Shooting at Georgia and Park Road, NW just after 1pm

From MPD:

“The fourth district is working a shooting at Georgia Avenue and Park Road anybody with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

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  • I have some information: chronic drug dealing occurres here everyday. It’s bassically a sitting target for police but I guess the containment stratagie works better than disrupting the hive.

    • Agreed. They will pull up once in a blue moon in their cruisers to eat lunch, sit for a while and mysteriously everyone will disappear. They’ll be back to it moments the cruiser pulls away.

  • Shocker! Have you ever seen this corner during “normal business hours”. Just a bunch of drug dealers loitering, hanging out, sitting on milk carts.

    • Yeah, this corner is terrible. And right now someone is doing a flip on Park Road 100 feet from the corner. It will be interesting to see what they’re able to sell that for as there is also a house on the Park that appears to just be a drug house.

      • It probably depends as to how obvious it is that it’s a drug house.
        I found out a few months ago when attending a PSA [Police Service Area] meeting that a block near mine in Park View — where a flip sold for over $800K, if I remember correctly — is apparently known to the police as a block where heroin is traded. I’d driven through it many times and not noticed, but perhaps I wasn’t there at the right times of day/night. (Or maybe I would’ve noticed if I had been on foot rather than driving?)
        On a related note, I don’t understand how it is that the police are aware that certain drug houses, drug blocks, etc. are drug houses/blocks… and yet they continue operating. I know it takes time to gather evidence that will hold up in court. (I was on the jury in a drug-related criminal case where the evidence was pretty shoddy and we acquitted the guy, even though we all strongly suspected he was guilty.) But something tells me that if there were a drug house in Dupont, Georgetown, etc., it would be getting shut down a LOT more quickly.

        • This one is VERY obvious. Like the only way it wouldn’t be obvious is if you were blind. I agree and don’t understand how they’re allowed to operate either. There’s also a pretty good police presence on Park, especially lately. Maybe they’re working on it?!

          • If I remember correctly, one side of Park is the 4th District and the other is the 3rd District (although maybe I’m wrong). Perhaps that’s part of it?

          • 3D and 4D intersect at that corner. 4D station is half a block from there. Drug dealing rampant on that block and police just let it go ALL the time. Hell I’ve considered video taping for 20 minutes to show how absurd the situation is and sending it in to authorities. Probably would not change much.

      • Honestly, that block with the house that they’re doing the flip on is great. Hell, the house you’re referring to, which is only a shell now was purchased for 1.35 million a few months ago.

  • I live right off Georgia on Kenyon, but I pretty much avoid walking on Georgia at all costs. Unless I’m going to catch the 70 a block away or to class at Yoga District (which is pretty much right where this shooting occurred), I just don’t want to be on Georgia in this particular area if I don’t have to be. There’s not really a ton of foot traffic, but there’s a lot of loitering, it’s not well-lit, there’s not a ton of businesses open and I just generally always hate the vibe on Georgia as compared to Sherman for instance, which is a block over.

    I’m sure that more development similar to what has happened in Columbia Heights will spill over into this area, but I never feel very safe walking on this part of Georgia. It just feels so desolate.

    • really, you avoid georgia because it’s more desolate and sketch than SHERMAN?? there’s almost zero eyes on sherman, at least on georgia some of those kindly ‘loiterers’ might actually look out for you. #realtalk #nobull

  • Another shooting: Park Morton, in alley east of Morton St NW, 12/14/2014 3:45 PM
    A ton of police activity but no alerts and no coverage anywhere yet. Anyone with insight or info please share.

  • by ignoring the heroin dealers police are essentially letting victims of addiction and mental health issues die.

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