Mothership closing Feb. 22nd on Georgia Ave in Park View

3301 Georgia Avenue, NW (pre-mural)

Dagger. Washington City Paper reports:

“One of Park View’s only sit-down restaurants, Mothership, is preparing to close. The last day of service will likely be brunch on Feb. 22.”

This one especially hurts for those hoping for a lower Georgia Ave revival. Flashback to 2012:


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  • Huge bummer. It’s a shame he couldn’t make it work.

    • Agreed. This was the brick and mortar dream from a food truck owner. I ate there a few times as it was only a few blocks away from home. I am sad to see it go, but I feel that I am somewhat to blame. I usually chose to go elsewhere because the service was frustratingly slow and the food was a little too hipster select. When a menu does not offer staples and classics, it faces a steep challenge. Some folks like frittatas, bearnaise, brioche, elderflower, and monte cristos but I guess not enough. Most people tend to want a stiff drink with an omelet or eggs, sausage, and toast for a reasonable price.

      I did like watching the people across the street pretending to wait for the bus but really waiting for “the man.” And when the man arrived they would scatter to go smoke or shoot. Such a blatant pusher spot. It made for some gritty ambiance.

  • Hate to see this. We live up in Petworth near the metro. We always wanted to try Mothership, but there are so many good options near us that we never made the trek down Georgia. Not to mention Georgia Ave isn’t the safest at night anymore (assaults, homicides, shots fired). Mothership wasn’t really near a metro either. I’m sure if they opened up a little closer to the Petworth metro like at 14th & Quincy or near the Safeway, they’d do just fine.
    On another note, if DC wants to see these new businesses on Georgia succeed, they need to clean up the street. To much crime, not enough cops, vacant businesses and businesses that prey on the less fortunate. This could be an amazing stretch, but not as it stands now.

    • hammers

      Mothership is actually closer to the metro than Upshur. You’d be surprised how close it is.

      • I was going to say it’s a quick walk from the Petworth metro. Also, agree they need to clean up the stretch of Georgia, but assaults, homicides, shots fired? Not really. I won’t walk it alone late at night, but it’s not THAT bad.

        • I’ve walked it briskly and alert, alone after 11pm without an issue. I would think that it’s a busy enough stretch that it’s relatively safe, but I wouldn’t want to jinx it for me or others.

        • Huh? I had thought we’d seen all the above within the last couple weeks along GA Ave.

          I was here Saturday night… the area has a lot of promise but it’s a little worrisome walking alone after dark.

        • Am I just being naive? I’m a big guy (6’2″ 200lbs) and moved to Petworth from an extremely safe suburb across the country about a year ago, but I’ve lived in my share of rough spots.

          I walk alertly, but I don’t really avoid anywhere late at night. During warmer times I’ve walked to the Petworth Metro up Georgia from Right Proper or Woodlands at midnight or later. I also run around Petworth and Park View pretty late at night. I get the feeling that all this violence is targeted and my biggest fear is probably stray bullets.

          • The violence is definitely targeted, but if you were smaller and/or female, there might be more of a risk of you getting mugged.
            I’ve never been mugged (ever), but if I were walking from Mothership to the Metro at 11 p.m., I would probably be walking very fast and looking around me.

          • I wish all this talk about “walking fast” and being alert really meant something, but if some teens want to rob you, I doubt walking fast is going to save your ass…

      • Agreed with Hammers.

    • I don’t know if “anymore” belongs in that sentence. I don’t think it has changed markedly for the better or worse in terms of safety in 10 years. 20 years, for sure today is safer!

