Heads Up – Do Not Drink/Use Water Advisory for Parts of Shaw/Logan/U Street

12/18/2014: 7:30 a.m. update:
“DC Water crews worked through the night to flush the water distribution system in the affected area and completed flushing this morning. Samples are being collected and taken for laboratory testing. The goal was to flush the contaminant out of the system by running large volumes of water out of the fire hydrants. If the laboratory tests confirm this was successful, the restrictions could be lifted this afternoon. Those in the affected area should continue to follow the precautions in the advisory below. The source of the contaminant is still under investigation.”


“12/17/2014: 8:00 p.m. update: The map of the affected area has increased slightly to the southwest to include an area along Q Street, NW past 13th Street, NW. DC Water also added to the advisory that due to the potential for skin irritation, customers in the affected area should not wash dishes.

DC Water crews are working through the night to continue investigating the source of the petroleum odor. Please continue to follow the advisory below and make plans for your morning routine. DC Water will continue to update as information becomes available. We apologize for this inconvenience however our primary concern is protecting the health safety of our customers.

Do Not Drink Advisory Issued for DC Water Customers in Small Portion of Northwest DC

DC Water has received reports of a petroleum-type smell in the area bounded by:
South – Q St. NW and Rhode Island Ave. NW
East – 8th St. NW
West – 13th St. NW, and a portion extending slightly further west
North – S St. NW (between 9th St. NW and 13th St. NW) and T St. NW (between 7th St. NW and 9th St. NW)

From DC Water:

“DC Water has received reports of a petroleum-type smell in the area bounded by:

South – Q St. NW and Rhode Island Ave. NW
East – 8th St. NW
West – 13th St. NW
North – S St. NW (between 9th St. NW and 13th St. NW) and T St. NW (between 7th St. NW and 9th St. NW)

We are currently investigating the situation and the affected area may change as we continue analysis. The map will be updated if it changes. If you notice a petroleum smell from your drinking water, please do not consume the water and do not use it for bathing or other hygiene activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Skin and eye irritations may occur if water is used for bathing and other hygiene activities.

Customers in other areas of the District of Columbia are not affected and can continue to use their water as usual. DC Water advises customers in the impact area to use bottled water for drinking and cooking until testing confirms that the water is safe and to take precaution when using the water for bathing. To minimize risk, follow the instructions outlined in this advisory.

Do not use water for:
• Drinking
• Preparing and cooking food
• Washing fruits and vegetables
• Preparing infant formula
• Brushing teeth
• Making ice
• Giving water to pets
• Taking showers and baths

Continue to use water for:
• Washing clothes or dishes
• Flushing the toilet
• Watering plants

On Wednesday, December 17, 2014, DC Water received reports of a petroleum-type smell in the drinking water. DC Water is working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), District of Columbia government and the District Department of the Environment to immediately notify the public and to take steps to remove any contamination.

Customers will be notified immediately when the advisory is lifted.

Please share this information with everyone who drinks or uses this water, especially those who may not receive this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses).

For more information, visit www.dcwater.com or contact DC Water Customer Service at 202-354-3600 or the 24-Hour Command Center at 202-612-3400.”

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  • They have been digging up sidewalks probably for utility hookups for the new Shay and Hatton buildings at 8th & Florida. Maybe caused an issue with that.

  • My vast collection of 5-gallon water jugs not so crazy anymore . . . right?

  • I came home from Dinner at 11:30 last night (Tuesday) and my house smelled of heating oil. I call DCFD and they came out and did a ‘sniffer’ test. They indicated it was nothing dangerous and left. The smell has dissipated but there and only a faint oder remains. My neighbors had the same issue. I don’t believe any of my neighbors uses heating oil. The water does not smell.

  • I’m logandavid’s next-door neighbor.

    We smelled it last night and this morning and it was STRONG in our building. It smells like #2 heating oil.

    Our water seemed okay too.

  • No water at 12th and G SE now. Guessing another water main break.

  • Talked to DC Water at 730 am this morning. Warning still in effect around Shaw/u st. No drink no shower.

  • Mug of Glop

    I’m on the southern edge of this zone. Actually, I’m across Q street from the area on the map, so not technically in it, but my building management was concerned about liability – I mean about our well-being enough to post the no-use warning on our front door. The water didn’t smell bad at all, but I do, what with no shower and all. Maybe I’ll use the emergency showers in the lab at work…

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