No Olympics for DC in 2024 – Boston is US Pick

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From the Mayor’s office:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser released the following statement in response to the United States Olympic Committees’ announcement that Boston won the United States’ bid for the 2024 Olympics:

“Despite today’s outcome, I am proud of how the District and the region presented. I want to thank the talented and hardworking Washingtonians whose efforts got us to the short list of American cities.

“I also want to congratulate Mayor Marty Walsh and the City of Boston for winning the right to represent our great nation to compete on the world stage for the 2024 Olympic Games. They have my full support, and I will be cheering them on to bring the games to America.

“All was not lost, however. We must build on the tremendous regional and federal cooperation embodied in the DC 2024 Olympic bid, in focusing on the big issues facing our region—transportation, affordable housing and expanding job opportunities for residents in the District of Columbia.”

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  • Thank god! Why does a booming city need to throw away money to host that nonsense?

  • Boston is no better prepared to host the Olympics than DC would be. Of course it’s clear that the 2024 city will not be in the US anyway.

  • Best news I’ve heard all week!

  • This is good news, no? Although it would have been nice to rent out my apt for $2K/night

  • Now what excuse will the city use to sit on their hands instead of moving forward with reservation 13 development?

  • Good. It was a stupid idea.

  • Oh, thank god. This was such an awful idea, and it was even more offensive that a small group business men who all stood to profit extensively from the billions dc taxpayers would have spent on this, were in control of this.

    • Agreed. I’m relieved D.C. wasn’t chosen.
      I lived in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, and it was exciting… but it was also poorly run. (It was also incredibly hot, which definitely posed complications for the spectators, regardless of whether it did so for the athletes.) Also, I think I read last year that the Braves were ditching their stadium — built as the Olympic stadium — for one in the ‘burbs, meaning that much of the supposed economic benefit that accompanies a stadium is going with them.
      I happened to be living in Japan during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. I had a friend from Atlanta who was working on the Olympics there, so I went up there and saw a couple of hockey games.
      I think the Olympics are of more use to up-and-coming cities seeking to build their national and international reputations than they are to cities that are more established.

  • Thank goodness. I would have had to get out of town for two weeks.

  • Well, I’ll be the one to say I’m disappointed. As a former Olympian, I would have been stoked to have the competitions in my backyard. It’s such a wonderful spectacle and celebration.

    • Not a former Olympian, but also disappointed. I don’t understand the negativity from the other posters.

      • I was against it for two reasons: 1) the IOC is an incredibly corrupt organization that no one should be supporting, and 2) it’s a bad deal for cities. The ROI doesn’t work out. DC has much better investment opportunities.

      • Accountering

        I am negative about it because it would have cost the city (and in turn – me) a TON of money, a ton of disruption for the next 9 years of construction for things the city doesn’t need, (new Redskins stadium) and stopped a bunch of things the city does need (mixed use development at RFK/DC General.

    • i would love to live in a city that hosted the Olympics, but I don’t think DC is a good choice. I thought Chicago was much more realistic.

      • I’ve heard this comment from many people, that DC isn’t a good choice, but Chicago or Boston are better choices. What does DC have that provides a barrier in your opinion over these other cities?

        • I don’t think anyone said Boston would be better. As someone who has lived in both cities, I think the Olympics in Boston would be a disaster. The Boston population is even more against hosting the Olympics than the DC population is.

      • I’ll vote: miserable summer weather. (I just realized to my embarrassment that I actually have no idea what Boston is like in the summer.) But both Chicago and SF are lovely, and if I were an athlete, I’d much prefer to exert myself in those locations. (If I were an athlete, I would also probably be less picky about where I exerted myself, but whatever.)

        • Boston is nice in the summer. Warm and still a bit humid, but the ocean breeze tempers it.

          Moved to DC from Boston. Really miss the nicer summers. DC winters are better.

          • but i’ll also say traffic in Boston is already terrible. It’s a compact, congested city. It’s not on a grid and is really confusing unless you know it well, which makes it even worse IMO. It’ a cluster****

            Wouldn’t the olympics do best in a city a bit more sprawling with some space for all the visitors and events?

          • Which Boston were you living in? Boston summers are terrible. The temperature might be a few degrees cooler, but the humidity is not much better at all.

          • DC summer is more stagnant in my opinion with no breeze at all for some relief. Way more mosquitos, too.

            The only reason Boston sucked more in the summer was because lots of apartments and establishments didn’t have central AC like in DC.

        • From what I understand, DC’s heat and humidity would be fantastic conditions for sprinters (of course, they like high altitude also, which we don’t have). It would be lousy for marathoners, cyclists, and other athletes whose events have a longer duration.

    • justinbc

      +1, I completely supported the bid and I hope they try again.

  • such a bummer. always wanted this when I was growing up, but assumed it would never happen for security reasons. I’m guessing that’s probably part of the reason Boston was chosen over DC. Well that, and the fact that August in Boston is probably much more tolerable than August in DC.

  • Thank Goodness – I was beginning to worry we might get in the running. I despise the Olympics (and the World Cup for that matter). Just another commercial enterprise masquerading as “fair” competition between nations. When all along its just corporations competing with other corporations behind the cheap veneer of National Pride. And the IOC is one of the most corrupt organizations out there.

  • Hooray!! now we can tear down RFK and replace it with a real park. (Once United gets their stadium built)

  • Whew. Thank god. I’m just worried what it says about Muriel that she thought it was a good idea. The olympics are such a boondoggle, but I guess she’s thinking it would be a great way to dispense patronage.

    • I think mayors are obligated to be “for” in kind of a cheerleader-y way. Anthony Williams was “for” this nonsense last time the competition came up.

    • She, like most politicians, support it for the same reasons. To feel important and accomplished. It’s a great way to commend yourself while the world is looking at your city. Similar to why she, and others, supported the soccer stadium. The stadiums make zero sense financially, but you get those free tickets and the confirmation that your in charge of a big time city with major sports teams.

  • For purely selfish reasons I am relieved. I live within walking distance of RFK and the whole thing may have just made me stabby (even though I may have gone to events). But it was for a relatively limited time. All the solicitations I would have received to sublet my house alone would likely have meant the destruction of many trees.

    One one hand I could understand why boosters thought this was a good idea – those types of people always seem to think megaevents are good ideas. And on the face of the logistics would have been good in terms of travel, hotels, event locations, etc. However, the DC metro is security nutty in both good an bad ways. Imagine what the Olympics would have added to that? Not to mention the security people in the area would have all ended up on ulcer meds and needed hair transplants because this would have freaked them out so badly.

  • YEAH! After hearing from friends in Atlanta and London about what it was like to live (and work) through these events… so glad it isn’t coming here!

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