    • Georgia Ave is moving forward at a fast pace. i think the positioning and the niche of this restaurant just wasn’t enough. I have never considered going by because I remember one post about a pork roast for around 95$ per seat and thinking how much easier it would have been to simply go somewhere else and only spend 20$ for a good meal. I don’t think Georgia ave is ready for full-on seated gourmet restaurants yet, there isn’t even a starbucks in Pleasant Plains. I think that finger foods could work now, or ramen, or pho, but it’s gonna take a little bit longer before people make Georgia Ave a destination sit-down food strip… We’re just getting over the liquor store and Chinese Takeout phase…

      • You clearly have never been to Mothership. It is very affordable; they offered a three course meal for $25 during the summer. They have excellent happy hour deals. My husband and I would often go for happy hour and spend no more than $60 for a meal for two with drinks.

        This place was not at all what anyone would consider “full-on seated gourmet”. It is a neighborhood restaurant that has good drinks and good food.

        Don’t comment if you’re completely ignorant. Also, if Starbucks in your measure of quality and a neighborhood really “coming up”,,,check yourself.

      • Mothership offers 3 courses for $20… do your research please! (Your Starbucks comment made me laugh too).

        • Whether or not you personally like Starbucks, the presence of a Starbucks _is_ a marker of “People in this neighborhood have money to spend.”
          I’m surprised that there still isn’t a Starbucks somewhere in the vicinity of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro. (The mini-Starbucks in the Safeway doesn’t count.)

          • I am surprised by that too. I don’t know why they settled for burying a store in the Safeway rather than opening in one of the numerous empty storefronts in the area. I’m psyched for the coming Dunkin Donuts, but I don’t know how Starbucks didn’t snatch up one of those empty spots in that apartment building.

          • Anonymous — Agreed. Park Place would have been the logical location for a Starbucks.
            For what it’s worth… I don’t think the Starbucks in Safeways (or Targets or whatever) are under Starbucks corporate HQ, though I could be wrong about that. So I think this was more a matter of Safeway deciding to have a Starbucks inside its store, not Starbucks choosing to locate inside a Safeway.

      • “I don’t think Georgia ave is ready for full-on seated gourmet restaurants yet”

        Depends on what part of Georgia Ave you are referring to. Chez Billy is a sit down restaurant that is on the expensive side and it appears to be doing quite well. Same thing with Crane and Turtle. Mothership is not as expensive as either, but it’s sort of an island in that stretch of Georgia Ave.

      • there is a starbucks in pleasant plains, right by the Howard U bookstore!

        • That’s pretty far from the area of Georgia Avenue where the Mothership is, and even farther from the Metro, Chez Billy, etc.

  • Grgghhh, I’ve been planning to try this place since I moved in, but the reviews kept it low on my list. It always looked pretty busy when I walked past though. Here’s to hoping a great place takes over the spot.

  • That’s a bummer, and weird. A friend and I were just walking past the other day and remarking about how it’s the one good place in Georgia Ave to sit down and have a meal, and that they were doing it right.

  • Wait – WHY? Were they really that slow?

    Did I just go when they did have busy brunches? Were weeknights not busy (says someone who can never go out on a weeknight)?

  • This is really sad. I’m going to make it a point to support all of the local restaurants on Georgia/Park View. It’s the least we can do when each new business adds about $20k in equity o my house.

  • So sad! I liked Mothership a lot. There aren’t enough places at this price point that also have a pleasant atmosphere and good service.

  • Maybe they can just bring back the old Caribbean Bakery.

    • I’m pulling for it — I grew up on the beef patties from Brown’s Caribbean and would love to have them around the corner.

      • My Aunt and her husband were the original owners of Brown’s. They retired and moved to Florida many years ago. They are sad to hear that Mothership is closing. Glad you enjoyed their bakery!

  • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was always busy when I went there!! I loved that place! We have a stool there from the Kickstarter!

  • That’s really too bad. They’ve always been pretty busy when I’ve been there. And the food and drinks were always really fun! Too too bad!!!!! A big loss for the n’borhood!

  • hammers

    this is sad news

  • Noo!!!! Why? I thought their business was going well. I am going to miss their mofongo so much! They had great food, excellent drinks… this is a huge loss for Ga ave.

