Portuguese Inspired Cafe – Sweet Diablo – Closes in Dupont/West End

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M Street, NW just west of 19th Street

Sweet Diablo opened at 19th and M St, NW back in Aug. 2012. They boasted the “Best Chocolate Cake in the World”. We judged them here.

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  • So sad! I loved this place. (But apparently not enough to notice that they’ve been closed.) It had a really calm, civilized atmosphere in a hectic office-y neighborhood. And the owners were so nice. Plus, that chocolate cake (more of a meringue) was spectacularly good and their pastries were excellent as well.

  • That’s a shame. I thought this place was pretty good.

    I hope another non-chain cafe/coffee shop opens up here are someplace nearby, because the south Dupont area sorely needs one. Right now if I want to get coffee between the Dupont metro and my office at M and 18th, I have to choose between Panera, Saxby’s, and Starbucks. In my book, none of those places carry “decent coffee”. If only Filter were closer…

    • Two blocks down is the Illy Cafe connected to the Renaissance Hotel. If Sweet Diablo’s coffee was half as good as theirs, I would have gone there far more often.

  • I never made it to this place. Reading the rave reviews from the previous thread is making me very sad that I didn’t go. 🙁

  • owners were VERY nice

  • Sounds like a good and different offering and atmosphere. Sweet Diablo. The name was not the best choice. In running past the place I thought it was a Mexican food place. Sweet Portugual or Sweet Lisbon. Some of my best memories of Portugal are those of the sweets, especially the pasteis de Belem! Beyond yum.,,

  • That is a bummer. It was always a nice chill place to go and their pastries were reliably good. I suppose we’ve always got Paul in 2000 Penn for pastries, but they do not exactly have a relaxing atmosphere.

  • ugh, i regret not going here more. Came upon it serendipitously after a vacation to Portugal and it had some really great pastries and coffee. Sad…

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