New High End Liquor Store coming to U Street, Gallagher & Graham Fine Spirits, Hoping to Open December 1st

1939 12th Street, NW just south of U Street

Over the summer we learned that a new high end liquor store was coming to 12th and U St, NW in the space next door to Menchie’s frozen yogurt. The owners tells me there was a slight delay with permits but they are now on track for a December 1st opening.


Here’s a rendering:


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  • Remember when a high-end six pack used to cost 6 bucks, and when a tall glass of beer at a local bar used to cost 2?

    Peprige Farm Remembers. >:(

    • In fairness you can still pick up a decent(ish) six pack for $6-7. Trader Joe’s has decent beer at that price and Whole Foods often has specials for around $7 or $8. Granted, most craft beers are $10 and up for a sixer and, annoyingly, this has led to serious price inflation for some pretty standard products ($10+ for six Pilsner Urquel or Paulner).

      • Trader Joe’s beer is absolutely horrible. 🙁

        • Not all of it. Some of their house label Belgians are brewed by Unibroue. I believe they had contract brews with Goose Island back in the day as well, but considering they’ve been bought out by the big guys I’m not sure if that is still the case or even worthwhile anymore. I would certainly stay away from the el cheapo six packs, but several of the offerings in bombers are a real bargain for what’s in the bottle.

          • Humm, interesting. Having only tried their 6 packs, I wasn’t all too eager to try out the bombers. I’ll have to do some research it seems. Thanks for the heads up.

        • That’s because Trader Joe’s beer is brewed fresh in some unemployed guy’s back yard pretty much.

          • Actually most of their stuff is contract-brewed from pretty good breweries. I’ve never had any beer from TJ that I’d consider bad. Some of their liquor is also pretty good – they make decent gin and blended Scotch, for the price.

      • Assuming you mean Paulaner, I don’t think you can call it a “standard product.” It may not be overloaded with hops like popular American craft brews these days, but it’s one of the oldest breweries in the world and first rate by many measures. Considering you can’t even find Augustiner anywhere, $10 is not bad.

  • Oh for god’s sake. If there’s one thing this neighborhood doesn’t need, it’s another high end liquor place. It already has approximately 5 within a 2 block radius.

    What I would vastly prefer is a low end liquor place. Get your Popov vodka, $10 a handle! THAT would be an underserved market.

    • On U? There are plenty of crappy liquor stores around there as well…

    • Go to MoCo. Liquor tax may be a bit higher but when the prices are that low it doesn’t matter. MoCo has some of the cheapest booze in the country, and despite it being County-controlled, they have a surprisingly strong selection, particularly in regards to bourbons, single malts, and, increasingly, rum.

      • Where are the other 5? Other than the sketchy place just north of U on 14th, with the bullet proof glass, I can’t think of anywhere in the local ‘hood for buying alcohol.

        • Not the commentator, but a fun game. If you stretched it out to 5 blocks, you could get the place next to the Gibson, Fl Ave Liquors, Ben Mol (17th and U), and the newish place by the new Logan Hardware. I think to get a fifth place, you’d have to extend it pretty far… there is nothing in lower Adams Morgan anymore. There is one place on 17th, then 14th and P and then 18th and Columbia.

        • Two blocks was hyperbole, but there are 5 liquor stores with 5 or 6 blocks: Florida Liquors (FL&14), Bestway Liquors (14&V), Ben Moll (17 & U), Boston Wine & Spirits (9th&T) and Batch 13 (14&S). They each have their own uses.

  • My high end liquor store = Costco

    • + 1 [lifetime supply of TP]

    • So true. I was there last week picking up some things and the liquor guy told me that they had Pappy the day before, every year up to 23. He said the 23 year old was only $199. He said that he had no clue they were getting it in and as soon as they put it up, it was gone. So mad I was a day late on that. The manager then told me that the Pappy rep said that he actually prefers Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve over Pappy…

  • austindc

    Cool, that’s a lot of wood! It would be like shopping for booze and getting trapped inside a tree so that only Tom Bombadil can get you out. But I already know I cannot afford to shop here.

  • I’m actually really looking forward to this … the only decent liquor shops are Schneider’s or MacArthur’s and they are a bit far … I wish the owners the best of luck!

    • Check out Batch 13. Smaller selection but an extensive focus on micro-distillers, less-common spirits, and amari. Prices are surprisingly decent as well.

  • More pretentious over priced high end junk. I’d be more impressed if they were going to go the direction of more specialty hard to find (not necessarily stratospheric products) like a decent range cachaca.

    • It sounds like they’re trying to do that with local liquors, wines and beers. I find that if you talk to liquor store owners and ask them for specific hard to find things, like a decent range cachaca, they order those items for you.

      • Part of the problem with things like Cachaca is that the selection is cut-oof at the importing wholesale level. Even if a liquor store wanted to get, say, two dozen cachacas, it might not be able to find an affordable;e and reliable source.

  • Nice to see something go in here….how long has that commercial space been vacant? 3-4 years is my guess.

  • This seems like exactly the kind of thing that won’t be around for more than a few years.

  • If I hear anymore about high end liquors and cocktails. I worked in the industry for ten years + and saw the chefs and bartenders transform into celebrities. One well known cocktail industry person in DC interviewed me and was like “We don’t drink to get drunk, let me make that clear” This person travels to study liquor and cordials and wine. It is just so funny to me that on any given night he is sloshed when you see him. No matter what price and quality of alcohol, it gets you to the same damn place in the end. A drunk hot mess. I just laugh my ass off when people study alcohol. Just say what it is, a party that can make you a lot of money. Come home from work to a passed out drooling husband..”Been studying again sweetie? how much did you spend this time? oh, 1500? that’s not bad.” end rant.

  • I live around 9th and V and there is not a liquor store anywhere close to me. I walked around the neighborhood one Saturday this summer looking for any type of liquor store, either high or low end and there is nothing in a 6 block radius. I’m totally excited for this.

  • I’ve always wondered if 14th St is better than U St for high end liquor or if it doesn’t matter. My understanding is that 14th St is full of high end furniture and clothing stores and restaurants/bars, while U St (especially east of 14th St) is cheaper.

  • What no Velicoff? Ahh phooey.

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