  • Well, i guess the high prices for at best, average food, didn’t manage to convince the non-lawyers of the neighborhood

    • gotryit

      +1 – high prices for average food. I went there once, paid on the high end, and was OK with what I ate. Beer tasted watered down too. Didn’t go back. Local / small business (yay) doesn’t make up for low value.

      • Watered down beer? I don’t think so, that would be difficult or impossible to pull off. If you didn’t like the beer, you should blame the brewer.
        ….. and the prices there are perfectly in line (if not a bit cheaper) than all the places on 11th.

        • gotryit

          I don’t remember which beer it was exactly, but it was an IPA that I was pretty familiar with, and it didn’t taste right. Maybe it was a brewer’s issue, but I would have been happier if the bartender poured himself a small taste and either told me I was nuts or agreed and comped the beer.

    • Agreed, the food and cocktails that I had at Mothership were not good. It was a cute little place and I was hoping they would work out the kinks and turn it around. But my experience there did not inspire me to make the trip to try it again.

  • What a loss. I always took friends from out of town there; two weeks ago friend and I were turned away for not having a reservation. They seemed busy all the time but evidently not. Maybe it was just too small.

  • The people were really nice and welcoming, so this is sad. That said, I only went there once. It was good, but for what it is (enjoyably casual and rustic, solid-but-not-rave-worthy food), I left feeling like each menu item should have been a buck or two cheaper. And the cocktails were interesting, but needed a bit of work to really shine, and they were priced the same as places with superior drink programs.

    I agree with the comment above that Mothership *seems* like it’s a long way from the metro, in large part because the area between is just kind of crappy and sometimes sketchy. I would have stopped in more often if I lived nearby.

  • Pity, I think location was likely the largest contributor to its closing. It was kinda out there alone and not close to a Metro.

    • Again, it is .3 from the Metro a roughly 7 minute walk. Not that far!

      • Its isolation from other establishments probably did not help – even if it was just .3 miles.

        • I think this is true — even if it’s not that far distance-wise, it doesn’t feel as safe or well-peopled as the stretch of Georgia from the Metro to Upshur.

        • We need that dude from H Street (Pumpernick?). He bought into H street when it was all still hood. He opened 4 bars all at the same time and created a destination so none of the bars felt so alone. He recognized you need critical mass to get to a tipping point – and tip H street did!

  • Living a block away, I am devastated by this news. Not only did Mothership have good food, drinks, and atmosphere at a decent price point, the activity of people eating outside and going in and out brightened the whole area. If Mothership couldn’t make it, I’m afraid we may have to wait a long time until we get something at that corner nearly as good.

  • Sheesh
    i thought they did pretty well, any time i went there were people inside

  • I thought someone bought them out. I forget the details..

  • Really disappointed to hear this — I liked that place, and it seemed like a good anchor for new stuff coming to that stretch of Georgia Avenue.

  • justinbc

    That’s a bummer, his Floridano truck was one of the first unique ones in the city and I always loved it. I never made it here because it’s not really my area, but it seemed to have lots of fans. I thought it was odd when they tried to do that $150 or whatever meal, but I hope the chef stays in the DC area and keeps trying, or at least goes back to trucking it.

  • Not so fast folks–I’ m not happy about the loss to the neighborhood either. BUT, the owner told me a couple of weeks ago that a developer bought his bldg, the one next to it, and the former Hip Hop or whatever it was across Lamont, so maybe even better things are in store.

    • Maybe… but there’s no guarantee that there will be street-level restaurants or retail. And even if there is, it’ll be a couple of years away.

  • skj84

    What a bummer. We had a lovely PoPville brunch there this summer. I had wanted a chance to go back.

