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  • Is anything ever going to come of the retail across the street from this? The neighborhood is screaming for a good restaurant.

    • Agreed, if there are developers out there reading this, please bring us a diner or neighborhood bar. Pretty please.

      • Trusty’s and Wisdom are on that very block, and are both great bars!

        • It would also be a perfect spot for an affordable full-service gym, like a Crunch or a Golds. The nearest gyms are Results, Vida and WSC, and they’re all pricier.

          The gym could have classes on the roofdeck during the summer. It would be super awesome.

          • I also acknowledge there’s some small, specialty gyms in the neighborhood already, like the new Jade Fitness and Bmarchai, but those are also more expensive, and sometimes you just want to use a treadmill and elliptical for awhile.

  • Are the prepping the plot next to this for another building? That large, blank wall is abysmal and depressing.

  • this isn’t really a popup. they demolished the old laundromat that was there and just left the facade. it coudl be worse, though that shit blank wall that will be covered on the penn side will remain visible on the other side

  • Yet another awful pop-up…they completely lost me after the second floor. Is brick that much more expensive than other materials? Must developers always use so many different materials and colors for exterior facades? I would be interested to know what the homeowners on this block think. My vote is always for classic architecture that blends in with the neighborhood’s historic fabric.

  • it would be a lot better (but still not great) if it wasn’t red.

  • Those windows are going to cost a ton to replace in 10 years.

    • Why would windows need to be replaced after just ten years?

      • A much nicer condo two blocks west has similar windows that are currently creating a condo association dust up over water issues. That building is about 8-9 years old.

  • Wow, that is a lot of look. What is up with the trend of styling facades in multiple, clashing styles? Not attractive at all.

    • +1. They’ve used three different styles for the new portion, none of which match each other or the old portion.

  • This is right on the corner of PA Ave SE and 15th St SE, with a larger condo building under construction next door, and another new building across the street, and 1 1/2 blocks to the Potomac Metro. While it might not be beautiful, it is completely acceptable given its location.

  • Agree with others that another restaurant/bar would be a great addition

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