Dear PoPville – Parking Meter Numbers?

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m trying to get a parking permit for moving (the “emergency no parking” signs) and the area that’s sectioned off for commercial vehicles (i.e., moving trucks).

When I try to use the online system, it wants me to indicate the number of the meter, but I can’t find it anywhere on the meter itself. When I call DDOT, they refer me back to the website. What am I missing?

I thought I’d throw it out to you and the PoPville community as surely others have encountered this.”

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  • I think all DC meters have parkmobile instructions on the side. The number should be located on the green sticker.

    • Sorry that might be the wrong number. Looks like the DC# is in the dome or on the side in white square stickers.

      • Yeah, you’re looking for the meter number which is visible in or on the dome usually. Not the green Parkmobile zone number.

  • According to the TOPS FAQs:

    Q: If I need to park my moving truck or place moving containers at parking meters, how do I know which ones to choose?
    During the application process TOPS may ask if you will need metered or unmetered parking spaces. If you choose metered spaces, TOPS will provide a list of parking meter numbers for meters on your block. The odd numbered parking meters will be on one side of the street and the even numbers will be on the other. Please select the ones that most closely match the street address number that you want to be in near.

    When I got my permit, the building’s concierge knew the numbers of the meters I needed which I checked against the TOPS options.

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