Crumbs and Whiskers, Cat Cafe, Website Launches with tons of details on their Plans


Lots more details have been revealed with the launch of Crumb & Whiskers, Cat Cafe, new website:

“Crumbs & Whiskers brings together some amazing things. Specifically coffee, tea, cupcakes, and you guessed it…cats! DC’s cat cafe will serve as a foster home for the Humane Society’s shelter cats and as a really fun place to hang out for DC residents. The concept is pretty simple. Cats in cages are sad, so we get them out of there. Anyone without a cat is sad (or should be), so we hook them up. Then, we give everybody cake and coffee and tea. The end.

C&W will also showcase local art, have an awesome selection of books & board games, and provide guests with unnecessary amounts of cats toys.

Preparation– To make sure that none of your food is featuring a special appearance by that fun ingredient known as “cat hair”, Crumbs & Whiskers will not prepare any food in-house. Instead, we are partnering with some great local food providers. (Details to come!)

Experience – All food/drinks will be complimentary. Just grab a seat, and at your own leisure, walk over to the drink & desserts bar and grab whatever you fancy!

Online Reservation – You will be able to schedule your visit through an online reservation system. Reservations will be made in half-hour and one-hour time slots. All last minute cancellations will be posted on our Twitter account, so make sure you check that on days that we are fully booked!

Cover Fee – There will be a fixed hourly cover charge for weekdays and weekends/holidays. If you don’t want to hang out for as long as an hour, you will also be able to reserve time in half hour chunks. Pricing will be released closer to launch. Stay tuned!”

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  • This seemed a loopy but maybe fun idea when I thought it was just a café, with cats. But when I read on their website that you make a reservation for a time slot, I figured this is probably not for me. Maybe I’d pop in if it were a spur of the moment thing, and that cats were just an adjunct to getting a cup of coffee, but to make an appointment, and to pay for the experience – I just don’t see myself doing that. I am not that much of a cat person, but for those who are – enjoy.

  • I love cats, but I was kinda hoping this would be a cafe with items for sale and free cat-cuddling, rather than cat-cuddling for $ and food for free.
    But as long as this business model works and it helps WHS cats to get adopted, I don’t mind.

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