Okapi Salvadorean/Tex-mex Restaurant now open in former Moroni and Bros. Space

2014-12-02 17.51.41
4811 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about Moroni and Bros replacement Okapi:

“I saw in passing that Okapi (Georgia Ave between Decatur and Delafield) was open today – apparently Salvadorean / Tex-mex.”

Check out their menu here.

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  • Another Salvadoran/Mexican place? I’m sure it’s fine, but it would be really nice to have something that didn’t replicate 15 other restaurants within a half mile. And why not have at lease one decent beer on the menu? This place will fail within the year.

  • andy

    Oh, my beloved Moroni, how I miss you still.

  • I’m just not into Salvadorian food trying to be Tex-Mex.

  • I’ll give it a try, but count me as part of the group that was hoping for something other than another El Salvadoran. I still genuinely miss Moroni & Bros. With so many in the neighborhood hoping for a deli, bakery or casual family restaurant with a kid-friendly menu, I hope we see some more diverse development in the future. I wish them the best of luck though.

  • I wish Salvadorean restaurateurs didn’t feel the need to shoehorn Tex-Mex or Mexican cuisine into their menus. Salvadorean food is unique and delicious. Why pollute it with run-of-the-mill burritos and quesadillas? Let the pupusas, yuca, sopa de res, and chicharrones stand on their own.

    • andy

      Yep, I totally see the Post falling all over a guy who comes out of the kitchen with a Salvadoran background and opens a “legit,” i.e., super-fancy pupusa-fusion or pupusa-gourmet concept restaurant.

  • I am so happy this place is here and I hope they do really well and are supported by the neighborhood. I’m looking fwd to visiting w/ my family and seeing how kid/baby friendly they are. I have no issue w/ it being Salvadorean and Mexican food, and, as far as I know there are no other sit down restaurants with these cuisines easily walkable from this area, so I say YAY and welcome to the neighborhood!!!!

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