  • I went there once. Owner was a super nice guy. Food was awesome. Interior atmosphere was incredible. Exterior atmosphere around there is sketchy as hell, and they’ve been vandalized before (broken windows, etc). I think they opened up 10-15 years too early ahead of the gentrification bus for their immediate area. I can’t see people taking metro to try that place as the only destination in a sketch area. I’m north of Petworth metro by The Citizen, Crane/Turtle, and now The Pitch. Hard to convince me to go that far south when there are so many good places on the way (Chez Billy, Looking Glass, DC Reynold aka bogo booze, etc) , and I don’t go out that much to begin with. There is no real point in my comment, gotcha for reading all the way. 😉

  • Sad to see a place like that close but damn the food sure was bad (and overpriced) the one time I went. Was with about 8 friends who all got different things so I tried a large portion of the menu. I was bummed because I really wanted to show my out of town friends a good time. Decent drinks though.

  • Bummer. I really wanted that place to stick around. The closest restaurant to where I live. I didn’t get the impression business was slow when I was there. I hope something good replaces it.

    I agree that there’s been to much crime on lower GA Ave lately… and it probably doesn’t help that Park Morton & dinky liquor stores are between the Metro and Lamont Street. I walk that stretch routinely in daytime/evening, but not after 9 or so.

    • Park Morton is going eventually though. The old strip with the post office is slated to be redeveloped too. For right now it’s just a place for randos to park their cars! I’m afraid we won’t see real change in the neighborhood until both of these projects are developed (so 5ish years?).

  • really sad to hear this, i’d drive over from bloomingdale for brunch pretty frequently, i loved their PJs=one free drink deal! i always thought the food was really tasty but i’ll agree the service left a lot to be desired. still, this sucks. it’s such a wonderful space. i hope the owners get the chance to do something else in the area!!

  • This place is awesome and its going to be terrible to see it go. The beer selection was great, the food selection was slim, but really good. Wow, i’m really sad to see them go.

  • Sorry to hear this. I went a few times and had pretty good meals. I thought the menu was a bit too specialized for regular dining but I could always find something to eat.
    It seems that whenever a place closes one of the main complaints that pop up in the post mortem is pricing. I understand that everyone wants a value but the more hot the area gets, the more expensive the real estate gets, and the more expensive the things being sold get. It’s a bit naïve to think that as more places open, prices will decrease.

    • Agreed, but I think some people are saying that their prices might not have been justified by their location as it stands now.

      (Also, restaurants that buck the pricing trend seem to do well — Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom, Ted’s Bulletin come to mind.)

      • Well those restaurants succeed on all-day service + huge amount of volume and probably are still pricier than Mothership. Places that rely only on dinner service don’t have much margin when paying for rent.

  • This is terrible news, living on Keefer Mothership is only like 150 ft out my front door, owner is great, always interesting Beers and Cocktails, food got better with time. This is really bumming me out, I go there at least once a week, Mothership really added to the immediate neighborhood. Hopefully the development planned for the area can improve this portion of Georgia Ave. It is the same Developer that owns the Post Office Strip, and the Petworth Liquor Strip above Morgan’s on the west side of the street, rumor is they are moving forward with the Post Office Portion first. Plus Holladay Corp. is moving forward with the Alsco Plant, so hopefully between those three developments and them ever getting renters into the Gibson the area will pick up, but super sad to see mothership go

  • Its really too bad Mothership is closing (especially right after they got that fantastic mural), but I think the place had a lot of bad planning challenges from the start. The building looks like a decent size but the dining room itself is tiny, for a restaurant like that, every square foot needs to be making money. While it did look busy sometimes, Full capacity for that place has got to be <50 seats. The patio probably doubles this, but is useless in the colder months or rainy days.

    I think originally their plan was to rent the kitchen in the off hours as a home base (or mothership) for other foodtruck friends. But I dont think that ever panned out. That probably was the owners plan to make up for the income/square foot, but without it they just couldnt keep the bills paid.

  • I hope the Starchild is able to get home before the mothership takes off.

  • I only ate their once and thought the food was horrible. Everything was super salty (even the salad and pizza, which….what?). Expensive, too. I did keep meaning to give it another go for brunch, though.

    • The brunch was pretty horrendous. Didn’t finish it and was cold in the middle as if they were reusing leftovers.

