#DCFerguson Protest at Union Station


@chuckwestover tweets us:

“Hey @PoPville, cops not letting folks into North entrance of metro at Union Station. Might be a #Ferguson sit in?”

Via text he adds – “cops making people enter metro through the south entrance.”

Another reader confirms it’s a Ferguson protest.

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  • Is it just a matter of time before these protests become as ridiculous as the Occupy DC protests? Without a doubt it’s a serious issue, but DC seems to be a magnet for people who protest for the sake of protesting, without really understanding what they’re protesting.

  • At what point do these protests lose ther meaning?

  • Probably when people stopping showing up to protest in them, I’m guessing.

    • Not to belittle or trivialize the life of one human, but aren’t there several more injustices more worthy of protest? Even the strangling death by a police officer in New York seems more deserving. How about a protest for our president hiring mercenary boots to kill people in Iraq without a trial?

      • Get out there and form your own protest. Once you find something worth protesting go for it!!

      • One of the beautiful, most amazing things about being a human is our ability to multitask

      • Nice derailing, but it’s not just about Brown. It’s about a long standing pattern of police brutality disproportionately targeting black people. It’s about the amount of black people killed by the police. And it’s about there being zero accountability when it happens-there aren’t even good statistics about how often it happens, because no one has insisted that they do so until now. This has been an issue for generations and few people noticed or cared-until the protestors disrupted traffic. And even then, people are focusing on the inconvenience, rather than the cause.

        And please, let’s not play oppression Olympics. The fact that there are other protest-worthy issues does not preclude this one from being addew

  • Honest question:

    Why are people protesting in DC about an event that happened in Missouri? Are they advocating for federal intervention (because I think there is already a civil rights investigation going on, no?)

    I’m all about the right to protest, but it seems like many protestors these days don’t even know what they are “asking for” in terms of change.

    • The protests are focused on police brutality/racism in the criminal justice system more broadly, not just in Ferguson. They want an increased use of body cams for police, an end to jump out squads, etc – stuff that is specific to DC.

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