DC Conscious & Cafe close to Opening on H Street, NE?

1413 H Street, NE

Back in January 2012 we first learned about DC Conscious Cafe Coming to 1413 H Street, NE in the former Buka Restaurant space:

“New Restaurant. World Fusion menu. Social gatherings, book reading and speakers from the community. Entertainment will be provided. Occupancy load is 40.”

The facade has been completely transformed and they look ready to open any minute. Anyone hear anything?


Remember Obama Chicken lunch special?

from Jan. 2012

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  • justinbc

    Heh, we wanted to buy the space next to it and do a commercial to residential conversion, but it was just way too narrow. Now seeing that a Manny & Olgas is just next to that makes me really glad we didn’t try to force that one. I like the way this is shaping up though, hopefully they don’t go the disastrous Da Luft route and try to do too much.

  • They did a great reno on the facade but sort of dropped the ball on the name and sign. DC Conscious & Cafe doesn’t really stick… Just leave it at DC Conscious– and the red lettering doesn’t stand out enough to be easily read. Also, the Kramerbooks knockoff is pretty obvious and sort of weird. I have high hopes for this place so I hope I’m wrong and these little things don’t add up to a lot.

  • Just by the name alone it will isolate certain customers. It just doesn’t sound welcoming.

  • That name is weird… An adjective & noun as your name just sounds awkward. Should’ve just called it “Consciously Caffeinated” or “Conscious Cafe.” Both have a way better ring to it.

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