Sneak Peek inside the new Mission Apartments opening in Feb. in Logan Circle (with Shinola Retail)

14th and R Street, NW

Mission’s website says:

“In the heart of the District’s most vibrant neighborhood: 51 incomparable boutique apartments beautifully arranged within the historical context of a 1920’s era Studebaker car dealership and three 1880’s townhouses. The Mission marries an industrial and rustic vibe with refined sensibilities to create a place where you will want to spend time even if you don’t have the time.”

Check out the floor plans and pricing here.

I took a peek inside the former Central Union Mission (now located in the newly renovated Gales School near Union Station) and future home of Shinola (currently in a temp space across the street), have a look inside the new apartments:


Lots more photos after the jump.












Discovered in the basement:



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  • Those look really nice, but seem to be really small. Like, Harper-small for likely more money.

  • Almost $7k/month for the 2BRs, which is almost like paying a mortgage for a nearly $1.5(maybe more) apartment. Yikes…

    • So…using the conventional wisdom–that you shouldn’t spend more than a 1/3 of your monthly gross income on housing–you’d need to make a minimum of $21K per month to afford this 1290 SQ FT apartment without financial stress.

      Ridiculous! Housing for 1%’ers.

  • Really nice but really small, can’t fathom paying around $2,000 for a studio no matter how nice.

    • I agree in principal, but these are -much- nicer than the Dupont studio with a murphy bed for $1800 that was here recently. I could see this being worth at least $200 more per month than that, assuming that $1800 was actually a fair price for the Dupont studio.

    • While you may not be able to fathom paying that, it’s pretty much the market right there. I rent out my tiny basement efficiency around the corner for $1,700. While on one level, I think it’s crazy I can do that, it IS the market — I always rent it out immediately and have numerous interested tenants. These apartments actually look like they did a very nice job.

  • Nice finishes, but a sofa 2 feet away from your stove isn’t a living room, it’s a kitchen with a couch in it. Good luck getting the grease and cooking odors off the fabric. And don’t get me started on windowless bedrooms.

    • I think the problem is the staging. The furniture is much too large for the space. A more appropriately sized sofa for a small space (ie not a giant sectional) would really open the room. My sofa is around 4 feet from my kitchen and is doing fine so far. Grease usually goes on the backsplash not into the room….

      • No, the problem is the apts. are SMALL.

      • Good luck finding furniture that isn’t oversized though and is still comfortable. We have a small row house and outside of ikea it’s incredibly difficult to find furniture that is narrow and low or slightly shorter. It seems like all the furniture available in the US is made for enormous suburban houses.

        • maxwell smart

          Have you tried West Elm, CB2 or BoConcept? All 3 offer smaller furniture and represent a range of budget depending on what you are willing to spend.

  • The apartments look beautiful, but the prices are crazy even by DC’s already-inflated standards. $3,375 + utilities for a 1 bedroom plus a den (basically a windowless, prison-style bedroom) which totals under 750 square feet? No thanks.

  • LOVE the finishes!

  • Love these apartments, they have a stylish New York vibe!

  • Omg! Been waiting to see how these! Love the history behind the building.. When are they open to the public?

  • I disagree…I love that they kept the sign. I lived around the corner from here when this neighborhood was craptastic and even then I admired this building and especially the sign. I have very little nostalgia for this neighborhood in those days, but keeping the sign is a nice nod to the past. And the name beats one of those generic building names, IMO.

  • I agree – it makes me uncomfortable… but the new homeless shelter is nicer and in a better location.

  • figby

    So pretty! Big windows, interesting layouts, nicer floors, cabinets and countertops than the safe-and-boring usual DC cookie-cutter development.

    Humorous though, that for all the pretentious curating of “historical context,” this building’s somewhat grim history as a homeless shelter isn’t among the selling points. I mean, why would it be? But still — Studebaker dealership! After that, well — have you seen our amenities?

    Too pricey for me but I hope someone I know buys here and has ridiculous dinner parties.

  • There seems to be some deception in the descriptions here. A windowless room the size of a closet (in the 2 bdrms + den) is a closet, not a den. Those expensive 6K+ ones are so not worth the price.

    Some of the far cheaper two bedrooms, at least the ones that include a bathtub (a necessity, as far as I’m concerned), are nice, but I would expect if there is only one bathroom that it not be reached only from within one of the bedrooms.

    Some of the 1-bdrms + den have a large enough windowless room that they could be considered a den – but then they stupidly go and deceptively label the windowless rooms as a “bedroom” on the floor plan.

    Some of the one bedrooms, the ones where the bedrooms actually have windows, are OK. The alcove 1-bedrooms are NOT alcove one-bedrooms, they are studios with the bedroom area divided off from the windows – that is NOT an alcove 1-bedroom. There’s enough space, at 520 or so sq. ft., if you don’t mind a windowless bedroom in a studio.

    But the studios, at less than 400 sq. ft., totally not worth it! Too small for me.

  • justinbc

    Lovely looking apartments (agree on the poor staging re: furniture sizes), but wow those prices. 14th St has gone off the rails, hopefully H St doesn’t follow suit.

    • Not sure why it would. 14th St is central to everything, H St is anything but.

      • If you remember 14th street ten years ago it was not the same place as it is today; just as H street may not be the same down the road either. I dont think the poster said H street would follow suit tomorrow

  • Not a huge fan of the exposed walls. But some people might not mind paying $4k per month to live in the basement from Saw III.

  • These apartments DISPLACED A HOMELESS SHELTER. Smh.

    • That’s not really accurate. Central Union Mission chose to sell this property (whose value had skyrocketed over the past ~15 years) and (if I’m remembering correctly) to use the proceeds to build a new shelter elsewhere.

    • No, they didn’t. The shelter sold the building and moved to a new location.

      i agree keeping the mission name is rather low class, but the shelter did not get forcibly replaced, they chose to sell up and move to a new location as this newly gentrified area was no longer where they were needed.

    • very inaccurate portrayal. smh.

  • Shinola is a sham….just google it to read its “story”

  • Agree with others that it’s disturbing to leave the partial New Testament verse meant to convey charitable outreach to the poorest, most vulnerable among us.

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