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  • How is it “briefly Remingtons” when that business was there for 30 years?

  • Big mistake. We’ve been making progress in this stretch and definitely on Barracks Row, but this is a definite setback. We already have a 7 Eleven on 8th, and guess what- that location already has its fair share of problems. What a disappointment.

    • Totally agree. Neither Capitol Hill nor H Street NE areas need or want a 7-11. What a shame.

    • Agree. I was really hoping this would become a cool gay bar– something sorely needed in Capitol Hill– but even another Xavier restaurant would be better than a 7-11.

    • Ally

      Yeah, I don’t understand why we need two 7-11s only a block or two apart. And, I totally agree that the one we currently have on 8th street is a huge crime magnet. I wish we could get rid of the one we have instead of getting another. Though, they do have a darn fine nacho bar.

  • I don’t get it. Unless you need cigs the CVS next door would already meet your convenience store needs. And there’s another 7-11 on 8th Street, not very far away.

    • Not that I don’t hate the fact that another stupid drugstore is moving in, CVS stopped selling tobacco products recently.

      • Right– so cigs and slurpees are the only things you can’t get at the CVS next door.

        • Hot cheap food too. Not good, but, perhaps useful for those who want it. Also, CVS is a complete and utter rip off for snacks and drinks.

  • someone alert the pan handlers.

  • I’m also wondering how this one escaped the scrutiny of the neighborhood NIMBYs. They’re usually on top of things like this.

    • …too busy fighting against the Hine development and &pizza. So now we have a vacant school, a vacant storefront that attracts loiterers, and a 7-11 instead.

    • by right usage of the space. there’s not much anyone can do outside of facade changes.

    • This is a relatively new development in that space so there has hardly been time for it. The Capitol Hill Corner blog mentioned it the first time last week.

      I personally think it is a terrible idea, two of the same thing within 2 blocks of each other is stupid. I think that the parent company had rules about proximity that would have stopped this but from what I understand they gave it the go ahead.

  • What is with the 7-11 Offensive?! I feel like I’m being attacked on all sides by crappy taquitos, hot wings, and slurpees! This has to be the third or fourth new one announced in the last month or so.

  • I’m sure the owners of Hanks must love this. Who wouldn’t want pan handlers and taquito boxes littering the entrance to their restaurant?

  • I read somewhere that 7-11 Corporate recently dropped the restriction that said that new franchises couldn’t open near existing ones.

  • From Capitol Hill Corner blog:

    “7-11 plans to open the new store in the former Remington’s as a “matter of right” meaning that it intends to conform to existing zoning regulations and that the community will have no say regarding the opening. The one caveat is that any change to the structure or façade of the building may be reviewed by HPRB providing an opportunity for the community and the ANC to weigh in on the store’s public face. Frishberg’s proposed letter seems aimed at alerting HPRB to the Commission’s interest in any proposed change.”

  • Gross. Totally unnecessary.

  • This is just what the neighborhood needs.
    This neighborhood needs some affordable shopping options

  • I could maybe see this *replacing* the 7-Eleven on 8th, but I don’t see how they plan to make money being that close to another 7-Eleven and practically next door to a CVS. Are they really going to sell that many cigarettes?

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