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  • To say nothing about the photography, but the blend of those 3 fonts for the last pic hurts me inside. No balance, no style, and they are definitely default word typefaces. It’ll probably end up being a pretty staid restaurant like STK too.

    • Those three fonts together look like something from a high school yearbook. I think they got the photos from the same stock image set that STK did.
      I cannot believe that STK is still open. I walk past several times a week at prime dinner hours (6:45-7:30) and I’ve never seen the place more than 25% full.

  • As a latin, I find the whole “latin lover” thing offensive.

    • I might be offended if I actually knew what it meant.

    • what’s offensive about it?

      • It dehumizes you into a sex object. I have a blue chip education, but in many occasions ppl overlook this and make stupid jokes about being “rico suave”, “spicy salsa moves” or my accent. Some of women in the room feel threatened by my presence or anything I say is taken as me making a pass b/c of this stereotype and comments/jokes.

        • I agree, life is tough when you are good looking. The hardships we face, people don’t even know…

      • If you have to ask, then you just don’t get it. Among other things, as stereotypes go it’s pretty old one, but this is steak house rather than something more imaginative.

    • burritosinstereo

      As a woman, I find EVERYTHING about this offensive.

  • Why are these places always try to sex up steak? There are so many sexier foods out there.

    • because testosterone drives steak sales.

    • justinbc

      I’m guessing it’s because many people view meat eaters as fat bastards, and so many women (especially in DC) are switching to vegetarian style diets, so they’re trying to reclaim some of the sex appeal that meat has. You see the same thing with everything bacon related.

      • That’s nonsense. “Many women” meaning an incredibly small percentage.

        STK is just a steakhouse trying to appeal to a non-stodgy crowd, i.e. not people who are interested in a place like Capital Grille. It’s trying to be a steakhouse like Gryphon is trying to be a sports bar. It tries to substitute not being that great when it comes to its food steaks), and instead tries to convince you that it is a club. I mean, who doesn’t want to go party after eating a huge steak?

  • Ay dios mio.

  • Great, another steak house!

    I like a good steak as much as the next guy, but there are like a gajillion in this town. I guess the lobbyists keep on multiplying though…

    • multiplying like gremlins? Me thinks they are preparing for an influx of steak eating texas republicans moving into the city? thanks jeb bush.

  • I am a lady, and I have never made the face that the gal on the left is making, and certianly not while drinking wine. Nor have I seen any of my fellow ladies make that face. What strange world is the model/photographer living in???

  • Is the red hot pepper in the woman’s mouth supposed to be a metaphor for a spicy penis? Am I wrong in thinking that?…

  • Leslie Knope

    I know “of” Claudia’s, yeah. Could be good food, but the thirst is real. Boop!

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