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  • Not that McDonald’s is health food, but I’m curious as to this supposed link between McDonald’s and cancer… On the list of things that are likely to give you cancer, McDonald’s is pretty far down on the list.

  • So they’re saying that McDonald’s food causes cancer?

    • jim_ed

      Maybe they’re just fatalists pointing out that it’s a leading cause of death? Next week they’ll post something about rheumatoid arthritis at Burger King.

  • Seems like a waste of sharpie to me — also why are they drawn on USPS envelopes?!

  • What a waste of protest energy. Even the most ignorant person in the world knows McDonald’s is not good for you. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes – who cares? It’s crap. Everyone knows this.

    • I’m no fan of McDonald’s, but is it really that much worse than an artisanal burger with hand-cut fries at a local restaurant? You don’t get a bucket of soda with it, but I’m sure the calories, sodium, saturated fat, etc from the actual meal are just as bad if not worse.

      • Yup, and at least McDonalds post their nutritional values, and everything is used to maximize profit, so they’re more likely to be able to have a pretty precise idea on calories…. but restaurant food on independent chains, those can change from serving to serving

      • Yes. Just looking at calories in food to determine whether something is healthy or not is pretty short sighted. While a burger at an artisanal place may have more calories, the ingredients are almost certainly of higher quality and healthier for you.

        • Right yeah totally!! You’re talking burgers vs burgers. Not burgers vs a protein shake that has more nutrients but equal calories, whatever floats your boat though

        • i haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in over a decade, but regardless, McDonald’s doesn’t make their food from pink slime, but hey that sounds super sensationalist so let’s just make shit up!!! Ermergerd it gives you cancer and super aids! Big Macs make your children autistic because of their GMO thousand island dressing!

          • I am not anti-McDonalds. I think it’s an American institution. I’m also not an expert on food production. However, I doubt your local neighborhood artisinal burger and fries has the same additives, steroids and hormones that a McDonald’s burger has.

  • If all the recent business news surrounding McDonald’s is correct then they are dying their own death at the moment. Who knows, maybe 10yrs from now there won’t be a Mickey Ds to kick around.

    • Yes I heard that too. Well, it’ll be a slow death. I think it’ll be more than ten years.

      Never thought I’d hear speculation that McDonald’s had peaked.

  • That showed them! I hear the company may fold following this ingenious protest

  • A “protest” hardly. This is just stupid. grow up!

  • These are the same ignoramuses who say GMOs are bad for the planet.

  • ha people anti this little effort on the basis that the ‘vandals’ are incorrectly assuming causality – get over yourselves.

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