Aroma Pizzeria get another new owner in Shaw

634 Florida Ave, NW

Aroma Pizzeria opened up in the former Italy Pizza space back in Nov. 2013. I stopped in for a slice over the weekend and was told they got a new owner and while they will of course keep the pizza – they plan on adding more options like kabobs. The space will remain primarily carryout. Stay tuned for the new menu when it’s finalized.

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  • How is the pizza? While you can never really trust the reviews on Yelp, the slices look damn good in the pictures there!

    • ledroittiger

      Pretty jumbo slicey. Good enough for being drunk. Something is clearly not working with this concept tho as no pizza place/owner has stayed here for more than two years at a time. That and the fact that we have two “pizza places” down a couple blocks eat of there on Florida which never seem to be open or are open at weird times and never have any customers in them. The Shaw pizza saga continues…

  • It’s “gets” not “get.”

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