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  • Fake. Everyone knows pigeons are automatons that are neither born nor can die. Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? I didn’t think so.

  • It’s a shame we don’t have more hawks.

  • too bad they don’t eat more rats

    • There is a hawk that prowls the construction site at 7th and Mass for rats. Watched one swoop down and eat one. It truly scared several construction workers who were standing nearby. Took it to Mt Vernon square to enjoy. New rule all construction sites need to incorporate hawk nests.

    • I saw a hawk eating a rat in our alley once. It would be a great solution except for all the rat poison out there – many birds of prey die slow deaths because their prey has eaten rat poison. 🙁

  • sometimes you’re the hawk. Sometimes you’re the pigeon.

  • I saw that hawk in front of the Reagan Building near 13th and Penn. It was sitting in a tree with some small bird chirping for it’s life in it’s claw. Now if the hawks could go after the rats…

  • Last weekend I saw a hawk swoop out of a tree, go straight for a group of pigeons on the sidewalk, grab one and fly off. It happened right in front of us. Never saw anything like it!

    • I wish that hawk would stop by the nail salon on P near 14th. Someone who works there puts seed out for the pigeons everyday—a hawk should give her a good scare if nothing else..

      • Ally

        Funny how two people can have two totally different reactions. I think I’d enjoy seeing the birds and tend to really like people who put out birdseed (and, yes, I am aware that it can draw rats if too large quantities are left out). I’ll refrain from typing the other things I’m thinking of saying regarding your comment.

  • I was watching this hawk from my office window yesterday morning. He was perched on top of the Franklin School for a good half hour watching the park…glad to see he got a nice meal. 🙂 Anyone know what kind of a hawk he is?

  • I surprised that people don’t see this more often. This place is a veritable buffet of slow, dumb pigeons and huge, fat rats. That there aren’t 10,000 hawks around is crazy.

  • Good! Pigeons are flying rats. May hawks eat them all.

    • Ally

      You do realize, Bird Hater, that hawks are birds too? Seriously I need to get off this thread. I love hawks but the anti-pigeon stuff is just utterly ridiculous.

  • circle of life or unnecessary premeditated act of violence?

  • A hawk with a rat in its talons flew 3 ft. off the ground in front of me in McPherson Square the other day. I also see hawks chasing birds all the time in Franklin Square from my office. It makes me glad every time 🙂

  • accendo

    Is the pigeon gluten-free?

  • if the pigeon had taken an Uber, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • I saw the Petworth eagle on Sunday scoping out the grassy area of the Macmillan sand filtration park.

  • djdc

    “You fed the chicken chicken? That’s like ‘Silence of the Chickens.'”

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