      • Yeah, my dinner tasted like they had reheated the chicken in a microwave. Definitely didn’t see the appeal.

  • As one of the contributors to Mothership’s Kickstarter campaign — and whose name is inscribed on a barstool in the restaurant — I am very sorry to see this news. I ate dinner there three times. I liked the fact that the menu had options that weren’t shopworn standards and I found all my dishes there were extremely well-prepared. I also thought that the design of the dining room was very cute.
    The main drawback to the place always seemed to be the location on a stretch of Georgia Ave. that is still several years away from being attractive by day or inspiring confidence at night; on one of our visits, I was more than a bit queasy about the fact that the nearest parking was on the border of the Park Morton housing project. Had the place been a mile to the north or south, its location would have posed fewer challenges.
    Nevertheless, I am encouraged by the forthcoming return of El Floridano, still my favorite food truck of all time. I hope it gets a lottery place at L’Enfant Plaza.

  • Ugh. I really liked this place. In addition to being a quick walk from my apartment, the food was great and the people were friendly. Their tofu sandwich was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Hands down.

  • I had high hopes because their food truck sandwiches were quite good. But the one time I went to Mothership the food was incredibly bland and uninteresting. Not worth it when the neighborhood has better options at man price points.

  • I agree with most all comments about the spot and the area. But, to be fair the food was nasty and over all a contrived “hipster” food vibe going on. I went there once and never went back.

    • I really relish opinions of a one and done visit. Thanks!

      • To be fair… if a place makes a really bad impression on you the first time, it stands to reason that you won’t return.
        My first experience at the Mothership involved OK food and terrible service, and if I lived farther away, I probably wouldn’t have come back. But I live in the neighborhood and really, really wanted it to succeed (and wanted to like it), so I kept going.

    • can you explain ‘contrived “hipster” food vibe’ ?? I’m curious.

  • So sad to hear this. Mothership is my favorite place in Petworth/Park View. I go there almost every weekend for brunch and they are always packed. The staff are incredibly nice and so are the owners. If you haven’t had their eggs benecdict with lechon and guava sauce you are missing out on one of the best dishes in the neighborhood. I really hope they are relocating. I wish Stephan, his wife and all their staff the best.

  • nooooooooooo!!! was just saying today over lunch how this is one of my favorite spots in the city. i’m going to be so sad to see them go.

  • Noooooooo! It’s my favorite restaurant in DC. Good menu, good prices, not pretentious. That’s hard to find in this town.

  • Its sad. I live around the corner, remember when they opened up and contributed to the Kickstarter. The food was really just OK. They had a couple dishes that were great but it was really inconsistent. Then they changed the menu and I actually stopped going for a while. I wish them luck and hope someone else opens up there. I think a coffeeshop/cafe would get great business there.

  • This is a huge bummer. I participated in the Kickstarter for this place, and was really psyched about it. I’ve only been a handful of times, however. As a PP stated, the location could probably have made or broken this place. If it was sitting in Park Place, business would probably be booming (though rent would probably be 3x as high). I really liked some of their innovative offerings, they had a great (albeit small) beer list, but it may have just been a little too niche/high end for the area.

  • Don’t forget that busy does not equal profitable. Restaurants operate on a razor thin margin and need to manage their food costs like a tyrant if they hope to stay in the black. The most successful chefs aren’t just masters of food, but also masters of how plan a menu and order their produce in the most cost-effective way. Regular wastage from ordering the wrong quantities of the wrong things will chip away at the resources of even the busiest restaurants; a lull in business that hasn’t been budgeted for (holidays?) could be a fatal blow. (I’m not saying this is what happened here–I have no idea why they closed. But it happens.)

  • Such sad news and a big loss for DC. Thanks for the stiff drinks after a long night, delicious dinners, and always awesome music. You’ll be missed!

