Big Fire at Former Murphy’s/Future Bar Civita in Woodley Park

2609 24th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending these devastating photos Saturday morning from a fire in the former Murphy’s/future Bar Civita [“A modern American and Italian influenced restaurant in historic Woodley Park in Washington, D.C.“]. I’ve sent an email to the Bar Civita folks and will update when I hear back. Hopefully it won’t push the planned opening too far back.

Good update from owner Liam Civita:

“It is definitely an unfortunate setback, but it is only a setback. It will delay opening but not by much, as a majority of the damage was on the patio which we were replacing anyways in a couple of weeks. The fire department did a tremendous job in controlling and putting out the fire.”

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  • Back when it was still Murphy’s, they had a pretty big fire there maybe 7-8 years ago.

  • Clearly, the decision to close Murphy’s has angered the gods.

  • There was a lot of construction debris on the patio, and because of the heavy rains that night a lot of neighboring restaurants’ smokers took refuge under Civita’s large awning. It’s my only plausible theory for how that happened. Moreso at least than angry deities 🙂

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