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  • this is another cheap woodframe construction building. seems very short-sighted for DC’s urban renaissance to be littered with cheap construction like this. although supposedly, noise-dampening construction and materials have improved, but i’d be curious to hear the experience from a resident of one of these buildings.

  • Looks better than I thought it would based on the renderings and certainly improves this corner/block.

  • So much change in that area. I remember parallel parking my UHaul on this corner circa 2001 when I moved to DC from a tiny bucolic college town. I then read “Rosa Lee: A Mother and Her Family in Urban America” and just have respect for that corner and all the struggles DC residents have seen over the last 50 years in that area. This is just a crazy difference.

  • Also keep in mind the building next door on Florida Ave is under renovation.

  • This building saddens me because it covered over the “Black Family Reunion” mural.

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