  • This is a huge bummer to me. I love this place. I’ve literally been at least 15 times. Sometimes just for a drink at the bar but all their drinks were amazing. The food is also really good in my opinion. We actually took our out of town guests there the first night of our wedding festivities and they all loved it, even my mom who is used to pretty tame fare in New England.
    The outside is also fantastic in the summer. Great area and good people watching. The service could be a little spotty but it was never terrible, at least to the point of angering me.
    If you haven’t been here you should go once before they close. More than likely you won’t be disappointed. We’ve taken and sent so many people here and have always had good feedback.
    Unfortunately I think as many posters have said the area it’s located didn’t help. It’s not too far from the metro but it’s also not in an area you’re most likely going to be walking around looking for food. Too bad, I hope they are able to open another place elsewhere.

  • i’m super bummed about this one – i live across the street so have been countless times. they’ve definitely had their rough patches in both food and service, but i feel like things had calmed down and improved over the last couple of months – i had hoped for good. their sandwiches in particular and drinks have always been killer. and for those commenting on the neighborhood – sure, it’s not the prettiest part of georgia ave but i’ve lived here for two years (after living in other parts of columbia heights, mt p, and shaw for several years before) and have never had any real trouble on this strip of georgia – even the guys hanging out at the bus stop across from mothership that folks have commented on move out of the way when people walk by and generally leave you alone. and i regularly walk up to upshur – it’s really not that far, and the metro is even closer! i never knew people thought there was such a divide between north and south of the metro…

    • I agree and I think that’s the problem and why Mothership is closing. People’s perception of the area is not very good. They think it’s a “sketchy” walk from the metro and since there aren’t many people strolling they won’t get a lot of people just stopping in. I regularly walk up to the Petworth metro, Upshur, over to Columbia Heights, down to U Street, and run around too. I’ve never had a problem (knock on wood) and don’t feel unsafe. I definitely do not make the walk when it’s midnight or 2 am, but if it’s before 10pm I do. It’s interesting too because most of the shootings have been NORTH of the metro lately. Yeah, there was the shooting down Georgia by Howard U recently, but I believe that was inside the establishment and the first one in the general area in a month or so.

    • I don’t think there’s really a “divide” between north and south of the Metro (even if one is Petworth and the other is Park View) — it’s just that there are more new establishments north of the Metro than south of it. South of the Metro there’s Looking Glass, D.C. Reynolds, the renovated Lion’s Liquor(s?), EatsPlace, and the Mothership (and then more places a bit further south, as you get closer to Howard). North of the Metro there’s the new Safeway, Chez Billy, Yes Organic, more newly built apartment buildings, and the places on Upshur.

  • I’m really sad to see this place go. For a long while, it was basically my Cheers. I’ve come back through each of its rough spots (on service), but they had felt like growing pains and had just assumed we’d all enjoy watching it grow and evolve into something even better.

    I actually loved the food (I am pretty sure I tried everything once on the menu) and will really miss the drinks. Going there on Sundays for Game of Thrones night last year was so fun — this place just felt like the place you took all your friends at least once.

    Sad, sad, sad to hear this news.

  • This has become one of my favorite places. Love the food, LOVE the drinks. Great atmosphere and as most pointed out great music. Just a chill, neighborhood spot. Most of all, will miss the owner who is a great dude – hard working and always accommodating. The staff was always friendly. Will have to go for my last MoShi punch! 🙁

  • Bring back Brown’s Caribbean Bakery! Man, I miss their coco bread and patties.

  • Lesson learned – if you like to see new bars and restaurants in your neighborhood, then visit the ones that come in. I’ll be more of a fixture at places in the hood from now on.

    • OMG, and I still haven’t had the dumplings at Eatsplace since the chef rotated. Must visit them quick!

      • I think it’s actually the same chef, just a rotation of the menu/concept.

        • Nope, you’re confused because the owner became the chef for this rotation, handmaking dumplings and noodle soup.

          • Right, but my understanding from a conversation with her was that she was also the chef for D.C. Born and Raised (which I don’t remember being clear from the original press releases).

          • Ah, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the chef for DC Born and Raised.

