Tough Day for Metro Continues

From Pentagon City

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Transferring at Federal Center SW?? From atleast Crystal City and Pentagon City heading into the District, Metro DC printed and displayed huge incorrect station/transfer point maps for the Orange/Blue/silver line.”

Ed. Note: The proper transfer point from blue/orange to green/yellow is at L’Enfant Plaza. Fotten Totten remains my favorite metro signage error.

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  • While still not perfect, It’s just the angle of the lettering rather than being incorrectly labeled.

  • I saw this too… but it has to do with the slant of the text and positioning of the dots (if you count the stations, it is actually correct… but horrible design). It is confusing even for DC veterans (been taking metro daily for 10 years and that thing confused me!)

  • came here to say the exact same thing about the angle/lettering/etc. for the life of me I will never understand any of the decisions metro makes…there’s no way their rider advisory council actually rides metro.

  • I’ve never seen that symbol before. Is it new? If you compare it to the Metro Center symbol (also a transfer point, but to the Red line), this does look incorrect. WMATA website maps do not show that symbol on the key.

  • I noticed that at least 9 months ago; glad metro is paying attention.

  • Metro signage is the worst.

  • A couple weeks back I was waiting in front of this sign trying to explain to a family of tourist not to get off at Federal Center SW to transfer to Blue line. They looked at me like I was the incompetent one.

  • I don’t buy “It’s just the angling of the text.” No matter how the text is angled, the dot ought to line up with the first letter of the corresponding station, and it doesn’t.
    It looks like the whole thing is off by one — it also has a “transfer station” symbol for Federal Triangle, when it should line up with Metro Center.

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