2 Hour Delay for DC Public Schools; DC Gov’t and Feds Open on Time; Feds Option for Telework

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Ahead of this morning’s expected snow, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that District of Columbia Public Schools will open two hours late. District Government is slated to open on time.

“Forecasts indicate that the District will see snow accumulations at the peak of rush hour this morning,” said Mayor Bowser. “A two hour delay for DC Public Schools will help ensure that District students are able to get to school safe, secure and ready to learn.”

All students, teachers, and non-essential school-based employees should report two hours after their regular start time. Central and administrative office employees should report based on the decision announced for other District government employees. However, all essential personnel should report at their regular start time.”

From OPM:

“Status: Open with Option for Unscheduled Leave or Unscheduled Telework

Federal agencies in the Washington, DC area are OPEN and employees have the OPTION for UNSCHEDULED LEAVE OR UNSCHEDULED TELEWORK.”

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  • The roads do look better than last week in the District.

  • “Thanks, Bowser”

  • But the elephant in the room: What about trash pickup???

    • My trash and Christmas tree was finally picked up yesterday. My alley was very passable last week so not sure why it was skipped.

    • +1. Haven’t had trash pick up in the new year. Thanks, Bowser!

    • Yesterday, we finally had our trash and recycling picked up for the first time in 2015. Needless to say, we had a lot, which was compounded by the a-hole who dumped all their trash bags on my parking strip on Monday. We have alley pickup, and so dumping it in front just forced me to put it in one of my cans and drag it down the alley so the rats wouldn’t tear it apart.

  • Thank you DC for picking up my trash.

  • This morning’s delay was ridiculous. This is why people from snowier areas make fun of us. I mean come on DC!

    • They could always move back. Obviously DC is trying to avoid the mess that was last Tuesday. Cut them some slack. Furthermore, snow in DC is unpredictable. It is not unreasonable that we don’t have the same infrastructure in place as other snowier areas.

      • Snow in DC isn’t any more unpredictable than snow elsewhere, is it?

        Anyway, it was a tiny amount of snow, the roads were already salted and clear, and the snow from last week had already melted. What could possibly be the problem?

        • I would say DC snow is unpredictable in comparison to other snowier areas given that DC can have a very mild winter such as 2011-12, where we had an average of less than 4 inches for the entire season, or a horrible season like 2009-10 where we had an average of 73 inches.

        • west_egg

          “Snow in DC isn’t any more unpredictable than snow elsewhere, is it?”
          Yes. Our geography makes it particularly difficult — mountains nearby, warm spots, etc. There are often sharp cutoffs between snow and rain that come close but not close enough. It’s definitely more difficult to predict a snowstorm’s impact in the DC region vs., say, central Ohio.

  • DC schools announced at 5:30, when one of us was getting ready to leave. These delays cause working parents to scramble to adjust schedules. Can’t imagine the stress it imposes on parents with more rigid, hourly work schedules.

    • And that announcement came 15 minutes after they sent an text message alert saying school was open at the normal time. I’m not even joking:

      Time stamp 4:53 am “DC Govt and DCPS opening status- the DC Gov’t and DCPS will be opening on time today under regular operating status”

      Time stamp 5:18 am “DCPS Opening Status- DCPS reports that public schools will be opening with a 2 hour delay”

      Luckily for me I packed my phone at the bottom of my purse around 5am right as I started getting the family ready for work and school. So we didn’t get that text message until I pulled my phone out when we pulled up in front of my kids school to check the time. Because I had planned my morning around the fact that I had gotten a text message saying school was open and the roads were clear.

  • Who cares about the weather–those shoes are awesome.

  • What I’ve learned in 10+ years here……when it comes to closures and openings in snow, they’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

  • A little snow = a lot of salt
    I wish there were trucks out at 2am last week salting the streets.

  • Aglets

    I don’t wear heels, but those shoes are dope.

  • Those shoes tho…

  • Seriously, what are those shoes?! Who made them??

  • I’ve never understood why DC doesn’t handle snow and garbage like other cities. While its common for trash and snow duty to be handled by the same people, generally, cities contract out to another entity to handle one or the other in times of weather situations. I hope Bowser fixes this situation quickly. As a council member, she should know that people can forgive a lot, but no garbage pickup and slick roads are deal breakers. Same for the ANC.

  • High heels, THANK YOU!

  • These shoes rule.
    These shoes suck.

  • Give me more shoe photos like this one, please.

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