          • Maybe I misunderstood what she said — my original impression was that she was the owner and that the chef for D.C. Born and Raised was someone else, then from that conversation with her I thought that _she_ was the chef for DCBR, and now from looking at the articles/press releases, it looks like someone else (Charles Lyons) was indeed the chef for DCBR.

      • skip the dumplings and soup. My roommates and I went there for noodles and dumplings and they were massively disappointing. “24 hour bone broth” was bland and had to be drowned in soy sauce, sriracha, and their hot sauce. Dumplings were not steamed properly so the skin was tough and the filling had no flavor.

  • joining the chorus to say how devastated we are. We live around and its been our go to place ever since it opened

  • So just reading these comments it seems the majority of the people like the place and it is often busy. On the surface it appears that the business was not run very effectively (pure speculation). I am hopeful that something with enough capital and efficiently run would do well there. I have been to Mothership a few times and liked it although service was spotty as mentioned above. I wish the owners best of luck and hope something good takes it’s place soon!

  • Sad. Second to Looking Glass, my go to place. Took a friend there Friday night as I like to support local businesses (vs. Upshur). Second the comment that you have to support local restaurants and bars more if you want them around.

  • Lots of lamenting by people who “wanted” to go, but never did. $25 is cheaper than an average bar tab.

    • Amen to this. The entrees were thoughtful, and creative. And the sandwiches were their bread and butter and totally affordable. For $12 the large PCL was easily two meals.

  • I’m surprised the 199 people who gave their money to this guy to help him start this restaurant are not demanding more of an explanation for what happened.

    Did he sell? Don’t you want a refund for the proceeds?

    I’m fascinated, really.

    • justinbc

      “Don’t you want a refund for the proceeds?”
      That’s not how Kickstarter works.

      • You’re right, that’s not how Kickstarter works. Kickstarter backers don’t get a piece of the business.

        I’m one of the 199 backers, and am proud to have done so. I got the reward for my backer level, as did everyone else, and Mothership opened — that’s what the Kickstarter was to do. Over the lifetime of Mothership they easily got 30x my Kickstarter amount from me in return visits, and I’m sad they won’t get more of my money in the future. In no way do I feel that Stephan owes me (or anyone else) an explanation, and I’d contribute to any Kickstarter he puts up in the future, especially if a reward is his food.

        • +1
          What I’d like to know is what is going to happen to those Kickstarter engraved stools. There are a few sets of names on each, but I wouldn’t mind buying the one I’m on. Or keep it until the next restaurant they open.

    • Oh for my contribution, I got a three-course meal for two, a stool engraved with our names that I got to sit on every once in a while for three years, and a fantastic restaurant halfway between my and my bestie’s houses to meet and catch up over a $20 pretty awesome meal for three years. I am fully satisfied with the return on my investment. Plus, buttered rum.

    • I did not contribute but would still love to know whether this is about the business not doing well or the location being sold. One post mentioned that someone has bought that building and others on that block.

  • it saddens me to read that people think this location wasn’t ready yet. whatever that means. yes, the stretch was a little less lit up that other areas, but it wasn’t by any means “isolated”. it was a fun, friendly, comfortable place.

    too far from the metro is a damn whiny ass complaint. get a bike. walk. take an uber. roller boogie. take a bus. our city is very small, get out and see it, people. come on, don’t let your world be so tiny.

    • I’ve lived in the area for 11 years. My perception, real or not, is that Georgia Ave south of the metro is sketchier than Georgia Ave north of the metro. Also, the number of places to go north of the metro is at or near critical mass level. You don’t like Looking Glass or the other spots on that block (I include that block in the “north of the metro” group), you go north to Chez Billy, or to Upshur to choose from 3 or 4 places. If you head south, there’s pretty much nothing until you hit Mothership. But things are changing rapidly. A couple of apartment buildings have gone up on the southern end and more are on the way. And new retail and restaurants are coming. It’s just a matter of time.

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