Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott coming to Boarded Up Building by the Convention Center

9th and L Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

So as far as exciting news goes this is pretty awesome for the development of the 9th Street corridor.

The long vacant buildings along 9th and across L Street NW are up for a zoning hearing. I was bored at work and mapped all the lots (very bored)! LOL.
The zoning notice says a Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott.

This development includes 1116 – 1104 9th St., 911 to 929 L Street NW AND two parcels behind 919 L St NW that have a Shepards Court NW address.”



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  • Another hotel? Such a shame.

    • Why? It’ll help bring tourist dollars to the neighborhood… plus the convention center still needs more rooms to host the top conventions.

    • marv

      I agree. This part of 9th street was developing with so much character and frankly convention traffic will kill that. Yes it will bring dollars, but locals that go to 9th to get away from the crowds of 14th will quickly disappear to run from tourists. To me this means that the development of 9th between K and Rhode Island will be very different. Next best place to open shop will be 7th north of O. Or perhaps North Cap

  • It would be nice if they could find a way to use these buildings in the new structure. I’ve always thought they were really cool looking.

  • Excellent idea and use of real estate in that area.

    1. Even with the 1200 room Marquis hotel opening at the Convention Center, the National Harbor has been eating DC’s lunch in terms of cannibalizing the Districts convention traffic. Convention bookings at DC’s convention center dropped just under 30% when the National Harbor opened, dropped to just under 40 from 2009-2010, and has returned to a fall of 29%, and the unfortunate reality was that even prior to the Gaylord opening, the DC convention Center was only about 60% booked (total) for the year.

    The biggest problem with attracting convention traffic is the dearth of nearby hotel options. Conventions want onsite hotel rooms. This should help reclaim some of the Convention traffic back to the district from PG County.

    2. Hotels, dollar for dollar are the most profitable real estate for cities to have. On top of DC having one of the top 2 highest hotel room tax’s in the nation (14.5%) the sell a ton of booze, which is also taxed at 10%, , and are some of the highest appraised commercial properties in the city which means millions more a year on top of the high room tax.

    Just for comparison, the yearly property tax bill for new Marquis Marriot across the street is $5 million per year. The tax bill on the property before it was built was $60K a year.

    So basically, hotels (square foot to square foot) provide more money to the DC treasury than any other kind of commercial real estate, yet require almost no city services in return (they pay additional BID taxes, aren’t sending kids to public schools etc)

    Lastly, hotels provide hundreds of jobs of the unskilled labor ilk that DC is in desperate need of.

    • Indeed. For as much flack as locals give National Harbor, it provides a much better event/convention experience because the hotel space in and right around the convention hall. 9th street needs more retail, but this is a good start.

    • Completely agree. Not to mention all of the local restaurant meals the convention center visitors will be buying and consuming.

    • marv

      Spoken like someone that doesn’t live close by and could care less

  • One hurdle cleared:
    ANC2F website: “The CDC voted unanimously (11-0) to recommend that the full ANC support the Planned Unit Development (PUD) application for Square 369 (9th & L St, NW), site of the proposed Marriott development. Prior to the December 17 CDC meeting, ANC 2F and the developer for the project, Quadrangle Development, were able to reach an agreement for a one-time $45,000 contribution by Quadrangle to three community organizations as part of the Community Benefits Agreement component of the PUD. The contribution will be split among Thomson Elementary (5k for PTA equipment for students) and both Gompers Park and the 10th Street Park (20k each for park maintenance and improvement).”

  • If the this hotel chain parent keeps adding properties there, we can call the neighborhood Marriottville or MaVi in Hipsterspeak.

    • You do realize that hipsters aren’t the ones branding new neighborhood names, right? I’m pretty sure NoMa wasn’t branded by a group of folks who left the Arcade Fire show 2 songs in because they’ve already seen them before.

  • brookland_rez

    I don’t understand why those buildings have stayed boarded up for as long as they have.

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