Major Police Presence at Meridian Hill Park Sat. Morning – Body Found

“Dear PoPville,

Lots of police activity in the bottom right corner of Meridian Hill Park [10:45am]. 8 cop cars and crime scene tape. Any idea what’s going on??”

[email protected] tweets:

“Body at Meridian Hill Park this morning. At least, I think that’s what the police were hiding behind a sheet. @PoPville #dc”

Updates when/if more info is known.

@grahamacdonald tweets us:

“@PoPville confirmed body found”


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  • Anonynon

    Any update on what happened here?

    • Midday on Saturday while walking my dog I accidentally wandered into this scene. Police had cordoned off with yellow tape the plaza in front of the Buchanan Memorial in the southeast corner of the park near 15th St. and Florida Ave. There were about a dozen or so police officers present, one officer was taking photos. I then noticed a body reclined on the marble bench on the south side of the monument. The person was African American and was reclined on his or her back. I could not tell the person’s age or gender, but the person was wearing jeans, boots, jacket and cap. The person appeared to be unconscious if not dead.

  • homicide? suicide? overdose? hypothermia? what happened?

  • Seriously, if it weren’t for PoP I would never know what was going on right next door to my place, ever. I must have left before this mess started. It’s sad, we haven’t had many issues in the park lately.

    • Move away from the computer screen, walk outside and talk to your neighbors and you might be surprised what you find out.

  • Thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering what the deal was. Still, surprisingly scant information available on this.

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