Dear PoPville – “Creme de la…creme?”

Creme 2436 14th Street, NW
2436 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve got to ask if any in the community have anything good to offer about the somewhat-recently-relocated restaurant, Creme. I had very modestly moderate hopes when they opened that they might be a go-to neighborhood restaurant. But middling Yelp reviews, a nearly constantly empty restaurant (I walk/bike by multiple times a day and even at peak times it is often nearly completely empty), and a less-than-inviting decor have kept me away. Any fans out there? Or will UMD researchers discover it’s lackluster Yelp reviews are indeed indicative of an imminent demise?”

Ed. Note: It always seems crowded when I walk by during weekend brunch hours. You can see Creme’s menus here.

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  • I loved Crème when it was on U Street, but have not made it to the new location. It has looked generally busy when I have gone by on weekends – and I do want to give it’s new location a try.

  • I never ate at the U Street location so I can’t compare the two but I went to the 14th street location about a month or two after it opened. I haven’t been back. It wasn’t bad but it was overpriced and very average.

  • I went for brunch once with a couple of friends who were in from out of town. It was fine, neither great nor terrible. The place was pretty full, and the service was very friendly. It’s worth checking out.

  • The OP is totally right – this place is almost always empty. It’s crowded during peak brunch hours, but that’s it. I live around the corner and still haven’t been, other than for happy hour (which, in my opinion, was a little too limited). The bartender told us then that they were struggling to attract customers during dinner hours. Am wondering how long it’s going to be able to remain open…

  • I just ate brunch there. I didn’t think it was nearly as good as the old U street location. Not bad but very overpriced for average or below average food. There are so many great brunch spots in that area that cost the same or even less. I would not recommend and don’t plan to return.

  • Haven’t made it to the new location yet, but i LOVED their shrimp and grits when they were on U street…

    • Their grits were made with Quaker instant grits (at least at the U Street location). I passed the kitchen on my way to the bathroom once and saw boxes and boxes of instant grits.

  • It pains me to say that creme has gone downhill since moving. Went for brunch a week ago and service was a bit slow and disorganized, my girlfriend’s entree came out a solid five minutes before mine did, and the food was just OK but not great.

    Also, the side salad for my omelet was wilted and flecked with rotten bits of lettuce. Not a very good thing to be throwing onto the plate.

    I’ll give it one more chance but am not entirely sure it is better than Busboys or Eatonville which are just down the street.

    • Eatonville – another place that’s nearly empty in non-brunch hours. Hope they signed a favorable lease, because I don’t see how they do it.

  • I went to Creme right after they first re-opened in the new location and I had an amazing brunch. The chicken and waffles were great! My friends also really enjoyed their entrees as well. I went for dinner and I can admit the dinner was good, but it wasn’t as great as the brunch. Creme is definitely a go-to brunch place.

  • Anonynon

    I live right around the corner on Chapin St, and walk by multiple times a day on the way to Streets or the Y and it is almost always DEAD empty….i am actually surprised they are still open. There hours are weird too. I have wanted to stop in for a chicken and waffles but the set up inside is kind of awkward and that with the emptiness, i have not yet tried it. I ate there at the U st location and loved it…I kind of hope it closes and just turned into a sports bar to grab a drink. I think its too small for a full on restraunt

  • The brunch is really good and priced well, but other meals are wicked overpriced. If they dropped their dinner prices, I’d probably stop in.

  • OP here – I’ll observe that almost all of the comments on this tread are about brunch. I didn’t spell this out directly in my post, but it was largely my point: this place is EMPTY every night of the week (including weekends) and has a modest crowd for brunch on weekends (though nothing compared to, say, Ted’s).
    I go by every day, usually between 6:30-8:00pm, and if there are more than 2 parties in the whole restaurant, it’s a good night, comparatively.

  • I’ve gone to Creme for dinner. The service was simultaneously lacking and overbearing: drink refills took far too long while my date and I barely had any time to review the menu before our waiter repeatedly interjected to take our order.

    The food itself was ok, but I agree that it feels overpriced for what/where it is. I literally live 2 blocks away and have not considered it as a choice for lunch/dinner since our barely-mediocre meal there.

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