what I’ve been telling the kids for years: Confidence is your best accessory.

    • This is the best RRR I have ever read. You had me laughing so hard.

    • You’re the best – I’m finally getting through the seasons – just got to the end of Season 5 and have to get some work done but so want to watch the rest!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Additional Rant: Not sleeping well b/c Restless Legs Syndrome is back. Last night I was sooo tired, but had to walk around. My poor downstairs neighbor.
    Rave: I’m lucky b/c there is a drug that makes my RLS go away. I just need to go to the doc and get a new prescription.

  • emvee

    Rant: Totally missed the two-hour delay memo and was one of the first in the office
    Rave: Had an amazing weekend with dear friends in Baltimore.
    Rave: Dogsitting for my brother this week. Two hounds in the house = double the dog snuggles.

  • Rave: new office furniture!
    Question: what’s the website(s) for odd jobs in the DC area? I know at least one has been discussed here before that PoPvillagers have raved about. I’m looking to have some office furniture put together, but would prefer something less expensive than a moving company and more reliable than craigslist.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Got to meet Shawess and walk around Shaw on Saturday morning. It was great to put a face to a name and be even more excited about moving in the coming months.
    Rave: I’m wondering how she’s doing with the new pooch. And congrats Pixie on your new addition!
    Emilie: I thought of you Friday. I had lunch at the O St Mansion and on the way out they had a huge rhino that was silver and had 5-6 bottles of champagne chilling in it. It was fancy.
    Rant/Rave: Meatless Monday’s. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. So far so good.
    Rave: I’m loving all of these dating stories.

    • Emmaleigh504

      why did you not put said huge silver rhino (and champers!) in your pocket for me? I think my new goal in life is to have a huge rhino champagne chiller. That sounds awesome.

    • Andie, I just came online to post the same thing! It was -so- nice to meet you and Accountering and I look forward to having you in the neighborhood soon! I’ll start a separate rant/rave for the pup stories. One more rave here though: yay for meatless Mondays! If you need recipe/restaurant ideas, I have so, so many.

  • gotryit

    Rant: some a-hole left two giant jugs (of urine?) on the sidewalk on the side of my house.
    Rave: right in front of the surveillance cameras…
    Bonus: that are good enough to read the license plate of their car! (MD plates if you must know)
    Rave: MPD (4D). Especially the look on the officer’s face of “you’ve got to be shitting me…”

  • Quick rant/rave because I’m sleep deprived and want to grab a nap, but so in love with my new pup that I can’t wait for us both to wake up and play again.
    Raves: Pup is just amazing. We fell in love with him immediately and he slept in my arms all the way back from West Virginia. We have had so much fun playing with him and we had a great checkup at the vet this AM. He already is a champ at getting carried around in his puppy bag, so I won’t be fully stuck in the house this week.
    (Not really a) rant: Puppy training is going to be a lot of work. I knew what I was in for, but I’m right there in it now and it really is a lot of work. I don’t think I really slept at all last night because the poor guy kept whining. We’re going to try a different sleep plan tonight, so I hope that helps.
    Rave: congrats to Pixie on adopting May! .

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I’m expecting the smoke detectors at my office to start beeping very soon; I’m choking on popcorn smoke!
    *cough* “I think I’m getting the Black Lung PoP(ville)” *cough*

  • Rant for some: Good chunk of metro gr/yl line is suspended because of something at L Enfant. Plan accordingly

  • Rant: No IDGI (or whatever he’s going by these days) today. Hoping all is well.

    • Emmaleigh504

      last I heard he wasn’t feeling well. I offered to bring him soup and or ice cream, but he didn’t take me up on my offer. He seems to want to keep me at arms length. I don’t understand 😉

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